Buying Love – Part 4

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Much to Sputnik’s disappointment, he did not get another collection that night. After dinner, he spent some more time in the lounge. There was a basketball game on this time, and he and Steel spooned together on the mattress watching it as their hard cocks were tended to by Tanner and Rex. Mascot joined after a while, and he and Sputnik eventually left the lounge together. Back in Sputnik’s room, the two had settled in together sharing a few kisses and groping at each other with their mitted hands. Sleep came quickly once Sputnik had laid down with his favorite dog in his arms, and his semi-erect cock resting next to Mascot’s balls. He could get used to falling asleep like this.

When Ian arrived in the morning, Mascot reluctantly took his leave of the black leather stallion. Ian promised them they’d have some time together later on. The morning followed the same routine as the day before. Warm mushy breakfast out of the trough, followed by treadmill time on all fours, then bipedal treadmill sprints, stretching, and lunch. Today after lunch though, Ian lead Sputnik to a new room instead of the lounge.

“We’re going to get ready for the show!” Ian told him as they entered the room. It was clinical. White walls, harsh lighting, and with tables set up with signs reading “sale” and “leather goods.” Some of the larger table had ramps leading up to them, and Sputnik found himself being lead up one of them. He suddenly felt extremely self-conscious, whinnying nervously and pulling back on the reins.

“Come on, boy!” Ian pulled firmly.

Sputnik sputtered wetly on his gag, holding his ground.

Ian brandished his crop. “This is what you’ve been training for. Come on!”

“It’s ok, Ian,” the calm steady voice that belonged to Mascot reached the anxious stallion’s ears. He whipped his head around, excited to finally get to see the man behind the dogsuit. Mascot walked up and took the reins from Ian. “I’ll take him from here.” He had a kind reassuring smile.

“Sure thing, Alden!” Ian nodded and turned to help at one of the other tables.

Alden. That was his name. Sputnik hadn’t had a chance to really see him as a person until now. Alden wore jeans and a tight t shirt that showed off his chest. He had a lean muscled body, almost perfect height-weight proportion. His eyes were a deep chocolate brown, and his smile possessed a captivating warmth.

The horse was lost for a moment, drooling freely from the bit, his inhibitions gone. His cock was back at full erection, and his butt clenched on the plug.

Alden reached out and stroked his mane. “Come on, pretty boy! Don’t you want to show everyone what a stud you are?” His voice was so encouraging. Sputnik found himself nodding. Of course he did! He wanted to do anything this man wanted him to! He stepped the rest of the way onto the table and stood as straight as he could while Alden circled the table.

“Well stud, you’re a natural!” Alden commented. “Of course training with that thick collar on sees to it…” He brushed his hand through Sputnik’s mane and along his back. “And your back position is great too.”

Sputnik could feel himself getting hard as his handler praised him. He let out a horny whine as he was patted on the butt. A gentle chuckle reached his ears.

“I know stud, I bet you need another collection huh?”

Sputnik did his best to nod. He got a firm series of taps to his exposed ballsack.

“Sorry boy, but big studly cocks are best for these shows. You’ll just have to stay horny for another day.” Alden petted his flank affectionately.

The proud horny stallion huffed, sputtering a heavy amount of drool through his bitgag. He stomped a foot to signal his impatience.

“No stud,” Alden said firmly. “You gotta stay needy. Now keep your hind legs apart a touch farther… That’s it. Perfect. Hold still and don’t move at all.” Alden continued to slowly circle the table, observing the leather stallion’s posture.

It felt like hours to Sputnik, standing there like a statue while Alden and other handlers watched him and made quiet comments about him.

“He’s doing very well,” someone whispered. “Good job with the training, Ian!”

“Look at that gorgeous neck and back arch. There’s both beauty and strength here. He’s a fine horse.”

“That cock hasn’t softened either. A very fine breeder for sure!”

Sputnik just kept his eyes straight ahead and tried to hold still. Eventually he felt himself shift his weight between his front legs, and he was aware that in doing so his back dropped a little.

“That was 20 minutes and 34 seconds,” Ian said from somewhere behind. Alden approached the blushing, drooling stallion with a smile, patting his neck.

“Good job, boy,” He said softly, holding a couple of apple slices as a reward. “Very very good.”

