Bro to Ho – Part 3

By Cutieboy90

Cutieboy90 gay bondage storiesThe rest of the semester flashed by in a blur of exams, finals, studies, and presentations. For me, it wasn’t a big deal, it was just the end of another semester. No distractions, no worries, just the expected tedium and routine. I knew it was very different for Shawn, and the idea of a whole house of horny, stressed out frat boys using him harder than usual was one I jerked off to most nights when I had the time to do so. The other image I got off to? Well…

Billy called at the end of Thanksgiving break, with a top-secret agenda. Before I’d volunteered Shawn to be the house bitch, Billy had been considering someone else: Gabe, a hot, muscular stud with a quick temper. The sinewy young man had short sandy blond hair and deep grey eyes, perfect grades, and was a valuable asset on both the wrestling mat and the football field. He’d returned to grad studies after taking some time off. Billy’s idea was to temper Gabe’s hot-headedness by locking him up and humbling him until he learned to keep his cool. As Gabe was an openly gay member, the bitch duties wouldn’t be as much punishment, rather a reward for improved behavior. The only real catch was that Gabe considered himself a total top, an alpha, like most of these guys thought of themselves.

First things first though, Billy wanted me to check Shawn’s progress myself. Surely I could also see what I thought about Gabe too at the same time.

And that’s how I got an invitation to the party.

It was a typically rainy, cold evening as I walked down Greek row. The house was past the end, farthest from campus and a ways from the rest. It wasn’t the largest house, either. Two stories, with moderate-sized windows, all decorated for Christmas. The house crest was everywhere, above each window, and proudly displayed over the door. Billy met me at the door, and after a quick exchange, lead me down to the basement.

Externally, the house wasn’t the most impressive on the row. But it had an entire floor underground, as well as a basement below that. And these underground levels were any college boy’s dream. Well furnished with overstuffed leather couches, a flat screen that took up an entire wall, brick and wrought iron accents, and French polished mahogany furniture. Again, the frat’s crest adorned everything, stamped prominently in the leather, carved in the brick and the wood, and embossed with gilt on the iron. And there, strapped over a barrel with his muscular ass bared for all to see, was Shawn.

“The bitch,” I was told. “Was all prepped and ready for us.” Indeed, even from across the room I could see the lube dripping down the his thighs. The base of a very large plug was also hard to miss. The rest of the guys stood around, beers in hand, many rubbing at their already excited bulges. Billy stepped up to the barrel, giving a firm slap to the exposed butt.

“Ok boys, you all know the rules! Drink lots, fuck lots, and happy holidays!” As a cheer went up, Billy yanked the plug from Shawn’s ass, releasing what my nose immediately identified as a piss enema. “Let the fun begin!” Billy shouted over the cheers and whistles. He set the plug down by Shawn’s right ankle, and strode over to me.

“Welcome to your first frat party.” He said. “Enjoy yourself, and let me know what your thoughts are. I know you don’t drink, so I’m not too concerned about any mishaps with you.” He gave me a firm pat on the back, and walked away.

I eyed the guys in the basement, already crawling over each other. All fit, muscular bodies, in various states of undress. There was a line for Shawn’s ass, or more accurately the guy currently fucking it was in turn being fucked by the guy behind him, who was also being fucked by the guy behind him. There was another three-way starting up on the couch, and another couple making out by the pool table.

“And they all somehow convince themselves that they’re straight.” A voice spoke from nearby. Gabe leaned against the wall with a bottle of soda, watching the scene with a smirk. He was shirtless, wearing only his shorts and flip-flops.

“They must blame it on the booze.” I replied, shamelessly checking out the bulge in Gabe’s shorts.

He smirked. “That must be it. Whatever…” Gabe flexed his bicep as he took a swig from his soda, arching his back to show off his abs. His deep grey eyes peeked at me through his eyelashes, glinting lustily. “Joining a frat is any gay guy’s dream come true.” He tossed the empty bottle over his shoulder, and gave my butt a grope as he kissed my neck. I felt him up, his solid lats and back, down to his large glutes.

