A Weekend in Service

By bound2befun

Part 1

My dick is hard in my jockstrap and jeans as I ride the train to see him. What normally seems like a relatively quick trip seems to take forever. I’m incredibly horny having been ordered not to cum for the last five days. So, the restriction coupled with the anticipation of what is to come is making me antsy. I rub my crotch when others aren’t looking but even feeling somewhat guilty for doing so as I know Sir intended me to be denied all pleasure until I see him.

Finally, the train pulls up to Alexandria. Sir had indicated his place was close to the station so I pulled out the walking directions I had written from my pocket, softly brushing my dick one more time before I truly turned over control. I texted Sir to let him know of my imminent arrival and then quickly began the walk.

Arriving at his door, I knocked and waited. Was I really going to do this? I waited a while longer. Should I knock again? Is he just making me wait to amp me up (it’s working!). I am about to knock again when I hear the lock turning so I quickly avert my eyes to the base of the door. The door opens and I hear Sir telling me to come in but can only see the toe of his boot from behind the door. I walk through keeping my eyes down and hear the door close, locking with some type of finality that makes my dick twitch again.

I am ordered to strip while not turning around. I do so as quickly as possible, but respectfully folding my clothes and placing them in a pile to my right. I then kneel, bow my head and place my wrists behind my back. I hear Sir’s boots come up behind me and feel him place his hand on my head further bowing it. Then I feel him place leather cuffs around my wrists and link them together. I softly say “Thank you, Sir” and he says “Good boy”, words I love to hear. I then feel the coldness of the chain collar as he lays it across my neck before locking it securely with a padlock.

He then orders me to place my forehead on the floor before moving around in front of me. He nudges my head with his boot and I know what I am supposed to do. I begin to lick the toe of his boot gently at first but as he’s egging me on with his commands, I do so with more and more vigor, trying to make him feel my tongue through the thick leather. I work on his right boot for some time, moving around to the heel of the boot before working my way up its shaft. Sir then commands me to work on the other boot, I do so, my mind temporarily drawn back to my hard dick as I feel the precum drip to the floor.

Working on the second boot, I move up towards the shaft and after some time can’t control myself and push my head into Sir’s crotch, nuzzling it. I am pushed away, Sir telling me I have not yet earned that. He tells me to straighten my posture but keep my head down and then proceeds to begin to tap my cock and balls with his boot as punishment. He slowly increases the force and I bite my lip, breathing more heavily but stifling any moans. When I start to get soft, Sir stops. He then places ankle restraints on me, quickly hogtieing me and pushing me on to my side. A ball gag is added so I anticipate some more pain to my cock and balls. Next I’m blindfolded.

Sir strokes my cock back to hardness again and I am moaning and writhing on the floor. But then I feel his boot sole crushing it, tapping them again and I again begin to get soft. Suddenly I feel ice on my cock and balls. My moan is stifled by the ball gag, now dripping with drool, as I feel Sir place the cage on my dick. “This is mine” he says. And I mumble “Yes, Sir” through the gag.

Then he leaves me on the floor. I turn over onto my stomach and try to rub the cage into the ground but no sensation. I moan and wait, occasionally adjusting my position, unsure of what Sir has in mind. I have no sense of how much time has passed and continue to get more antsy. Then Sir returns, adding more straps and restraints that make my hogtie more restrictive and I am now more immobile on the floor. He leaves again. My mind is left to wander about what the rest of the weekend will hold.

Part 2

Sir returns some time later although I have no idea how long, blind as I am. He slowly caresses my body, telling me how excited he is to control me, how I am his, and how I will learn my place. He says it’s time for bed. Undoing the hogtie, he shuffles me into the bathroom, telling me to do my business. When finished, he unhooks the wrist restraints, tapping the cage and reminding me not to fight back. I doubt I could easily, still blindfolded and with the ankle restraints connected. He tells me to put my arms out in front of me and I feel the straitjacket sliding up my arms, which he refers to as my “pajamas”.

