Busman’s Holiday – Part 08

By lthr_jock

Clark stared straight ahead at the clock – not that he had much choice. The collar of the helmet was rigidly locked in place, and the helmet was so tight around his head that he couldn’t move inside it. Vickers had left the room in darkness except for the spotlight on the box and a smaller one illuminating a clock face opposite Clark. Apart from closing his eyes, Clark had no choice but to watch the clock slowly counting down the minutes.

The hands of the clock seemed to move like someone wading through tar. By the time Clark had been in there for 15 minutes, it felt like far longer. Already he knew he was in trouble. With his arms locked behind him, his muscles were cramping painfully. His heavy biceps and shoulders worked against him and made the bondage more secure. He tried to move, but he could do little but twitch inside the box. The chains restraining his chest and waist were heavy and solid, and he couldn’t move them an inch. His legs were locked securely in place, and their positioning meant that his back and arse were forced further into the rubber of the chair. He couldn’t even wiggle his arse, as the rubber tube that had been pushed up inside him was also solidly in place.

As the clock ticked down to show he had been boxed for 20 minutes, he could feel himself sweating. His body had heated up the air inside the box, and it was now acting like a sweat box. Sweat was pouring off him, and he had to keep blinking to keep the stinging solution out of his eyes. He could feel it running down his body and between him and the rubber of the seat. Trickles of it went around and under his arse and then were drained away so that he wasn’t sat in a puddle. He became aware of a strong smell of rubber as the seat heated up, and soon the hot, sweet smell filled his nostrils.

Clark used the gag to pull some fluid inside him again. Vickers was right – the orange juice had a strange bitter taste to it. But he needed the fluid, and so he gulped it down.




Vickers stepped into an adjacent room, where he quickly opened up his computer and downloaded the video he had taken of “Samuel” being boxed. He checked the sound on it to make sure he hadn’t used Clark’s name on it, and he then uploaded it to his website. He had already set up the site. The page was solely for the cage and had some video and schematics on it already to demonstrate the cage’s features. He now added the heading “Samuel gets into storage” and linked the video he had just taken. He then added “Live: Samuel in the box” and linked two live feeds to his website. One was from a webcam situated just below the clock facing Clark. It showed the exterior of the box, featureless except for the steel-covered head. The second was inside the box and showed Clark’s hairy, muscled torso straining against the restraints and sweating. It also clearly showed Clark’s cock in its plastic tube which was currently swelling to full size as the Viagra in Clark’s orange squash took effect.

Vickers smiled and patched the website so that the feed was now live on the internet. He then headed back into the room and smiled as he saw that both bags linked to Clark’s gag were half empty already. Working silently so as not to alert Clark, he topped up both bags. He then took a third bag and hung it beside the others so its contents would mix with the others. That bag was currently empty, but would not stay so for long as he linked it to the tube running out of the cock-tube Clark was wearing. Now, anytime that Clark pissed he would end up drinking it – and the diuretic Vickers had placed in the second bag meant that he would piss a lot.

Vickers took a last look at the clock before he left the room and then left, suppressing a chuckle. He thought he had been sneaky when he made the gag in the helmet shaped like a cock. He knew he had been sneaky when he shaped the “drainage tube” up Clark’s arse in the same way. However, he considered that his finest moment had been when he altered the clock so that it ran at half speed. While it currently showed Clark had been boxed for half an hour, he had actually already been inside for an hour.

When Vickers got back to the computer, he could see that Clark’s cock was now fully erect and providing an entertaining view on the webcam. Judging by the number of people watching, they enjoyed it too, and Vickers was glad to see some emails of interest being sent through despite the heavy price he was charging for the box.




As the time slowly passed by, Clark sucked squash through the gag more and more often. The heat in the box was making this a serious endurance test. As he blinked sweat out of his eyes, he watched the clock hit the first hour – only three to go. Clark had to admit, though, that the whole experience was clearly turning him on. He could feel that his cock was rockhard and leaking pre-cum and he wished his arms were free so that he could get some release. He tried for what felt like ages to rub his cock against his thigh, but the plastic sleeve around it stopped him and he groaned in frustration.

Clark was also aware that he needed to piss. He was embarrassed about it, but the pressure from his bladder became more and more insistent. Eventually, he let go and felt the piss flow away from him out of the tube around his cock. To his surprise, he remained erect throughout.

