Bro to Ho – Part 2

By Cutieboy90

Cutieboy90 gay bondage storiesI am not a sadist, a fact that might surprise many considering the extreme methods I employed and allowed with Shawn. For the past month, he’d been locked in an indestructible titanium chastity cage, and was adjusting an entirely new life in the frat house. He’d wake up at 4:30 on the dot, shower, groom, workout and stretch, and offer morning blowjobs. The inconsistent sleep he got was on the floor, or in a metal dog crate in the basement. Normally, he wasn’t allowed to speak or move without permission or specific orders. The frat house was brutally strict in that regard, and the only things that took precedence were Shawn’s classes and treatment-related appointments and therapy. Which meant that a great majority of the time, he was available for bitch duties.

While I do believe it was necessary to maintain his normal routines, I did not need to keep up the hellish conditions and protocols of the frat house. I enjoyed letting Shawn have a bit a of a break to recharge and recover. He slept in the bed with me, and he was allowed to speak and move as he wished. I kept him naked, collared, and shackled, but otherwise he was free. He’d wake up at 5:30 on the dot, shower, groom, workout and stretch, and offer a morning blowjob. I had him practice with dildos and butt plugs to keep himself limber for when the break ended. He was very polite, respectful, and quiet. I could tell he appreciated the affection he got from me. The week went by quickly. As the last day dawned, he showed a bit of a mood change.

“Robert?” He was kneeling at my feet, having worshipped them for an hour. “What can I do, to be yours? I really want to talk about it. Please?”

“Shawn…” I shoved my toes back into his soft, warm mouth. “I said we’ll see.”

He pulled off my foot. “No, that’s not good enough. I need a real answer. Why would we go through all of this, just for ‘we’ll see?’ You gotta give me something to go on!” He was irate. Such an outburst would earn him severe punishment at the frat house. He was lucky I was kind.

“Tell me boy,” I said deliberately. “What exactly do you want with me?”

“I… I want this. I want to be whatever you want me to be, a slave, a footrest, a pet. As long as I’m with you. I love you.”

“Ah but you already are! You’re getting sober, pulling your grades up, and you’ve learned a few manners. You’re exactly what I want you to be, and you’re going to get even better.”

“But I can do that here with you!” He protested. “I never get to see you when I’m… At the house..” His voice trailed off, as he began to fight back tears. “Please don’t make me go back there, I’ll do anything!” There it was.

“Yes indeed, you’d do anything to not go back there. Anything. Including convincing yourself that you’re in love with a guy. It’s only been a month. You still have a long way to go.” I sat forward, holding his collar firmly. “Don’t you forget, I know what I’m doing here. I know how horny and desperate you are. I know you’re starved for affection, and I know you’d rather be with a girl. But nice try, buddy.”

I led him over to the weight rack, and locked his wrists to his ankles, and his balls to his toes. I had him in a deep squat position. “No, please, Robert. I’m sorry I was out of line there. Please! I thought I had permission to speak honestly!” I could tell he was sorry, and I could tell he was desperately trying to lighten his punishment. I attached the heavy clamps to his nipples. These were only used for punishment, as they had heavy springs, and were very heavy. They gripped well and tightly, and wouldn’t slip off. Shawn choked back a strangled cry as they were snapped onto his nips. He had been trained to take his punishments “like a man,” but these were still tough for him.

I pulled forward another punishment tool, a massive tapering dildo. Ok, so it used to be a baseball bat, one used for swing training. It was a touch larger than the standard bat, and its lightweight aluminum construction balanced the weight. I’d had it modified to be a dildo. And now, Shawn was the batter up.

I pushed the end into Shawn’s hole. He arched his back, and breathed deeply, as he took it. It was a stretch for him, and a few tears rolled down his cheek. Finally, I secured a few padlocks, and stood back. Shawn was already trembling, the extreme squat position giving his muscles a real test, the nipple clamps yanking on his nips, and his ass being stretched by the modified baseball bat. He bowed his head.

“I know I did wrong, Sir. I deserve this consequence, and I thank you for-” I cut off the ridiculous words the frat guys made him recite for punishments. I strapped a large ring in his mouth, keeping his jaws open. I ran a chain from the the strap down his back. I secured it to the floor.

