Bog – Part 2

By ty dehner

ty dehner bondage storiesThe drizzle has stopped as the bog is getting gray as the cloudy skies block most of the sunlight as the day is getting long. Missing his hard hat, Josh is leaning against a tree with dirty white rope tightly securing his body. The biologist is still unconscious, as his hands are also tied, laying in his lap, his hi-viz gear covered in dirt and mud.

With Josh’s head slumped on his chest, a dark mud-covered figure approaches the lifeless Josh. Stopping next to the bound man, Tyree lowers himself to come closer to the handsome man he has secured for himself. Tyree’s dirty gloved hand reaches across to stroke the face of the bound man. As the hand lightly strokes, some mud is left on the goatee of Josh.

Kneeling next to the captive, Josh is a large, well, creature. Though he is a man, he has outfitted himself in camouflage gear to be hard to spot in the bog. Standing six-foot-six, Tyree settled into the bog to hide from the world while hiding from his life and desire to be with a man.

Though the camo face paint, Tyree’s eyes look lovingly at the sleeping man, whom he has captured and dragged to this place in the bog. With not much to do in the bog, Tyree could spend all day stroking the beautiful face of this man that just happened to wander into his part of this massive wetlands.

After stroking the face of Josh for a while, Tyree looks about the empty woods, slowly leaning in and placing a gentle kiss on the lips of his bound captive. As Tyree sighs while tasting the sweet lips of Josh, his affection is broken when he hears the distant sound of a shout from Shane calling Josh.

Pulling back quickly, Tyree looks about the woods, knowing he must protect his handsome captive. Reaching into a pocket on his camo pants, Tyree wraps a well-worn bandanna across Josh’s eyes, making sure he can’t see anything when he wakes.

Standing, Tyree takes one last look at his great discovery, then he stomps off into the bog with his heavy boots, leaving divots where the water seeps into.


Though he doesn’t know it, Shane has wandered not far from where Josh is bound to a tree in the dripping rain. Turning around in place, Shane yells for his workmate, but there continues to be no response.

ty dehner booksDeciding that he has to keep moving forward, Shane moves away from the spot in the bog. As he makes his way between the trees, slogging through the swampy land, Shane hears a swoosh sound, feeling something brush his side as he sees a wooden stick land in the muck just before him. This stops Shane in his tracks, quickly looking around to see where the surprise attack came from. Leaning over, Shane takes hold of the stick, easily pulling the stick from the muck. As Shane lifts it to his view, he is shocked to see that the other end has been carved to a sharp point.

“Fuck,” Shane states as he again rapidly looks about the woods.

As Shane turns toward his front, another stick comes through the air from his back, striking the pack on his back, cutting a hole in it, and settling. Immediately turning around, Shane hears the stick strike the tree, yelling, “Who the fuck are you?”

Grabbing the stick from his bag, Shane yells, “Josh, where the fuck are you?!”

Deciding to find out where the stick weapons came from, Shane heads back in the direction he already has been. As he moves next to a large cypress tree, a thicker wood branch swings at his face, knocking Shane from his feet and into the muck.

Tyree jumps on Shane’s body, shoving Shane’s face deep into the soft earth as Shane struggles to get a hold of whoever is on him. Tyree starts to punch Shane in his sides, to knock the wind out of him. But that allows Shane to raise his head enough to get to check out what is near him as he spots the heavy branch that Tyree used to knock Shane to the ground.

While using his left hand to grab some part of Tyree’s clothing, Shane uses his right hand to grab hold of that stick. After a moment of reaching and grabbing more muck than the stick he wanted, Shane finally gets a good grip on it. With all his effort, he swings up; a large thud is heard as Shane makes a direct hit, causing Tyree to fall to the ground, stars spinning around his head.

Winded and in pain, Shane manages to get to his feet and starts running away from the creature on the ground. As Shane gains distance, he is frantic, not paying total attention to where he is running, falling into a deep pond, the water covering his head for a brief moment before he can climb out.

Settling in a dry area protected by the growth of reeds, Shane sits up, catching his breath. As he does, he pulls out his cellphone. Lifting it, Shane looks to see if there is any signal. He is anxious as he sees one, then two bars pop up. There is the beep that allows him to know he has a signal. Just then, Tyree leaps out of the reeds, crashing into Shane; the active cellphone flies out of Shane’s gloved hand, striking a tree, then falling into the deep part of the pond that Shane just climbed out of.

