Caught in the Act

By Cutieboy90

Cutieboy90“Hey man, I’m gonna shower. Don’t start the laundry yet.” Tony called down the hallway.

“Got it!” I hollered back.

I sat still, waiting for the sound of running water. Holding my breath. The seconds dragged by, as if time had just stopped. Even my heart seemed to slow…

Until at last the rush of water and the clang of the shower door closing signaled the start. This was the cue I’d been waiting for. Like a racer starting at the sound of the buzzer, I was off. Swiftly and silently like a panther stalking its prey, I was down the hall towards the laundry room in an instant. And there, piled in the hamper was Tony’s laundry. A whole week’s worth of worn gym socks and night shirts just waiting to be savored.

I knelt down, taking a particularly fresh-looking sock and bringing it to my nose.

“Mmmmm…” I could never help the initial moan, nor the swoons I felt when breathing Tony’s sweat and musk. There was a sort of spice to his scent, so masculine. I could detect hints of the trees from the park trail he liked to run through, the funk of his shoes, even a faint touch of the Irish Spring soap he used.

I sighed an exhale. Tony was my roommate, we’d been friends for many years, yes. But this infatuation with his dirty clothes was a recent thing I still struggled with. I’m not entirely sure what happened to make me start lusting over him, but I remember when and where I noticed.

We had been at the gym a few months ago. Post workout. Toweling off in the locker room. He’d forgotten his deodorant and he had worked up quite a sweat. I guess something triggered inside of me, because from that moment on my dick got hard thinking about his socks and t shirts.

Which leads us to now. As I sneak through his laundry during a short window of time while he showered. I still had a few minutes more to enjoy. I dug through the hamper, finding a faded grey t shirt. I held it up, picturing it on Tony as he did his bench presses. I closed my eyes and leaned into the inanimate cotton-blend garment. Again, my senses exploded. I could smell the gym, the sweat, Tony’s hard work. My cock throbbed in my shorts, stretching my trunks and soaking a spot with pre.

Three long breaths.

Four long breaths.

I could happily sit here all day. But I knew time was running out. My signal would be the abrupt stop of the shower. That would be my cue to stop fantasising and run back to reality. But for now, the water was still rushing. I still had some more time.

I rooted through the hamper for another sock. Maybe if I was lucky I’d find one he’d worn today. That’s when something caught my eye. Laying on top of the washer was another small pile of Tony’s clothes. A few socks, his basketball shorts, and… Sitting atop it all, perched like the holy grail, was a pair of plaid boxers. My dick strained like a hungry dog on a leash. I hadn’t thought about Tony’s underwear before, but now with the opportunity right there. I quickly grabbed the blue and white patterned shorts, and pressed them to my face. They were soft, like cotton is when it’s been worn in. So soft, and still warm!

They smelled like Tony. It wasn’t like the funky socks, or the t shirts with hints of soap or deodorants. The boxers were stronger, more concentrated with Tony’s smell. Sweat, yes. Musky, yes. But there was something else, something I wasn’t quite sure I knew, but it was intoxicating. I reached down, and with only a couple strokes shot my load into my own shorts.

As I continued to fill my lungs with my roommate’s divine scents, a piece of paper fluttered to the ground. In my post-orgasm haze, I didn’t think too much about it, as I tucked the boxers under my chin and reached down for the paper. Probably a dollar bill, or a receipt that fell out of the pocket. Until I remembered that underwear didn’t have pockets.

As I looked at it through my half-closed eyelids, I could see it had writing. The words jolted me out of my blissful stupor. It was Tony’s handwriting: “Thought you might like to try sniffing these this time. Enjoy. T”

I felt like I was turning to stone. Frozen. All coherent thoughts screeching to a halt as I stared at the note.

He knew!?

My hands dropped to my sides, still clutching the sock, the t shirt, and the boxers. I suddenly realized that the water had stopped. I needed to get out of there before Tony really caught me!

With a rush of adrenaline, I stuffed the undergarments back into the hamper, folded the note into the boxers and turned to go back to my room to change into some clean trunks. But there was something in my way.

