Earn It Pup – Chapter 2

By Pup Shaggy

“Puppy…” he called. I was awake. Had been since the first time he called me, but was enjoying just lying there on that cushion, hidden in a short cage under his mattress… he’d have to come in and get me…

“Shaggy?” he called again. I murred a little. Still pretending to be asleep… but somehow he saw through me.

“I know your awake boy. Come on, up you get.” I groaned. Ah well. There’d be other times to play. So pulling myself up, I gave myself a stretch. I couldn’t sit up or kneel because of how short the cage was, and I still couldn’t see anything because of the bizarre pup hood gas mask I was wearing. The re-breather bag was still attached but I was too relaxed for it to really affect me. So instead, I reach out my hands and stretched that way. After that, I crawled over to the nearest side of the cage, following it around till I felt Alex’s hands. First went on the heavy chain leash as before through the bars and with a firm pull I was directed outside the cage through the gate as he unlocked it.

“There’s a good boy. Slept alright?” He asked me as I felt some fumbling with the hood. I barked – still no clue how audible it was through the solid rubber – as I felt a gush of fresh air into the hood as he removed the re-breather. The inside of the hood cooled instantly as the fresh air coaxed by lungs. I relaxed, feeling him pat me on the head and scratch behind the ears of the hood. A hand under the hoods nose pulled my head up facing what I assumed to be Alex, the tinted lens of the mask blanketing my vision with darkness. So I waited, no clue what I was looking at and why he wanted me to continue looking at it.

I sat there for a few moments waiting patiently… nothing happening, unable to hear anything… until Alex started to groan and grunt over me and out of the blue, a white dollop of cum landed on the lens of the mask making me jump. I backed away surprised, making the rest land on my muzzle. He’d wanked off again and once more, I’d been denied to even feel it. Although to be fair, I was certainly a lot closer to it this time than I was last night. I watched it slither down the lens leaving a trail behind like a snail.

I whimpered again, just to let him know I wanted it, I really wanted it, but he patted me calming my nerves.

“I know, I know. You have to earn it, remember?” and with that, using the lead, he pulled me away. The cum was right there… right there! But what could I do?

Still new to the layout of the house, I was obviously lost, figuring out which was the landing and which was the bathroom merely by the change of the material I crawled on: starting at carpet changing to wood and then finally to linoleum.

“Stay,” he ordered me and I felt the leash go limp and heard the chain pile on the floor… Then turning on the shower. Not being chained to anything was a nice change, perhaps he’d begin to trust that I wasn’t going to run off anywhere… And I was half tempted to run back to that cage and find that squeaky bone I’d found. Squish my nose against it; making it yelp, doing it again and again just so I got some attention from Alex… But the hood was still on so I was still visually challenged; knowing me I’d probably fall down the stairs head first. All I could see through it was the trail of cum that had been left as it slid down.

I had numerous crazy ideas to pass the time – one of which included finding the toilet and dunking my head in – but in the end, I spent too much time thinking that he was out again before I really had the chance. Or maybe I was getting good at this… waiting… and that realisation hurt me a little. I’m a pup! I don’t wait! At least not patiently!

So I started rolling around crazily when the shower turned off, remembering the sound of my name tag jangling. I was fairly certain he was watching me… Or I at least hoped he was. I quickly found out the layout of room as I rolled into stuff, first the toilet, then a sink, then a cupboard and a hamper… I was quickly working up a sweat. Eventually I had to stop to pant, which was only made longer and heavier with the pup-hood-gas-mask, the clicking of the air valve ringing in my ears.

I was lying there happily when two very wet hands came down on my belly rubbing me roughly, causing me to wiggle and laugh.

“What are you doing pup? Where do you get all this energy?” I barked up at him as if that would answer his question. And then again… and again and before I knew it he had to swat my nose to shush me. “Alright, alright. I’ve had my shower.” And the hands left my belly. I got on all fours, and looked in the direction I assumed he was at.

The hood fumbled and shifted again.

“Close your eyes Shaggy.” He pulled the ski-mask off, letting light flood in through the eye holes of the hood. I sat there, letting my eyes adjust to the light before finally opening and seeing my surroundings. I could see the bathroom clearly, but all I cared about was the tall, handsome guy kneeling on his haunches in front of me, a grin on his face. His meat was rock hard between his legs and looked even thicker then I remembered it to be. He kept smiling at me as I looked back at him… I couldn’t help but stare. I wanted to lunge at him and his cock. Feel it, smell it… But the hood stopped my face from getting near it and the mitts on my hands stopped me from being able to touch it.

This guy…..

“Down Shaggy.” He pointed at the floor in front of me, staring at his luminous green eyes. “All the way down.” Slowly I slid myself down on my belly, giving him the best puppy eyes I could muster as he came down on to his knees in front of me. He grasped his cock in his hand over me, the other keeping my head to the floor to make sure I didn’t move.

“I bet you still want this don’t you?” Instantly I whined. He moved a little forward, till the end of my muzzle was at his balls and he lay the cock on the top of my long nose. I stared at it, like it was a snake about to strike at me and bite. I watched the piss slit ooze out pre, letting it pool on my nose. I was this close. God damn it, this close! I whined again, lifting my head about an inch off the floor before that damned hand pushed me back down.

Once again, I was denied everything. To lick, touch, taste, even smell it. I was beyond frustrated. But I didn’t want to miss a second of looking at it. If this was all I was going to be allowed to do, I was going to enjoy every second of it. He must have really enjoyed this as well because he made no attempt to soften.

“You really want this cock don’t you puppy?” I whined in answer, afraid to move and make it slid off my nose and out of view. Oh god I was going to go mad. This wasn’t satisfying me enough, I wanted more. I needed more. And he knew it. This was all some crazy game for him; teasing me with it endlessly, building me up. Getting me to ‘earn it’. What the hell was I going to have to do to earn a chance to feel his cock? Hell, to smell it even!

