Bro to Ho – Part 1

By Cutieboy90

Cutieboy90 gay bondage storiesShawn was your typical all-American dumb frat boy. Muscular body, cute face, ripped jeans, and Abercrombie T shirts. He partied, drank, played around, and took everyone and everything around him for granted. Now, one would think that a guy who had flunked out of college twice already, and chose to try again a third time would have learned something from his mistakes, or at least cared on some subconscious level about his future.

Not Shawn. The first week of classes he acted like every other high school jock ready to get up to no good with their new adult life. He was rarely on time for classes, never studied, barely participated, except in anything athletic. We were both on the swim team, and though he could almost keep pace with me, he was never seriously considered for competition due to his lack of effort. Every night, he’d stumble into the dorm, drunk off his ass, shuffle around for a while, before passing out anywhere but on his cot. As a serious student with early morning lab classes, this was not an acceptable situation.

But I knew his kind, sitting down for a conversation mediated by the RA was not going to be any help. Logic and reason are lost on these guys. I would find another way.

It was around Halloween, midterms were over, and there was a long weekend. This meant Shawn would be trashed all weekend. Sure enough, I came back to the room on Friday night to find the dumb brute sprawled on the floor mumbling incoherent nonsense. He was drunkenly trying to find his cap, which was on his head. I rolled my eyes, but reminded myself that the poor idiot really couldn’t help it.

“Hey buddy,” I said gently but clearly. “Let’s get you to bed, you look tired.” He nodded stupidly.

“Yea-h man… I. Gawduh git a.. Class to-marghh.. N’ ma can’t feel mah hands. Am ah… Dying?” Shawn slurred heavily as I helped him sit up. I took the sock off his hand.

“No buddy, you’re just drunk again. Here, let me help you to the couch. It’s right here..”

“Haw d’ yoo do all duh shit ya do here, man? I think you think too mmmk, AAaaannn don’ do fun. Ya like old teach-errr z’n read all deeey. Wharz my hat!!” I managed to drag him to the couch. His boxers were slipping down off his butt, I stole a few peeks when I got the chance. He was hot, even if he was a mess.

“I have something called self-discipline. Control, and motivation. I also don’t drink and screw around. But don’t you worry about that now. You just close your eyes, and in the morning you’ll do whatever it is you do with-” He suddenly puked over the side of the couch. I’d put vinyl sheets under and over all the furniture and my own belongings, but my shoes weren’t so lucky. I bit my lip as he sputtered and coughed.

“DUDE… Ay need my hat-ch! I.. I Awwllweees got tha..”

Annoyed, I took the hat off his head, and then firmly put it back on. “There’s your hat, Shawn. Now relax, and rest.”

He’d already passed out by the time I finished my sentence. Poor guy.. I took off his boxers, and eyed his junk. He had a nice tool, even flaccid had impressive heft which made his average-sized nuts look almost underwhelming. Of course, this was not the first time I’d seen Shawn’s manhood. We changed in the same locker room, and he wasn’t shy about his body. He was a tease, a flirt too. Sadly, it all seemed to be wasted, because he was too drunk and stupid to get any action.

“Well roomie, ‘bro,’ I’m going to help you get your shit together. You’ll hate it at first, but someday you will thank me.” I said to the air.

I unlocked a drawer under my desk, and got out the tool that would help my poor buddy the most: his new chastity cage. I’d taken note of his measurements (he did always brag about his junk) and I’d drawn a custom device up in CAD, and had it made by a friend in the machining program. I didn’t spend a fortune, and my friend got extra credit by making it out of solid titanium. Even the integrated locking mechanism was titanium and stainless steel. This cage was indestructible. And special, just for Shawn. I shoved his balls through the ring, and secured the cage over his length. It was a skin-tight fit. Perfect. I locked the device, and pulled his boxers back up. I locked the key in my safe, and spent about 30 minutes cleaning puke off my shoes before going to bed.

“Ok, what the fuck is your plan here?” My swim team captain and member of Shawn’s frat, Billy, had asked to see me on Sunday afternoon via text. We now sat at a picnic table in the quad, with several other members of the frat.

“An intervention,” I replied calmly, holding my pumpkin spice latte in my hands. “This is simply the only way that will have a lasting effect.”

“You can’t just lock a guy’s junk up, man!” One of the other guys, a cute sandy-blond haired stud said.

“Shut up and listen, you guys,” Billy ordered. “Extreme as this may be, I want to hear this through.” He turned back to me. “So explain.”

I took a sip of my drink. “Shawn needs motivation. You guys know what a mess he is, that’s why you don’t him stay with you guys. He’s failing most of his classes, and no one’s even trying to help him anymore. So, I’ve locked his manly pride away. He can work and earn his redemption, and if he doesn’t, well he doesn’t get to cum.”

“So what do you want us to do?” Billy asked.

“Teach him to behave. Watch him, hold him accountable. Is he getting to classes on time? Is he setting a good example of the school, the frat, of himself? I mean, you guys drink and party, but you all have near-perfect grades, distinguished alums, and reputations to uphold. Shawn? He drinks, parties, and that’s it.”

“So how long does he have to stay locked up? It could take months, years even to turn him around.”

“Indeed it could. I’ve got the only key to get that cage off, and I have three years left here. As a member of your fine house, he’ll have your brotherhood for life. And there’s always a place for a bitch in the house.”

The guys jumped up in shock. I nonchalantly took another sip of my latte while Billy calmed them all back down. I continued as soon as they’d all sat back down.