He leads me to the bed, lays me down and removes the gag, telling me that he wants me to be able to breathe well as I sleep but he doesn’t want me to talk. He then cuddles me for some time. I enjoy the sensation but am not allowed to speak back. Then I hear his deep breathing. Because I’m so horny, it takes me some time but eventually I doze off as well.

I hear Sir go to the bathroom. When he returns, he pushes me over onto my front and smacks my ass a few times and then squeezes my balls and my nipples through the straitjacket. I moan a bit but don’t cry out even though I am not gagged. He then turns back over and falls asleep again.

I think it must be the morning. I hear Sir get up and leave and not return to the room. I try to turn over but can’t, realizing that in my slumber, Sir must have attached some additional restraints to the sides of the straitjacket and the ankle cuffs that are keeping me on my back. I think it must be an hour before Sir returns. He straddles my body and gags me again with a gag that he begins to inflate. He begins adding some clothespins to my balls that hang below the cage.

Still blind, I can only guess as to how many he’s adding but as it continues, I think they must look like a porcupine by this point. Jiggling them around, I can tell he’s enjoying this. I can hear him slowly stroking his own cock. He also begins pinching my nipples again through the straitjacket. Undoing the gag, he straddles me again and forces his hard cock into my mouth. I suck as best as I can restrained as I am and I hear Sir breathe more quickly, encouraging me, telling me how I will learn to be a good boy. Reminding me my place to serve. Finally, I can sense him tense up and I taste his cum as it jets into my mouth. I swallow it and thank Sir for the gift. “Good boy” he says as he shoves his underwear in my mouth. I know better than to spit them out.

He leaves and I am left there. I can hear him cooking in the kitchen and can smell the food, realizing how hungry I am. He returns in a bit, removing the clothespins, releasing me from the bed and leading me to the table. Placing kneepads on my knees, I am forced to kneel. Still in the straitjacket I am leant back against a pole that is next to the table. I can feel it along my back as Sir places straps at my waist, chest and neck, securing me in place. He then sits down next to me and begins to eat his meal. I still chew on the underwear.

Finally, Sir is finished his meal. He removes the underwear and I feel a straw placed in my mouth. I drink and it’s some type of protein shake. When finished I’m given another straw and drink down what must have been a liter of water. Sir then secures a muzzle on my head and leaves to shower. He takes his time and I must have been left for an hour or more? My thighs are cramping a bit but I can do little other than wiggle.

Sir returns. Removing the blindfold, Sir leaves the muzzle in place. The ankle restraints are removed as are the straps from the pole. I’m finally released from the straitjacket, air cool on my sweaty skin. Commanded to stay still, Sir begins to apply five point shackles to me. He tells me it is time for chores and I must clean the dishes and the table from breakfast. I see Sir also left his dinner dishes for me as is my place. I proceed to complete the cleaning, no easy task in the shackles. My caged cock continues to drip pre-cum.

Part 3

When I am finished cleaning up from breakfast, Sir calls me over to his couch where he has been supervising my work. He orders me to lay across his lap. Placing one boot on the chain between my wrists and ankles and the other between my ankles, he begins caressing my backside and my balls. He then tells me that while I obviously have potential, I have pissed him off. Apparently, I snored in my sleep, disturbing him frequently. I have no idea if this is true or not, but does it matter? I am at his mercy and he can punish me whenever and for whatever reason he chooses.

He says he will start with ten of his bare hand. Slowly, rhythmically he alternates between my cheeks and I stifle my grunts. He then rubs the cheeks as I can feel the heat rising. With a “good boy” he reminds me I can take more and tells me to prepare for ten more. Again, the process is repeated. I wish there was something for me to bite down on within the muzzle to better stifle my cries.

Again with the rubbing, telling me how pleased he is, telling me how he’s looking forward to training me more, figuring out my potential, reminding me that I asked for this, that I know this is where I belong. I nod and mumble “thank you, Sir” through the muzzle, feeling the shackles continue to hold me in place. I love the feel of Sir’s leather pants on my chest and abs and feel my cock try to grow in its cage, despite the pain. The encouragement gets me hard again (or as hard as I can get).