Clark sucked down a long gulp of squash and noticed that the taste had changed and become even more bitter. He wondered if it was because he was getting to the bottom of the bag and hoped that Vickers would change it.

Clark was actually finding the whole experience arousing. Initially he was concentrating on the discomfort, but the longer he stayed here the more that discomfort seemed to be arousing him. Even the tube up his arse started to feel more pleasure-able than painful and he found himself trying to rock up and down on it a little.




Vickers smiled as he saw Clark piss, and he went out to make sure that the flow regulator worked. It did, and the bag was now half full and feeding Clark’s piss right back to him. Vickers topped all three bags up and went to head back outside. As he did he could hear Clark making little grunts of pleasure around his gag, and he realised that this man was really enjoying himself.

Vickers decided to test that and took out the controls for the anal plug. He got the system to push it another inch inside Clark. To his delight, Clark gave a long, slow moan of pleasure into the gag.

Vickers went back to the computer and saw that loads of people were now posting. The live Sam-Cam was a huge success, despite the fact that the person they were watching could hardly move.




Clark was light-headed and as the intruder in his arse seemed to push in further, he groaned. He had never felt like this before. His muscles and skin seemed to be picking up so much sensation from everything restraining him that he was on fire. He closed his eyes and savoured the feeling. His mind started to wander back to the websites he had visited, the pictures of men in restraint, the muscles restrained by steel, the fetish clothing some were wearing – and before he knew it, he was blowing a load down the plastic tube. Clark was loud but the yell he wanted to make muffled into something more animalistic. His cock stayed rock hard, and he wondered why he hadn’t done something like this to himself a long time ago.




Vickers almost cheered as Clark came with a hard, thick, ropy cum coating the inside of the cock tube before being drawn away and adding to the bag of piss. Clark then pissed soon after and Vickers crowed at the mix of fluids that Clark was now drinking down. He got his own cock out and starting jacking and soon joined Clark in roaring with pleasure as he ejaculated.




Clark looked at the clock – 5 minutes to go. He was nearly done. In some ways, he was disappointed, but even the pleasure he was feeling could not overcome the discomfort of the box.

Vickers was monitoring the time and started to get ready to let Clark out. He disconnected two of the bags from Clark’s feeding tube, just leaving him with orange squash. He archived the footage from the last 8 hours and closed down the live cams. He then added a note thanking everyone for watching and promising that excerpts would be added to the website in the next couple of days. He then headed in to let Clark out.

For the first time since he had been in the box, Clark saw something else other than the clock. Vickers stepped into view and started to open the box up. As the top slid open, Clark moved his head, getting some of the cricks out of it. Vickers quickly opened up the helmet to reveal Clark’s face, his carefully maintained hair plastered against his head and his face red with heat and exertion.

“Welcome back, Mr Clark. Did you have fun?”

Clark looked back at Vickers, his gaze slightly unfocussed. “Yeah, Vickers, all damn good here.”

Vickers began the long, slow process of getting Clark out of the box. He made him stay sat down as he detached the cock tube and the arse plug from him. He then released all the restraints.

“Ok, Mr Clark, time to stand up.”

Clark lurched to his feet and staggered, his aching muscles hardly able to hold him up after being locked in place for so long. Vickers slipped a shoulder under Clark’s arm and helped him over to a chair. Clark sank down onto it, not noticing that he was sitting on his clothes. He was still stark naked, sweat running off his muscled form, hair matted all over him – and his cock still rock hard. Vickers tried not to look at it, but it was just too difficult not to stare.

“Ok, Mr Clark, you ready for a shower.” Clark nodded and Vickers helped him to the bathroom. As Clark started to use the shower to clean the sweat off his body and massage his muscles, Vickers collected Clark’s clothing. As he looked at the clothes which were rumpled and soaked from the sweat that poured off Clark when he sat down, Vickers decided to test just how Clark had been affected by the drugs he had been drinking for the last 8 hours.

“Hey, Mr Clark, when you sat down you soaked your clothes. I don’t think you can wear these home.”

“Really? How bad are they?”

“Pretty bad, you were sweating a storm and they’re drenched. They also – phew – kinda stink. Why don’t you let me clean them for you – you can pick them up next time.”

