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The Drool Bucket – Part 2

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The Drool Bucket male bdsmi’m just the drool bucket for the Beast.

Staring up at Him, mouth forced open, drool overflowing from my bucket of a mouth. He’s growling now, animalistic grunting, straining, bearing it, enduring the suffering, seems to be thriving on the challenge, sweat from his brow flowing onto my face and the drool is never ending. The voices grow louder, our captors returning. i can’t see them but hear them approach, three sets of footsteps. They start to stroke the Beast, he shudders at their touch.

‘Hows it going big fella? Five hours, reckon you deserve a break’

i’m ignored, just his bucket after all, as they start to release him from the brutal hogtie, unclip his tits from the clamps connecting us. i can only imagining the pain as his limbs are released, the pain in his back finally relieved, stretching. They spit into his open mouth, slap him a couple times to make him focus. Still gagged, he grunts angrily, stares at them, defiant.

i notice for the first time that his cock is in chastity, must be agony. i can’t help wonder how long it has been locked like that, how much has he endured. My own pathetic cock still stands proud and purple, not locked but tied, just as helpless, unreachable.

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The Drool Bucket – Part 1

By submittor

The Drool Bucket male bdsmDrip…another lump of slime falls into my open mouth hole with an audible plop. i’ve no idea how long we’ve been tied like this. All i can do is stare up at the handsome beast above me. Tough looking, masculine, muscled, handsome. Drip…when i’d been dragged in i’d instantly got hard at the sight of him…naked…hogtied…gagged….sweating…struggling….drooling. He was dirty, a few bruises, looked like he’d been in a fight maybe. Wide leather straps secured him into the vicious hogtie, muscles straining. His grunts and groans the only thing breaking the silence. He looked angry, aggressive, scary….fuckin hot. A Beast.

Drip…Drip…But i didn’t have long to admire his manliness. Rough hands dragged me and threw me on the dirt in front of him, a few swift, brutal kicks got me into position, lying directly under him. Inches from this fuckin God….beneath…lower than him in all ways.

Drip…Drip…Drip…its fuckin gushing now! filling me, drowning me. Next they’d wrapped lengths of leather hide round my body….tight! Everything bound tight together…painfully tight so i couldn’t move an inch. My balls also wrapped in tight leather hide. My cock sticking up purple and horny…not allowed to cum in a month.

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