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10 Days in Detention – Part 20

“10 Days in Detention” series by socalbdBy socalbd

When Dan returned I heard something or some things land on the floor.

It wasn’t a big thud, but Dan had clearly brought some items with him from the other side of the dungeon. Next I heard a zipper. A few seconds later I heard fabric moving. Dan was taking off his pants. I had my head turned towards the wall so I couldn’t see Dan or what was happening.

“Pull your legs together,” Dan ordered.

I had been spread eagle as previously instructed.

Dan got onto the bed near my mid-section and then straddled himself over my butt with his legs on either side of my legs. I felt skin on skin and as he settled in and his cock touched my butt. Dan was naked. His skin against mine felt good. He started to lean down on me with his hands placed on either side of my head and then his full weight came down with his head nestled against my head’s right side. This felt amazing.

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The Tank – Part 04

By Rubrig

Nick felt his shoulder moving and he slowly woke up and realized that he was laying on the floor of the dive tank.  The heavy helmet banged against the floor of the tank as he moved groggily.  He looked through the faceplate and saw The Boss in a black wetsuit, full face mask and a rebreather system.  The rebreather was silent and no bubbles were emitted by the unit.  This would allow the Boss to remain underwater for hours.

Nick shifted around and then pushed up with his arms and that forced him upright in the water.  He turned and faced his Boss.  The Boss nodded in his heavy mask.  Suddenly there was a click in Nick’s helmet and he heard the Boss.  The Boss was asking Nick if he was ok and did he still have water and food.  Nick responded but realized that he was not able to transmit.  The Boss told him to nod or shake his head in response to the questions.

The Boss swam slowly around the tank checking out Nick’s gear to ensure that it was still sealed and in good shape.  He came up behind Nick and reached around grabbing Nick and pulling him back onto his chest pack.  He reached down and grasped Nick’s caged cock through the heavy suit and pressed hard.  Nick grunted and felt his cock respond as pain flashed through him.

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Gimp Training, Week 1

By Unowned in NYC

I’m driving home from work with a raging hard-on, knowing my gimp is sitting on the closet floor right where I left him this morning.  It’s only been a week since he quit his job, and since that first day,  this Monday, barely a moment has passed where I haven’t been throbbing in my pants, oozing precum.

I wonder if I’ll eventually get used to having a gimp, take it for granted, forgetting about him for hours at a time, no longer ready to bust my nut just picturing him.

Almost there.  It’s been all I could do to not whip out my dick and jerk off in the car, but I’m waiting until I get home so I can get into my full leather and see the gimp as I shoot my load.  Still early spring, so the days are still short.  It’s dusk as I take the last turn on to my street.  My place sits at a dead end.

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More With Jonas – Part 2

By ty dehner

A few hours passed as Jonas and I just rested; he always kept his touch on me. At times he would tap my balls through the rubber just to remind me he was around. But he mostly just let me sleep. I was stewing in piss and sweat, but I was able to catch some down time.

Jonas eventually got up, instructing me to stay on the bed. When he returned, he said he was going to feed me. I admit I was extremely hungry and ready to eat. Setting me up on the edge of the bed, a straw was inserted into the grommet hole of the hood and I sucked in. It was a chocolate protein shake that I took down quickly. Between the cold and taste it filled my mouth with flavor. Being so hungry I felt the cool in my stomach. Next I was allowed some water and another protein shake.

After feeding time I was led to a chair with a padded seat, and restraints were locked that kept me secured in the seat.

“Rest up, more fun comes later, gimp.” With that Jonas tapped me on the side of my head and left me alone to stew further in my silent world.

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A Weekend in Service

By bound2befun

Part 1

My dick is hard in my jockstrap and jeans as I ride the train to see him. What normally seems like a relatively quick trip seems to take forever. I’m incredibly horny having been ordered not to cum for the last five days. So, the restriction coupled with the anticipation of what is to come is making me antsy. I rub my crotch when others aren’t looking but even feeling somewhat guilty for doing so as I know Sir intended me to be denied all pleasure until I see him.