Sputnik neighed happily, and scarfed down the treats quickly. Pride welled in his chest, and he smiled under the hood.

Alden then took the reins, and lead him down from the table. At one end of the room was a short post in the floor. The end of the reins were clipped to a metal ring set on a swivel at the top of the post. Sputnik watched as the handlers stepped back a ways, and Ian stood ready with a stopwatch.

“Maintain a steady pace, and keep the leash taught,” Alden whispered. With that, he gave Sputnik a firm swat on the butt with the riding crop. The horse yelped, and started trotting. The leash kept him running in a circle around the post. Running on all fours had gotten easier over the last couple days, but it still felt awkward at first. The huge plug shifted with every step, pummeling his prostate, its weight constantly crushing it down. At first it was distracting, but Sputnik stayed mindful of his pace and of the tension of the leash. The clopping of his hooves echoed across the linoleum floor, and after a couple rounds even Sputnik noticed the distinct clip-clop, clip-clop pattern of his trot.

WAP! A sharper blow of the crop signalled it was time to go faster. Sputnik broke into a moderate gallop. Again, the clip-clopping pattern became the only sound in the room. Even the murmured conversing of the observers had faded from the horse’s notice as he continued to run in the circle.

After some amount of time, Alden stepped up with the crop again. “Fast as you can!” He called, and with the hardest hit of the crop yet, Sputnik broke into a sprint. He couldn’t look down to see how fast he was going, but it felt very fast to him. His muscles took on a satisfying burn, the type he always loved at the peak of a work-out or sprint. A runner’s high, but somehow more intense on all fours and with a room of men watching and critiquing.

Sputnik started to feel a touch dizzy. The circle wasn’t tight, but at this speed his inner ear was feeling it. He furrowed his brow, biting hard on the bit. The thumping of the plug in his rear had blended into a constant source of stimulation, so constant it was almost numbing. Almost. If he focussed on that, and biting ever harder on the bit, his senses could override the dizziness. Sputnik also noticed how much harder his left limbs were working, being on the inside of the circle and supporting all of his weight and centripetal force. He pressed on like the racehorse he knew he was.

Suddenly his left back hoof squeaked against the floor, twisting slightly as it pushed the sprinting stallion on. Sputnik’s steady clopping rhythm had a hiccup. Half a circle later, his right front hoof slipped too, another hiccup. All at once, both of his left hooves twisted out from under him, and the black leather horse wiped out hard, spinning and sliding to a stop to the sound of uproarious laughter.

The blushing stallion slowly and shakily got back up on all fours, the fall had knocked the breath out of him. Ian and a couple of the other handlers were still laughing as Alden approached the stunned horse. He had an amused twinkle in his eyes.

“Hey, you alright stud? That was quite the tumble!” Alden stroked his neck, and took the reins guiding him over to a mat to let him rest for a moment.

“Man, that wasn’t just a tumble!” Ian guffawed. “That was a spectacular wipe-out! I hope Rich’s cameras caught that!”

Alden rolled his eyes, petting Sputnik gently. “It’s ok, boy,” he soothed. “You were fine. We should have stopped sooner. You are quite the sprinter!”

Sputnik huffed proudly. He was a fast horse.

“But I have to admit, that was very entertaining,” Alden chuckled. “You were huffing and drooling so heavily during your sprint it was only a matter of time before you slipped on it… Wet leather doesn’t grip linoleum very well at high speed.”

Sputnik squealed in embarrassment, whipping his head around in time to see Ian wiping the floor around the post with a mop!

“Yeah, the spit was flying… It was hot.” Alden purred in his ear. Sputnik nickered and gave a nuzzle. It elicited another laugh from Alden. The entire front of Alden’s shirt was soaked with his horse slobber! Sputnik whimpered, wanting to sink through the floor. Alden just shook his head, pulling the shirt off his body and using it to wipe up the mess on Sputnik’s chin, chest and front hooves.

The horny stallion couldn’t help but eye his handler’s toned torso, and strong looking arms. His chest had neatly trimmed hair, in a wide fan across his pecs. Solid lats tapered down to a slim waist, with a cute navel surrounded by soft-looking hair. Sputnik could only stare, wanting so much to nuzzle into it. His cock twitched as much as it could in its ever hard state.

