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Lucky Cup – Chapter 8

By GratDelay

male bondage fictionThis story is dedicated to Strappeddown, who inspired me to go back to work on it. And to Padlock86, who forced me to finish it.


I was exhausted, but I felt great as I drove home. I got a boner whenever I recalled the sound of Aaron’s voice when he begged me not to put his fucking ‘lucky’ cup on him.

Who’s lucky now? I thought.

I pictured Aaron back at school, rushing to his tablet to send the release command. After all, it was his cup and his software, right?

“Sorry buddy,” I said aloud. I had changed the encryption keys.

Next, I guessed he would rush back to his dorm to see if I had taken the box too. Of course I had. I bet the fucker didn’t put my gear away. He’ll be sorry…

Then he’d get down to serious freaking out about what I would do to his junk. All of the shit he’d pulled on me would be popping into his head. He’d have to do some serious waiting to see what would happen next.

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Lucky Cup – Chapter 7

By GratDelay

male bondage fictionThis story is dedicated to Strappeddown, who inspired me to go back to work on it. And to Padlock86, who forced me to finish it.


One of the features in my control app told me Aaron was still here. That was handy. I stuck him in place and did a quick scan of the locker room, the coaches’ office, the showers… I stopped along the way and grabbed a duffel from my locker, then I went to see Aaron.

“OK,” I said, “All the doors are shut, I turned off most of the lights, and I made sure everyone else has left. Will anyone walk in on us?”

He shook his head. “Not likely.”

“Good. You’ve been bogarting my suit long enough, so let’s wrap this up.”

I couldn’t figure out the expression on his face. I had expected more fear, I guess.

“I was kinda hoping you’d let me keep the suit,” he said.

“As if. And let you sneak up on me with it?”

“I thought about that. You could rig it so that it won’t work on you. Maybe you wear, I don’t know, a pendant that repels the suit, just like I couldn’t touch your phone.”

That stopped me for a minute. It was a good idea.

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Edge Device – Part 1

By Strappeddown

“I’ve never seen anything like it,” I commented, holding the strange device in my hand.

“It has extremely advanced electronics in it,” Jim told me. “I have tested it on myself for a few weeks and used it on other boys. It works exactly as advertised — very devious.”

“Does it have a remote control to deliver shocks?” I asked.

“Yes, it can do that — from my computer over there, but that isn’t what I mean. You’ll see if you want to give it a try.”

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Prepped for Transfer

By Strappeddown

When the sun rose bright through the glass block windows, I knew it was time to rest. Long ago I stopped fighting the men who would come to secure me. It was futile to resist them. There were always too many of them, and they were strong and knew all the ways to force me. It was easier after that, they didn’t ratchet the straps so tightly, and often I found myself secured on a mattress in warmth and comfort rather than spending the day shackled on the cold concrete.

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What to wear for watching football on New Year’s Day


I don’t know about you guys, but I am watching the Spartans in the Rose Bowl today! (Go Spartans!) In honor of the occasion, Metalbond reader and friend Strappeddown sent in these pictures of himself, which combine two of my favorite fetishes: football pants and padlocks:

MetalbondNYC_football_02 MetalbondNYC_football_03 MetalbondNYC_football_04 MetalbondNYC_football_05

You can see more kinky bondage and gear ideas at over at Strappedown’s tumblr page.

This is a good way to start off the new year! With things that LOCK! Fuck yes, let’s have more locking up in 2014! Send me your pictures, stories and ideas.