“Billy said you had a crush on me,” he whispered in my ear. “And lucky you, I’m the only true gay bro in this house. Bi Billy and bitchboy Shawn don’t really count you know? And you ought to know, I like what I see here… Don’t let that fool you though, I’m every bit as much an Alpha stud as any of them, and I know how to treat a man.” His hands were everywhere, his voice dripping with seduction. Gabe felt good, but I had no intention of getting nailed by this guy. Alpha stud, I bit my tongue. We’d see about that.

I looked him in the eye. “Well stud, you going to flirt and tease me all night, or you going to deliver?” I watched the spark ignite in his eyes, and the bulge in his shorts twitched. A predatory smile curled his lips, and with a smooth sweep of his arms, he scooped me up and carried me down the hall to “a private room,” kissing me all the way.

Gabe set me down on a small bed, and began to slide my clothes off. “Ah-ah, slow down big guy,” I whispered. “I wanna take care of you. I want to pleasure and worship you like the god you are. Just sit back…” The big brute grinned toothily, and leaned against the wall, crossing his hands behind his head with a cocky gleam in his eye. I knew I had him. All you had to was stroke their ego, stroke their dick, and the rest was easy.

I pulled his shorts off, and fondled his package. Gabe was very well endowed, with a thick 8 incher and a heavy looking nutsack. His powerful looking cock throbbed in my hand, hot to the touch, and already leaking with excitement.

“Wow,” I breathed. “You really are a god.”

He closed his eyes, with a satisfied smirk. “Yeah… Go ahead, you can explore it with more than your hands. If you think it looks great, you’ll love how it tastes.”

I chuckled to myself. Gabe’s arrogance was going to be his downfall, I could see why Billy wanted to reign it in. But never one to pass up an opportunity, I went down on Gabe’s monstrous pride. Of course, he was right. This cock tasted great, and I slurped it right down to the hilt. Enjoy this while you can, big guy, I thought as I heard him moan in pleasure. I’d edge him a few times with my throat, get him super horny. And then… We’d have some real fun.

“Awwwwwwwwrrgh!!!” Gabe moaned desperately. “Come on, I wanna blow!”

I’d been edging and playing with Gabe for over an hour. Despite his clear need for it, I hadn’t let him cum. I could tell he was ready to just finish himself, but that’s not what I wanted. I stroked him to the edge one more time, and as he reached down to get over the edge, I caught his hand.

“Not yet, stud.” I said gently. “Trust me, it’ll be worth it.”

He bucked his hips in the air seething with frustration. I stroked his hands until he unclenched his fists. “The fuck are we waiting for?” He growled. “I want. To fucking. Cum!”

I lightly caressed his face, and kissed his nose.

“I know. But see, I wanted to get your appetite worked up for the main course.”

Gabe’s scowl softened. “Main course? I hope your ass is worth it.”

I smiled. “Oh no, your big ol’ prick would wreck me. But if you follow me…” I stood up, and gestured toward the door. “I have just the thing.”

The Alpha fratboy blinked stupidly a couple times, before getting up. His big heavy tool seemed to struggle to keep itself up as it swung between his legs, the muscles straining to hold its heft against the gravity of its own weight. I gave him a kiss, and lead him down the hall holding him by the balls.

The gameroom was a mess, and reeked of cum, sweat, piss, booze, and pot. The crowd was smaller than before, but had disintegrated into a full-blown drunken orgy, guys piled up humping each other on the floor, on the tables, on the couch. I lead Gabe over to the barrel Shawn was still tied over. His body was dripping with sweat, spit, cum, lube, and piss. His hole was gaping slightly, and his muscles quivered.

