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The cops want in

Alex Mecum cop uniform

Lev’s neighbors report him to the cops — saying that he is violating building noise levels and is throwing a party. But when two cops show up and start looking around, they find him alone. Officer Louis recognizes Lev’s mouth from his XXX online videos — and decides to put it to good use. Cohering to the motto “To Protect and Serve,” Officer Mecum joins Officer Leo in on the fun and they both serve Lev with a big penalty!

gay porn cops handcuffs


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Site: Masqulin.com

Title of this video: The Cops Want In, Part 1

Models in this video: Alex Mecum, Leo Louis, Lev Ivanko

lite bondage male gay porn

Barefoot in leg irons and chastity

Meet Nathan, aka @bft4evr, who describes himself as a gay kinky switch into chastity, bondage, shackles, forced barefooting, bastinado/falaka, sole roasting, tickling, and generally any safe foot torture:

gay kinky switch into chastity and bondage


You can find this guy on Recon and FetLife as BFT4evr

And on Twitter as @bft4evr

Speaking of Twitter, he has TWO recent threads including videos of his adventures. To see, click here and here.

Outstanding Warrant

By putsjess

I woke up early on a Thursday morning in July. It was going to be a hot day, temps getting into the mid 90s. I was going to drive over to my boyfriend’s apartment and hang out for a bit before heading to a BBQ and possibly to the clubs. Now let me say, I wear Levi’s everyday. I was a little worried about the abnormally warm day, but my legs are like chicken legs and so keeping them covered is important to me. Plus I love having denim hug my legs and my bubble ass.

So I decide to pull out my favorite tight Levi’s 501 light wash button fly jeans, my white “wife beater” undershirt, my calf high white socks with the red Levi’s logo on them, my white chuck Taylor converse, white canvas belt with the red Levi’s logo all around and a seat belt style buckle, and a light blue shirt snap down shirt. As you can tell, I love Levi’s!

I slip on my wife beater, then pulled on my Levis (no underwear), and then I pulled on my socks. I also put on my snap down shirt. I tuck in my shirt, and then button up the fly of my tight Levis. I slip on my belt and buckle it tight. I then put on my white converse high tops. I like to roll up my Levis to highlight my shoes and socks. So I roll up my Levis to show my shoes and the socks Levis logo actually is right above the height of my converse so I roll up my Levi’s above that logo. I do a look in the mirror and notice my tight bulge and ass and give a thumbs up!

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Here I am chained up to work on the Metalbond site

Last night Nitro had me put on a prisoner jumpsuit and then lock myself up in leg irons, wrist manacles and a chain and padlock around my neck, which I wore for three hours as I worked on the Metalbond site:

Metalbon in chains


Thanks, Nitro, for instigating this!

You can read Nitro’s many stories in the Prison Library by clicking here.

Also be sure to check out Nitro’s impressive Just For Fans page, where he has lots of hot male BDSM action and where he also reads his bondage stories aloud!

Island Paradise – Part 1: Chapter 13

By Joshua Ryan

Chapter 13: But You Don’t Have to Pay Any Rent

I edged inside and he slammed the door.  “Well,” he said, looking down at me from the height of six feet three. “I seen you before, boy.  Guess you here cuz you got some more questions bout thee Program, right?  Guess thee best answers gonna come from what thee Major calls experience.  Doan you agree, boy?”

A chorus of laughs told me that the room, once empty except for the boss, was now filled with slappies.  The same slappies I’d been watching two days before were sitting in the Scrum or leaning on their bunks, and they were all watching me.

“He doan know boss!” one of them shouted.

“Teach em boss!”

“Give em some sperience boss!”

“At least ten inches boss!”

“Shut thee fuck up,” the boss said, pleasantly.  He was still looking down at me.

“Now you livin thee slappie life, boy.  You know that?”

“Yes . . . I mean yes boss.”

“Awright.  Time to get you gear.”

He unlocked a closet, pulled out some large bulky brown objects, and dropped them on the floor.  “That you blanket,” he said.  “An that you mattress.  Pick em up.”

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