Finally, the train pulls up to Alexandria. Sir had indicated his place was close to the station so I pulled out the walking directions I had written from my pocket, softly brushing my dick one more time before I truly turned over control. I texted Sir to let him know of my imminent arrival and then quickly began the walk.

Arriving at his door, I knocked and waited. Was I really going to do this? I waited a while longer. Should I knock again? Is he just making me wait to amp me up (it’s working!). I am about to knock again when I hear the lock turning so I quickly avert my eyes to the base of the door. The door opens and I hear Sir telling me to come in but can only see the toe of his boot from behind the door. I walk through keeping my eyes down and hear the door close, locking with some type of finality that makes my dick twitch again.

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Brig Story – Part 7

By Tommy Guns

A few minutes after Dr. Ira left me, two of the Corpsmen I knew from the unit came in and unlocked the restraints from my ankles. They gently lifted me to my feet and guided me down the passageway to one of the private rooms off the main ward. One of the Corpsmen, Charlie, asked me if I was going to give them a problem with the restraints, but I told them I was ready. They guided me over to the bed and told me to lie down on my stomach. They unbuckled the straight jacked and told me to turn over on my back.

I did as I was told, and they removed the jacket completely. I asked them if I could use the head before they restrained me, but they told me it would be bed pans for the next few days. Charlie told me to lie down and they fastened a leather restraint to each of my ankles, and locked them. Next came a tether belt that was run from each ankle and locked to the railing on each side of the bed. This was followed by wrist restraints that were locked on and similarly tethered to the side rails. Finally, a wide leather strap was placed across my chest, under my arms, and tethered to each side of the railings as well.

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Training the Sergeant – Part 6

By lthr_jock

Fletcher grinned to himself as he led Sergeant Davis down to the garage level. The Sarge was clearly having trouble keeping up due to the transport chains, and his shuffling walk only made the chains clank more loudly. Fletcher made sure to keep his pace fast so that Davis had to work to keep up – all the more difficult as Davis couldn’t see out of the headbag.

Fletcher led Davis to the backdoor of a transport van and helped Davis inside. There, he secured the transport chains to a ring in the floor and locked Davis inside the van before clambering into the driving seat. As he drove across town, he fondled his growing cock as he thought about what was in store for Davis.

The journey took about 20 minutes – but to Davis it seemed like hours. He couldn’t see anything, and the back of the van was uncomfortable and noisy. Finally it stopped and he heard the sound of boots on gravel as Fletcher walked around to the back of the van. He heard the low rumble of voices outside the van, though he couldn’t make out what they were saying. Suddenly, the door of the van was opened, his chains were unlocked from the bolt in the floor and he was being pulled outside. There were multiple hands on him – three men at least – and from the feel of them they were strong and clearly used to dealing with restrained people. They grabbed him around the arms and started to march him off. He tried to keep up by hobbling along, but they were moving too fast and he soon tripped. The hands held him upright but did not stop – they just dragged him along until he struggled back onto his feet.

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Busman’s Holiday – Part 22

By lthr_jock

Clark staggered upstairs, still slightly unsteady on his feet. He tried to stand unsupported but wavered and had to hold himself up against the wall. He shook his head and pulled himself together and headed back to his post. But he hardly got there, when he grabbed his stomach and dived into the nearest toilets. There he threw up – he thought it must be a reaction to the drugs Palmer had given him but it could well have been a reaction to his rape by Morrison. As he thought about it, his stomach churned and he threw up again, retching bile as the protein shakes he had been eating for the last 2 days gave him little to bring up.

“Clark? You OK?”

He heard a voice outside the stall and stood up, grabbing his cap from where it had fallen on the floor and using it to hide his shaven head before flushing and heading out. There he saw Palmer, a concerned look on his face. He rubbed his stomach ruefully.

“Must have eaten something bad. I’m going to head home.”

“Yeah. Look after yourself, Clark.”

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