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Guy’s Real Bondage Experience – Part 02

Losing Control

By JakBond

Guy tensed against the chain pulling him forward, this was so humiliating! He was just simply shuffling in his restricted hobbled state into the flat! He braced himself against the tug on his balls and stopped moving forwards. But the gentle tugging was relentless, and he found himself forced to keep shuffling forwards. For fuck’s sake, thought Guy, and just sat down on his haunches, determined to regain control of his situation.

Guy’s brain was spinning – He’d just handed himself over to a man he didn’t know, and despite all his very real attempts to find a way out from the restraints, he was helpless. He wanted out, he wanted to get back in control, but… and this was the crazy part he felt so horny. But he wanted back in control! Yet he was also very aware he’d just let Paul edge his horny dick for the last 30 minutes and had been thrusting hard against that teasing hand.

Guy knew he was being taken like this, this trussed and helpless prisoner, to Paul’s playroom. A room he’d studied all the pictures of, admiring all the helpless guys retrained in it – and he knew once in it he was going to be strapped until he couldn’t move. Not that he had much of a chance even now, and this was the ‘light & simply’ start Paul had come up with! Yet again, Guy strained against the elbow & wrist restraints, trying to get his mitted hands to his chained balls but it was useless.

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Leather Padded K9 Mitts

leather puppy mitts

Available from Mr S, these Leather Padded K9 Mitts can make your next time in the mosh a fun one. They used heavy padding, so you’ll be comfortable on your paws for a long time. When your fists are encased in these mitts you’re a fun-loving pup with the cutest paws around. The wraparound Velcro closure secures these mitts to your wrists and ensures they stay on, no matter how rambunctious you get in the pit.

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The paw cutout on the front of these mitts comes in seven colors, so you can find the one that matches the rest of your puppy gear the best.

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