AI generated gay fetish muscle artwork chains and bondage

AI-generated art

What do you guys think about the AI-generated images? I think they are really hot! I imagine that someday in the not-too-distant future, this technology will improve to the point that someday soon there will be a way for a guy like me to get dominated by AI-generated avatars in virtual reality or in Second Life.

Some of the creators include Albron Muscle and RupertRat


These pictures are from various Tumblr pages. No infringement is intended. Some of the creators above include Albron Muscle and RupertRat. There are many others. There are lots of these images on Tumblr and X (formerly Twitter)

One thought on “AI-generated art”

  1. When AI domination arrives in Second Life I will be taking up near permanent residence!! I loved Second Life for a few years but the number of doms just seemed to dwindle down to nothing. An AI dom could be programmed to stretch your limits and treat you like the slave you were born to be. Perhaps see it as a training program for that great day when you progress from AI dom to the real thing

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