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Scott wails on Jake’s muscular ass

Scott is eager to abuse someone’s ass, and handsome, muscular and hairy Jake is nervous. Scott starts out using his heavy hand on Jake’s muscular ass, and already he’s flinching and gasping. A ruler makes him grimace, gasp and suck air, but it’s the yardstick and hairbrush that really get to him. Jake struggles to deal with the pain, growling and panting, whimpering and howling, his voice cracking and breaking. By the end, he’s breathless and confused, claiming that this was the worst experience ever.

Scott at Straight Men in Trouble

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The title of this shoot: Jake Spanked by Scott

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Scott Slow Teasing Hand Jobs

Scott abuses a twink at Reluctant Young Men

Scott is longing for a cute butt to abuse, so he gets Nathan to play with, and Chic gets to watch. Scott takes the 25-year-old twink over the knee and delivers a heavy spanking using his hand, belt, paddle and cane, making the young man kick, twist and dance while he hollers, yelps, whimpers, whines and protests in vain. He finishes Nathan’s painful humiliation by making him kneel at Chic’s feet while he thrashes him with a biting cane.

Scott Reluctant Young Men

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Title of this video: Nathan and Scott – Homecoming Spanking

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Scott Slow Teasing Hand Jobs

At least one of these guys is wearing a mask

With his cock exposed and still sporting his morning wood, Brad is helpless as he moans while the masked man starts to stroke his cock. He struggles to hold back the arousal building inside of him, writhing and moaning as he tries to resist, but the masked man is relentless and slowly milks a load from his helpless victim’s cock.

Scott at Straight Men in Trouble

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Title of this update: Invasion – Part 2

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Scott has Michael’s balls locked in a cock stock

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Scott has Michael's balls locked in a cock stock Slow Teasing Hand JobsScott has Michael’s balls locked in the cock stock so that he can’t even thrust his hips to get himself off, and subjects him to a cruel edging.  The 22-year-old asks seven times for permission to shoot his load, and Scott denies him.

cock_stock_edging-103 cock_stock_edging-109 cock_stock_edging-115

Then, on his eighth request, he’s  so close to the edge that he shoots his thick load before Scott  can respond.  Of course he’s given a long post orgasm milking as punishment for cumming without permission.

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Whimpering on the Edge

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Scott has 28-year-old straight guy Dimitri tied securely to a chair with his legs spread wide, defenseless and at his mercy.  He administers a tormenting edging, bringing him to the edge over and over, then stopping and walking off, leaving him rock hard and frustrated.  Dimitri whimpers and moans, he asks in a whisper for permission to shoot several times, looking pleadingly into Scott’s eyes for a sign that he will be allowed to cum.  The poor young man is obviously in distress, until Scott finally has had enough and takes him over the edge.

gay bondage whimpering-109 whimpering-122 whimpering-124

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