Armoured Dominance – Part 01

By Rubrpig

Jason and Scott had been chatting a long time on several chat sites about their various fetishes. However, the fetish that both were very intense about was medieval armour. Both men lusted after images of men in full armour. They had gotten into spending time together during the summer months when they could match vacation schedules and visiting various Renaissance Faires in the US and a couple of times they had ventured to England to see jousting exhibitions at Herstmonceaux and Arundel Castles, both of which host international jousting competitions during the summer.

Jason had always made it a habit of playing the national lottery and as a joke he promised Scott that if he won the grand prize he would get custom made suits of armour for both of them. Both men had longed lusted after armour on the website of Historical Reproductions. This company was in Southern California and was owned and operated by an renowned armourer and jouster by the name of James Norton. He was famous for not only the superb armour he created but as a world class jouster that competed at the Royal Armouries in England in their annual tournament.

Well, one day it turned out to be Jason’s lucky year. His ticket came up and he was the sole winner of the jackpot. After going through all of the verification processes he was finally presented with his cheque for 45 million dollars. He called his long time friend and reminded him of the promise made years ago and asked what he was doing the next weekend. Scott stunned by the news stammered that he had no plans. Jason told him that he was sending him a ticket and would meet him in Los Angles and both men would drive up to the ranch which was the home of Historical Reproductions. He told Scott that he had made arrangements already to spend the weekend there so they could discuss the plans for their armour and get the measurements taken so the work could begin.

Jason already knew what armour would be made as both men lusted after and jerked off over the images of the Henry VIII foot armour in the royal collection. This was a total enclosure suit which was the only one of its type. Once in the armour the only part of the body that was not covered in steel was the palms of the gauntlets which were going to be made of leather.

The time flew by and soon Jason was meeting Scott’s flight at LAX and after picking up the rental car, they headed into the country to where James’ ranch was located. Both men were excited and Jason told his buddy that he had discussed with James the Henry VIII armour for both suits. Scott got extremely excited and a wet spot appeared on the front of his jeans he was so excited. Both men discussed that since they had both been taking and training in armoured foot combat that this armour would be the best for what they had in mind.

Several hours later, after checking in to a local inn, both men arrived at the ranch and were greeted by James who took them on a tour of the ranch and his stables. In addition to being an armourer, he also ran a training school which trained people to be knights and jousters. His assistant ran the division that made historically accurate clothing for re-enactors.

After sitting down at a table in the blacksmith shop, James asked if they knew what they had in mind for their armour. Both men looked at each other and told him that they wanted the Henry VIII foot armour. James laughed and told them that it would be a difficult build but it could be done. However, were they prepared to have someone trained to help them into their armour as this suit was not usual in that it was bolted together and once in the wearer stayed in until they were removed as it was impossible for anyone to take it off by themselves. Both men nodded and said they had discussed the situation and that they could take care of that with no issues. James nodded and they discussed the cost and timeline for the suits to be made. Scott was surprised by the cost but his buddy did not bat an eye and agreed to the cost and then made a proposal that if the suits could be done faster he would add a 20% bonus for early completion. James agreed and told the men that they would start in the morning and for these suits both men would have to be fully casted in plaster to make molds of their bodies so the armour could be properly fitted. Jason asked if full suits of maille could be made to fit under the armour as well. James told him that maille would not be necessary but it could be done by allowing for the under garments and maille when creating the molds. James nodded and asked what the additional cost would be for both sets of maille. The final price was agreed and both men nodded and told James they would see him in the morning and they left for their inn and to find someplace for dinner.

Jason and Scott discussed what the future was going to hold for both men. Jason told Scott that he wanted to share a life and future as both men knew there was an attraction and they both got along so well. After dinner, both men went back to the inn and before they knew it, they were groping each other and struggling to get their clothes off as the urge to grew. They spent the night getting to know each other’s bodies and having sex with both of them taking turns to get fucked by the other one.

In the morning, after an early breakfast they headed back to the ranch to begin the process of getting their armour made. After arriving, James took them to the blacksmith shop where there were 2 men waiting and James introduced them and told the men that they were here to help with the casting process as they were experts in body casting. After stripping, both men were told to sit on the edge of a bench and the process began. Soon they were in casts up to their waists, their legs were separated and held in place by spreaders. After letting the cast harden for several hours, they were helped to stand and braced in place, one of the men knelt in front of Jason and inserted a catheter and inflated it. The catheter was connected to a jug so it collected his urine. Scott was then cathed and both men had gotten raging hard-ons. They continued the casting process and soon both men were encased up to their necks, they arms spread out from their bodies at an angle and held in place by spreader bars.

Giving the men a break, they were helped to drink a couple bottles of Gatorade to counteract the effects of the heat and sweat that was created by the curing process of the cast material. James told them that the final stage was the head casts. Their eyes would be left open so they could see and blink however, nasal tubes would be inserted and sealed into their noses so they could breath as their noses would be fully covered. Also a tube would be inserted into their mouths and sealed in as their mouths would be covered and sealed. the oral tube would allow them to be given water and liquid supplements while in the casts. He then told them that they would have to remain in the casts for 48 hours so that the casts could properly harden so that when they were cut out, the cast material would not crumble. Jason and Scott looked at each other in surprise but both men could feel their cocks trying to get hard inside their plaster homes they nodded and told James to finish the molds. Soon both men were fully sealed except for holes over their eyes. The breathing tubes and mouth tube passed through the mold. One at a time they were carefully carried over to a drying rack which would support their bodies and the heavy casts while they cured.

James walked over after the men were strapped down with tension straps so they would be held upright and stable while they dried and cured. He spoke loudly so they could hear and told them that any questions would be asked as yes or no and 1 blink meant yes and 2 meant no. He then told them to blink once if they understood. Both men blinked once and James turned and left the shop as it was now time for lunch.

