An Intense Edging

Today’s bondage porn pics are from Scott over at Slow Teasing Hand Jobs:

gay bondage

The description for this one reads,

Modesty prevents us from naming this clip The Hottest Edging Video Ever, but it probably is.  Scott has 24 year old straight guy Mike, tall and sexy and perpetually horny, bound securely to a chair and using the slightest touch has him rock hard and gasping, barely able to speak.  His body language, facial expressions and breathing tell it all, this guy is on the edge and ready to pop throughout the clip, and Scott plays him like an artist, making a visual depiction of the word “yearning.”  Scott’s hand is barely moving and Mike is asking for permission to shoot, but he’s denied.  The whole clip is like that.  In the end Scott actually has him begging to cum as he looses control, shoots a load high into the air without permission, and pays the price.  Watch this one carefully.

gay bondage an_intense_edging-111 an_intense_edging-119 an_intense_edging-122 an_intense_edging-127

To see more, go to Slow Teasing Hand Jobs

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