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Volunteers needed

Volunteers needed for male physical restraintHere at the Long Term Locking Metal Restraint Testing Facility, we’re looking for some able-bodied men to test out some of our heavier equipment. We have to make sure our restraints are 100% escape proof, and the only way we can be sure of that is to lock men in them for weeks on end. To volunteer for this important work, you must be in excellent physical health and you must be available for a minimum of 30 days. (Longer terms of 90 days or 365 days for test subjects are also available.) Participants must sign a release granting the facility sole discretion. That means once you are in — there is no early release.

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To apply, email self-pictures and a 200-word (minimum) essay via email on why you should be considered.


Severe, long-term lockdown

Let’s file this one under extreme bondage.

Imagine ASKING to be locked down like this for, say, whatever length of time might be determined by a roll of the dice. It would take a very brave, yet also sick and twisted man to want such a thing.


And it would also take a very skilled and sadistic captor or captors to keep the prisoner restrained like this, especially if the captive eventually starts to regret having used his big mouth to get himself into such a predicament.

I wonder what the prisoner would feel like after, say, 26 hours, with his hands locked behind his back the whole time, neck bolted to a ring in the floor.

Maybe I am making this all up. Maybe the prisoner was kept like this for just 15 minutes, just long enough to take the picture, and then released.

Then again, maybe not.


Metalbond pays a visit to Alcatraz


When I was in San Francisco back in September 2009, I visited Alcatraz with a friend, who photographed me (above). I really got a charge out of stepping into the very small cells that prisoners were confined in.  I learned a lot listening to the audio tour, narrated by former guards and inmates. They had a great gift shop (I bought $70 worth of souvenirs). I also enjoyed the view of San Francisco from the island itself. But my favorite part of the tour was the small block of about six isolation cells — where unruly prisoners were locked in for up to 19 days nonstop as punishment. When a park ranger offered to lock anyone who wanted to in for 30 seconds, I of course volunteered immediately. He slammed the door with a deafening bang, and when he did so it was absolutely 100 percent dark. I could definitely get into this. He said the men locked in here did not get beds, only blankets if they were lucky. Yep, that works for me! In fact, if it weren’t for the other tourists in there giggling I probably would have shot a load right in my jeans.

Below are more pictures from our visit:

02_therockDSC02475 03_cellblockDSC02520 04_cellDSC02512 05_showersDSC02491 06_laundryDSC02489 07_visitorboothDSC02503 08_visitorrulesDSC02504 09_guarditemsDSC02530 10_isolationcellDSC02513 11_MetalbondinisilationcellDSC02518 12_viewDSC02523 13_hotguyDSC02479 14_warningDSC02535 15_inmatesDSC02499


What happens in the cellblock

Prison Master Guy and thrown behind bars with cellmate Master Nick 01Ever secretly sniffed a man’s underwear and think you might get caught? That’s what’s happened to pervy sniffer peter at BrutalTops. He’s taken in by Prison Master Guy and thrown behind bars with cellmate Master Nick. The controlling aggressive tops use their new sub ordering him to worship Master Guy’s boots, sniff his hairy pits, lick his asshole and strip down his underwear using only his teeth. Thuggish big-dicked Master Nick corners the trembling sub in his cell punching him and making him service his hard cock. Master Guy uses his stick to penetrate the sub’s slutty hole while he sucks Master Nick till he fills him gob with gallons of hot spunk. These real tops are skilled in controlling and making men serve.

Prison Master Guy and thrown behind bars with cellmate Master Nick 02Prison Master Guy and thrown behind bars with cellmate Master Nick 03

Source: Brutal Tops

A prison toilet

Hey fuckers, listen up. This is important. If you are going to keep a prisoner for any length of time, you are going to need a toilet. That’s right, you need a real, functioning toilet that he can piss and shit into. Get him locked with access to a toilet, and you can keep him prisoner for days, weeks — even months! — provided you feed and water him, of course.

prison toiletprison toilet

Anyone who has a toilet like this installed in a cell or a basement is obviously quite serious about keeping a man prisoner. This is hardcore. This makes me hard.

Today’s pictures are from the men at Serious Male Bondage, who know a thing or two about real confinement.

But the INSPIRATION behind today’s posting is from Zerotaf — one of the very few men in the country with an identical toilet (plus something even more serious that Metal has used many times over the years while locked on a hard concrete floor ) .

Keep checking back here to Metalbond for more on keeping a prisoner.

male bondage videos

Behind the back handcuff champ

T.J. is a tough fucker who likes to be tested and pushed in serious, long-term physical restraint. He recently visited the infamous Mountain Correctional Facility, and Zerotaf reports that T.J.’s total time with his hands locked behind his back was 30 hours 15 minutes! That blows my own personal record out of the way, as well as that of ToughBondageBottom.

The pictures below commemorate J.T.’s incarceration and cuff session:

TJ Cuffed by ZerotafTJ cuffed byu ZerotafI spoke with both Zerotaf and T.J. by phone shortly after the lockup had concluded. Zerotaf was impressed with T.J.’s stamina, and T.J. sounded none the worse for wear. Personally, I have a feeling that ToughBondageBottom will want to attempt to beat this record.

IMPORTANT SAFETY NOTE: Guys, if you ever attempt something extreme like this, be sure to use the “darbies” style cuffs (shown below), and not regular police cuffs because the darbies won’t cut into your wrists.

hiatt darbies cuffs

This cell will hold you for a long time

Yes, this jail cell is for real. Get locked in here and you are not going anywhere, perhaps for a very log time.

I know this because I have personally spent many long weekends locked in this very cell. Really. Sometimes bolted to rings in the wall or floor. Sometimes left in total darkness. Once or twice with other prisoners, even. It was in this cell that I was once kept totally naked and locked in darbies-style handcuffs, behind my back, for 26 hours nonstop (which is a whole other story in and of itself).

The cell shown here is one of several owned and operated by Harold Cox, who was recently profiled by Serious Male Bondage. To find out more about Harold and his rather interesting tastes, click here.

To learn more about the Serious Male Bondage website, click here.