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Parker in the Stockade

Here’s another one from the men of Spanking Straight Boys. This features a custom-made clear stockade that is completely rigid and unforgiving. It holds a captive in place, bent over, completely vulnerable and totally humbled. This video opens with Tom placing a nervous Parker in the stockade. Once he had him in it, Tom saw Parker’s point. There is simply no way out of the stockade other than someone else releasing you. Tom begins by spanking Parker by hand. He then whips down Parker’s underwear and brings out a leather slapper for use on Parker’s bare butt. Next comes a thin acrylic paddle followed by a wider acrylic paddle. The leather slapper hurts, but those acrylic paddles, as Parker quickly learns, deliver a mighty sting. Parker gasps, groans and yells as the spanking continues. He moves his hands (repeatedly clenching them) and whips his head about as his face contorts. He even manages to move his butt a small amount. He cannot, however, move his butt out of the path of the paddles or Tom’s hand. After a lengthy session that pushes Parker to his limits, Tom releases him and tells him to get dressed.

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Title of this episode: Parker in the Stockade

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Wes is strapped down for a hard spanking

At Spanking Straight Boys, Tom straps Wes to the table in the prone position, putting a bolster cushion under his privates to lift his round bubble butt into a good spanking position. He then begins with a hard spanking by hand, which gets the captive’s butt bright red. Tom follows that with a hard leather strapping. Next up is a session with a small, painful PVC flog. The spanking then ends with hard lashes from a large leather slapper that continue until Wes proclaims, “I can’t take any more, Sir.” Wes struggles against the leather straps binding him to the table throughout this session. He can and does move his arms, head and shoulders about, but the straps keep him from moving his butt more than a few inches. By the end, his butt is nearly as red as his shirt and Wes is worn out.

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Title of this episode: Wes Strapped to The Table

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Hard discipline

Patrick is a muscular, hung straight guy with a round, firm butt. Today he’s in for something new. Today he will be suspended upside down for a hard spanking in a stressful position. In this video, Tom locks Patrick’s ankles to a spreader bar and lifts him into the air with an industrial hoist. He then spanks Patrick by hand, with a leather slapper, wooden spoon and a belt. Patrick has a hard time with all of it. He writhes around upside down, crying out and groaning very frequently as his butt becomes redder and redder. Through it all, Patrick is obedient. He knows better than to be otherwise.

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Title of this episode: Patrick Upside Down

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Dustin gets suspended and spanked hard

Tom suspends Dustin by all fours and after a warm-up spanking cuts off his tight underwear. Then Tom spanks Dustin’s exposed ass by hand, with a wooden paddle, a Canadian school strap, two flogs, a birch, and a rubber slapper. That would have been it, but, just as Tom finishes spanking him, Dustin uses the “F” word. That earns him a hard session with the belt and some more by hand. Although Dustin does come close to breaking down a few times, he manages to hold himself together and tough it out like you’d expect a Marine Corps infantryman would.

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Title of this update: Dustin Suspended By All Fours

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The hardest spanking Wes has ever had

At Spanking Straight Boys, Wes gets locked in the spanking tower. Going into this spanking, Wes had never seen or heard of the spanking tower, so it’s a complete surprise for him. Tom orders Wes to strip down and locks him into the spanking tower. He then sets about spanking Wes with his hand, a riding crop, wooden spoon and a leather belt. He also uses the riding crop on the captive’s feet. Wes struggles with the spanking. He breathes heavily, jerks about (what little he can) and cries out here and there. Overall, Wes takes it like a man. He is obedient and accepts correction well. At the end of this session he explains that this is the hardest spanking he’s ever had.

The hardest spanking Wes has ever had

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Title of this update: Wes In The Spanking Tower

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More of Carter in The Spanking Tower

This video opens with Tom giving Carter a long, hard session with a leather belt. Carter’s ass is already red and sore, so he really feels the sting of the belt. Tom then moves on to a wooden spoon and a flog. Tom finishes with a riding crop that he uses on Carter’s feet. Carter finds it all hard to take. He remains obedient and struggles to maintain his composure, but the belt and the flog in particular sting like hell. Carter continues to forget to address Tom properly, which results in a longer, harder spanking. At the end, when he gets out of the spanking tower, Carter wipes his eyes. And, strangely, when he puts his underwear on, it’s clear that he has the beginnings of an erection. Too bad Tom didn’t see that at the time because he’d have certainly asked Carter a bunch of embarrassing questions about it!

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Title of this update: Carter in The Spanking Tower (Part 2)

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