“Good boy, for reciting your punishment lines. I don’t want to hear them.” I patted his cheek. He looked up at me, clearly in a great deal of discomfort, and with a pleading look in his eyes.

“Now, so you know how this all works. You must maintain your posture, and the squat position. It’ll give you a good workout on its own. However, if you don’t, there will be consequences. Go ahead, try to stand up.” Shawn whimpered, and started to stand. He immediately winced, and returned to his squat, which he jumped back up from with a yelp.

“That’s right. If you stand up even as much as a centimeter, your nipples and balls get tugged on. And if you drop, slouch, or otherwise try to relieve the pressure on your nips and balls, you get more of that dildo up your ass. As you saw, it gets bigger the farther you take it. As your muscles fatigue, you will slip down farther. As they cramp, and the dildo gets too big for you, you’ll try to relieve the burn by standing back up. It is very possible the size of that will push an orgasm out of your prostate. Keep in mind however, that it will all hurt more if you do cum. This, my friend, is predicament bondage at its finest.”

Shawn looked like he was going to be sick. He’d been struggling to keep his position, he’d already slipped down a couple inches on the bat, and jerkily tried to get back back up. The slick metal surface and generous amounts of lube made that difficult. His legs were already shaking. I’d secured the gag in a way that forced him to keep his head up, and he was already beginning to slobber down his chin. He cried out as he suddenly dropped down again, stretching his hole more than ever.

I stroked his head, letting my hands caress his shoulders. I kissed his forehead.

“I know this is hard, and scary for you at times. It’s a process, but it will be worth it. How do I know that? Because we’re not going to let you fail.” My phone suddenly rang. It was Billy.

“Hi Billy,” I answered cheerily. “Yes he’s here. Wanna facetime?” I pushed the button, and turned so Shawn and I were both in the picture. Billy’s face appeared, he was clearly on a train, or bus of some kind.

“Hey Robert. Looks like Shawn’s having a relaxing day there.” He chuckled as Shawn let out a moan. “Hey so there’s a delay of course, so I’m not going to be back this afternoon. I’ll have to come by and pick the bitch up tomorrow morning. I hope the extra night won’t be an inconvenience.”

“Not at all, Billy. This one hasn’t been any trouble at all. I’ll have him ready for you in the morning!”

“Great. Well bitch, enjoy the extended spa day you’re having. You’ll be back at home soon. Robert, can we talk for moment?”

“Sure thing.” I turned off the video, and left Shawn for a moment to talk with Billy.

We talked for a long time, almost an hour. Subject matter for the utmost discretion, surely a story for another time.

Poor Shawn was a mess when I returned to him. He’d slipped almost to the base of the dildo, and was keeping himself up with his hands. His hair was a matted sweaty mess, and his chest gleamed with sweat, and a river of tears and drool. I could also see a lake of precum pooling under the cage. Every muscle was twitching and shaking.

I petted his chest. Shawn groaned, and mumbled some pleading gibberish through his gag. After an hour on the phone, I realized it was his lunch time. I pulled my dick out, and stuffed it through the ring gag.

“Come on, boy. You’ve earned your lunch. Gotta get some protein in you.”

Shawn’s tongue slurped at my hard cock. Those frat boys had given him plenty of practice, and I was impressed with how much he’d learned in a month. He took my length down his throat, and he sucked and slurped like a pro, even with the gag preventing him from using his lips or jaw. This blow job was all muscle. I didn’t even have to thrust.

He gargled and gasped for air as I pushed in deeper. I was close, and didn’t want to drag this out too much. I grabbed his head and fucked his warm, tight throat until I shot. I pulled out a little to leave some of my load on Shawn’s tongue. I slapped my dick on his mouth as I caught my breath. With a whine, the last of his strength gave out, and as he bottomed out on the baseball bat, his thick, pent-up load spurted from the end of the chastity cage. It oozed down his nutsack, dripping down his ankles onto to the floor. Sadly, for the amount he’d discharged, Shawn didn’t even feel his release over the burn in his quads, the cramps in his hamstrings, and the general exhaustion of his body. He was still trying to gulp down the load I’d left on his tongue.

I smiled as I patted his head, and walked to the kitchen to make myself a sandwich. No, I wasn’t a sadist. Not at all.

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