The two struggle and fight, rolling in the mud and muck. Shane’s head is held underwater as Shane fights the strength of Tyree. Shane gets a burst of strength, able to gasp for air before his head is pushed back into the soupy water.

The fightback from Shane slows, and soon, his arms fall as his body no longer moves, his face still in the water. Realizing that he has conquered this man, Tyree rolls Shane onto his back, his lifeless arms flail as they slap to the dry ground.

Reaching behind him, Tyree brings out the well-used roll of duct tape, wrapping it around Shane’s wrists that he has brought together. Another piece of tape is slapped across Shane’s lips.

Standing, Tyree checks out this man of his conquest. Slowly, Tyree wipes his muddy boot across Shane’s face and taped lips. This brings an evil grin to the former basketball center.

As Tyree enjoys his score, he doesn’t notice the Shane is back in the land of awareness. Seeing this towering giant standing over him, Shane notes the direct target, immediately kicking Tyree between the legs, smashing his balls.

Tyree falls to the ground like a logger falls a tree while grabbing his crotch in pain. Using a trick he learned from a fellow kinky dude, Shane breaks the tape around his wrists, getting to his feet as fast as his aching body allows.

As Shane backs up, he trips over a large branch from the cypress tree. Beginning to wonder if this monster might know where Josh is, Shane picks up the branch, yelling at the creature, “Where is my partner?!”

While Shane holds the branch, ready to strike, Tyree just growls, Shane seeing Tyree’s white teeth cutting through all the muck and camo paint that coats Tyree’s face and head.

Not wanting to wait around for the asshole to answer, Shane swings and gets a good hit into Tyree’s side and arm. Falling to the ground, Tyree is motionless, Shane is a bit premature in celebrating the takedown of this creature. As Shane is smiling, Tyree stands, lunging at Shane. Shane sees the large man coming at him and wildly swings the branch. Landing some good hits as the man ceases his lunge and struggles to protect himself from the wild assault by Shane.


Across the bog, Josh wakes with his head pounding, unaware of where he is. Gaining his senses, he struggles in the bondage that holds him to the tree. Josh can’t see, so he starts moaning into the gag, wanting to free himself. For a moment, he stops, wondering if Shane might have taken their bondage game further.

ty dehner bookAllowing himself to take in the feeling of the tight ropes around his body, Josh feels his cock hardening in his work pants. The blindfold adds an element of suspense to this captivity. With his dick rubbing against his Carhartt pants, Josh struggles to help with the feeling of being excited, wanting to taste those lips of Shane’s again. Josh never realize how sexy bondage was, and now here, in a damp, cold bog, he is trying to shoot his load. Even though he is gagged, Josh smiles at his predicament and what Shane might be up to next.


Shane and Tyree have been in a fight to gain control of each other’s situation. And now Tyree is the weaker of the men, and Shane is about to place the final strike to end this all. As Tyree fights to remain upright, Shane swings the heavy thick branch making a direct hit upon the side of Tyree’s head. This strike is so strong that Tyree flies off his feet, landing on his back with part of his body lying in the rippling water of the pond.

Shane looks closely for any sign of life, as he truly doesn’t want to kill anyone but allow him time to escape. Cautiously stepping forward with his rubber boots soaking into the muck, Shane leans down and spots Tyree’s lungs moving up and down. With that, Shane uprights himself, looking around, not sure how to proceed.

Just then, Tyree lifts his head, his right hand reaching for his throbbing brain. This startles Shane, lifting the branch, prepared to strike the beast again.

Surprisingly, Tyree rolls on his stomach and claws his way deep into the water, lowering below the surface and disappearing. Shane watches this weird turn of events, awaiting something to happen, even to see air bubbles appear from under the surface, but there is nothing.

All this is even stranger than he could believe as Shane drops the branch, looking around. No one will ever believe his story, as Shane starts to feel the punishment his body has been through. As the pain runs through his muscles, the bog is quiet, not even the sound of the wildlife that makes the bog home. While still, some daylight remains, the colors in the bog are grayer, adding to the stillness.

Now covered in mud, Shane makes his way back to where he dropped the gear, hoping to discover some sign of Josh, who has escaped his mind during the struggle.

Though he is a bit lost, Shane feels like he will find his partner. That is when he hears a faint moaning. Stopping in his tracks, Shane listens as the silence of the bog remains; as he is about to move forward, there is that moaning again.