I’d do anything, endure anything. And that was his plan. He knew what he was doing.

Or perhaps I was just really horny at this point for my brain to work. You be the judge.

But that was all I got. Satisfied, he took his cock away, slipped it away under a leather Jock-strap that could barely keep it contained; another way to tease and show off what he had. I lunged at the jockstrap, pawing at it like mad but it was too tight and I couldn’t even smell the jockstrap through the hood.

Now – happy I was still frustrated and horny – we were back downstairs. I was waiting in the kitchen, sitting in front of the back door. He’d taken off the hood completely now, which I was a little sad about but quickly found out just how different breathing had been, even without the rebreather. I’d received a good hug and scratch while he dried off and now he was upstairs getting changed. He’d left me lapping up from my water bowl that he’d moved by the back door, wrapping my lead around something so I couldn’t wander. Back in he strolled, bare chested but with dark blue work trousers. He knelt down with a ‘this is what’s going to happen’ look on his face.

“Right then,” he began. “You are going to go out for a piss, and by the back door out there will be these,” he showed me a pair of plain black boots that looked strikingly like army ones. The top half was fabric, but the bottom half for the foot itself was leather. They were dusty and muddy, but not excessively. Upon being presented with them, I had a pretty good idea of what was expected of me. “You are to lick them clean. Understand? These are my work boots, and I won’t be too happy if I go into work with dirty shoes. Plus I’d get in trouble with my boss, and you don’t want your handler being told off do you?” I shook my head from side to side. “Good pup. Now I do mean every spec of dirt. Even the treads. You won’t be coming back in till they’re spotless, and I’d hurry; it’s a little chilly out there this morning.” I looked from them to his eyes, to the boots again.

“Spotless. Kay Pup?” I nodded. “Good boy,” and he scratched me behind the ears. My real ears.

So here I was, back out into the garden, the thump of the boots being dropped by my side and the door shutting behind me…. And being locked… he wasn’t kidding about it being chilly. And I didn’t want to spend more time than I had to out here. I scanned the surroundings again – the neighbours, the fence – making sure I couldn’t be seen. Not that I had much choice: my hands were still mitted and my collar still was on, not to mention I still had the contents of my water bowl dripping off my chin and my stubble. Gulping down my fear, I found the same patch of grass as before and unloaded my bladder, crawling back to the boots to get started.

It was my first time licking clean actual boots. I mean, I had a pair myself but they weren’t as big… nor as hot as these. Neither were they actually ever dirty for that matter. His feet had to be at least size 12, maybe 14. And the treads were deep.

My assumption was that he was a builder, maybe a contractor as I’d seen him that one time yesterday… It only made sense the guy came with big smelly boots. But in my mind they’d be brown.

The problem I faced was that the dirt and dust wasn’t fresh; it was old and encrusted into the fabric. I had to work it pretty hard, using as mush spit as I could build to get it to soften before I could start to feel the grains of dirt on my tongue. I was expecting it to taste revolting… or maybe I’d hoped… wanting it to add to the humiliation and degradation… but it didn’t taste of anything. It was just so dry. Mostly I just didn’t want to upset him… or myself.

So I worked away, building up a lather of spit and working it into the caked in dirt. The pieces on the leather were easier to pry loose, although less easier to swallow; it always disintegrated in my mouth so it was more like eating clumps of sand. It made me thirsty pretty damn quick, and I was having more and more trouble working up enough spit to get it to come away. By the end, I was panting for real, panting with a dry tongue and mouth. And then I reminded myself I still had the treads to go.

I pushed over the boot with my nose, holding it still so I could evaluate my work. Mud, dirt and now stones were what welcomed me. I groaned to myself looking at it, and the same time murred as my cock got hard. God I’m a slut.

In went my face, squished against the sole of the boot as I worked my tongue in deep. It took me A LOT longer, most of it spent trying to work the stones out. I could sense Alex was watching me, I didn’t need to look up to know that. How I must have looked: my face up against a boot, hungrily eating away at the dirt and everything else he’d stepped in. I probably even swallowed a few of the stones by accident. I didn’t care though. I love boots, although I love other people’s boots more than my own.

By the time the door opened behind me, my mouth was bone dry and I seriously needed another drink. Plus the chilly air was staring to make me shiver and my teeth chatter. Alex came down again, picking up each boot in turn evaluating my work. He hadn’t changed and looked exactly the same as he had done, my leash already in his hand when needed. He looked down at me, giving me a grin… closing the door again without a word before I could get up. I lay there, cold and thirsty against the cold bricks of his patio. I pressed my ear to the door expecting to hear something, but the door was pretty cold too and I pulled back instantly. I wondered if I’d done a good enough job… watching the grass sway in the breeze.

My head bolted back again when the door swung open; the boots now being worn by their owner laced up tight, his trousers tucked away under the rim.

“In.” I wasn’t going to wait. I went straight to my bowl to lap up whatever was left, and this caused a chuckle from Alex.

“Alright pup, I got work to get to. Come ‘ere,” and he patted his leg inciting me to follow. I tried to quench my thirst as much as I could before following him. The lead back on, and you’d think I’d be fed up with it by now… But… It was odd; I liked being on the end of the lead… It meant I was always going to be close to him, by his side… controlled and led by him… Although perhaps he just had something I didn’t need to see…

Once more through the living room and in the hallway we stopped. Opening a cupboard he started rummaging around searching through what sounded like clothes. I sat there looking up at him curious.

And then he threw a shirt at me… and a pair of jeans. “These should fit you.” Was all he said. I looked at them, a little sad. The meet was over then, I guess. And although he’d came twice, I hadn’t once. Despite being at full mast the entire time. All hope of touching his cock went out the window there and then.

I glumly looked at the clothes in my lap… Slowly stretching the top open to put it on when I was stopped.