I lubed Gabe’s prick up, and gave him a swat on the ass. He didn’t need to be told what to do next. He stepped right up and shoved his fat raging boner up Shawn’s ass. Shawn let out a yelp. I knelt by his head, and lifted his chin up. He seemed to be in a daze, but blushed when he saw it was me.

“Hush,” I told him. “You’re ok.” He nodded as I petted his head. He had a thick leather gag in his mouth, and he was drooling heavily around it. I unbuckled it, and massaged his jaw. Shawn spit out a mouthful of spit and cum.

“Wha-? You’re here??” He gasped. Gabe was thrusting him so hard, Shawn’s breath was ragged.

“Yes, I wanted to come by and see one of your parties. You must be exhausted.”

He shook his head. “Not really, I’m just horny. Please Sir, I’m so horny!”

“I know, boy. But next week, you’ll get to come stay with me for the holiday. We’ll have lots of fun through the New Year!” I patted his head, soaking my hand with sweat. I looked up, Gabe was pounding him hard, and roughly grabbing at his hips. I stood back up, and shoved my dick down Shawn’s throat. He deserved a little treat, after all.

“Oh, yeah that’s hot, man.” Gabe looked up as I humped Shawn’s face. “Fuck him harder.”

“You fuck him harder,” I shot back with a wink. Gabe clenched his teeth, beads of sweat dripping down his chest. He furrowed his brow, and with a determined smile, picked up his pace. I heard the barrel creak, and Shawn’s throat tightened around me. Gabe licked his lips, and leaned over and held me. I ran my hands through his hair, and over his shoulders.

“Come on, tough guy,” I hissed in his ear. “Show us all how hard you wanted to fuck me.”

Gabe growled, squeezing my ass, and again, ramped up his vigor. He bucked into Shawn like a wild beast, his muscles bulging, and giving deep throaty moans. “Fuck, we’re gonna drown this bitch in our cum.” He growled.

I locked lips with him. “Shut up, and prove it, stud.” I hissed. He kissed me almost as hard as he fucked. Shawn’s throat was tight, I felt him gagging as the heavy pounding in his ass set the pace for all of us. I gasped as I suddenly found myself as the edge.

Gabe broke our kiss, and with a roar not unlike that of a lion, came hard just seconds before I did.

I shot right down Shawn’s throat. He was gagging and gasping for air as I pulled out slightly for him to suck the rest of my load out with his mouth. He’d been trained to milk the cocks to completion, so I didn’t pull out entirely.

Gabe collapsed, still clutching me, panting against my chest. He ground his hips in slow shallow circles, with a very satisfied smile. I patted his shoulder. “Very impressive.” I coaxed. “You’re a fine one, Gabe.”

“Yes, yes he is.” Billy strode up, grabbing Gabe’s ass. “Very fine.” He was naked, and had very clearly enjoyed the show. I’d never seen Billy naked before. He was more slender than many of the others, but no less muscular. His dick was hard, at least 9 inches long, but not extraordinarily thick.

Gabe’s head whipped around as Billy groped his ass. “Dude, give me a minute here!”

Billy smirked. “Ah yes, the fine breeder needs to rest after the exertion of fucking a bitch. Poor thing.”

I could tell Gabe was biting his tongue. He looked furious as Billy stared him down and ripped open a condom.

Shawn had gulped down every drop he could get from me, and was now mouthing and licking my balls. He was listening to the conversation, and must have been turned on by the idea Billy fucking Gabe fucking him again. He let out a pleading whine.

Not wanting him to get into too much trouble, I stroked his face, and whispered close to his ear. “Shhhh, I know. Just a few more hours.”

He shook his head. “No,” he whimpered softly. “Please, Sir, I’m so horny.”

“I know. Here, I’m going to strap your gag back in so you don’t whine too loud ok?” I watched as Billy had lubed his rubber-covered cock, and he was now leaning over Gabe, grinding against him. Gabe looked pissed, but resigned to what was coming.

“So, my fine stud, you ready for this now?” Billy’s voice carried even at the whispered level.

