Male bondage: Cody Winter gets tied up and his ass destroyed

This is a video from 30 Minutes of Torment titled ‘Cody Winter Discovers New Torments and Lets out His Inner Painslut’

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In this video from 30 Minutes of Torment:

THE CHAIR – Cody is secured to a wooden chair before Van beats his tight body. Cody’s screams echo across the room, only to be drowned out by the loud smack of a crop hitting against his flesh. After such relentless corporal, can Cody handle the clover clamps gripping his balls and pulling at his nipples? THE PIT – Overhead ropes hold Cody in place atop a tire, and ball gag keeps him quiet while Van brutally flogs him from every direction. Cody has held himself together so far, but the addition of ball weights could send him over the edge. THE ASS STATION – For his final challenge, Cody takes a ride on the Bad Dragon Carousel. Each of the Bad Dragon Dildos in this massive rotating buffet is larger than the one before it, and they’re about to fill Cody’s tight hole. Cody stands over the carousel, and takes each dildo up his ass, while Van helps him along with the help of a crop and some clothespins. With his body battered and ass stretched, Cody can finally blow his load.

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Model in this shoot: Cody Winter

See the video here.

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