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Dustin gets suspended and spanked hard

Tom suspends Dustin by all fours and after a warm-up spanking cuts off his tight underwear. Then Tom spanks Dustin’s exposed ass by hand, with a wooden paddle, a Canadian school strap, two flogs, a birch, and a rubber slapper. That would have been it, but, just as Tom finishes spanking him, Dustin uses the “F” word. That earns him a hard session with the belt and some more by hand. Although Dustin does come close to breaking down a few times, he manages to hold himself together and tough it out like you’d expect a Marine Corps infantryman would.

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Title of this update: Dustin Suspended By All Fours

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Buying Love – The Admiral’s Origin Story: Part 02

By Cutieboy90

Two decks down and 50 feet aft, Jake Jackson had been on an inside service stairwell on his way back from the storage room when he’d been thrown over the railing by the ship’s pitching. His cover had been lost in his fall. In the violent shuddering and ensuing darkness, the young marine had tied himself to the handrail with a couple of the belts he’d been carrying. Ear-piercing metallic crashing and rumbling echoed up the narrow stairwell, overwhelming and disorienting him. Sitting on the landing and clinging to the metal banister, Jackson prayed.


In the toolroom, Quinn-Timothy James had been slammed to the floor. He lost sight of Caleb Bradley behind a curtain of fire and a thunderous crash. He stayed down and waited for the lights to come back on. When they didn’t, he felt his way to the bulkhead and pulled himself up. He grabbed a flashlight out of the maintenance cabinet, its narrow beam of light revealed to him an unrecognizable scene of twisted chaos.

“Wha-?” James was speechless for a moment. The tool room… Was gone. Whatever the fuck he was looking at wasn’t anything. Just a huge, circular door. And the smell of burnt… Stuff. Or something.

“Bradley?” He called into the darkness. “Bradley??” James’s voice echoed in the tubular structure next to him. Where was Bradley? James felt his stomach and chest tighten. Now that his brain was catching up with his eyes, he realized what the circular doorway was. It was an engine exhaust cowling from one of the F-18s. The hangar was the deck above. The fire must have been an explosion!

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A naked sex object, chained in a dungeon

Yesterday, Luka was living a boring, suburban life. Today all that has changed. He is no longer ordinary. He is a slave, a naked sex object, chained in a dungeon, with a large, muscular man whipping him, over and over, each blow like an electric shock of pain. The man stops only to stroke Luka’s cock and inspect his wounds. Then, suddenly, he exits, only to return an hour later to bend Luka over a padded bench and spank his firm ass with a thick, leather paddle. Oh, god, does it hurt! But Luka absorbs the pain, like a model slave.

a naked sex object, chained in a dungeon

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Title: LUKA: A Model Slave – Chapter 2

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See the complete VIDEO at Dream Boy Bondage

7 Days in Berlin – Part 06

By Takeo

Day 2 continues …

I stay in this kneeling position in the cell for a while, the fresh air of the apartment making me shiver. I can feel all my muscles after the gym session Franz put me through this morning. Not that it hurts, but I can feel the work that has been done.

I hear a door open and footsteps approaching the cell.

“Hello, boy,” says a beautiful rocky voice.

“Good morning, Sir” I reply.

I am not wearing a gag under the gas mask, so I imagine a response from me is expected.

“Come on,” orders Sir Flo.

I scramble to my feet, Florian taking me by the arm to help me. He leads me into another room, which I imagine to be the playroom. The temperature is a little higher, more pleasant than the coolness of the cell. Florian removes the chain linking my wrists and ankles and ties my hands above my head. In this basic position, I feel very exposed. Florian tenderly caresses my chest. His hands roam all over my body, sides, arms, back. He ventures farther down, to my buttocks. His caresses on Franz’s gym shorts provoke immediate arousal. He puts his hand on my chastity belt and whispers in my ear.

“So it looks like you’re horny boy, do you like it?”

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Tom wipes the smirk off Parker’s face

At Spanking Straight Boys, Parker turns up for his first spanking shoot wearing an inappropriate T-Shirt with an obscene message. He is keen to appear tougher and more edgy than he really is. He smirks a bit here and there, asks questions he knows the answers to and waits to do things he already knows he should do until Tom tells him to. He’s either trying to be funny or, more likely or he’s attempting to show Tom (and the viewers) that he is bold and rebellious. Tom suspects it’s the latter. Whatever Parker’s motivation was to wear that shirt, it was a bad choice. It ends up costing him a harsh session by hand, and with a strap and cane. Most of the video is the cane, and Tom is heavy-handed with it as Parker continues to be defiant even during the caning — at least at first! By the end Parker has a very red and striped butt, and his smirk is a distant memory.

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Title of this episode: Playing Dumb

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Stress position bondage and spanking

At Spanking Straight Boys, Wes gets suspended upside down by his ankles on Tom’s spreader bar. It’s a stressful position, and a humiliating one for Wes. The video begins with Wes stripped down to his white briefs. Tom straps Wes to the spreader bar and lifts his ankles high into the air. He then begins Spanking Wes. It isn’t long before Tom cuts the captive’s white briefs off and has at him with a leather strap, riding crop, birch and a flog. Wes struggles throughout, writhing about and straining against his bonds. This is the hardest spanking Wes has ever received.

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Title of this episode: Wes Upside Down

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Wes is strapped down for a hard spanking

At Spanking Straight Boys, Tom straps Wes to the table in the prone position, putting a bolster cushion under his privates to lift his round bubble butt into a good spanking position. He then begins with a hard spanking by hand, which gets the captive’s butt bright red. Tom follows that with a hard leather strapping. Next up is a session with a small, painful PVC flog. The spanking then ends with hard lashes from a large leather slapper that continue until Wes proclaims, “I can’t take any more, Sir.” Wes struggles against the leather straps binding him to the table throughout this session. He can and does move his arms, head and shoulders about, but the straps keep him from moving his butt more than a few inches. By the end, his butt is nearly as red as his shirt and Wes is worn out.

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Title of this episode: Wes Strapped to The Table

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