“Stand here,” Alden said as he walked over to confer with the others. Sputnik stood like he had before with his head straight, legs apart, and his back arched. He couldn’t quite hear what the handlers were discussing, but he did see them glancing at him frequently. No doubt checking on his posture, the bored stallion huffed to himself. He didn’t mind waiting so much, not now that he had a clear view of Alden’s backside. Sputnik could stare at him all day, lulled by the hypnotic sway of his hips, the enticing smoothness of his back, and of course that fuckable bubble butt that filled out his jeans. Every now and then the man would turn enough to treat the drooling stallion to a glance of his bulge. It took all his willpower not to just strut over and give that a firm nuzzle.

“I don’t want to have to mop the floor again!” Ian whined. Alden and the other handlers turned and broke into amused chuckles. Sputnik stood still, blushing with embarrassment knowing he must have been drooling heavily. He hated the bit! How the hell was he supposed to wear this for a show?

“Easy there boy. You can relax now.” Alden’s words were like music. Someone else mentioned a time of 16 minutes and 3 seconds. Sputnik immediately clip-clopped over and nuzzled at Alden’s side pocket.

Alden laughed.

“Awwww, he knows where I keep the apples!” He reached into his pocket and pulled a couple of apple slices out of a bag, and fed them to his horse. “And he knows he deserves them too. Good boy!”

Sputnik stomped his foot, huffing cockily. Damn right he deserved the apple slices! He also deserved to be collected, and his balls were aching for it. He wasn’t about to wait a whole nother day. He strutted before Alden, twitching his cock and nodding his head firmly against the man’s thigh.

Alden chuckled softly, shaking his head in amusement. His arms were crossed and he stood with his hips cocked out to one side. Sputnik could tell he was aroused, he was always good at telling when a guy was turned on by him. Emboldened, he sauntered away a couple steps just so he could flick his tail and show off some more. He’d turn back around and pace closer all puffed out like a peacock. At least that was his plan until Ian stepped up with his leash.

“Alright then hot stuff, you’ve got an afternoon of cart training ahead.” Ian ushered the dazed stallion out the door. Before the door closed, Sputnik got one last glimpse of Alden adjusting himself trying to act non-chalant, the casual smirk on his face did little to hide the blush and sparkle of need in his eyes.

The simulated cart training was harder today. Sputnik swore both the incline and weight had been increased, and that Ian wasn’t watching the clock. By the end of the oh-so-very-generous hour and a half, Sputnik was ready for a nap. And maybe a dose of Ibuprofen for the headache induced by how that cursed bit had been pulling at his mouth. At least he’d gotten used to his own constant drooling… Of course Ian had other plans. After giving the horse a short breather, it was back to the treadmill.

Sputnik rolled his eyes in annoyance as Ian unhitched him from the treadmill, and slowly walked him down the hall. He stopped to talk to Rich, and answer a message on his tablet. When they got to the feeding room, he even took his time filling the trough! Sputnik stomped his hoof impatiently. He was tired and hungry! The handler was being lazy on purpose, he knew it. The stallion was looking forward to some Ian-free leisure time. Maybe there’d be another baseball game on the sports channel.

Surprisingly, the lounge was empty tonight. There was some Discovery Channel program about tropical wildlife. Sputnik sprawled on the matt and dozed sporadically. This must be what “off days” are like for pets, he thought to himself. Boring, frustrating, lonely, and powerless to do anything about it. He groaned into the cushion. It had been a long day and he was ready to hit the hay. Speaking of hay, wasn’t it about time for that?

Sputnik raised his head, looking towards the door. The clock showed he’d been in the lounge for almost two hours! Surely the stallion hadn’t been forgotten? With another groan he got up to his hooves and carefully walked himself back to his room. Despite his tiredness, he couldn’t get comfortable enough to fall asleep. He sighed through his bit, and waited for it.

CREEEAAAAAKKK…! Sputnik started by the sound of the heavy wooden door. He whipped his head around to see Alden closing the door behind him.

“Woah boy! Easy now, it’s just me!” Alden spoke calmly, gently taking the end of Sputnik’s reins and reeling the startled stallion closer. “That’s it. Good horsey.” He hugged him, stroking the back of Sputnik’s head.

