A Rubberboi on the Farm – Chapter 09

By R8080

They were back in the barn behind the main farmhouse. Only twenty-four hours before Alex had been lead in as a pony, tied to a post and fucked for the first time by his Master. As they entered now, he was instead lead to a separate room.

The walls were bare concrete. A steel surgical table lay off to one side. A reclining examination chair stood waiting, its attached leg stirrups a brilliant white in the harsh fluorescent light.

The Master walked past it all, but Alex’s eyes were like saucers. He was back in his rubbersuit. A rubber hood had been added, with eye and mouth holes, all locked beneath his collar. He hurried along behind his Master.

They arrived at a gap between two low concrete walls, about five feet high.

“This whole room used to be a cowshed. I’d bring them in here in the morning, one to a stall. No need for it now. But I kept one of the stalls.”

Between the two stalls hung a mess of steel bars and thick white rubber straps. Alex gulped, trying to guess at what was coming. He was manhandled into place. Backed up until he stood between the two walls and then his Master set to work.

Two straps were run between his thighs, and another across his chest beneath his armpits. Without warning, a motor whirred, the steels bars raised up, and the straps pulled tight.

Alex was lifted from the ground, suspended by his legs and chest. The Master set about with some of the smaller straps. His hands were pulled back into a prayer position, bound at the wrist and elbow. His ankles were hogtied and connected to his collar. Now Alex was forced to look up and forwards as his Master revealed the final piece of the puzzle.

“You’ve done well this weekend boi. You deserve a reward, you deserve release. But you also need to learn another lesson.”

Alex stared at the device in his Master’s hands.

“You need to learn the difference between pleasure and purpose. Cumming is not how you will attain pleasure anymore. Your purpose is to bring me pleasure. You think you know that now, but you’re still hard, you’re still thinking about your own cock and not mine.”

Alex nodded his head, the web of straps tugging at him in every direction. Already his shoulders were aching.

“This is a milking machine. It will suck you dry boi. It will take every last drop of cum in your balls, and then it will keep on going. You will get your release, whether you want it or not.”

The device was heavy. A thick mess of silver and plastic with two clear tubes running away. It slipped on easily, already well-lubricated, and then more straps were added, ensuring a tight fit.

It started slowly at first, a gentle suck and release. Alex was already on edge and it took only a few minutes for him to finally explode in agony. As he hung panting, his Master put a gloved hand beneath his chin.

“That was number one, let’s see how many more you have in you. I’ll be back in a few hours.”

Alex watched him go, tilting his head as far as he could. Already he was getting hard again.


It wasn’t pain. Alex had felt pain over the last twenty-four hours.

His hips tried to pull back. The straps around his thighs shifted, the thick rubber unyielding in its sling. The interminable milking machine continued against his crotch.

He had cum a second time, and then a third. By the fourth time his cock felt drained, each suck of the machine tugging at him harder and harder. Then he’d cum again and it had begun a dull ache. Alex didn’t know how many more times since, time itself had lost all meaning.

His balls were empty now. Drained of every last drop of boi juice he could muster. And still the machine was pumping away at him.

A bead of sweat trickled down the inside of his rubber hood, collecting at the edge of the hole for his mouth. Alex licked at it, tasting the salt of his own struggles. His neck ached, the collar pressed against his throat, and he bit down on another moan escaping his lips.

“Thirsty boi?”

Alex jolted awake, realising he hadn’t been paying attention to anything else in the room other than his own cock. His Master stood before him, wearing his heavy white worksuit. In the bright fluorescent lights he looked amazing.

The tall white boots finished beneath his knees. The padded knees stood out proud, before the material hugged His muscular thighs. Abs and chest were hidden, but Alex could see the white rubber squeeze against the powerful biceps as a gloved finger pushed his forehead back.

The nipple of a bottle was placed against his lips and Alex sucked at it hard. The water was cool and refreshing. He let go, taking in air, and a white rubbered hand played over the shiny black of his new skin.

“How are you feeling boi?”

“Empty Sir.”

“Empty? No. There’s plenty more left inside of you.”

“Please Sir. I can’t. Honestly. I’m empty.”

“Oh boi,” He said, putting the bottle to Alex’s lips again, “you don’t know the meaning of the word.”

And with that, the Master turned away. Alex shouted after his Master, pleading for release from the straps and the machine and the relentless sucking. The heavy bootsteps paused.