“Yeah but what the hell do I wear to get home? We’re not exactly similar sizes.”

“Well, I got some stuff that a friend of mine left here. I’m not sure it’s exactly your style though.”

“I don’t give a damn about style as long as I don’t have to drive home naked.”

“Ok, then, I’ll go get them.”

Vickers chuckled to himself as he got some clothes out and put them on the bed. If Clark went along with this, he was definitely progressing the right way. Clark had gone quiet, so Vickers decided to broach another subject.

“So, did you like the box?”

“Hell, yes. I’m still hard and I came three times while I was in it.”

Vickers raised an eyebrow as the normally reserved Clark was so open about it.”

“Glad to hear you liked it. So – do you want it?”

“You know I do.”

“I thought you might – I warn you, it’s pretty expensive.”

“I don’t care – I want it.”

“You sure? I’m selling them for £10,000.”

“10 grand?” Clark stepped out of the bathroom, towelling his hair dry. Vickers got a full view of Vickers’ body, including the still-erect cock that stood out in front of him.”

“Yes, there’s a lot of work that goes into it and a large amount of material. Of course, I’ll give you a substantial reduction for being my field-tester and for helping with some advertising. To you, £5,000.”

Clark thought quickly. He had £1,000 left in his savings account and no way to get the remainder quickly. He shrugged with disappointment.

“Sorry then, Vickers, too rich for me.”

Vickers could see that Clark really wanted it. “You sure? I mean, we could come up with a payment plan of some kind. I’m sure you could do me some favours that would be worth it for me.”

Clark thought about it for a few seconds, “You got a deal, Vickers. Now, give me these clothes so I can get home.”

Vickers waved his hand towards the bed “Like I said, not your usual sort of thing, but it’ll get you home at least.” To his surprise, Clark didn’t pause but started getting dressed. Vickers hid a grin, but made sure his webcam was on – he had to get a record of this.

Clark sat on the bed struggling as he pulled the trousers on, until Vickers handed him a bottle of lube and suggested he use it to help get the trousers on. Clark tried it, and although it was still difficult, he got the trousers on. He stood up and looked at himself in the mirror. His legs were now clad in gleaming black rubber, a double yellow stripe visible down the outside of each leg. They clung to him, outlining his muscles and making it almost look as though his skin was made of rubber. His still hard cock was clearly visible where he had fed it inside the trousers and it was a noticeable bulge down his left leg. Even his balls were visible. He turned to admire his muscled arse covered in black and noticed a line of yellow up the crack of his arse. “What’s that?”

“Don’t worry about that – you’d best get dressed and get home.”

Clark shrugged and sat back on the bed as he pulled on yellow knee length socks and then a pair of tall glossy boots. He secured the zip up the back of the boots and then tightened the straps on them. Folding the socks over the top of the boots, he stood up and grabbed the t-shirt. He pulled the vest over his head and immediately found that it caught around his chest and upper back, the rubber rolling up. He struggled with it and Vickers had to help him – but soon the black rubber vest was on and he tucked it inside the belt of the trousers. He then grabbed the black rubber biker jacket and shrugged it on. He didn’t zip it up, just secured it by the waist belt.

Vickers could hardly contain his glee. The normally retiring, clichéd prison officer was now wearing rubber and apparently enjoying it. He decided not to press his luck.

“Ok, Mr Clark, there you go. I’ll arrange for the box to be delivered in a couple of days.”

“Thanks, Vickers.” Clark grinned and headed for the door, enjoying the way the rubber squeaked as his muscles stretched it.


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Metal would like to thank the author, lthr_jock, for this story.




4 thoughts on “Busman’s Holiday – Part 08”

  1. WOW!!
    that box is a wildest dream to anyone …..and having a muscular masculine man inside it , makes it all the more horny.
    I like the idea of the steel helmet.
    slowing down the clock….genius.
    rubber clothing at the end and he didnt appear to notice ? a little far fetched.
    but still very enjoyable. A bit of artistic license allowed.:0

    1. Yeah my mistake on that. I meant to put in some more information about the drugs that Clark was being fed so that he was more open to suggestion.

  2. Awesome story! Very hot. I like how it is slowly building and the guard is being manipulated. Trained. Such as being trained on gag and forced feeding liquids. Hot.

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