“Not yet boy. Wait.” Obviously he hadn’t finished deciding my outfit. Next came a jockstrap; small flimsy fabric, and it smelt… bad. It wasn’t something I’d normally wear, but when I realized my boxers had been torn to pieces yesterday when he’d pulled them off me. I weighed the options of upsetting Alex and going commando; or wearing this stained flimsy smelly thing…

I decided to just wear the jockstrap… even if it looked rough… it was still hot to me make to wear it. Lastly, two socks were thrown at me and the cupboard doors closed.

“Back upstairs, now,” and he swiped the clothes from my hands, pulling me up with the lead. He seemed a lot sterner now… maybe it was the build-up before work? Maybe was in a hurry? Maybe he’d just had enough of me… Whatever the reason, this was not the time to start being mischievous and playful, so we went back upstairs to his bedroom in silence. I finally got a good look at the cage I’d slept in; to realise there was actually two, each one hidden beneath the mattress occupying half of the king sized four poster bed. While one side was furnished with pillows and toys, the other was bare and empty… Not even a pillow to rest on.

Alex picked me up and tossed me onto the bed, retrieving a box from the end table coming back to me. I just lay there, now a little un-sure of where this was heading. He wasn’t grinning… at first. I think he planned not to, but the moment he looked at me and realised I was staring in a mix of anticipation and worry, he couldn’t help it.

“This is for you boy.” He showed me the box. This one was smaller than the one my collar was in. ‘Cock Trainer’ was written in bold font across the top, and it didn’t take much for me to guess what was inside. He had mentioned earlier about locking my cock up, but after last night? Being horned up the entire time? Teased with his cock and his seed? Frustrated? Hungry for more? I couldn’t. I just couldn’t. I instantly tried to turn and scamper away, only managing to roll over before he came down on me and clamped a hand over my mouth to silence my whimpers and my meagre struggling against his bigger body and his stronger arms. My struggles might as well have been me twitching because I hardly could move. I groaned, trying to plead to some sense in him, shaking my head but his hand held me firm and muffled all my attempts to communicate, his laugh echoing in my ears as he bent down resting his head on my shoulder.

“I told you I’d make you regret wanking off when I told you not to. This is your fault.” I stopped struggling. I mean, he did have a point, he told me not to wank. And I did… and not just once either… I’d lost count how many times I’d ‘been naughty’ over the last 2 weeks… But still…

With one last whimper, he shushed and kissed me.

“Hush pup. You know I can’t have you running about with your bone free, especially with how horny you must be. You’d be pounding every tail hole you’d find. There’d be pups everywhere.” He laughed again.

“I can’t trust you with your bone, and you may not be my pup yet, but this is your punishment. You’re a stray, a stray lost pup.” I whimpered loudly still trying to get away from him, But I knew what he was saying was all true. “You need to be controlled with a firm hand. And that hand will be mine.” He soon stopped laughing as my whimpering stopped being amusing.

“Stop it,” he said firmly pulling my head to its side. “Shhh. You need this. And you know it. You need my help for you to obey me.” I lay there panting and whimpering,

“Don’t you?” he said sterner, yanking my head back making me whince. What choice did I have?

“Yes Sir,” I said begrudgingly from behind his hand.

“Good boy.” And I got a rough slap to my cheek for my trouble. He rolled me over, pulling me by my feet to the bottom of the bed.

“Now I don’t know when we’re going to see each other again, if at all. But this, this…” and he pulled out the stainless steel metal device and wagged it at me so I could see it. I stared at him, he could see the lust in my eyes, the desire the want… and also the fear. The kinky bastard.

“This is what’s best for you. For any stray pup.” With that settled, he pushed my legs apart so my cock was open to him and started work. Of course I was rock hard and leaking pre. He had to go and get a couple of ice cubes before he could even attempt to get the metal cock cage on me. I was extremely tempted to scamper off and hide somewhere, but he threatened me with an ‘even smaller cock cage’ and the ‘promise that it won’t be coming off’ and it was enough to make me cower there and wait for him to return. The ice cube hit me right in the balls and sent shivers across my entire body, the frozen water melting across my shaft as he slowly massaged me with it. When the cube got too small, he past it to my lips and made me eat whatever remained, crunching it between my teeth as he pulled out another and kept working. Reducing my hard bone to a meagre shrivel of what it had been. This was the first and only time he touched my cock during this meet, and it was to lock it away. That fact still isn’t lost on me.

Finally I was ready, and with a little fondling and groaning from me, the base of the device was on. Then, spitting into his hand and using it as lube; he worked my shaft into the solid metal tube of the device sliding it in up to the end. There was a sort of hook that came out under my balls which they rested on, separating them.

I was wrapped around his fingers tightly, and he knew it; grinning as he worked. Knowing full well what he was taking control over.

So I watched quietly as he took out a set of keys from his pocket, locking the cage on, sealing my fate. There was no padlock to pick; it had its own set of keys and its own lock design although not a complex one. Finished, he came back down on me, holding my head down between his hands, his crotch lining up with mine. I hadn’t been this close to his face before as he stared at me. I kept trying to reach up and kiss his lips, another attempt to get a deep snog from him, but he wasn’t going to let me.

Instead, he gave me a quick peck on the forehead before letting me up. “Get those clothes on. You’ve got 2 minutes.” And he left me lying there.

The first thing I did was get a better look at the device that now held my cock in check. The cage was solid metal, right down to the cap; one large hole at the end to piss out of, the hook cupped between my balls. I gave it a tug, to test its strength. Maybe I’d be able to pull myself out of it, but that idea was quickly flattened. The base was solid and tight, clinging to me with no give and didn’t slide. I could barely shift the skin under it. Maybe I could use lube and work my cock out, but I had no clue how I was going to get any lube into the thing to pull out in the first place. There wasn’t any room inside it; my bone filling the whole thing up. Realising just how trapped I was made me start to try and grow in the prison, but there was zero chance of even that happening. I could feel my bone harden, grimacing when the muscles tried to pry it free.