Sir tells me to prepare for another ten and counts them off, alternating between each cheek. By now, I am gritting my teeth, wondering if marks will be left, but want to make Sir proud. At ten, my eyes are watering but I am again quiet so as not to disappoint Sir. He tells me it is time to up the ante a bit before revealing the paddle in front of my eyes. I sigh heavily behind the muzzle but steel myself for what is to come. Sir tells me he enjoys watching my eyes as he works me over.

Squinting hard I feel the first strike of the paddle. Sir is doing these more slowly. Making me wait and anticipate. Finally, I reach the tenth one and exhale. Only to feel an eleventh. Sir reminds me he never promised ten of these and he knows I can take more. He continues and I am squirming, breathing heavily. He reaches 20 and I hear a “good boy” and begin sobbing. Sir strokes my hair and comforts me reminding me how proud he is of me and how I am doing well, but can always do better. He continues to caress my ass and stroke my hair as I calm down, enjoying his touch, his control, his care.

He commands me up and I’m wobbly on my feet. He walks me into a corner with my shackled legs and commands me to stand there. He replaces the blindfold and leaves me to collect myself and my breathing slowly calms. I contemplate if I have done well. If he truly is proud. Did I break too soon?

Eventually, Sir leads me to a chair and tells me I need a rest. I sit down and he releases the shackles. I feel him put my hands into leather mitts and firmly place my wrists onto the arms of the chair before securing them with straps. He proceeded to do the same with my ankles, pushing them back against the chair legs and securing them. Then I feel another strap around my stomach and chest. Sir removes the muzzle and then gives me some water before replacing with another large gag. He then wraps tape around the gag and pulls a hood over my head making me blind again. He pats me on the head and orders me to rest.

Part 4

My mind is really spinning at this time. I have so many thoughts going through my head. I’m loving this – why do I love it – am I pleasing him – what else can I do to better serve? I think I dozed off for a bit, but I’m not sure. My mind may be playing tricks on me. There is little stimulation. My cock tries to get hard in its cage depending upon my thoughts and then goes soft again. I can hear Sir at times in the background on his computer, watching some TV – not enough that I can know for sure what’s going on – the hood blocks that out. Finally I get a little bored. Longing for his touch, his attention. Longing for my dick to be released, but I don’t think that’s going to happen. I start to squirm a lot in the hopes that he will come touch me and he does – only to place his hand firmly on my head and yell “settle”. Which of course I do.

Now, I’m trying to stay still, just occasionally flexing my fingers within the mitts. Eventually, though my need to pee arises and I want to tell him but also don’t want to bother him. Finally I give in, trying to snap my fingers within the mitts as I am gagged securely. I succeed but did he hear me. I try again. On the third snap he comes and asks what is wrong, I try to motion to my crotch with the mitts and he understands.

He releases me from the chair and the mitts. Removes the hood and then the gag. For the first time I am free of everything but the collar and the cage. I look up at him briefly and see him smiling but know to quickly avert my eyes. I just want to know that he is enjoying himself. I see that it’s dark outside. I must have been in the chair for quite some time. He leads me to the shower, indicating that this is the only time I will be free of restraint. I should shower and piss in the drain. He then closes the shower door and I see him actually chain it closed. Even now, I am not in control.

I shower, turning the water very hot to soothe my sore and achy muscles. I have no idea how long I am allowed so I quickly clean myself and then just stand there taking it in. I can see Sir moving around a lot in the bedroom but can not get details through the frosted and steamed glass. Finally he comes in and tells me to finish up. He unchains the door and tells me to turn around. He takes his time drying me, caressing me with a towel. My dick is so hard in the cage. I tell him I wish he had joined me in the shower, only to get a soft slap across the face telling me not to talk back. He grabs a gag with a breathing tube and secures it. Then the blindfold again.

I am guided into the bedroom and pushed face down on the bed. He quickly secures me spreadeagle, face down, and shoves a pillow under my abdomen. I am still hard and leaking in the cage. I pull against the restraints but there is little give. Then I feel the flogger hit my back. He tells me to count through the gag which I do, but I can hardly understand myself. He starts light but knows what he is doing. He sometimes goes fast, sometimes slower. He picks up the intensity and I am squirming, pulling against the restraints – no give. The whole time he is telling me what a good bondage slave I will make some day. I wonder, is he not pleased? I try to say “thank you, Sir” through the gag. I think he hears me.