“Josh?! Where are you?” yells Shane, his voice traveling in all directions.

At the tree where Josh is bound, his moaning drowns out the faint call from his workmate. Josh is still struggling to make himself shoot his load, believing that all this bondage is of Shane’s work.

As the breeze moves about the bog, another moan from Josh wanders through the trees, reaching Shane. Providing some hope that has been lacking in Shane, he starts marching forward, remaining silent as he allows the winds to carry the sounds that he knows much be Josh.

After a long trek through the soft, watery surface, twisting around areas of trees and thicket, Shane can hear the moaning getting louder. Stopping once again to gain his direction, his eyes darting to the various areas in the bog, Shane spots his work partner far before him, leaning against a tree, struggling.

A smile builds on the dirty face of Shane as his heart stops a beat, having discovered his workmate safely. Quickly, Shane stomps through the bog. As he gets closer, he sees that Josh is bound with rope to the tree, and strangely, Josh is humping; Shane isn’t sure what must be going through his partner’s mind.

Crossing a shallow pond next to where Josh is bound, Shane arrives to find his workmate, moaning and humping. It dawns on him that Josh is having a good time in the bondage. Pausing for a moment, Shane notes that he must remember this discovery for future times when they are together.

With his struggle to shoot his load becoming his total focus, Josh doesn’t hear the approach of Shane, the footsteps covered by the increasing moaning as Josh feels that he is near ecstasy. Feeling the tightness of his gear against his body, the sweat building with his struggle, unable to see, Josh loves being helpless, even in this bog. Not believing that Shane had wanted to go this far with him all this time, Josh knows that he needs to continue any relationship with his workmate. With his dick hard as steel, Josh is near to the point of explosion.

“Josh!” Shane’s familiar voice breaks Josh’s concentration.

There is a loud moan from Josh as he realizes he has been discovered for a fucking bondage, sex pig that was buried deep inside him. Freezing, Josh doesn’t say a thing, keeping still in his bondage.

While Shane is glad to have found his workmate, he is humored by the discovery that Josh is into the bondage so much. Josh can hear the gentle chuckle of the amusement of Shane as Shane kneels, reaches for and removing the blindfold. Once again, their eyes meet, and they kiss; Shane, relieved to find his partner safe.

“Are you OK?” asks Shane.

Josh nods, embarrassed, then is confused by the inquiry. “I can’t believe you did this to me.”

Now Shane is confused. “Ah, you think I did this?”

Josh laughs, “You can admit it, you wanted to do more bondage with me. I’m cool, and I was getting into it.”

Shane realizes that Josh has no idea about the beast kidnapping him. But Shane now understands that his partner is into kink. “Yes, I could see that you were getting into being bound out here.”

“I just didn’t know you were so kinky, dude. I’m good with it, but I’m getting cold. Can we get out of here?” Josh looks up at his workmate, having lost the mood and his horniness.

Shane smiles, enjoying the sight of the helpless Josh. Leaning down, Shane kisses those sweet lips again while taking his sopping wet glove and kneading Josh’s crotch. The sensation that Shane creates for Josh makes Josh moan into the kiss as Shane inserts his tongue, creating a more electric connection.

With his eyes closed, Josh feels the bondage, the growth of his hard cock and the taste of his fellow biologist. Josh even struggles a bit with the bondage to intensify the situation.

Nearing his climax, Josh opens his eyes to see Tyree standing behind Shane, raising his arms. Now Josh struggles, wanting to warn his partner of the impending attack, yelling into the biologist’s lips. But Shane just thinks it is Josh getting into the submission.

Shane is dragged away by the creature in a flash, but not before Josh is hit hard in the face, causing him to blackout.


Opening his eyes, Shane’s vision is a blur as he begins to make out the trees that are high above him. Closing his eyes, then clearing his vision, he feels an ache in his brain as he goes to reach up to feel his head. But his hands don’t move, so Shane lifts his head to find that they are bound with rope, and there is a weight on this chest. Just then, he sees a shovel full of muck dropped upon him. Wanting to yell out, Shane is unable to speak as he is gagged.

Another load of muck is dropped from the shovel; this time, Shane can see the tall creature slowly burying this biologist into the bog. Over at the tree, Josh awakens from the solid hit from Tyree, also gaining the focus of his sight. Looking around, he sees a short distance away the tall monster using a shover to bury something deep in the ground.