I panted, watching it strain and shudder in its meaningless attempts looking up, realising that Alex was standing in the door way. Grinning at my despair. I sighed. I could try again later, when I wasn’t being watched. So I grabbed the jockstrap, smelling it again and spying the yellow stain – that was not from me – I pulled them up. They were tight on me, the cup pulling down against the cage. I looked at myself for a moment, wondering how many other boys, how many pups had been made to wear this thing before me.

“Come on pup. Times running out.” Alex warned me, so I slipped on the jeans. Thankfully they were baggy on me and hid the stained pants. Then the shirt, eyeing the big cartoon bone on the front. I smiled half-heartedly at that. Then the socks, sitting down on the bed to pull them up. I was fairly certain these had been well worn too. Alex came over when I was done, pulling me up and back downstairs to where my work uniform and shoes still lay from when I’d taken them off… along with the stray bits of cloth that had once made my boxers.

And now we stood in front of his front door, him looking at me longingly like he didn’t want me to leave. I wouldn’t have been against staying here while he was at work, but I doubt he would have given me free range of his house so I’d have been tied up somewhere… despite how hot that sounded, alarms went off in my head. He probably thought the same.

Out came the same set of keys, and I was close enough to realise each one had a different label and a name. ‘Spot’, ‘Chase’, ‘kid’, ‘Bitch’…. And then there was ‘Shaggy’, and the next one was ‘Shaggy, Collar’. I could only assume the first ‘Shaggy’ key belonged to what was now enclosed around my cock. He slowly and almost sadly unlocked the padlock in my collar sliding the cool leather off my neck. Goodbye sweet collar. I’ll be back. He put it on the table by the door.

No words were said as he turned me around on the spot, slapped my butt and pushed me out the door. No goodbye or farewell… nothing… He’d already closed it when I turned back to him. I didn’t want to leave. I think that was obvious. But I was going to have to eventually. I had work later, he had work now…. And then there was University. Still I only had 7 classes left and then I was free! I imagined spending another night with him. I was determined to taste his cock. And then I reminded myself I hadn’t even smelt it… I had to earn that.

* * *

I was lying on the grass, eyes closed listening to the trees rustle, trying to calm myself down.

I’d just been fired. On the last day of university as well. Something about ‘loss of profit’ and ‘too many hours being given to staff’. They didn’t want to say the real reason although I knew it. I’d gotten myself in a right state. Way more than I should have been over a job; and not even a good job… but I needed the money… Badly. It was just a job. There’d be others….

I texted Master Alex minutes ago, hoping for a chat… but he never replied… was probably at work himself. My friends were all partying or celebrating end of term and be heading home tomorrow… So now I lay there. I needed to relax. To chill.

“Puppy?” came a voice from over me.

It took a moment for it to click. Was he… talking to me? And that voice sounded familiar too. Too familiar. I opened my eyes to the sight of a uniformed policeman crouched over me looking down at me, his eyes obscured by aviator sun glasses. The sun was in my face and it was a bit hard to see or make much out of his face… not that I needed to see his face to realise I didn’t know any policemen.

“Shouldn’t you be at work boy?” He sounded… like Alex. But… I’d seen him in a hard hat that time… I assumed he was a construction worker. Thinking back on it, I never thought to ask. I’d always assumed.

“Mm.. Master Alex?” I asked. He took off his aviator sunglasses revealing his green eyes, he was looking at me concerned. I must have looked grumpy. He must have been able to tell something was up because he stretched out his gloved hand, stroking the side of my face playing with my ear. I murred in response.

“What’s a stray pup doing out here? All on his own looking glum.” I didn’t say anything, turning my head in to the gloved hand instead, getting a sudden blast of leather up my nose murring even louder.

“Rough day? How did your school submission go.”

“Fine…” I sighed. “I… got fired…”

“Ah. Don’t worry about it pup. You’ll be fine.” He stared at me with a comforting grin, his hand still happy to scratch me. I started looking at his uniform, the dark blue trousers – which I realised I’d already seen when I was at his place – the utility belt, the jacket across his chest…. And then the boots he’d made me lick clean… no, the boots I’d wanted to lick clean. It sort of all hit me that this guy was amazingly hot, had an amazing house and was a great person… and to top it all of; was a guy in actual uniform. He laughed.

“Aww, is pup all nervous coz I’m in uniform?” he reached behind him in one of his back pockets – or possibly one of the pouches on his belt- and pulled out a brown biscuit in the shape of a bone. He offered it to me in his gloved hand with a smile. I couldn’t resist burying my face into it, taking the biscuit whole. It tasted strange…. Dry yes, but strange. And it didn’t crumble as normal digestives do… this wasn’t a people biscuit… this was eating an actual dog biscuit.

I wouldn’t have spat it out, but sensing my apprehension, Alex’s other hand came over the back of my head keeping my mouth pressed into his glove. I knelt there, feeling him next to me and over me. The whole ‘police’ thing I won’t lie was one heck of a surprise… but it didn’t scare me. He was already in charge… the police thing just reinforced his authority.

“I thought… you were a builder… Sir.” I murmured quietly after I finished; Alex removing his hands.

“Hrmm? Oh, from that time you saw me? No, we were checking out that warehouse for squatters and students who had snuck in. The police are thinking of building the county headquarters there… or….” And he gave me a big grin. “Or a K-9 Training centre.” And he gave me a wink. “Think I should enrol you? Get you trained to take out bad guys and sniff out drugs?” I laughed a little. I had a mental image flash of me on all fours at his feet… stuck on a short leash with one of those ‘K-9’ vests on me… The image made my cock strain in its cage. I was once again reminded of my situation. He gave a sort of chuckle as I winced, resting a hand on the bulge in my pants. Probably to check it was still there and still keeping me under control. It wasn’t just doing that, it was driving me insane. I could tell he was thinking something though as he held it in his hand, evaluating me with those eyes of his as the cogs in his brain working away.