Later James came back to the shop and gave them fluids and liquid supplements and then went to work finishing and polishing a new helm that he was finishing for a client. Both men watched him work to help pass the boredom as being locked into heavy casts. The heat had finally died down as the curing process slowed in the plaster. unable to talk or make any noises due to the sealing compounds in their mouths the men struggled mentally as the time passed slowly for them. As the first day wound down and the sun went down, James shut down work, fed and watered them again before heading back to the house for the night. He told the men that he would be back in the morning to check on them and feed them again. Turning off the shop lights he left leaving the men in the darkness. As their situation got more and more real for them they struggled with the terror of being totally encased in heavy plaster.

Jason struggled with panic as he was starting to feel very claustrophic and he had to breath carefully and to try and calm down. He was furious at himself for not checking on what would happen to them for measurements. He got himself and Scott into a situation where they were fully trapped and under the control of James while they were like this. He wanted to talk to Scott and check with him to see how he was handling the encasement.

Scott was still hard and was feeling euphoric as endorphins had kicked in as the intensity of the bondage he was in got to him.   Scott was into heavy bondage and had spent many nights zipped into sleep sacs or straitjackets and hood. The total encasement in plaster had been a dream of his for years and now he was getting to experience it for at least 48 hours. He tried to relax so he could sleep and get rest. As he fell asleep he wondered how Jason was handling it as he knew his buddy had claustrophobia but as there was nothing he could do to communicate or even move.

After a long night, both men woke as the sunlight filled the workshop. After a while James walked in and checked in with them. He asked Jason how he was doing? Jason blinked twice for no and James asked if he had claustrophobia? Jason blinked once and James nodded. He took out his cell and called one of the men who had applied the casts. The man agreed to come over and sedate Jason to help him with his claustrophic reaction to being fully encased. He then checked in on Scott who indicated that he was fine by blinking once. James laughed and asked Scott if he was into heavy bondage? Scott blinked once. James then told him that the 2 men who had encased him and Jason were partners who were into heavy bondage and body casting for bondage. Scott got hard when he heard that.

About 30 minutes later, the 2 men walked into the shop. James greeted them and pointed to Jason.   Apparently, he has claustrophobia or something as he blinked once when I asked him if he had claustrophobia. The men nodded and one of them walked over to Jason and picked up his oral tube. He spoke loudly and told Jason that he was going to give him an oral sedative that would sedate him so he would be calm. It would not put him out but would keep him calm. It would taste bitter but would help him with the panic he was experiencing. He poured the liquid into the oral tube and watched carefully as Jason swallowed the bitter liquid and began to experience the calming effects. He became sleepy and felt like he was floating. The 2 men turned to James and told him that Jason would be ok for a while and gave James another couple of doses to keep him calm till the next afternoon when they would be back to begin cutting the casts off the men.

James went to work and the men watched him work as the best they could as James moved in and out of their range of vision. As the day slowly passed for the men, they were periodically given fluids and liquid supplements every several hours. Finally, it was the end of the day again and the shop was dark except for a couple of work lights. James gave Jason another dose of the sedative to keep him calm during the night, check with Scott to see how he was doing and turned off the lights and left the men in the dark once again.

In the morning, James came in and checked them, gave Jason more sedative and told Scott that he had called the inn the day before and told them that they were staying at the ranch and not to worry about them. He then told Scott that the men would be back that evening around 6pm to begin cutting them out of the casts.

That evening, James walked into with the 2 men who setup some equipment and then the 3 men walked over and removed all of the straps holding Jason in place on the drying frame. They carried him over to a large heavy table and set him on his back. The 2 men picked up electric cast saws and began cutting the cast into 2 parts so the top could be lifted off and then they could pick up Jason and stand him upright and pull the back half off his body hopefully without breaking the cast even though the cast was reinforced with fibre glass. Finally the cuts were finished and they struggled but lifted the top off the cast exposing Jason’s body. They and James lifted him up and stood him up and pulled on the back half which came off his body. One of them held onto Jason while the other put the cast out of the way. Helping Jason to sit on the table, one of the men opened Jason’s mouth and pried the silicone sealing material and the oral tube out of his mouth and it came out with a popping sound. He then pulled on the nasal tubes and the silicone plugs and tubes came out of his nostrils. Finally free of the cast Jason relaxed and sat quietly on the table as the sedative was still active in his system. They helped him over to a chair and sat him down.

They then began the same process on Scott and after a while Scott was sitting naked beside Jason enjoying a cold beer. After they had a chance to relax and recover from the 48 hour plus encasement, they were led up to the house still naked and taken in. James’ assistant greeted the 2 naked extremely well built men, one of which was sporting a raging hard on. She took them to the bathroom, gave them towels and told them to have a shower to wash the release chemicals and plaster off their bodies. Scott helped Jason into the shower and got in with him and after washing Jason’s body he scrubbed his own and dried them off. He helped Jason to walk back out to the living room and James and his assistant were waiting there and their clothes were there. After both men got dressed, they were given dinner and told to take off back to the inn and get some rest.

In the morning Scott called James and was told that everything was completed and the casts were going out for molds to be made of their bodies. He would be in touch with them with progress reports but the 2 harnesses should be ready in about 6 months.


To be continued …

Metal would like to thank Rubrpig for this story!

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  1. There are some armour stories on Eckie’s website. Some of them are really awesome. A login is required, but it’s free. Go to “story archive” and search for “armour”.

  2. I have been waiting for a good detailed story of this kind of kink. I , too, lovethat suit of armour . I know only one man who is having it built and that is Rubcop, he is on Fetlife and Recon.

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