“Hey bud.” It was Tony. With a towel around his waist, hair still damp, leaning casually against the door. His toned chest and arms on full display, those broad shoulders gleaming with the residual steam. His deep brown eyes flicked down to the wet spot at the front of my shorts, then back up to my face. He didn’t look angry, but I was still petrified.

I stared at him for what seemed like forever. He just gazed back, one eyebrow slightly raised. His arms were crossed loosely, and he leaned on the doorframe, in a way that made his hip stick out. I couldn’t help but follow that seductive curve down from his waist, past his hip and thigh, all the way to his feet. I’d been caught, and I had no idea what to say.

“Hey,” Tony finally said in his husky, mild Chicago accent. “My eyes are up here.” There was a light tease in his tone, as he usually was the jokester. I couldn’t bring myself to meet his gaze..

“Hmmm…” Tony continued. “I guess it’s a bit beyond that at this point, huh? I mean if you’re sniffing my clothes and all…” He trailed off, seeming to search for what to say next. I meekly looked up from his feet as he stepped toward me. He picked up the boxers.

“You saw my note. So why not enjoy yourself?” He held the boxers out to me.

“Uhh… Tony, I…”

“Shhh, it’s alright,” Tony rested his hand on my shoulder. “I told you to enjoy yourself.”

“But… I-I…”

“C’mon then, you don’t have to explain. In fact, I don’t want you to say anything at all.”

With that, he gently but firmly began to stuff the boxers into my mouth.


“Relax bro, I got this.” He said with a wink.

His boxers tasted the way they had smelled; delicious. I couldn’t deny that, nor help the way my body responded. My dick was hard again, and I felt weak in the knees.

“Come on, you can take it…” Tony was stuffing as much of the cloth in as he could, pushing it in farther and farther until I was gagging. My mouth was only so big.

“Hold it now…” Tony reached down for a sock, which he tied around my head securing the underwear in my mouth. My jaw was already sore from being so stretched.

“Mmm hmmph, mmphm…”

“Shhhh, hush. Just take it, and enjoy this. We both know you do like it…” Tony reached up toward the shelf above the washer, putting his massive lats and pits on display. I quickly adjusted myself, and began to feel for the knot holding my gag in place. But Tony had found what he was looking for.

“Oh no, bro!” He grabbed my hands away and pinned me between him and the wall. “Don’t be like that, here…” He had gotten down a roll of medical tape from the shelf, and now started to tape my arms and hands behind me. My struggles were useless against his might and superior musculature.

The flavor of his warm, musky boxers on my tongue and the whiffs from the sock tied under my nose were starting to have their full effect on me, despite having shot a load already, my dick was stirring and aching to go again. Now taped up and helpless while my crush manhandled me wearing nothing but a towel…

“HmmPhHHH…!” I huffed my frustration. Tony had taped my ankles, and now stood before me, hands on my shoulders. He was gauging my reaction as he bit his lip ponderously and giving my shoulders slow alternating squeezes.

“So you like this stuff huh…” He mused aloud. He looked down and watched my dick press out against my shorts. I felt my face flush with a combination of lust and embarrassment. What was Tony going to do now that he’d discovered my dirty secret?

Tony reached over to the still-unwashed laundry piled in his hamper and pulled up a very ripe looking sock. I could only watch helplessly as he brought it up to my face and pressed it over my nose.

I moaned as I breathed its scent. All footstink. All sweat. All Tony. It was a heaven-sent, all natural aphrodisiac that instantly made my knees weak and my blood rush to my cock. “Mmmmmmmm…”

My eyelids fluttered as Tony caressed the sock against my face. I could see him watching me curiously, clearly entertained. He replaced the sock with a t shirt, then another sock, then a pair of compression shorts, taking time to make me breathe them in.

Unfortunately most of the shirts and socks weren’t as deliciously disgusting as they could have been, having aired out a little over the week. After a couple neutrally appealing shirts, I began to emerge from the trance and my dick began to soften and my brain began to think again.

“MMPHH! HM PHHMmmFF MPH mmMM…!” I twisted away from the tank top being held to my nose. I’d learned my lesson now not to go sniffing through my roommate’s laundry, and I wanted him to untie me and let me get the jaw-aching gag out of my mouth.