Sputnik was happy to get to be close with his handler at last. He’d been wanting him so badly. He let out a contented whine. Alden patted his back.

“I know, I know. Today’s been a little hectic around here for the show preparation. So much in fact that we never got around to your photos.”

Alden looked him full in the eyes. “It’ll be quick, I promise.”

A whimper escaped Sputnik’s throat, as he nodded and followed his handler. They made their way into another room like the one Sputnik slept in. This one however was brightly lit, and the sleeping matt had been replaced with a lightly padded table. Two men wearing lab coats were waiting.

“There we are!” One of them said when Alden and Sputnik approached. “Let’s get these photos! But first we need to get our star ready!” He and the other man began to rub Sputnik all over with cloth rags, cleaning and shining the leather. They even removed the bridle and bit to shine up. Alden also helped with the cleaning, shining the hoof pieces and shoes. One of the men started brushing his mane and tail with different brushes until they were sleek and shiny.

“Ok, looking good. Let’s take a few test shots.”

Alden helped Sputnik onto the table. “Just stand like you did before, legs aparts, back arched, and look straight ahead.”

The two men in lab coats began circling the table with their cameras clicking. They swooped in for a few close-ups of his hooves, tail, and cock.

After a few minutes, they stopped to review and discuss the pictures with Alden.

“These are fine. Let’s get some with the tack, and then we’ll get some different poses with a warmer light.”

The bridle was eased over his head, and the bit placed between his teeth. Several new pieces of gear that Sputnik hadn’t seen before were brought over and were rubbed down before being fastened in place. It was all the matching set in oxblood red with silver hardware. A harness was fastened to his chest, and a saddle was placed on his back. Blinders were applied, as well as a plume. Photos were taken as each new piece was added. Finally, the photographers seemed satisfied. They began to change some of the lights. Alden stepped up to the fully dressed horse.

“Doing good. You look so hot in this getup.” Alden praised, easing the bit out of Sputnik’s mouth to give him a couple of sugar cubes. “They’re going to have you do a few poses, but it won’t be too much longer.” Sputnik nodded, nuzzling Alden’s hand as the sweet treats dissolved down his throat. The saddle was heavy, and he was still feeling the workout from earlier. The shoot did seem to be going quickly, so the stallion wasn’t too concerned as the bit was replaced and the photographers stepped back towards the table.

They had Sputnik lift his legs as if he was walking, had him turn his head one way then the other. They had Alden hold the reins at various heights as if he was riding from a cart. Sputnik began to feel horny again as he watched Alden review each pose. Feeling the heat from the saddle, the lights, and the lust from his churning balls, the horse started panting a little harder. This caused him to drool even more heavily than normal.

“Oh yeah, that’ll be great for these shots!” The camera guy said upon noticing the flustered stallion’s slobbering. “Absolutely perfect… Look at me. Huff like you’re about to charge!” The camera clicked away as Sputnik followed direction. It wasn’t hard to act when his frustration was very real. His cock was leaking pre just as heavily as his mouth.

“Excellent… Now puff your chest out, arch your back a little tighter.. Nose up, like the proud fucker you are.” More clicks. Sputnik strutted on the table, making a huge mess. The photographers goading him on. At long last, they got all the pictures they needed. The lights were turned off, and the three conversed as they reviewed the photos.

“Wonderful model here, Alden. We got all that done in less than 20 minutes! We could use any or all of the material we just shot.” The lead photographer commented. “He’s a natural!”

Alden looked over at his blushing, drooling, leaking horse with a proud smile. “Yes he is. He’s a fine horse. I’m sure you’ll be working with him again.”

“Yeah, well we’re working the show tomorrow, so we’ll see ya then.” The photographers turned to pack up their equipment as Alden placed a bowl of water on the table. Sputnik drank greedily as Alden began removing the saddle, blinders, and plume.

“Good boy, you’ve earned it,” Alden cooed. The water was cold and had some small ice cubes in it. The refreshing coolness was just what the stallion needed after being under the hot lights and heavy saddle. He certainly wasn’t tired anymore. All the lights, the attention, the sugar rush, and his horniness had really revved him up.

Sputnik’s cock was at full attention again. He leaned heavily against Alden’s shoulder with a needy whinny. Alden grinned.