Shovel and shovel full, the muck and dirt build until there is just a small space for Shane to see the final pile drop, totally covering him. The weight of the earth stops him from struggling as he screams into his gag, the heavy, moist dirt silencing him from the world above.

Using the shovel to level the earthly grave of Shane, Tyree pats the ground solid, bowing his head briefly. Dropping the shovel, Tyree turns to his bound captive as Josh just watches the lanky dirt-covered man approach, Josh mumbling in his gag.

Tyree kneels next to Josh, stroking his face with his dirty fingers, “Don’t be scared, I won’t hurt you.”

Dropping to one knee, Tyree looks deeply into the scared eyes of Josh, still caressing his skin with the wet mud on his hands. The mud streaks down Josh’s cheek as Josh looking into the dark brown eyes of this massive monster, someone that seems to live in the bog.

As Josh calms a bit, slightly believing that he is in no danger, he tries to understand what is going on with this man. Caressing the face of this handsome man in the hi-viz gear, Tyree leans in; Josh can feel his warm breath on his face. Lifting his hand, Tyree lowers the bandanna gag to expose the beautiful lips of this stranger. Since Josh can’t stop it, Tyree places his slightly dirty lips on the soft clean lips of the biologist.

Josh tries to move his head away, but Tyree’s dirty hand keeps a tight grip on Josh’s chin. Surprisingly, Josh feels a gentle, loving kiss from this tall, muddy creature. Opening his eyes briefly, Josh can’t believe this monster kisses so damn well!

Closing his eyes, Josh tries to remember kissing Shane as he doesn’t want to enjoy the kiss from the creature that has him bound to the tree. The kiss lasts a moment more, then Tyree moves his head back slightly as they both open their eyes and feel the growing passion between them.

Lightly rubbing the face of Josh, Tyree speaks for the first time, “I saw you two kissing, but he can never please you as I will.” The voice that comes from behind the caked-on mud is deep and authoritative yet has elements of tenderness.

Taken aback by this man’s first words, Josh realizes that Tyree watched as he and Shane were taking their first emotional dive into a passion. “I don’t understand. You were watching us?”

Tyree doesn’t respond as he works his hand around Josh’s chest, feeling his tits through his jacket and shirt. Tyree works Josh’s jacket open with a loving pace, then unbuttons the flannel shirt Josh wears to expose his chest. Tyree scoops up some of the moist muck with his other hand, sliding it between the jacket and shirt and placing it on Josh’s tits while squeezing them. With one hand tweaking the biologist’s nips, Tyree lowers his lips quickly upon Josh’s lips to silence him while he moans in pain. A pain that is making Josh’s dick rock hard. He takes the dirt and mud and rubs it on Josh’s body, then kisses him again.

Fuck, Josh swears in his mind as the mud-covered creature, man, fucking knows how to pleasure a man. Tyree ends the kiss, still twisting the tit of Josh under the mud. Through his light pain, Josh asks, “You live out here?”

Entranced by Josh’s chest, Tyree answers in a sedate tone, “I am one with the bog. It is freedom here, no one to judge.”

Hissing a bit from a tight pinch, Josh responds, “Judge?”

“I am me here, no one to judge me. Now you can join me,” states Tyree, still focused on Josh’s chest.

“What is your name?” inquires Josh.

“Tyree,” Tyree responds, not focused on what he is saying.

As Josh squirms from the pain and pleasure that Tyree is giving him in this fucking bog, Josh feels the need to learn more. Josh can’t believe he will ask, but he does, “Tyree, kiss me.”

Tyree stops, moving his focus to Josh’s eyes. “Really?”

Quietly Josh affirms as he nods his head, “Really, Tyree.”

Leaning in, Tyree places his lips on Josh’s again, this time pushing his tongue deep inside as Josh tastes the grit and dirt that comes from the coating on Tyree’s face. But somehow, that grit is doing something to Josh; he isn’t as revolted by it as he was initially. Josh only wishes he could take hold of this dirty but sexy man showing him so much passion, but his hands are bound.

Tyree ends their embrace, looking back into Josh’s green eyes. Now Josh wants to know more about this figure, “Tyree, who are you? Why are you here?”

Tyree falls back on his ass, deciding that he is growing emotionally for his captive and willing to share his story. Reaching over to caress those sensitive nips, Tyree starts quietly about his story, feeling safe and along with his new man.