He looked at his watch and made up his mind in an instant. “Come on then,” getting up off his haunches. I looked at him as he brushed the grass off himself.

“I’m not leaving you out here on your own. Up.” He ordered.


I had to take stock. What the hell just happened? I’ve found myself locked in a secure concrete yard, chained to one of the walls. In plain day light. With a load of actual dog biscuits for actual dogs sitting on my lap. He’d brought me here quickly and quietly, not that I refused. “We use this space from time to time,” he’d explained. All I knew was that I was to sit here till he finished work… and I had no clue when that’d be.

His last words to me still ringing in my ears: “That should keep you safe, now be a good pup and sit.” He’d wound a thick heavy industrial chain around my neck keeping me here. Not that it was needed: the gate to the yard itself was huge, covered in barbed wire and locked itself. I was tethered to the spot with barely enough slack for me to sit. Lying down wasn’t an option, not that it would have been comfy against the bare concrete beneath me. There was nothing else in this yard besides rubbish and a few metal drums on the opposite wall from me, none of which I could come close to reaching. There was no tall buildings overlooking the yard… thankfully.

The chain quickly got heavy if I stood up, so I kept coming back down on my butt or my knees, but then I got bored and stood back up again. It started to rub against my skin and choked me if I pulled too much. It was all I could do to pass the time; stand up, pace a little, then sit again.

I had no clue how long it had been, but I past the time as well by throwing stones at the drums across form me. No real reason, just for fun but I realised I was no longer in the sun. When I’d first been chained here, I’d been sitting in direct sunlight, but now the sun had moved and I was in the shade… It had probably only been a couple of hours. I had no way to tell: he’d taken my phone, wallet, house-keys, everything with him as he left… maybe I’d just been robbed… maybe I should be calling for help…

There was aloud thunk from the direction of the large metal gate making me jump stare at the entrance… I hadn’t even noticed the sound of a car running on the other side. Whoever it was started pushing the gate open with a low loud rumble. I couldn’t see who it was, neither could I see the car… was it a patrol car? Was I about to be caught by a stranger and be in a hell lot of trouble? The moment they’d see me it’d sure be a surprise…

I cowered in the shadows as the car entered, bumping up onto the pavement and then the concrete. I recognised it instantly as Alex’s deep green pick-up. I saw him looking out the window at me, seeing his grin as he saw me sitting there looking scared trying to hide.

First thing I saw was what he was wearing. The boots came out first; different ones. Twelve hole pitch black things that stretched up his leg, two straps at the top. Leather trousers were tucked into them. Around his waist was another utility belt, only this one was much more…. Well, more. There was still a pouch for handcuffs and a baton, but to join them was a leather collar dangling from a carabiner attached to his side. As he stepped closer I recognised it. It was my collar! I’d know that name tag anywhere! On his other side was a leather cuff set; ankles and wrists. Who knows what else he had in the other pouches; a ball gag? Duct tape? There was certainly enough of them for a bit of everything. To finish the look, was a clean white vest and a pair of gauntlets circling each forearm. He came at me with a big grin on his face.

“So,” he began. “My boss let me finish a bit early, so I figured rather than coming round to pick you up early, I’d get changed. I knew you wouldn’t mind.” And he ruffled my hair forcefully. He came at me with my collar first pulling it free from his belt. I couldn’t help myself but push into it, feeling the cool supple leather once more wrap around my neck. Lord did I miss this. It was buckled tighter this time, probably because I’d been pushing into it. It didn’t bother me in the slightest.

“Got to make sure you’re not going to bolt as soon as I take that chain off.” And so on went the other cuffs he’d brought. No padlocks this time, although he made a point to show me the keys for them…

Before taking the thick heavy chain off, he pulled out a couple of connectors for the cuffs; a small thin chain barely a few inches long. First up were the ankle cuffs – which he’d buckled on over my jeans – hobbling me. He then pulled me to my feet and brought my hands behind my back before connecting them together.

“Who’s a good boy?” and he slapped my face making me reel backwards against the wall. No heavily but enough to surprise me and make me groan, and then smile at him. “That’s right you are.” With that settled he finally took off the thick chain keeping me put, feeling the weight lift off me and my sore shoulders. He grinned, an almost sinister grin as he grabbed a handful of my shirt and pulled me over to his truck, me jumping and hopping to keep up with him. He pulled open the back door and literally tossed me in landing on my front on the rough cushion. I was kind of liking this rougher side of him… although I could have done with the slap.

I rolled over watching him from inside the car as he came round; sitting in the driver’s seat and starting the car. We paused for a moment while we left the yard and he closed the gate again while I waited, struggling a little not really paying attention. Sitting himself back down when all was done he turned back to me… with that same sinister grin.

With one quick movement, he grabbed a hold of shirt, pulled me forward off the seat and into the foot-well on the passenger side. I groaned loudly, laughing a little as I turned up to him, my head right between the two front seats. Alex’s hand came to my head and his laugh rang out in the car.

“Sorry boy, couldn’t resist.” We set off for the very short drive back to his place, the whole while Alex’s hand somewhere on me; feeling my locked cock, scratching my neck, forcing his leather fingers into my mouth and down my throat… I was back in the head-space by the time we parked outside his house.

God I missed this, that feeling of being helpless. On our first meet, everything happened so fast that I could barely keep up. God did I have fun though. And just the thought of another meet up ahead…. It had been… I don’t even know how many weeks since I last came. The cage on my cock was metal and tight, so I always knew it was there… not to mention heavy. Oh fuck, what if he wasn’t going to take it off this time? A mix with feelings and emotions washed over me. How much more could I last? I was young and I was horny… I needed to cum… I knew I was going to beg and do all I could for that chance. Just being in his car with the collar back around my neck brought it all back up. I’d been distracted by stuff, but now there was nothing to distract me from that deep inner throbbing, that desire to seed. To fertilize.