I can feel the heat on my back and he pauses, laying next to me. I feel his leather glove caress me. I feel his leather leg pressed against mine. I try to calm down. My dick – still hard. He repositions himself – I can feel him shifting his weight on the bed. Then he begins spanking my ass again. He starts a little harder than earlier in the day but still pacing it. Allowing me to adapt, allowing the endorphins to kick in. My cock – straining against the cage is like a barometer. He knows how to use it to gauge my reaction.

Then the paddle begins. I tense my ass cheeks but wonder is it better not to. What causes more pain. I don’t have much time to think as he continues to smack both cheeks at once. He asks me to try to identify what I deserve this punishment. I’m not sure – how can I even answer through the gag. Would he understand? Maybe I messed up the dishes I mumble. Maybe I didn’t suck his cock well enough. Maybe I forced him to let me out earlier than he had wanted to pee – I’m trying to mumble all this through the gag while managing the smacks and the hits.

He keeps saying “no” to all my potential answers. I’m finding it harder to make words and just grunt trying to manage the pain. I say “yellow” and he slows the hits but the pain continues to build. I’m breathing so heavily now. My cock is soft. I’m about to say red when he says “You deserve this because I say so and it’s fundamentally a part of you that you are meant to serve”. At that point my mind cracks and I scream out into the gag and the sobs rack my body. He stops at that point, having taken me to the edge. He knows what he is doing and I know I am safe. Still, this realization makes me quiver continually.

Part 5

Then a welcome surprise. As Sir is caressing my warmed back and welted ass, I feel him a jingle of keys and feel him reach under me and begin to unlock the cage. He pulls it off and while free, I am still soft. He continues to caress me and my cock and as I calm down my dick responds, harder than ever. He pulls it down between my legs and now I’m squirming with pleasure as he strokes it lightly, continuing to caress my body, balls, and ass. I mumble “thank you, Sir” through my drying tears and the gag.

He then flips me over into a face up spreadeagle. I am still blinded but can feel my hard dick pulsing in the air and the drip of precum settling on my the trail of hair along my stomach. I feel Sir putting something around my balls, pulling them down and further securing me to the bed. I think feel a strap around my chest, just below my nipples and feel it further being secured to the bed.

Sir then begins to edge me, making me hard, getting me close. I try to buck upwards as his grip is just not tight enough. He pauses to add clothespins to my nipples. Again he strokes me, pausing again to add two more clothespins to each chest on either side of the nipple. This continues, alternating between keeping me hard and adding more clothespins along my chest and other parts of my body. I lost count but he must have 30 or 40? I’m not sure as my mind is drawn back to my need to cum, my need to get off. I find that I begin to beg into the gag but Sir reminds me I am not in control and I never was since I set foot in his house. This only makes me harder.

He then places a clip on my nose and begins to cover the breathing tube, continuing to stroke me. I guess he’s driving home the point of control. He in fact controls my ability to cum, my ability to breathe, my ability to see, my ability to speak, my ability to live. As I’m having these thoughts I can feel myself getting close – the lack of air, the stroking, I know I’m going to shoot any second when suddenly Sir stops and smacks my dick repeatedly pulling me out of my euphoria. He then starts to remove the clothespins methodically. Removing the last ones he placed first. They’re not too bad but as he gets further along, they have been on longer and each one is more painful than the last. I am breathing hard through the tube and twisting as much as I can. Finally, they are gone.

Leaving most restraints in place, Sir undoes my wrists and ties them together in front of me then draws them up to my chain collar and ties them close to it. He undoes the other restraints, leads me to the bathroom and tells me to piss and then leads me back into the bedroom. Removing the blindfold, I see a pile of gear and boots and a blanket on the floor. He pushes me down and wraps a chain around my ankle before padlocking it. I see it is connected to the leg of his bed. He tells me I’m sleeping here today, like his pet dog, and I should rest more. He says he is not going to blindfold me because he wants me to see his Sir sleeping so close yet so far.