“I was once the star center for the Tampa Bay Gators; I had everything in the world. But I had a secret, it was always with me, but I made my career, climbing to the top. One of my joys was riding high-performance street motorcycles. Of course, with the money I made, I had a garage full.” At his point, Tyree pauses, tightly squeezing Josh’s pec, causing him to hiss through his teeth. This brings a smile to Tyree as he continues.

“One day, while riding on a twisty road in Florida, I missed a turn, my bike and me went down, and I ended up fucking up my knee. That ended my season and my life in basketball. I went through rehabilitation, but now that I didn’t have the fans in my life, my loneliness increased for what I wanted most, I couldn’t have.”

At this point, Tyree looks up at Josh, directly into his eyes, then away, feeling ashamed of what he is sharing. Josh senses this shyness, “Come on, Tyree. I’m still here; you need to tell me why you’re here. What is it that you wanted most?”

Tyree looks at the bound guy wearing bright green gear, tied to a tree, as the drizzle begins again. “I grew up around here, enjoyed the solitary when I was younger. I could be who I was, and no one judged me.”

Pausing again, Tyree finally decides to say the words he has never said to anyone, “I am here because I’m gay, and no one wants to be with me.”

Josh isn’t surprised as he could feel that that was the direction this conversation was headed. Tyree denied himself who he was. Thus he denied his life.

As it sinks in as to what Tyree has just admitted, “I could never be like you and your friend; you have so much freedom.” Tyree strokes Josh’s face as he looks with envy into Josh’s eyes.

Josh smiles, knowing that Tyree doesn’t understand that he too is new to all this affection, having kept his desire from his workmate for many years.

“That is why I took you; I deserve you, and you will like it here.” Tyree moves his hand away, crossing them on his knees as he sits in the bog. “Are you mad at me?”

Now that Josh has learned and experienced what he has from this creature in the muck, his mind is twisted with emotion, feeling sad for the loneliness this former basketball star has experienced. Yet here Josh sits in bondage, his head pounding a bit from being treated roughly, but his cock is rock hard from the passionate kiss and the treatment of his tits from this talented bog creature. “No, but you know this isn’t right.”

Tyree lowers his head, ashamed of what he has done. Then he thinks about being alone and doesn’t want to return to the quiet of the bog all by himself. Standing, Tyree states, “Fuck it; I got you, you are staying.”

Resolute in what he wants, Tyree stands, working the ropes that wrap around the tree to release Josh. Before he picks up his captive, Tyree returns the gag, then lifts the biologist. Josh is surprised by the strength of this bog man but knows he is going where ever he is taken.

Turning, Tyree makes his way from where Josh has been for the last couple of hours, going into the dark wooded area of the bog. Not paying attention to where he steps, Tyree moves to where he had buried Shane. While stepping on the fresh earth, Shane’s gloved hand reaches up from beneath the muck, grabbing tightly upon Tyree’s grimy pants at his ankle.

This stuns Tyree as he stops immediately, trying to shake the grip of the man he had buried. With his stance swaying, Josh is unsure of what is happening as he begins to feel unsure of Tyree keeping his balance.

As Tyree tries to move ahead, Shane uses the momentum of Tyree to lift his body from the shallow grave as his muck-covered head appears. Josh sees this body coming out of the ground, his eyes opening widely, “Holy fuck!”

It takes a moment as Josh realizes the body in the muck is Shane. To help his workmate, Josh starts wiggling to through Tyree off balance. As Shane’s overhand breaks through the earth, it grabs Tyree’s other hand. The struggle between his booted feet being held and the squirming Josh brings Tyree falling to the wet muck with a heavy thud. Of course, Josh falls with him, causing him to roll away while his arms are still secured, knocking the wind out of Josh.

As Josh battles to gain an upright position, he turns to see Shane break free and rise out of the bog-like, some wicked spirit. Quickly, Shane grabs a thick branch, taking a swing and knocking out Tyree. Using this moment to their advantage, Shane makes his way to his partner, smiling through the mud on his face. Josh looks up, glad to see Shane, looking his mud-covered body up and down.

Shane leans in and kisses the gag that covers Josh’s lips. “Sorry about the muddy lips,” notes Shane. Reaching forward, Shane’s mucky gloved hand pulls down the bandanna gag, as Josh responds, “I’m getting used to dirty kissing!” Josh grins.

“Now, how about releasing me!” Josh looks at Shane.