But no matter how I felt, I knew all I could do was go along for the ride. Alex was in control.

So, parked at his place, he leapt out of the car coming around to me. I didn’t have time to be nervous about being seen in public the way I was: handcuffed, hobbled, collared… Alex was already swooping in on me picking me up throwing me over his shoulder with ease, carrying me inside like I weighed nothing. Entering that same space, that familiar comforting setting… although it smelt more this time… and I quickly realised why.

Lying in the middle of the floor in his living room was a rubber encased body. His legs sprawled out beneath him and his arms strapped tightly to his chest in a heavy strait-jacket… It looked like a serious and heavy duty one too. His head was obscured by a rubber hood as well topped off with a muzzle over the top of that. There was a bandanna wound around the guy’s head, blocking out what I assumed were his eyes. There wasn’t the tiniest bit of skin showing; The only reason I knew it was a guy was because of the grunting and groaning the mass of rubber made as it wiggled and struggled on the floor.

Alex stopped in the doorway, laughing at the image.

“You seriously haven’t even gotten the blindfold off? Come on bitch, you’ve been here how long?” The rubber-boi moaned loudly in reply from behind the muzzle. Together we strolled over to him, and using the toes of his boot pushed the bandanna blindfold down the guy’s head, scraping the sole of his shoe against the guys rubber face.

Two eyes appeared, sweaty and blinking in the light… But he didn’t have enough energy to look up far enough and see me, perched on his shoulder… I remained silent as I watched the boi strain and wiggle and worm his way closer to Alex’s boots, burying his muzzle against the cool shiny surface as if he was licking them… I felt a twinge in my head. They were my boots to lick! Alex was already there scratching my back to calm me…

“You really are a pathetic bitch aren’t you? Can’t even get a blindfold off while I’m at work?” I wonder how much sweat must have there been inside that suit? All the moving and wiggling this guy was doing… it must have been layered under him by now. Alex threw me onto the sofa and left the two of us, disappearing upstairs. I watched him go, my eyes falling on the sight of Alex and his tight arse in those leather trousers swagger away… And then down to the rubber-boi on the floor. His brown eyes were locked on me, un-moving. There was something in them… not fear… maybe a little exhaustion but there was something else…. probably lust. Even I could spot the prominent bulge between his legs, the smooth rubber glinting in the light from the window.

Alex re-appeared, coming at me fast with the puppy hood in his hands. He stepped over the boy in one stride, sitting on my belly as he thrusted the hood on my face. I didn’t resist, feeling the familiar cool touch against my head, the air tight seal around my face and the silicone dog cock in my mouth. It seemed larger than I remember. “Mpphh,” I moaned as he buckled it up, eager to play.

Finished, he gave me a grin. “There you are Shaggy. You won’t need this anymore though,” and with one firm tug he ripped my shirt open. I need to start keeping track of all the clothes he’s shredded.

Pulling the tatters off me, he threw them down the back of the sofa; taking the opportunity to grope my chest, rubbing the layer of fluff I’d managed to grow over my belly… It wasn’t nearly as impressive as his own belly hair… He then pinched and started pulling my nipples turning my murrs into painful yelps and dragged out groans.

“Hush Pup. I told you when I first saw you that you look cute muzzled. That hasn’t changed,” and he gave my hair a good ruffle through the hood, pushing my head back down into the seat. I looked at him through the hood with my brow furled making him laugh. With me settled and silenced he turned to the other restrained guy on the floor giving a sigh.

“Now, what am I going to do with you bitch?” The rubber-boi just stared back, silently from his position whimpering meekly. “Maybe I didn’t give you enough incentive for you. Think that’s what the problem is? Me being too nice?” Still no answer. “All you had to do was get the blindfold off. That’s it. Thankfully though, you didn’t get to this: did you?” and he picked up a small remote off the floor, stuffed on the sofa. It was small, black and had 4 red buttons on it. “Maybe you’re such a bitch, you wanted to stay this way eh?” he pressed a button with one of his gloves hands and suddenly the other guy was reeling about on the floor gasping and yelling behind whatever gag happened to be in his mouth. It made me jump how still he’d gone from suddenly throwing himself about the floor in a spasm. Alex let go of the button and instantly he went still again panting. It didn’t take much for me to put 2 and 2 together.

“Tell your master what you want bitch.” Alex said, swinging his legs around off me and onto the floor. I don’t know what answer he expected but it obviously wasn’t to his liking because the button was pushed again and once more there was muffled yelling and flailing and once again, he collapsed on the floor panting heavily. “What do you think pup?” he turned down on me. “Think he likes it?” I looked between the two of them: Alex in his uniform… his second uniform –which I was absolutely loving by the way – and the figure on the floor, looking up at us both with exhausted eyes and begging, pleading mews.

“What’s up? You want to have a sniff? See what it is?” I woofed at him… I wanted to get a better look at that strait-jacket, not to mention maybe find whatever it was that was making him squirm around like that. A shock collar maybe?

“Well I got to get your paws on you if I do. Don’t want you un-tying him or anything. Okay?” I nodded. So with a brief interlude of one more visit upstairs; he un-cuffed my hands and slid on the mitts. He the unlocked the ankle cuffs and pushed me on the floor as I was; jeans and converses still on but topless. I was about to approach when the boi started throwing himself around a third time.

“This is Shaggy, he’s a stray pup. Be on your best behaviour bitch!” Alex yelled as he held down the same button on that remote. I waited for him to calm down before I closed the distance between us, my head lowered to his face. He looked at me as he panted; there weren’t tears in his eyes nor the look of pain – all right, maybe a little – but I could tell he was smiling. He loved this, so I grinned back at him and gave him a boop with my nose which he murred back at me for. Thinking it’d be nice for him to look at, I swooped my legs over him so he could see my crotch. Sure I was still wearing my jeans and my shoes but I had a good feeling that both he and I would know a locked-cock-bulge when we saw one. I took my time checking out the buckles on the jacket realising this was some serious stuff: there were six buckles in all, one for which must have been for the arms… but still, that was a lot of straps to keep it tight. I wondered if he was in chastity too…

My eyes wandered up booping it and pretending to sniff. It was firm against the nose of the hood, and Alex confirmed he was locked too, like I was. But there was no shock collar… I realised the only place left was his arse as I came forward a bit more.