He also says he’s not going to lock my cock up because he wants me hard and wanting more but my hands are too far from it. He warns me not to rub myself off against any of the gear in the night or I will be punished. So, now I must show my submissiveness through will power as opposed to gear. He readies himself for bed, slides under the covers and turns off the light. I know I can breathe okay through the gag with the tube but I still have a hard time falling asleep. I can see the alarm clock, slowly ticking away minutes. I can hear Sir’s gentle breathing nearby. I long to be next to him. I try to arrange some bootshafts to make a pillow and then pull the blanket over me. I find myself in a little nest of gear as I stare at the ceiling.

Part 6

The weekend has gone so quickly. I do not want it to end. I’m hard as a rock and dripping. I just hope I don’t leak too much on the gear so I try to squeeze the blanket between my legs as much as I can without my hands. I must have woken up 20 times throughout the night. That damn clock, so slow. I can smell the leather around me. I know I could probably loosen the rope from the collar but that’s part of Sir’s test. I try to roll over quietly as to not wake him and suddenly it’s morning and I can see light coming from under the shades. It’s the start of the last day.

I have been lying awake for about an hour when Sir finally stirs. He goes and takes a piss, ignores me on the floor and leaves the room. He comes back in and showers, still ignoring me and I watch him dress in jeans, t-shirt and a motorcycle jacket with harness boots. And then he finally pulls the blanket off of me. “Tsk, tsk”, he says indicating that there is some precum that dried on some of the boots. He tells me my task today is to clean and polish the boots that surrounded me last night. He brings me the kit and polish. Attaching wrist restraints with a link between them and doing the same with my ankles, he also relocks my cock.

He then removes the gag.“Even though your hands are relatively free, boy, you should only use them to work on my boots. Do not play with your caged cock or move from this spot, other than to go to the bathroom if you need to. I have a protein shake and bottle of water for you here boy, but I am heading to meet a friend for brunch while you work. I expect all these boots to be pristine when I return.” “Yes, Sir” I reply.

He leaves and I get to work. I am focused and intent, finishing all four pairs of boots in about 90 minutes. I then go to the bathroom and sit back on the floor with the boots. I wonder when he’ll return. I double check the boots and think they are in great shape. I sit and wait. I peak out the window and see it’s a pretty sunny day. Good day for brunch. It’s now been 2.5 hours. I wonder if he’ll return soon. I lean against the bed, repositioning the boots as best I can for ideal presentation before finally relaxing. I am straining inside the cage and dripping a bit. I really want to touch it but know I shouldn’t. I close my eyes and wait. And wait. I’m getting bored.

I begin to play with my nipples. No harm in that. That makes me harder and I drip more. Finally, I rationalize that if I at least reach down to the cage, I can clean up the precum, making sure it doesn’t get on the floor. I massage my balls and wipe the precum, sucking it off my fingers. Keeping one finger on my left nipple, I reach back down and shake my cage some more. A light gasp escapes my lips. I feel bad about doing this so stop and go back to the bathroom to wash my hands and return, sit, and stare at the boots. About 30 minutes later Sir returns.

He walks in and stares at the boots. I cannot tell if he is happy or not. He picks each one up, looks at them and places them back. He then tells me to kiss each boot which I do and then kiss the two he is wearing. He tells me that I did a very good job and deserve a reward for my behavior this weekend. I am thrilled and say “thank you, Sir”. He has me stand and places a gag and then the hood back on me. I hear and then feel saran wrap as he begins to wrap my ankles. Quickly putting a towel between my knees, he continues the wrap up my legs. This action again shows he cares and he’s knowledgeable. He wraps up to just below my balls. He bends me over and inserts a lubed plug into my butt. I grunt as he does so and it finally seats itself.

