Everybody needs to read this

Hey guys, this is really important, seriously.

Yet another one of us — “Spuds” — has apparently died in a play accident. I read about this on the blog of Rubber Canuck. Spuds is one of many others, including the men listed below, who have lost their lives in scene-related accidents:

James (Bodisama)

David (TieGuy) in the UK

Alejandro Bulaevsky (BikeRubber) found dead in full rubber in his NYC apartment

Bill (Bostoncuir)

David (Gummidawg)


Adrian Exley

I do not claim to have any firsthand knowledge of how any of the men listed above died. I only know what I have read online.

But it is really important that if you are playing with hoods, gags, breath restriction, or chemicals of any kind, that you know what the fuck you are doing. Yes, bondage and edge play can harden the dick, but don’t be careless with your life. Have a safety mechanism in place, a failsafe, a backup plan, a bondage buddy, whatever.


To read Rubber Canuck’s report on this latest incident involving Spuds, click here.

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