I could see the base of it, pushed up against the rubber of the suit. I reasoned that if the base of a plug is big, than the plug itself has to be big…. Which meant that this thing…. Had to be…. BIG. I sniffed at it, indicating my interest to Alex who came on over, sitting down besides us.

“Good boy! You found it! Pup want to see?” he asked me, I nodded again. He pulled down the rear zip of the cat-suit revealing the guys arse and his skin, the plug instantly taking it chance pushing itself an extra few centimetres out of his arse. We both heard some relieved grunts from his other end. He got a firm slap on his exposed arse for his trouble from Alex. Taking a firm grip, he started to pull the plug out, and even I could see it had been in there a while. His sphincter seemed to cling to it, not wanting to give it up, which only made me smile. I had some plugs myself, but only training ones and I didn’t have a single dildo in my collection – I know, bad right- but I knew a decent plug when I saw it.

It took some effort for the full thing to come out. It was an odd shape, long and tapered ending in a massive bulb. The one in my mouth was little in comparison… Although this one was probably designed to tease the prostate rather than silence someone. I sniffed it curiously, showing how impressed I was at the fact he’d taken it… and probably had it in his arse for several hours as well.

Alex clearly thought it wasn’t long enough though, as after showing me, he quickly started pushing it back in before his arse had a chance to shrink again. He squirmed and yelped a bit beneath me while I was still on all fours over him. It went back in to its place easily enough, the cat-suit once again zipped up pushing the thing back into his butt those last few inches.

“This remote you see pup,” and he showed me the small black box of plastic, “makes that plug do lots of things to Bitch here’s arse. See this one…” and he pushed the red button in the top left of the remote. I suddenly heard a quiet vibrating below me and murring from the bois’ head. “…this one gives him a pleasant massage. This one…” second button and the vibrating got louder and so did his groans.

“Is a bit stronger than the last one. This one however, and he gets his prostate played with.” And suddenly he started humping the floor and grunting loudly in his bindings. The sight was almost entertaining as I looked as his butt thrust backwards into the air towards my face and back down again as if he was fucking the floor. I laughed a little, patting the butt in front of me with one of my mitts. I could feel the vibrations in his arse even through the leather. I gave him a sort of slap, although obviously cushioned by the mitten and Alex laughed at me. “Awww, pup wants to join in abusing you bitch,” he said cruelly, only making ‘bitch’ groan louder. I guess that was his name here, like mine was Shaggy, and thinking about it when I saw his set of keys, I recall seeing one labelled ‘bitch’. Alex gave him a proper slap, but I think he was too busy trying to get himself to cum than react.

“This one though is my favourite.” As he showed me the last button. No sooner had he pressed it than Bitch’s head reeled backwards, his frustrated grunts became pained and his flailing was back. He rolled over, taking out my legs causing me to slip on my side on the carpet. When the button was released, bitch was on his back panting again.

“That’s why it’s my favourite.” And he gave him a little shoulder to rub to comfort him. “I always love the reactions it gets. I wonder what’ll happen when we work you up enough to get it in you eh Shaggy?” I looked at him startled. I hope he didn’t mean today. Seeing my apprehension he laughed giving my head a ruffle. “One day pup.” And he stood up over us, giving us both a look down.

“Now what to do with the both of you… Two eager little cock suckers… all mine for the night….” A grin grew on his lips, a grin that I hadn’t seen before. His eyes were now locked on the guy beside me. “Think I should call Drake?” I didn’t need to know who that was to know that bitch did not like the idea. His head shook form side to side so fast I couldn’t keep track. “Aww, but he really wants to see you again boy.” Alex came down to one knee taking a hold of his chin holding his head still. “You know how much he likes you… and your young body.”

“Mmmmppphhh! Pllmpphh pphhirrr!! Pllmmpphhh!” his pleading was all but muffled by the muzzle. “You sure?”

“Plllmmphhh!” same again.

“Alright.” And Alex got up taking out his phone, still holding onto his chin. I could only watch, listening intently to the dial tone…

“Yeah Drake, its Alex.” Instantly Bitch went into a frenzy of grunts and yelling, struggling in his bonds. Alex sat on him to keep him still grinning the biggest grin I’d seen. “Yeah, I know man. Well I’ve got a nice gift for you. Bitch has been asking for you…” he laughed. “…Yeah I know, he really wants to play with you again, don’t you slut?” and he brought the phone to his ear where he grunted, yelled and begged down the phone to the recipient. Even I could hear the sadistic laugh on the other side of the phone.

“See? He really wants to play again doesn’t he?” The whole scenario was entertaining to me… Probably because it wasn’t me who was involved… and I had no clue who this ‘Drake’ was. It was like I was watching a porn flick. Only a lot closer. “Yeah…. Sure…. Nagh, he’s all yours…. See you in a few mate.” And the phone went dead.

“He’s really excited to play again bitch. He’s had a tough time recently… He needs something to abuse.” And then Alex slipped back on the blindfold on the bois’ head; his desire to escape renewed. With that all settled, Alex got to his feet and went to the kitchen. I could hear metal and water running. Maybe he was sorting my dog-food bowls out.

For the first time, I realised I was in his house… and I had free range to explore. I wasn’t on a leash, or with Alex’s arms hugging me… I could go wherever I wanted… But all I could do was wander over to the still struggling guy on the floor and try and comfort him.

I was curious of the strait-jacket… wondering how tight it was, how warm it must have been inside… I’d never seen anything like this before, let alone experienced being locked in one. And if the pup hood I was wearing said anything, it meant the jacket was probably custom-made too.