“Those sugar cubes are something, aren’t they.” It was a statement, not a question. “They’re not just sugar.” Alden’s grin had a menacing tease to it. “ They were developed to give a boost of energy, and they do have an aphrodisiac component. Unlike regular sugar though, there’s no crash after the rush, though it does have a relaxing effect. Perfect for photoshoots.”

Sputnik whined. It made sense now. He was so horny! All he could do was whine pleadingly and beg with his eyes. Alden gave the stud’s cock a flick.

“The show’s tomorrow. You’ll get a nice thorough collection afterwards.”

Sputnik almost cried. He’d go mad before then! His handler took him by the reins.

“Desperate, are we? Well, you’ve been a good boy. And you’re blue-balled as it is. I suppose we can take the edge off. Do you trust me?”

Sputnik nodded. Of course he trusted Alden!

“Very well…” Alden clipped the reins to the hook and sat down on the table, he hugged Sputnik so his head was resting on his shoulder and their chests were supporting each other. The horse was happy to lean against his handler, feel his breath, smell a trace of sweat through all the leather. He felt his lover’s hands run down his back. The zipper at his tail was carefully unzipped.

He held his breath. He knew where this was going, and it made him nervous enough to hesitate. All the horseplay aside, he was primarily a top. He was not used to being on the receiving end of butt stuff. At the same time, if he was ever going to do anything like this, the only one he’d feel right with was Alden. Right now, he was almost too horny to care. Almost.

Alden paused, as if reading his horse’s thoughts. He patted Sputnik’s rump.

“Woah there, you’re alright. Breathe deeply and slowly, and don’t think about it. You’ve got a nice bit to chew on too. I’ve got you. Just breathe.” Alden gave a kiss on the side of his neck between each word, quickly soothing the nervous stallion.

Sputnik leaned into him more heavily, biting harder on the thick bit in his mouth just as was suggested. Time seemed to stop as the huge tailplug stuffing his butt was pushed gently against his prostate, then slowly pulled back until he felt a stretch. Just as the stretch was noticed, it was pushed back in, grinding against his prostate gland.

Fuck, it felt so strange. But it also felt… Nice? It had been years since he’d been fingered, and that had just felt awkward. But this was different. Maybe it was the fact that the plug was about the size of a fist, and that he’d acclimated to it over the last couple days. Or maybe it was because he was so pent up and horny. Or maybe it was being with Alden.

“Shhhhh, see boy? It’s ok.”

Sputnik gasped, sputtering like he did with that bit. He was still frustrated, he felt like a balloon that stubbornly wouldn‘t pop. The pressure just seemed to keep building in him. All he wanted was to reach down and finish himself with just a couple strokes… He reared his head back with an anguished, frustrated growl. The thing in his ass was just so slow!

With a stomp, the horny stallion settled back down. Leaning all his weight on Alden, breathing deeply, and working the bit some more. Down below it was just the same slow grinding of his sweet spot by the massive plug.

Alden said nothing. He kept the horse close, kissing him on the neck, watching and listening carefully as the stallion was brought closer. His cock was dripping like a broken faucet all over the table. Alden was hard and leaking too, but he could wait. Sputnik needed some relief.

Being as inexperienced as a bottom, Sputnik didn’t know when it over. He just felt horny, stuffed, and about to burst one moment, the next he felt horny, stuffed, and not like he was about to burst. There was no sudden satisfying release like the orgasms he was used to pulling out of his cock.

His only clue that it was over was when Alden stopped plug-fucking him, and zipped his ass back up. He hugged the still-frustrated stallion.

“Feel better now?” He whispered.

The horse cocked his head, confused until Alden pointed to the table. Sputnik’s eyes went wide at the huge mess of his own fluid. All of that, and he hadn’t felt it? And he was still horny!? Horny but relaxed in a weird dialectical way. His mind raced as Alden gently lead him back to his room, took off the bridle, and helped him settle in for the night.

“Get some rest, love,” Alden said as he snuggled on the matt with his horse. “We’ve got a show tomorrow.”

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  1. Another great part! Glad to finally lean Mascot’s name and appearance. Sputnik is a natural for a horse, just like Mascot is for a dog. Can’t wait for more!

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