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Video: Collared and chained by a fuck beast

At Growlboys.com, Tommy and his friends are caught in a precarious position on this update of Lost Boys. Trapped in the scylla’s lair, Tommy is mesmerized and subdued for what feels like an eternity until a handsome surprise comes in to save the day! Chapter 3: Breeding Stock begins with Tommy being consumed by the terrifying scylla beast, unsure of his fate and if he will become one with the monster. But a sudden rescue brings he and his friends out of the clutches of the tentacled immortal and into the burly, muscular arms of his new lover, Bishop. Confused and scared, Tommy looks to his hero for comfort, finding warmth and protection in his bed and in his passionate embrace.

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Title of this story: Lost Boys, Chapter 3: Breeding Stock

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Furry transformation in college

At Growlboys.com, horny young Matthew has just started his freshman year of college and is finding it hard to keep his sexual urges under control. He wants to make friends, do well in school, and adjust to independent life, but he can’t shake his desire to lose his virginity and finally have sex! Once he is alone with his professor in his office, he’s completely overwhelmed with a powerful urge to get fucked… seemingly unaware of his more animal nature. Little does he know his professor is a disguised gay satyr, part of an ancient race of gay furry anthropomorphic beasts known as Thebans! Nervous and unsure, he takes the sexy older man’s lead and ultimately takes the man’s massive cock up his tight hole…and it gets deflowered in the bareback fucking of his young life, popping his young cherry and being inseminated by this god-like monster. What is more, once bred by a Theban, a boy will take up the satyr’s powerful cum and start the process of furry transformation into a growlboy, and forever become the promethean offspring of a god!

he can’t shake his desire to lose his virginity and finally have sex

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Transformed into a gay furry

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“Big Cat” is the story of a growlboy named Doug. Technically he’s a werecat, and life hasn’t been easy for him. In Chapter 1, Freak Juice starts by introducing Sam, a sexy young man with a powerful habit. A habit so strong he’s technically a junkie, and in the first chapter of this story Sam is looking to get his fix. The substance? Something exotic. Something rare and special. Something he knows he can’t find without heading into the dangerous part of town. After getting a lead from his coworker, he finds a secret, shady whorehouse that caters to desires of all kinds, particularly the strange and mysterious Prometheans. The pimp keeps his merchandise in line easily, because they know they have few options and nowhere else to go. By manhandling and fucking his boys, the pimp Steve has learned how to manhandle his stable of boys and induce furry transformation in the anthropomorphs in one of a kind gay tf content. Once in their true gay furry form, he expertly harvests their cum by forcibly milking potent promethean (growlboy) cum from their balls to be stored and sold on the blackmarket. In this new and thrilling space, he’s introduced to the seductive world of wild sex and power, especially when he’s given the chance to spend a night with a handsome werecat with a huge cock. He’ll pay whatever it costs to suck down a load of promethean cum from the gay feline furry, and then get his big cock between the sexy beast’s perfectly round cheeks, bareback this cheetah furry boy and pump him full of a raw load!

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Naked piss pandas

In this vintage shoot at Bound In Public, six assless pandas use and abuse Jason Miller at Folsom Street Fair. Let’s tag this one under furries. Perverted gay piss panda furries.

Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco

It’s Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco and alpha slave Jason Miller is showing off his muscular body and high tolerance for pain in front of the thousands in attendance on the streets. Gagged and bound to a rickshaw, Jason is pulled through the fair by a gang of naked pandas. While holding up traffic in the middle of the intersection Jason is given a bamboo zipper and with the wounds still stinging the nasty pandas piss all over him while the crowd cheers.

Six assless pandas use and abuse Jason Miller at Folsom Street FairJason gets fucked out in the street as fair goers walk by then dragged into a sex shop to blow strangers

Jason gets fucked out in the street as fair goers walk by then dragged into a sex shop to blow strangers. Jason jacks cocks two at a time through glory holes before getting fucked some more and taking load after load on his face,

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