He detaches the wrist restraints, wraps each arm individually, forcing my hands into balls when doing so. Then he pushes my arms down and begins wrapping my upper body, finishing over the shoulders. He goes down again and then up again until I am nothing but plastic except for my caged cock sticking out and my hooded head. I worry I am going to topple over when suddenly Sir picks me up and carries me over to another part of the room. I hear him open something. A box maybe? And then I realize it could be the bench he had on the side of his bedroom. I am lowered into it and feel a blanket in the bottom of my box. Sir tells me as my last challenge he wants me to learn to be an object, a gimp, stored away until needed. I’m wondering how long he plans to leave me this way. I estimate it’s around noon and my train ticket is for 8. Would he really leave me in this box for that long? I really have no say. I hear the lid close and I shimmy a little bit but realize the walls of the box are both close to my arms. I exhale deeply, realizing I’m stuck.

Part 7

I have no choice but to lie there. Thinking about the weekend, thinking about how fun it’s been, how wonderful it’s been to serve. Knowing I have no choice but to lay there. I focus on my breathing. My cock gets hard against the cage, then goes soft. I can hear nothing so my mind starts to play tricks on me. How well do I know this guy? What if he’s crazy? What if he doesn’t let me go? I get hard again at the thought. I feel my ass clench around the plug. Did I hear voices? Is someone else there. I dozed off but thought I felt the box move. I continue to replay the events of the day, so happy that I traveled to serve.

Suddenly I hear the box open. I am again lifted out and laid on the bed. The cage is taken off my cock and I know I’m finally going to get to cum after a whole week of not doing so. I immediately grow to full mast. Sir applies some sort of vibrator to my balls and begins to stroke me. I am getting very close to cumming when Sir stops. I groan into the gag. He tells me it’s 7 pm and he wants to start getting me dressed. He cuts the wrap away from my ankles to my waist so that my upper body is still secured. Removing the plug, he pulls on my jeans, my socks and then my shoes. He goes back to my cock and edges me again, getting me hard, promising me my reward but wanting to make it last.

I again get close and he stops. He walks me into the hallway and puts my legs in a spreader bar so I also can’t run and attaches my collar to a hook in the wall as well. Now secured, he continues to unwrap the top half of my body but leaves my arms wrapped into fists. He puts my shirt around me and buttons it up. Then he adds my jacket before returning to my cock still hanging outside of my unbuttoned jeans. I am getting so close. Then he taps my balls then gets me close again. I’m moaning inside the hood and gag. So close. He puts my wrist behind me and zipties them together before removing the wrap keeping them in fists. I flex my fingers. He removes the spreader bar and leans me back against him. I can feel his hard cock in his jeans and I feel mine continue to throb.

He buttons and belts my jeans, cock still hanging from the fly, hard as ever. I rub his cock through his leather jeans and he says “good boy”. I feel him remove the hood and then the gag and finally the collar. He spins me toward him and kisses me and I melt. I haven’t yet had him kiss me and I love it, long for more of it. He asks if I’m ready for my reward and I say, Yes, Sir. He spins me back around and kisses my neck, stroking me as I stroke his hard cock through his jeans. He then pauses and says he wants to take a selfie which he does of me and him holding me from behind. He then says he wants to show me the selfie and turns the phone towards me.

But instead of a photo, I see a video of me sitting against the bed, stroking my nipples, eating my precum and shaking the cock cage. Before I can react, Sir has spun me around and pushed me against the door. He slaps my cock hard and it softens. I’m mumbling my apologies and trying to struggle away but he has his weight against me as he relocks my cock. He grabs me by the collar, pulls me towards the door and opens it. I’m incoherent now, asking him to stop, telling him I’m sorry, nearly sobbing, then I feel scissors break the ziptie before he pushes me out the door. I hear it close and lock and I turn around quickly, knocking on the door but I see the lights turnout. My locked dick is hanging out of my jeans and I have a chain collar locked around my neck.

What am I going to do? I check my phone and it’s 7:50. I can’t miss this last train home so quickly button my shirt collar and tuck my cock into my jeans. I ran to the train wondering how I was going to get out of this thing and how I could ever make it up to Sir.

The end

Metal would like to thank bound2befun for this story!

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  1. I loved this story . the ending wasnt expected . I like storys like this , detailed and explained very well.
    I look forward to reading how he got on .

  2. A great story – very realistic and detailed and seemingly quite representative a life in service. And a great ending…….

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