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Iowa Cowboy – Part 03

By Atlanta Stud

The drive back to the dorm wasn’t but fifteen minutes, and we scored a parking spot close to our dorm room’s entrance. I scooted up a bit in my seat so that Dave could access the cuffs to take them off and he just said, “hang on a sec and I’ll get the door for you.” With that he came around and opened the passenger door and said, “You know those cuffs are staying on until we get to the room, don’t even think of asking me to take them off.”

OK, so I had been getting into our rope play and boot and sock control for a couple months now, but wearing cuffs through the dorm hall back to our room was definitely taking it to a whole new level in my book. I was going to be seen by several of the guys on our floor, just no way of getting around that, and how the heck does one explain this?

I actually got pretty lucky that nobody was walking down the hallway, that is, until we were about four doors away from our room and we come across Brody, who lives two doors down from us.

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Wearing leg cuffs to watch the game

A friend I was chatting with yesterday sent me this self bondage sefie of himself, after he had locked on a set of metal ankle cuffs.

ankle cuffs


In my view, wearing ankle cuffs — or anything lockable, really — is a great idea for IMing on Recon, reading the stories in the Metalbond Prison Library, or even watching the Super Bowl!

Look and learn, men! Be more like the guy pictured above!

Cutieboy90 wears Clejuso Model 8 legcuffs

Check out these pictures from our friend Cutieboy90:

Clejuso Model 8 legcuffs


Cutieboy90 writes:

“These are with the oh-so-lovely Clejuso Model 8 legcuffs. I had gotten these cuffs some time before, and on this day I decided to break them (and myself) in properly. So I wore them during the day around my apartment while I did dishes, laundry and other housekeeping chores. They were a bit hobbling, but I got used it after a while and the second day was a little easier than the first.”

Thanks for the pictures, and information, Cutieboy90! And always remember, another thing you and others can do, is read stories in the Prison Library while leg cuffed or otherwise locked up!

self bondage in legcuffs


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