“Wha-?” Tony looked surprised. “Ah ah, don’t be like that now bro. I was just seeing what you like.”

“FMMMPH!!” I found my balance on my taped ankles, and managed to hop out from between Tony and the wall.

“Hey man, there’s no need for that.” Tony grabbed my shoulder. “Come back here, you little sock-sniffer!”

I twisted out of his grip and shuffle-hopped a couple paces toward the laundry room door, trying to break the tape binding my wrists. How was it that this tape was so easy to break with your fingertips, but seemingly impossible when it was wrapped around your limbs!?

“Enough.” Tony dropped the socks, and cooly and calmly pinned me against the doorframe. “Calm the fuck down, hot-head.” His casual tone belying the strong grip and intimidating stance he’d taken. His strong arms and powerful, still bare chest filled my field of vision. Now crushed between the doorframe and Tony’s muscle, escape was a lost cause as I was smothered in his armpit.

“Mmmmmph!” Freshly showered, Tony’s armpit was still warm and smelled faintly of soap. The hair was thick and soft, and I could feel how solid his left pectoral was against my cheek. Like a fucking marble slab, only with a heartbeat.

Tony wordlessly kept himself pressed firmly against me as I struggled for air. Only when I started to feel faint and was only whimpering meekly did he ease up. Holding my head against his naked torso gently, caressing my hair like a lover.

“Better?” He asked after a few minutes. I nodded, nuzzling his nipple. “Good. Cuz we’re not done yet.” With that, Tony hoisted me over his broad shoulders like a sack of flour and carried me down the hall. I bucked. He firmly slapped my butt. I stopped struggling.

Halfway down the hall, his towel came loose and slipped off his body, treating me to a view of his bare ass. I watched his glutes pump as he took the final strides into his room.

“HHHFFFF!” I was knocked breathless as Tony dropped me onto his bed. Taking advantage of my daze, he removed my shirt and shorts and then quickly retaped my hands into a boxtie behind my back. He then taped my ankles and hogtied me with the rest of the roll. I caught a glimpse of his thick flaccid tool before he pulled on some boxer-briefs and a pair of basketball shorts.

I pulled against the strict hogtie, finding I could barely move. I craned my neck, watching Tony’s back as he pulled on a shirt, and brought a pair of clean socks over to the bed. He sat down with a sigh, and teasingly pulled the socks onto his feet one at a time. Then he took his time putting on his shoes too.

He winked and walked over to his closet, swaying his hips in a cocky flirtatious manner. I felt my boner return in an instant. Tony bent over, putting his beefy bubble butt on display, the nylon fabric of his shorts falling smoothly over the curve of his glutes like a liquid, gleaming with every movement. I humped slightly as he rummaged for whatever he was looking for. Let him look. Let him search for many minutes, I prayed as I ground against the bed.

Tony finally pulled out a large orange duffle bag, and sauntered back over to me with a gleam in his eye. I looked nervously from his face, to the bag, to his crotch, unable to keep my gaze in one place.

“You’ve never seen this before,” Tony patted the orange duffle. “Because it’s my old travel bag. See, the black one broke and I’m using this one again.”

It took me a moment to figure out what he was talking about. Travel bag? What black duffle did I ever see him… Oh. Shit.

Zzzzzip! The stench hit my nose almost immediately as the zipper was touched. It was Tony’s hockey gear! Fuck! My dick throbbed painfully, and my mouth suddenly wasn’t dry.

Tony lifted the orange hockey bag, and dumped the contents out next to my head. My lungs burned. My nose couldn’t decide whether to recoil or advance.

“Heh, maybe now you’ll enjoy yourself?” Tony smirked as he arranged the assortment of pads, supporters, socks, compression shorts, and cups into a wall around my head. He turned his skates so the opening of the boots were facing my nose. They were particularly putrid. Everything was rank and ripe, with a somewhat stale quality reminiscent of the ice rink and locker rooms.

I whined as he placed some exceptionally sick looking socks and a jockstrap under my head like a pillow. His firm grip on the back of my neck guided my nose into the funky throes.

