A view from inside the padded cell

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john writes:

This is so hot!

I’ve been following the story since day one. Congratulations, Warden, for keeping the inmate under control for such a long time. What is in store for him in the future? How much longer will he stay in your care? By the way, is he a good-looking guy?


Paul writes:

He’s a very hairy guy from what we’ve seen of him so far so that’s a plus! LOL!!

The clock on the ceiling … I don’t know about that, it’s kind of odd! Wouldn’t the padded cell be more intense if that wasn’t there so the inmate didn’t have any sense of time?


The Warden writes:

He will stay in there till he loses it completely or on a certain agreed capture release date.

Looks are only skin deep, and he could be a 21-year-old stud or a 60-year-old bear, we are all born equal and die equal.

The clock, well yes, you may think so, but if you have a clock and it’s set to a different time when you go in, you soon lose the track of time and when THAT clock can run at half speed slow or 3 times faster whenever The Governor wants me to change it THEN you get the idea of time or not.

The inmate is due to be incarcerated for at LEAST a further 7 days as far as the Governor has informed me, but then it is the Governor’s institution and I am but a Warden.



This ordeal is very exciting to me, Warden! I really envy the inmate! Can’t wait to hear more Sir!



How does he eat and relieve himself? How often is he watered? Does he have any way of asking for water and realizing that no help is forthcoming?


The Warden

Water is in a water bottle like you get for animals and you have to push back a small steel ball to get water out. Diapers are one way, but he gets a toilet break once a day.



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