When they returned, Alex looked longingly into his Masters eyes. His Master smiled as he reached into a nearby drawer and removed a ball gag. The ball was huge and Alex groaned as his jaw was wedged open. As it was buckled behind his head, his groans had turned to whimpers.

“What is your purpose boi?”

“Two pwease wu Sir,” he gurgled past the intruder.

“And what is your pleasure boi?”

Alex hung his head as far as the straps would allow. “Two pweasure wu Sir.”

The white boots turned away after the longest time and Alex felt tears roll down his cheeks beneath the rubber hood. Already his spit was collecting at the corner of his mouth.

And the machine kept, on, sucking.


The straps shook as Alex was lowered to the floor. He curled into a heap, his legs, arms and neck still bound. A puddle of drool had collected on the floor beneath his head and he rested his rubber covered cheek in it, not caring.

His cock hurt. It felt raw, its very life sucked out over and over and over again. He let out a quiet sob and his tears mixed with his drool.

The white boots stepped in front of him.

“Well boi, have you learnt the difference?”

Without answering, Alex wormed his way forwards. His rubber body squeaked against the floor and he inched closer until he could push his gagged mouth against his Master’s feet. He kissed as best he could, leaving a trail of drool in his wake.

His Master knelt down and began unbuckling his straps. He didn’t need to tell Alex not to move his limbs; he was incapable of such movement by himself.

“Such a messy boi. Always getting covered in muck.”

“Sowwy Mathter.”

A leash was clipped to Alex’s collar and he felt it tug. He got up unsteadily on his hands and knees. The leash tugged again and he stood, using the concrete walls for support.

Alex was lead over to a metal sawhorse. The surfaces were padded with rubber and he lay on them without complaint. More straps, a thick one across the small of his back, and then dozens more, smaller, were laced across his calves, thighs, arms and wrists. His head was left free and a long stream of drool stretched from his gag to the floor as Alex tried to watch his Master.

“Tell me again boi, what is your purpose.”

Alex let his head hang. “Two pwease wu Sir.”

“And what is your pleasure?”

“Two pwease wu Sir.”

“I’m going to breed you boi. I want you to focus on my cock. Your only thoughts should be about my cock.”

“Yeth Sir.”

He was gentle at first. Alex felt his own thighs pushed against the metal of the sawhorse. His Master’s legs were strong, even beneath the padding of His worksuit.

His white gloved fingers grabbed at Alex’s back, using the straps there for purchase. His cock entered, slowly at first, then faster and faster.

Alex let out a moan behind his gag.

His cock was huge. Unlike yesterday, when Alex was tied to the corral pole, this time his Master could drive deeper. Harder he pushed, the rubber of His suit making a rhythmic smack against Alex’s own.

Alex’s ass felt full. His Master’s cock grew as it burrowed deeper, bigger than the terrifying electro-plug. Alex squeezed with his ass, tried to work with the limited motion he had available.

His Master was panting now, the heavy worksuit a perfect cocoon of white rubber as he plowed his new boi. Alex felt his eyes roll into the back of his head. His breathing was ragged, small bubbles forming in the gap between gag and rubber-covered lips.

This was heaven and just as Alex thought he could take no more, he felt his Master explode within him. It was electric. The straps on his back were pulled tight as his Master held on, making sure every last drop stayed in his boi’s asshole.

Alex sagged against the sawhorse as his Master dismounted him.

“Good… boi…” his Master panted between breaths.

He walked around to face Alex. The gag plopped out and fell to the floor with a wet thud as he released it. Before Alex could work his jaw, his Master’s cock had entered his mouth.

“Clean me off boi,” He said.

Alex licked and sucked, removing every drop of his Master’s cum. Finally his Master pulled out. Alex stared at the floor, his gag lying there in its pool of spit. He felt physically exhausted after the mornings activities.

His Master’s face appeared before him. He had his white hood up, leaving only the skin of his face visible. He knelt closer and kissed Alex, spit and saliva combining as they touched.

“You were so good,” his Master whispered.

“Thank you Sir. I… I love you Sir.”

His Master said nothing and Alex was terrified he had crossed a line. The white suit stood and walked away. The straps holding Alex down were released slowly and without word. Alex didn’t try to fight or move, scared he had done enough damage already.

He was left alone after that.

With no word, his Master left the barn. Eventually Alex extracted himself from the sawhorse and headed outside. The sun had passed its midpoint. Sunday was already drawing to a close.

Alex ran his fingers against his rubber-covered body and nervously headed towards the farmhouse.

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  1. Yet again, superb narrative ending with the question I really want the answer to – What will happen next.

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