Atlanta has the hottest guys

I just got back from a business trip to Atlanta. As is my custom when I travel for work, I mixed in a little fun as well.  I met up with an online bondage buddy — a guy I have been chatting with for years but hadn’t ever met.  Turns out we hit it off quite well.  I “hog chained” him in his hiatt darbies-style four-way irons for a few hours, and then re-shackled him with his hands in front for some overnight bondage. The next day he spread-eagled me in leather restraints.

Then last night, we headed over to the Atlanta Eagle, where the Hotlanta Rubber Group was having a bar night. There were lots and lots of hot guys there, many in full rubber — including the guys shown above. I spotted a few with chains padlocked around their necks, including pup Nitro. Daddy Alan, Mr. Atlanta Eagle 2009 and 2nd Runner Up International Mr. Leather 2009, was there as well.  There was also a guy getting into a rubber hood. I had a really great time with my new bondage buddy and also at the bar.

Thanks for keeping it hot, Hotlanta rubber and bondage guys!

(Oh, and there is an interesting side note to my visit to Atlanta: Furries were holding their “Furry Weekend” at the Hilton, where I was staying! So every time I got on the elevator or walked through the lobby … there were furries everywhere! It was great fun! If you don’t know who Furries are, click here.)

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