“Yes, I do know about that tradition. You guys should be thanking me, because I just made your selection very easy. There’s always a house bitch. Always. And now, you don’t have waste the time and effort every year to find a new one. He needs purpose, he needs his brothers. This seems to be a win-win.”

“And who the hell are you, again? Why are we listening to a word you say?” The cute blond from earlier asked amid the stunned silence. His sinewy arms were crossed, and his deep grey eyes were like lasers of ice. Billy kicked him under the table.

“Because this would save your ass from being considered for the bitch service, Gabe. And show some respect. This is Ari’s brother!”

The guys at the table suddenly hushed. They all straightened up, and seemed to consider what they’d heard. Gabe let his arms fall to his sides, and he appeared lost for words. There was silence for a moment, as the guys nodded to each other.

“Well Robert, it would be an honor to help you rehabilitate Shawn, you may count on our full cooperation with this project.” Billy stood and shook my hand with a warm smile. I gave him a hug in return. We collectively turned our attention to a bench a few feet away, on which a miserable-looking Shawn lay hogtied, gagged, and cocooned in duct tape. He’d heard everything, and pleaded with an aloof, terrified, and exhausted look in his eyes.

A month later, there was a break for Thanksgiving. Shawn would return to our room for the week, as everyone else was going home. It was the first time we’d shared the room since he’d become the frat house bitch. He’d struggled at first, adjusting to real college life, going to classes on time, etc. He was also getting used to being constantly used like a slut. He had managed to have a few prostate orgasms, but otherwise hadn’t had any satisfying sexual release. He joined the campus AA program too, and the closest alcohol he got was the recycled type.

He was doing some squats and calf raises while I finished some papers. He was naked, his hands cuffed behind his back, a thick leather collar bearing the frat’s crest, and a leather bit stuffed in his mouth. I’d already had him run for thirty minutes on the treadmill, and he was grunting and panting heavily now. His body was glistening with sweat, and he was drooling down his chin.

I wrapped up my work for the day, and sat on the couch and continued to watch Shawn struggle with the workout. He’d been working out a lot harder, both to distract himself from his horniness, and because his frat bros were pushing him hard to improve his physique. I noticed his muscles were more pronounced, he had larger biceps, and his glutes were massive. He panted as he looked over at me. He struggled through an additional 50 squats, before I patted my knee to indicate he could join me. He knelt at my feet, clearly nervous, and trying very hard not to drool too much.

“So I’ve got you for the next week,” I informed him. “Billy has kept me updated with your progress, and so far you’re doing as well as could be expected of you. I can see you’ve been working hard, and I know this hasn’t been easy for you. I think you’ve earned a little break. Don’t get too comfortable though, you don’t really get to relax this week.” I petted his head and shoulder.

I took the bit from his mouth, and massaged his jaw. “You may speak if you wish to.”

Shawn looked surprised. “I… May I, Sir?” He stammered.

“Yes you may. Please don’t call me ‘Sir,’ I control you, yes, and you may be the frat bitch, but you’re not my slave. If I don’t want you to talk, I’ll just tell you to shut up.” I smiled kindly. I knew he was used to being treated like slave, and those frat boys could be sadistic.

“So I was going to order delivery. You want pizza, or Chinese?”

He looked confused. “W-what?”

“Do you want pizza, or Chinese food? For dinner.” I repeated.

Shawn started to open his mouth, but nothing came out. I saw the tears flood his eyes, and before another second could pass, I pulled him into my arms. I stroked the back of his neck and head, while he sobbed into my chest. I let him cry, and I soothed him until he finally settled back on his knees. I wiped his tears.

“I’m so sorry, Robert.” He said. “I was such a jerk to you, and everyone else. I can’t believe you’re being so kind. All they give me are scraps, granola bars, recycled beer, and lots of jizz… I don’t get to have real food.”

I caressed his cheek. “I know. That’s why I’m offering you the choice.”

“I would love some sweet n’ sour chicken. And maybe some fried rice?”

I smiled. “You got it.” I called the order in, and Shawn and I watched a few movies.

He stayed handcuffed, and sat on the floor between my knees. I pet his head and shoulders, and fed him when the food was delivered.

“Thank you.” He said as I cleared the paper dishes.

“I have something else for you this week,” I said. I lead him to the bed, where I shackled his ankles to his wrists, in a loose hogtie. He wouldn’t be able to get up, but he could still move his legs. “I think you’ll like this better than that cage they make you sleep in in the basement.”

Shawn nodded, and let himself sink into the mattress. He snuggled up next to me, and nuzzled my neck. “Thank you. This is really nice… But can I ask you something?”

I pulled the sheet up around his shoulder. “What do you want to ask?”

“Well, I know it’s only a month out, and we don’t know each other that well. But… I was wondering if maybe instead of releasing me from this cage as a reward for getting my life back on track, if you would keep me locked. I think about you all the time, and even though I never showed it, I enjoy being locked. This past month, living in the frat house, being fucked, and ordered around, I’ve been missing you. I figure, we’re both almost 30, and I’d love to be yours, even if I never get to jerk off again, I owe you my life. And-” I gently strapped the bit back into Shawn’s mouth.

“Shhhhh, I know. Let’s get you through the treatment program, and finish college. I’ll be keeping you for the holidays, and over breaks. We’ll see how it goes. Hush now, and get some rest ok?” I kissed his forehead, and fell asleep to his gentle gagged snoring.

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  1. This is very interesting, most guys I know would give their eye teeth to get out of chastity, but this guy wants it, and is even grateful for it. I can’t wait to read more of this story.

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