Shane nods and works the rest of the rope away so that his partner is free. As Josh stands, they both look at the sedate giant of the bog. Then they quickly flee the scene.

The two biologists work their way through the bog as it is getting dark, the sun is setting, as the clouds thickening with the drizzle turning to rain. Darting between trees, the couple grabs hands to make sure they are separated again. They hope they are heading in the correct direction to their company equipment but no longer have any technology to guide them.

Reaching an opening, there is the small pond before them; Josh recognizes the spot across the pond with the fallen log where the two of them kissed the first time. “We’re headed in the right direction,” Josh says to Shane.

“How do you know?”

“This is where we first kissed,” Josh notes with a satisfied smile on his face.

Looking up, Shane sees the log then thinks back to that moment only a few hours ago. “Oh, yea.”

Moving closer, Shane once again kisses the sweet lips of Josh, who wraps his arms around his fellow biologist. As he stands with each other in their arms, the quiet of the bog is broken with a moan echoing through the trees. Shane releases the kiss, looking toward where the two just came from.

“He’s coming for us,” Shane states with concern.

Josh looks, then turns and stares deeply into Shane’s eyes. “We’re going to get the fuck out of here.”

Shane nods as they release their embrace and start moving forward, holding their gloved hands to keep their bond.

It doesn’t take long for Tyree to catch up to the couple, as his stride is very wide, being as tall as he is. The chase moves through the bog, the trees, through wet spots as the couple moves to the safety of their vehicle.

As Tyree is within reach of Shane, who is in the rear, holding on to Josh’s hand, Tyree lunches forward but misses grabbing Shane. Tripping and falling, Tyree crashes to the soft bog fill, sliding and coming to a stop near a large ash tree.

Josh stops, followed by Shane as they hear Tyree’s crash in the bog. Turning, they see him lying face down on the muck, stunned. The couple cautiously makes their way to Tyree. Keeping their distance, they watch as Tyree moves his hands to lift his body off the ground. As he does, he releases a blood-curdling scream of intense pain! This startles the couple as Shane grips ahold of Josh’s arm with his other hand.

Rolling onto his side, Tyree has been impaled by a sharp branch as it protrudes from his lower chest. Looking down, Tyree reaches up to find the impaling, his hands becoming covered with blood. Studded and fearful, Tyree looks up at the couple.

Josh and Shane can’t believe what they are seeing. Josh looks closely to see that Tyree is stabbed and bleeding. Having connected with this bog beast, Josh doesn’t want to see Tyree hurt like this. “We have to do something!” exclaims Josh.

Turning to Josh with surprise, Shane can’t understand why Josh would want to help this giant. “What the hell? After what he put us through?!”

Josh looks around and sees that they have run around the pond and are a short distance from the log where they had their lunch. “Help me move him!” demands Josh as he moves to Tyree.

Shane thinks this is crazy as he follows Josh to Tyree. They reach the giant, Josh leaning down. “We’re going to take you over to that log; then, you can rest until we get help.”

Josh’s help humbles Tyree, “Why would you?”

Josh smiles, then orders Shane to help him move Tyree when making sure he isn’t hurt any further. They can drag the bog beast to the clearing with the fallen log, a dry spot, well, if the rain wasn’t falling. Leaning him against the log, they rest as Tyree thanks them. “I’m sorry for what I’ve done. I saw you two and have dreamed of such a thing in my life. I’ve let my animal come out and control me.”

Shane crosses his arm, pissed at what he has been through. Josh kneels, “Well, we’ll get you to the hospital and perhaps after you’re well, you can refocus your life and find that man that will bring you magic. Just like I did.” Josh looks up at Shane, who calms his anger a bit.

Taking his phone out of his pocket, Josh gets a signal and can reach emergency services to get help. Standing, Josh moves to Shane, taking hold of his man by his waist. They kiss again; Shane parts, “You like dirty kisses, huh?”

Josh blushes a bit, “You certainly know how to show a man a good time!”

They release as Josh turns his attention to Tyree, but he steps into a soft area of the bog, losing his balance. As his arms flail about, Shane grabs his partner’s arm.

As Josh settles, he has been pulled out of the deep stream where Shane first grabbed his fellow biologist. They are both clean in their hi-viz green gear, the daylight is brighter, and there is only a drizzle. As they release their grip and Josh is on secure land, they both pause for a moment, feeling a bit of déjà vu.

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