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Dore Bound by ty dehner

A NOVELLA – written by ty dehner


ty dehner books about male bondage“Good morning, Sir,” I said as I returned his kiss.

“You are the perfect toy to wake to in the morning.” Noted Rafael.

“I came down several times in the evening to check on you, and I was so excited to see you here, encased and helpless.  It was all I could do to go back to bed.  But you were sleeping so soundly and made me so proud yesterday.”

“I didn’t think I could ever sleep encased like this, Sir. I didn’t expect this at all.”

“I know I have taken some liberties with you, but I hope you know I only do it because I fucking enjoy having a toy to use, and you seem to need this.  You need to be used and controlled, pig, and I am sure you don’t regret anything I’ve used you for.”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Speak freely, toy.”

“I was not prepared to be used as a toilet last night or for you to shoot your cum in me.”

This seems to upset Rafael.

“Bullshit toy.  You never said to stop, and you better look at your fucking cock as you were hard, and I bet you have shot your load at least once since I put you in your place.”

Taking in what Rafael was stating to me, there was truth in what he said. I have been hard many times, even at the most intense and helpless times. And there is certainly my own cum trapped in the rubber that holds my manhood.

“You are a fucking toy to be used and abused.  And face it, I’ve been gentle with you.  Compared to what could’ve happened, you should be fucking grateful for how you have been used. You committed to me yesterday, and I only took you where you dreamed of going.  I fucking own you right now, and you are mine to use.”

Even though Rafael speaks firmly with me, he lightly strokes my rubber-covered body with his leather-gloved hand, providing me comfort and security.

“You might want out but won’t ask for it because you are being used just as you need to be used!”

With that, Rafael shocked my cock and balls, fuck, he always has the remote to that device!

With his face directly over me, he looks straight into my eyes.

“Now, what do you have to say?”

I catch my breath, “Thank you, Sir.”

He looks at me as if to know I should be thanking him royally. “You want out; you want to go home?”

Rafael looks at me, and I hesitate; part of me wants to rest, shower and return to my normal life. But this man has shown me things I only dreamed of, things beyond my imagination that were now real.

I could go home tomorrow, returning to my normal life, boring as it has been for many years.

“Well fuck toy?”

I pause, taking in my feelings and mindset and noting that my cock is rock hard and has been through Rafael’s complete statement and question of my future. I look at this man standing over me, wearing a black t-shirt, motocross pants and boots, his gloves gathered in front of his chest, slightly twisting in anticipation of my response.

“I am yours, Sir.”

As a smile grows on Rafael’s face, I can’t believe what just came out of my mouth behind the rubber hood that removes my face from his sight.

Lowering to me, Rafael deeply and passionately kisses me, his tongue slamming down my throat.  This man that is changing my life wraps his arms around me to hug me tightly. Rafael then lays down on the bed beside me, me still encased in rubber.

As Rafael strokes my body, he is silent as he allows me to explore the emotions of what I have just agreed to.

Lifting his head to rest on his hand, Rafael’s brown eyes look into mine, “Toy, I will let you out in a little bit.”

He kisses me again, “You have impressed me with your devotion to your service to me.”

Another kiss drives me mad; this guy is working his way into my mind by being so fucking gentle and loving, yet he was so sadistic and used me as a helpless rubber gimp.

“You will shower and clean up. We’re going to get dressed and go get some breakfast.  Then we’ll go to your hotel, check you out, and return your rental car. You will spend the rest of your stay here under my control.  Afterward, we’ll head into the city for Dore. “

“Yes, Sir.”

To further his control, Rafael lies on my chest, continuing to keep eye contact.

“Now, a couple of rules for when I let you out of your gear; do not fucking speak unless I ask you a question or give you a command that requires a response from you. And the only acceptable response will be Yes, Sir or Yes, Boss.”

Rafael uses his finger to outline my lips while slowly pushing his gloved finger between my lips, allowing me to suck on his digit.

