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Tied up and beaten

Brad is a hunk. He’s 23 years old, straight, 6-foot-2 and 195 pounds, muscular, handsome and hairy. Chic strings him up from the rafters and beats him with his hand, paddle and brush. He looks so helpless and sexy as he hops, dances, twists, moans and howls in agony, the muscles on his sexy body flexing and contracting in response to the intense pain Chic is inflicting on him.

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VIDEO at Reluctant Young Men

Title of this shoot: Brad Strung Up and Beaten

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Male BDSM: Taylor takes a beating from a smaller guy

It must have been humiliating for Taylor, a 27-year-old, muscular, 6-foot-4 straight guy, to stand naked before a much smaller gay guy his own age and submit to a beating. Steve uses a paddle, belt and crop to make the muscular giant dance and yell in shame and agony.

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This is what happens at Reluctant Young Men — a site where gay and straight young men undergo first-time spanking experiences!

The title of this update is “Taylor Spanked by Steve”

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Bind and spank

After taking his manhood with a vicious dildo fucking, the masked man now takes him OTK for a humiliating spanking like the ones he got long ago from his dad. Preppy looks gorgeous OTK, with his firm muscular legs and bubble butt laid out submissively on his attacker’s lap. Using a wooden paddle and bath brush, the man soon has him kicking those beautiful legs as he twists and squirms, moaning and groaning in pain, acting like a little bitch. The proud young man has been humiliated, in the end just cowering on the floor in total defeat.

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See the VIDEO at Straight Men In Trouble

Title of this shoot: Country Club Preppy – Part 6

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A dominant straight guy administers over-the-knee discipline

Here’s more from Reluctant Young Men. In this video, handsome, sexy and dominant straight guy Anthony gets his revenge on his 22-year-old gay twink friend Steve, as he takes him over the knee and pays him back for the beating he got in a previous video (titled “Anthony Spanked by Smaller Gay Friend”). Anthony is big, muscular, handsome, hairy and hung, and he towers over poor Steve. He spanks him OTK with his big hand, a leather paddle and cane. Then he has him stand, making him dance and hop in pain as he beats him with cane and bath brush before taking him back OTK and finishing him off with the brush.

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This is what happens at Reluctant Young Men!

Title of this video: “Anthony’s Revenge”

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The straight personal trainer and the horny gay spanker

At Reluctant Young Men — a site where they don’t like it, but they do it for the money — Royce, a 26-year-old straight, solid, muscular personal trainer, gets humbled and humiliated by Steve, a smaller, younger gay guy. Steve uses his hand, a frat paddle, a wooden spoon and a leather paddle, gradually increasing the intensity, until Royce is twisting, gasping and panting on his lap. Steve enjoys his power trip, his cock is hard, dripping long strands of precum, bouncing and throbbing against Royce’s stomach, adding to his humiliation.

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Watch the VIDEO at Reluctant Young Men

Title of this shoot: “The Straight Personal Trainer and the Horny Gay Spanker”

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Humiliating punishment for Royce

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At Straight Men In Trouble, Royce is tied to a stool with his hot, muscular ass in the air, ready to be spanked by hand, belt and crop while being lectured on common courtesy and respect. His sexy, muscular legs shift and kick behind him as he pathetically tries to answer questions and defend himself through the ballgag in his mouth. His high-pitched whimpers and moans fill the room.

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See the VIDEO at Straight Men In Trouble

Title of this shoot: Model Taught a Lesson – Part 4

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