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Leo gets up and spanked with a frat paddle

With Leo fixed and tied naked in place, he can’t escape having his nuts and cock fondled and used! Leo can put up as much of a fight and moan as much as he wants, but he can’t resist the manipulative way Dave strokes his dick and feels it growing hard in his fist.

frat hazing and paddling

He doesn’t appreciate these ministrations, so Dave’s batters this proud fucker’s arse, spanking him bare handed and then whacking him with a paddle that causes his whole body to tremble in pain. He lays into Leo’s tight sphincter, widening it while also tugging on his cock. To fully prepare his hole, a buttplug is inserted into him. If he can’t hold it in he’ll receive another vicious paddling to his already painfully sore arse cheeks. Dave causes reluctant Leo to grow a big thick stiffy by sucking on his willy. When he’s thick and hard, Leo is simultaneously wanked and fucked. His balls are drained of cum while a dick is firmly embedded up his arse. Leo crumbles in humiliation as he’s conscious of having got off while his own arse is sprayed with cum. Now he’s been turned into a proper bender!

tied up gagged and spanked with a frat paddle

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gay bondage and frat hazing

Thrashed on a spanking bench

At Brutal Tops, these handsome young Masters return to cause more damage to this feeble sub. They find him strapped to a bench and proceed to gob in his mouth, abuse him, spank him with a cane and piss in his mouth. The worm has to swallow down the stinky urine before sucking clean his Masters’ dicks. Finally, Master Aaron pours red-hot candle wax over the thrashed arse cheeks of the defeated runt!

gay male bondage

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male bondage and humiliation

Video: Wyatt is chained on his knees on the torture table

Scroll down for a video clip of this shoot from Dream Boy Bondage:

Dream Boy Bondage

After his long and arduous whipping and electro-torture, Wyatt is given several days rest, naked and alone, locked in his cage most of the time, but taken out periodically to work out and, of course, service his master. Today, he is tortured. He is chained on his knees on the torture table, bent forward, neck chained low, arms chained overhead. Master Jared slaps his slave’s abs, fingers his asshole and tongues his mouth. Then the real action begins: a brutal ass flogging with a three-inch wide, steel-studded leather-strap. Jared then fucks the captive’s puckering asshole with a massive dildo and jerks his erect cock. “Please, let me cum, Sir,” Wyatt begs, then spews a load of cum all over the dildo that just fucked him. Jared fucks him with the cum-encrusted dildo then makes him suck it clean with his slave-mouth.

Here is a video preview:


Title of this episode: Wyatt – Playtime – Part 11

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gay bondage Metalbond

Video: Nick Moretti continues to beat on Luke Riley

At Daddy’s Bondage Boys — a site where Metalbond readers get 20 percent off their first month — Luke Riley’s beating continues as Nick Moretti moves from the bat to giving the captive a good old fashioned spanking — until the sexy Dom finally gets too cocky…


Nick Moretti continues to beat on Luke Riley

Title of this shoot: Powerplay Part 3

Models in this shoot: Nick Moretti, Luke Riley

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