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The Rivalry – Part 2

By Jackson Amacher

Leaving them there, Steve told the Blues that the rest of the night was free time. There was going to be a small party celebrating our victory that night, and most of the Blues went to it. A lot of us went into the A barracks to check out all the stuff we got from the Reds. Kyle and I were able to find the photos of us and the other prisoners naked. We all helped ourselves to the other guys’ stuff, going so far as to “borrow” some of their clothes. They wouldn’t need it.

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The Rivalry – Part 1

By Jackson Amacher

I spent my first summer before college in a private young men’s military camp in western North Carolina. It was mostly bullshit, but it made my father happy. He was in the Marines for a while, and he always wanted me to go into the service. I wasn’t too hot with the idea, but I had to admit military life had a few benefits, so I agreed to go to this place.

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By Jackson Amacher

I’m not an expert in paintball, but I had played a few times before. My friend Jonas knew that, so he invited me on a game at a famous site in western North Carolina with a couple of his friends, and

I agreed to go along. We drove out there Friday after work, doing about 90 in Jonas’ new Ford Explorer. There was the two of us, plus three other guys Jonas knew.

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Corporate Raiders

By Jackson Amacher

Nate Says:

Their company bought ours, so some of us were going to be laid off. Everyone knew it. We also knew that Taylor, the hotshot who ran the sales department for the company that had just bought ours, was going to decide who. So, when Taylor asked me to join him and a few other guys on this “corporate retreat” to the river, I agreed. I needed this job, and if I had to kiss a bit of ass to keep it, I was ready to pucker up.

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