“I have taken your wallet and will keep it until I release you.  Think about all that I have instructed you. If you hesitate about anything, you can get dressed and leave.  One thing you should know is that from this point on, I will do with you as I want.  You are an object for me to use, and you are here for my enjoyment.  This is not a fantasy, toy; this is your fucking life.”

I don’t even think about it. “Yes, Sir.”

“Good, now let’s get started.  We’re going to have a lot of fun today!”

Finishing my shower, I turn off the water and enjoy the freshness of my naked and now clean body.

Stepping out, I find that Rafael has provided me with a shaving kit and toothbrush.  I complete my clean-up and look into a mirror of a man that has just spent nearly a day helpless and encased in rubber as a toy to a Man that takes what he wants.

books by ty dehnerI look differently at myself as I remember what I have experienced. I down to look at my growing cock as I remember what I have experienced. Interesting that this small shower is connected to the room I have been captive in as long as I have been in Rafael’s house. There are no windows and only one door in the dungeon that he keeps locked when he is not with me.  Even though I am not in any bondage, I am still being controlled.

Walking out of the small bathroom to find the room empty; Rafael was not around.  A simple full leather hood and heavy handcuffs lay on the floor.  I am sure they are meant for me, so I kneel and work the hood on my freshly shaved head.  The hood laces up in the back and only has a nose hole.  There is no gag, just the feeling of leather tightening over my lips as I lace up the back of the hood.  A leather collar is attached to the hood, and I secure the collar and use the little lock hanging through the loop.

Then, I reached down and found the cuffs.  I put one on my left wrist, then put my hands behind my back and secured the other, making them secure but not too tight.  I remain kneeling, waiting for Rafael to return.  As I feel the pressure of my knees on the concert, my thoughts tell me that I just freely locked myself in this leather hood that I can’t see or yell from while locking my hands behind my back.  Fuck, Rafael is getting into my mind. He has me submitting to him without him.

It is a while before I hear the lock on the door snap open and the boot steps of Rafael walking into the room to find me kneeling.  The door is closed, and he comes closer, pausing; I feel Rafael’s presence before me. I can’t smell anything through the hood, and my hearing is slightly disabled.  I don’t know what to expect or what he thinks, but I am sure he is checking me out.  Naked and hooded before him, what does he want to do with me today?

I feel his leather-gloved hand gently touching my chin as he lifts my head, indicating me to stand.  I work myself onto my bare feet, and then he takes both his gloved hands and lightly touches and strokes my body.  Up and down my arms, my torso, lightly over my ass and smoothly over my hooded head.  Rafael enjoys exploring his helpless naked toy.  Then he brings me closer to him, and I feel his body in heavy leather, the leather’s coolness against my skin.  Rafael holds me tightly with his hands gently caressing my backside, occasionally gently sliding his gloved finger into my ass.

Here I am, helpless and naked, being hugged and snuggled by the leather Boss.  I hear the full leather creak under the hood as Boss moves slowly and gently with me.  Rafael then kisses the hood where my lips are, and I want to return his affection, but I cannot with my hands behind me and my lips under the leather.  I am hard and dripping, but that is the only way to show Boss how much I am into what we are doing.  I want this so much. This moment is such a simple use of bondage by the Boss. Yet, it fills my emotions fully as I struggle not to be able to return my pleasure of how Rafael is treating me.

Slowly, Rafael walks me backward and pushes me onto the bed. After free-falling onto the mattress covered with a leather sheet, the Boss climbs upon me, laying upon his naked toy with all his weight.  His knee finds my cock and balls as he applies pressure to them, and I moan in the hood as I am held tightly.  I hear Boss breathing near my ear as one of his hands works my tits gently.  I’m afraid my precum will stain his leathers, but I don’t think he worries.

“Pig, I better stop, or I’m going to want to fuck you again, and if I do, we will not get to things we need to get done today.”

I kiss him deeply from behind the leather that covers my lips.

“Fuck, you are evil.”, growls Rafael.

He stands and pulls me up from the bed. His gloved hands firmly place me in my dark, silent world in the middle of the room.

As I wait for Boss, I hear him moving about the room, pulling gear out.  No doubt he is preparing what I will be wearing this morning.  Soon I feel his leather-gloved hand on my shoulder, and he talks close to my ear.