“That’s it, buddy. I told you to just go with it and enjoy yourself.” Tony sat on the bed, occasionally finding another rank piece of clothing to add to the pile. “I’ve actually known your little secret for a while. It was like a month ago, I forgot my razor and I saw you reveling in the laundry room. Heheh…” He squeezed my calf muscle affectionately.

“I’m going out for a while, but I think this’ll keep you entertained.” Tony stroked my head, and after pushing all his ripe hockey gear closer to me, he swaggered out the door.

All I could do was watch silently, my arms already feeling strained. My mouth was sore and stretched uncomfortably around his thick cotton boxers. My brain was swamped in dopamine and oxytocin, and my cock was leaking profusely. I rested my head in the nest of well-worn gear, letting the picante swirls of funk, sweat, and testosterone drown my senses.

Tony came back after a few hours. He’d clearly had a workout, and as he entered the room I could smell his sweat.

I bucked my body, lifting my head out of the pile of his dirty hockey gear, looking up at him pleadingly. He just smiled, and took his time making his way over to me. He flexed his arms and chest as he did so. Finally, he stood over me, his hands on his hips.

“Looking good, pal.” He said, eyes sweeping over my body. “Looking very good, actually… Having fun yet?”

“Mmmmmmmm…” I moaned in delirium and humped my hips. I felt drunk from lust. And beyond horny, having not been able to get enough friction to cum against the mattress.

Tony gave my butt a friendly swat, then sat down on the bed next to me. He slowly removed his shoes. He leaned against the wall resting his socked feet on my back, their weight inhibiting my thrusts and movement even further. My body ached from being hogtied for so long. I turned my head and watched as he rubbed at his thighs and teased at his bulge. Our eyes locked, and he gave me a wink. With a coy smirk, he reached across the bed and picked up my t shirt and took a slow, audible sniff. He rubbed at his boner through his shorts, moaning into the pits of my shirt.

He started to fish his dick out of his shorts. I felt his heel move up my shoulder. Before I got to see Tony’s manhood, his rank, musty foot clad in a damp sock obscured my vision and stole my senses as it pushed against my face.

“MMMPHHH!!” I whined. Tony’s broad sole crushed into my nose, and his other foot pressed on the back of my head for a moment before snaking its way down my shoulders, down my back, and bumped against my ass.

I nuzzled into his foot, my head spinning with the scent of his sweaty socked foot. I could hear his muffled moans as he stroked himself. Suddenly, his other foot jammed beneath my hips and for the first time in hours I had something to hump against.

With all the pheromones, and having been horny for so long, it was only a matter of seconds before I shot my load on Tony’s foot. Bucking in my hogtie, and muzzled by Tony’s boxers, sock, and foot, my orgasm was muffled into silence. My lungs burned for some fresh air, but Tony kept his foot pressed firmly to my face. I could hear him jerking himself faster.

“Mmm, oh yeah… Fuck, dude. Just… Oh! FUCK!” I wanted to watch Tony cum, but I could only listen and struggle against the tape and his foot. My imagination went wild as I pictured him shooting his load onto his pubes while he huffed and pressed his face into my used t shirt. Thanks to the proximity of his ripe feet and socks, I only got a faint hint of a whiff of his cum before he sat back and rested for a few minutes. When he finally got up and left to clean himself up, I was fast asleep.

I woke up the next morning. I had been untied, ungagged, and was tucked into my own bed. I looked around, wondering if I had dreamt the activities of the previous afternoon and I sighed to myself and stared at the ceiling. I glanced over at my nightstand to check the time, but saw a folded up t shirt of mine. I took it in my hands. It reeked of sweat and of Tony. A long trail of dried cum fanned out along the side and sleeve. A piece of paper fluttered out of the garment into my lap. It was a note in Tony’s handwriting:

“Had fun, perhaps we can do this more often now that we both know how much you like it. Help yourself to the socks and jocks in the hamper. T.”

The End.


Metal would like to thank Cutieboy90 for this story! To see more from Cutieboy90, check out his page on Pornhub.


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