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OK fuckers, listen up. This is important. Really important. In fact, I think this might be the most important blog posting I have ever put up here on Metalbond. I mean it. It has to do with the use of clips versus locks. Here’s the problem I am having: There are far too many men out there doing ineffective bondage with stupid, worthless CLIPS that can be un-clipped by the prisoner whenever he wants, rather than using LOCKS that cannot be undone without a key.

Bondage with clips makes no sense whatsoever. It’s like driving to the mall on a busy Saturday afternoon and locking your car doors, but leaving all your windows rolled down. What’s the point?

Take the picture below, for example:

Clips vs locksYeah, the guy is smoking hot and he looks great with his hands behind his back. But look a bit more closely at the way he is restrained. All he has to do is use his hands to unclip the clips, and he is free. What fun is that? This is not real physical restraint. It is play-acting!

Here are more examples of hot men who are “restrained” with inadequate, non-secure clips:

Clips vs locksClips vs locksThe men in the pictures above were restrained by lazy tops who don’t know what the fuck they are doing, or who don’t care. Is this any way to treat a prisoner? No. Fuck no. If they had been bound with PADLOCKS rather than clips, these would be some very hot predicaments, indeed!

Are you catching my drift here?

Another thing to keep in mind, is that if you do use locks, you also have to know HOW to use them. Some guys use their padlocks ineffectively, because either the restraints themselves are not locked on, or the restraints are locked on but then they are secured with clips. Remember that if you are using leather restraints, those have to LOCK ON, as well! Take these pictures, for example:

Clips vs locksClips vs locksClips vs locksEven though padlocks ARE used in the scenarios shown above, all the guys in these pictures have to do is either unbuckle the leather restraints or unhook the clips and they are free! That is because there are not locks on both the restraints AND whatever is securing them. Again, this is an ineffective, unacceptable way to restrain a prisoner!

Then there is THIS heinous misuse of a padlock:

Clips vs locks

What the fuck does this padlock do? Absolutely nothing! It is not keeping the collar on, nor is it locked TO anything. Like tits on a bull, this padlock is just sitting there, being useless. What a waste of a good padlock!

From now on, everyone needs to start using real, locking PADLOCKS to secure the restraints and then lock them TO something. No more clips, only padlocks.

If you don’t HAVE padlocks, that is no excuse. Go to Home Depot, for chrissakes, where you can buy dozens of different kinds of locks, in all different sizes, shapes, colors and configurations. You can get multiple locks that all open with the same key. You can even get combination locks that all open with the same combination, or you can get combination locks that you can set your own combination into, and use over and over again.


Then once you are properly equipped you can do REAL BONDAGE, like THIS:

Clips vs locksClips vs locksClips vs locks

Notice how the restraints keeping these men captive are properly locked on, so the restraints can in turn be properly locked TO something. These men will not be able to get out of their predicaments on their own. They are true prisoners, locked and secure — the way it should be!

Clips vs locksClips vs locksI hope I have made myself clear. Any questions?

10 thoughts on “Clips vs locks”

  1. the most danger of this type of clip is they break at a little over 50 lbs. cheap padlocks break open and when in suspension hitting the floor while hanging upside down can kill. no one point suspension is safe.

  2. Well said !! Bravo !! I don’t even like leather manacles, even with padlocks. They can be ripped off by the prisoner with a knife or sharp edge of something. Iron or steel manacles are the real thing for real bondage.

  3. This is an interesting subject and its also interesting that its come up again when it was first posted 3 years ago.Must get around to looking at some more of the old posts.

  4. My definition of Bondage is: an inescapable predicament. So, yes, locks (including cages, cuffs, shackles and thumb cuffs) are the only way to go.
    Securing a guy for a flogging or E-stim is just that – securing him so he doesn’t squirm too much and gets hurt. That is not Bondage. So rope and clips may work there and look cool; however, they’re escapable, ergo no inescapable predicament.
    [Bondage isn’t Bondage ’til you want out]

  5. I use locks for all my bondage, self bondage included. Although I use a clip on one wrist restraint, dont want the keys too close;-)

  6. Using clips might be a safety measure in some tops minds but for me, that kind of safety doesn’t cut it. I want to know that whatever the bondage situation, there is no way in hell that I am getting out until the Master/Top decides it’s time.

  7. Yawn. I always put my subs in fist mitts and then clips are just fine. And I’ve never had a sub get out. Ever. And many have tried. I do agree that with hands free, clips are ridiculous. just as a hogtie with clips is the most asinine thing I’ve seen.
    Locks are a pain, because then I have to screw with unlocking them at the end of the scene.

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