Gabe looked murderous. “Just get on with it!” He spat over his shoulder.

Shawn was on the verge of tears as I reached for the thick leather gag. “Noooooo, please!” He wailed. I stuffed the gag into Shawn’s mouth and buckled it tightly, but it was too late. Both Billy and Gabe turned their attention to us, seemingly dumbstruck by the bitch’s outburst.

Billy took a swig from his beer, lost in thought as he looked at me, Shawn, Gabe, the beercan, and then Gabe again. Finally he spoke. “Hey Gabe, my bro. Is that fine stud cock of yours up for round two?”

Gabe smirked. “You bet, dude. Are we..?

“You got it, buddy.”

Billy shifted slightly, and started grinding his hips again. Gabe started humping too, a renewed glint of triumph in his eyes. Shawn’s whimpers took on a more desperate tone, and he began to buck.

“PLMMMPHH PHRR, MMMMRRR!!!” He choked back a scream, as two big frat boy cocks suddenly entered him. His breathing was ragged and labored, as he humped back as much as he could.

“See Robert,” Billy grunted between thrusts. “We do take care of the bitch. He begged for more, and since he’s behaved so well tonight, he gets what he asked for.”

“Fuck this feels hot, man!” Gabe added. “We should do this more often. It’s so fucking tight!” He gave Shawn’s ass a slap.

The other guys in the room began to gather, watching the scene and stroking their own returning boners.

Gabe reached out and took mine in his hand, pumping it gently before guiding it to his own mouth. He gave me a wink, and started sucking.

Billy raised an eyebrow as we shared a look. I nodded back. He smiled, and we bumped fists. “He gives good head too,” he said, gesturing toward Gabe. “I guess it figures, you know.”

I nodded, too lost in the pleasure to reply. Shawn’s muffled whines, Gabe’s slurping, and all the the huffing, grunting, and panting of a roomful of horny guys around mixed into a chorus to my ears. I was soon getting close to shooting a load into Gabe’s hot mouth. I grabbed his head, and he sucked harder. I watched his ass pick up its pace too.

Billy was starting to moan, one hand holding his hip, the other planted firmly on Gabe’s back, digging in just a bit.

Gabe and I came at the same time, followed closely by Billy. All the masculine grunting turned to the unmistakable cries and exclamations of orgasm, and even the pitiful whimpers that I recognized as a massively ruined orgasm for Shawn.

I opened my eyes, and gently let go of Gabe’s head. He panted hard, and rested against Shawn. Billy took his time pulling out. Someone had draped a towel over his shoulders, and he cooly dabbed at his brow. He gave me a nod, smiling as he cracked open another beer and walked out of the room.

Gabe showed me to the showers, and offered a guestroom for the night. I declined the invitation to stay, but we talked a little after putting Shawn away in his cage for the night. Gabe wasn’t going anywhere over the break, and wanted to meet up.

“Maybe you can show me how to use a rope. I wanna tie Shawn up and fuck him. Just for myself, without having to share his ass with the other guys.”

I smiled. Yeah, believe what you want, you gorgeous, arrogant fuck. You may think you’re a tough, macho stud, but reality was going to have it in for you.

“Sure thing,” I said. We exchanged numbers. Gabe gave me a hug before I stepped back out into the night.

Bzzzzt! A text from Billy. “How was your first frat party? Was it everything you expected?”

I replied. “Everything and more. I even got someone’s number. Lol.”

“Cool. He behaved himself, but I still want to keep the option open. Just in case.”

“Yup, I got his measurements, and the device will be ready by the end of the year. I’ll keep you updated.”

“Good. I’ll have him bring the bitch early next week. Have a good holiday!”

By the time I got back to my room, I wasn’t tired anymore. I love it when work, school, and pleasure happen to line up so perfectly…

Bzzzzzzt! A new text.

“Hey Robert. It’s Gabe =)”

Right on cue.

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