Arpad Miklos

I learned today that porn star Arpad Miklos, whose real name was Peter Kozma, has died. This is very sad news indeed.

Arpad MiklosI saw him out at Fire Island a couple times, and I saw him quite a bit at the gym, sometimes almost every day. He was stunningly, head-turningly good looking. And he always seemed (at least to me) that he was in a good mood. I never talked to him, but he seemed like a genuinely nice person. I understand he was a chemical engineer in Hungary before he moved to the United States and taught himself English. Arpad did not participate in much bondage-related porn that I know of, but he did do some modeling for fetish gear.

Apparently, the cause of death was suicide. It is very sad that someone so smart and good-looking would be unhappy.


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  1. I agree, METAL, he was stunning and very sweet. I ran in to him often at the gym and around NYC, and he always stopped to talk and catch up. It is very sad indeed.

  2. it’s always sad when sombody like this passes on. Their are plenty more pictures of him on Google and theres no doubt he was a very well-endowed guy.

  3. What a tragedy. You never know who is inwardly suffering in silence –even someone as intelligent and incredibly good-looking as Arpad Miklos. I hope that he is at peace, now.

  4. It’s a sad day when anyone reaches that point in their life for whatever reason he did what he did I can only assume he felt it was his only way out! We are all different and sometimes talking to people can have a negative effect as people don’t really want to hear certain things so you end up alone, trying to figure out things and get you life back in order! I know cause when I tried to talk to friends I ended up in a worse place close to breaking point, but thanks to a guy who I talked to he helped me back from there! I was normally a happy person too! So just cause someone smiles when you see them does not mean they have no issues they need to resolve. Maybe it’s that there is no one who they think will understand what they are going through and if they start talking they may not stop and then loose close friends around them.

    There is a lot more going on behind closed doors than meets the eye! So don’t judge anyone for any reason.

    1. Wex,
      I know what you are saying. People see me as a very Zen person who has his life under control. People, especially most gay men (men in general) don’t relate well. Everything is superficial or people start to think you’re too “heavy” or strange. I’ve been with my partner for almost twenty five years. I can’t talk to him about my pain without getting a lesson in learning to ignore it. I think that is why so many men talk sports, it keeps things on a facile level.

      I’ve found a female psychologist and holistic healer who listen to me and understand what I am feeling. It helps me keep my head on my shoulders, especially when suicide seems more peaceful than life.

      I am saddened when anyone inworld meets a seemingly untimely end, especially when it’s a gay man. I wish that we could all communicate our feelings to friends and family who are really responsive to each other.


      1. Hey Rob,

        Thanks for your comments, I glad you have found someone who is helping you. Somehow over time I will deal with mine. It’s a slow process but in the end it will be worth it to be back on track!

        I agree it’s sad when anyone meets an untimely end! We need to learn from these incidents and try to ensure they don’t happen again!

        Support your friends when they are not themselves just be there for them. Don’t force them to talk just listen to them, give them a hug and take them out for a bit of fun, be it a drink down the local talking about anything to distract them and give them a bit of time to feel good again so they feel hope in the future!

        No one expects you to work miracles, everyone is different in how they deal with things!

        To those who think it can never get better, it can but it’s not easy you have to work your way back in your own time!

        If my comments help even one person then it was worth it!

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