“This morning, we will get you to check out of your hotel and then get some breakfast.  We are going to be on the motorcycle.  You will only take your fucking helmet off when I tell you to do so. You will be ordered to remove it when we are at the hotel to check you out and at breakfast.  First, you need to be put into this morning’s uniform.”

Rafael grabs my cock and balls, working them into a chastity device.  As the pieces that build the chastity come together, my cock begins to harden.

“Oh pig, you’re going to regret getting hard today.”

That is when I feel little spikes at the head of my cock and a small plug that enters my piss slit.  I moan into the hood that still covers my shaved head.  The Boss does a bit more work and then pats my cock and balls, and I feel the weight of the metal device and the small spikes that also prick my balls.

Happy with me now being locked, Rafael removes the hood, and I look down to see the heavy metal device is locked on my cock and balls.  I look at the Boss as he displays an evil smile.

Taking the device in his hand, he holds it snuggly as he speaks, “I love this device as it is something you try to control, but we know you get hard with all this gear and the more I control you.  So, you are going to feel all this today.”

Boss shakes the device trapping my manhood so that I feel helpless, “There are nice little spikes in the metal surrounding your balls, as well as spikes that will take care of the head of your cock.  In your piss slit is a small rubber tube that will allow you to piss later today but ensures you feel your position in life, a controlled, owned toy.”

He grabs my balls in the device.  “I will make sure you will be hard often today. The pants you are going to wear are going to be nice and tight.  You won’t believe how your cock reacts when you experience what it is like to wear your gear on the motorcycle.”

Stepping behind me, Rafael takes the cuffs and points to the bed, where a mound of heavy black leather is found.

“Fuck,” is all that I say after seeing the gear, then look at my Boss.

“Yes, pig, now get busy and get in your gear.  I’ll be back.”

With that, Rafael leaves the room and locks the door behind him.

I find a leather jock to put on, followed by a pair of heavy-weight black leather motorcycle jeans.  They are snug and come with a belt.  Under the pants, I find a harness that fits over my bare chest and torso, then a long sleeve leather shirt that I tuck into the jeans. I find no socks to put on, so my feet go into the leather-lined Wesco logger boots; that a while to put on by lacing up the 16” boots.

Pulling my leather jeans over the top of the boots, a pair of heavy leather chaps go on over the leather pants.

There is a vest with lots of patches on it.  The patches are biker theme, and some are rather intense. I’m not sure about wearing them, but I realize that I am not going to have a choice.  I then determine that the vest will be covered by a heavy Langlitz leather jacket that I zip up.

On the bed sits a full-face black Ruroc helmet next to gloves.  Lifting the helmet, I bring it to my head, taking in the scent of dried piss. My hesitation is slight; I know I must put it on, sliding it over my shaved head. The smell inside the helmet is intense.  I latch it up and slide my hands into the heavily armored gloves.

I look in the mirror and am amazed to see this leathered biker standing before the mirror. Unfortunately, it only serves to make me hard, and I feel that damn trap of a device on my cock and balls.

I kneeled, putting my hands behind my back, and awaited my Boss.  I can hear the leather creek as I slightly sway, waiting, watching the door.

Soon, Rafael enters the room. Grabbing a tall leather collar, the Boss installs snuggly around my neck. Having me stand on my booted feet, Rafael reaches up. He slides down a second shield in the motorcycle element that removes my view, putting me into darkness.

Attaching a chain to the collar, Rafael leads me out of the room, going straight to his garage. Immediately, Rafael climbs on his motorcycle as I follow, finding my place behind the Boss.

The bike starts to rumble, and I feel the vibration as my metal chastity causes a pleasant feeling, heightening my awareness of my trapped manhood. As the garage door opens, Rafael opens the dark shield so I can see again.  He pulls my hands around his waist. Putting the bike into gear, the morning comes to life with the roar of Rafael’s machine as we glide out of the driveway and towards my hotel room.

Excerpt from DORE BOUND

© Copyright 2023 ty dehner – All rights reserved.

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