Burt Ward’s erection

Batman and Robin sure got tied up a lot on TV!

It was when I got home from school that I would watch syndicated episodes of the campy TV show Batman from the 1960s. It seemed that at the end of just about every episode the heroes Batman and Robin — played by Adam West and Burt Ward — ended up in some form of diabolical bondage. Often there were two-part episodes in which Batman and Robin would be tied up in a cliffhanger. Usually these episodes ended with the heroes tied up and facing some sort of slow and painful death. I would walk away imagining the heroes were still bound — even when I went to sleep at night.

Looking back on it now, it seems that Burt Ward was more into the bondage, more enthusiastic, more in on the whole thing, gave much better “verbal” — whereas Adam West played it much more “straight’” if you will.

Anyway, I credit the original TV show Batman (available at Amazon), along with the movie 20,0000 Leagues Under the Sea, with sparking my interest in erotic male physical restraint.



3 thoughts on “Burt Ward’s erection”

  1. The link you posted was for the Batman animated series. The live-action series won’t be available to order until this fall (trust me, I’m counting down the days for the same reason you are).

    Love your blog. Thanks a lot for everything!

  2. I too watched these every day. I always hated part 2 cause they escaped their ‘fate’. Along with the bondage from this, I remember the Wild Wild West, lots of bondage. I was too young to pay attention to the story line, just waited to see rope!

  3. So with you on this one. It’s where my Robin bondage fetish came from! Thank goodness you can now fairly easily get the lycra costume to recreate this at home. :)

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