I pushed the side of my nose against his head and I think he knew it was me because he stopped his whimpering. Not that he could say anything to me… nor I to him. All I could do was let him know I was there, nuzzling the side of his head with my hood.

“No Shaggy! Leave it!” Alex yelled at me, I backed up instantly from him, looking a little stunned. “That’s not for you Pup. Come on, over here.” And he lead me to the basket I’d laid down in last time I was here, seeing the familiar cushion and pillows that decorated it.

Before long he had me exactly the way I was last time: Mittens chained together to a metal ring bolted to the floor in front of the dog basket as was my collar; my head resting on my mitts… And there I remained while he toyed with bitch. He’d removed my shoes and my socks, pushing them into bitches face for a bit; over his nose. They were probably sweaty and smelly considering how hot it was outside and how long I’d worn them…. Sorry guy.

But then his fun stopped when the doorbell rang and Drake entered. A huge burly kind of guy built with nothing but muscle. He had to be a rugby player, he had that look about him. Huge broad shoulder, neck veins like wires and arms like tree trunks. He had a massive grin on his face and a duffel bag under his arm. No doubt full of ‘toys’ for bitch to play with. His hair was in a crew cut, still retaining some length to it and deep piercing eyes. I got the feeling this was not someone to mess with. While Alex had a charming, calming aura about him… Drake… well put it this way, I figured out why ‘bitch’ was struggling as much as he was.

“Hey man,” he boomed, coming over him still sprawled out on the floor, Alex sitting on the restrained rubber-boi who had stopped snivelling and had gone strangely silent.

“Hey Drake! Just getting bitch warmed up for you.” He welcomed him, giving him a hand shake. “You sure have, he looks good and ready for some hard abu- “ he cut himself off. All I could see was his chin and his to pull at the chain keeping my head down to be able to see his face… He was staring right at me.

“What’s that over there?” Alex turned to me. “Oh that’s a Stray pup I found, wandering about town all on its own.”

“And you brought him inside your house and not to the pound?” Drake asked.

“Nagghhh, I’m not driving that far out of town just to have some guy tell me he’d be put down.”

“He could have fleas man! Or a disease.”

“Oh he’s alright, come here Shaggy.” He came over to me and started releasing the locks keeping me down. My eyes were fixed on Drake as he bared down on me like a bull. Bitch made the smallest of whimpers, Drake booming at him.

“Shut the fuck up bitch!”

Pulled over to Drake by my collar, I sat on all fours at his feet meekly… He came down on his haunches which only made the guy look bigger.

“He’s cute I’ll give him that much,” Drake commented. A hand came at me and I reeled back from it. I heard them both laugh.

“It’s alright Shag, go on.”

“You named it? You know that means you’re going to want to keep it? Remember the last pup you brought in?”

“Yeah, yeah,” Alex started. I already knew by now he’d had a pup before me. He hadn’t told me, but I mean he clearly hadn’t bought all this pup gear purposely for me. Not to mention the custom made hood thing I was wearing. But despite all the custom-made gear, I got the feeling that it hadn’t ended well with his last pup.

“I’ve moved on, and forgotten. Shaggy here is way cuter though. And…”

“Inexperienced.” Drake finished. He sighed loudly giving his mate a grin. “Fine, just don’t make me babsit him or anything, He’s your pup.” And he ruffled my head, giving me a scratch.

“Is he going to play with us too?”

“nagh, I haven’t showed him the space yet,” this comment made Drake laugh out loud.

“For real? Fuck man is this guy in for a surprise!” Drake looked me deep in my curious eyes. They were a dark brown and were a lot sterner than Alex’s own lime green ones. “You got to promise me I’m here when you do. Can’t wait to see its face when it finds out.”

Drake let me go and turned back to the other guy, lying on the floor dead still. “Come on then bitch, I’ve got a game I want to play with you,” and the two of them disappeared into the hallway. Out of curiosity, I started following, but Alex clipped his leash on my collar and held me back patting me on the head.

“Not today boy, I’m too tired to play and I’m fairly certain Drake will break you.”

We spent the rest of the evening lounging about and chilling, I stretched out over his knees while he sat on the sofa watching TV. I was watching too, although I was paying more attention to his hand as it scratched my back and groped my butt than the cheesy sitcom.

I’d fallen asleep like that as-well… I had a lot going on in my head: University, being fired, job hunting, full term…

But then I heard a yell and my eyes shot open, my head bolted up right. At first I thought it was from the telly… but the more I listened the more I realised it was coming from… beneath us… And someone was really yelling. Alex pushed my head back down to his knee.

“Drake likes it rough. But so does the bitch. So in the end, it’s alright.” Alex told me. But from then on… I couldn’t hear anything else. Just his shouting… Counting them… he had to be getting paddled or whipped… probably whipped…

But then, Alex had to have had a basement, and if there was a basement, then it meant there was probably a dungeon or a play-room… Every second I spent around Alex brought me another surprise and only made me feel more attracted to him and more submissive.

Unable to lift my head because of Alex’s’ hand, all I could hear from then on was Bitch’s shouts. Needless to say it all got me pretty nervous. Not even Alex’s scratches calmed me down. But as I lay there thinking, imagining, listening… remembering that strait-jacket… I found myself get more and more curious. Perhaps… I’d enjoy being in his position: bitches position… I think ‘perhaps’ was the wrong word. I had a pretty strong feeling I would enjoy it; completely helpless, no way out, un-able to do anything else but take what was thrown at me… But then there was the fear I felt. I wanted to try it, but then I was scared. I knew it was going to hurt but that I could handle… I was building this up too much in my head.

I wasn’t paying attention when yelling finally stopped; Drake re-appeared still carrying the duffel bag but ‘bitch’ was nowhere to be seen.

“Left him strung up for a bit. Thanks for that man, I needed that.” And he came over to us, sitting himself down next to Alex with my legs and my arse over his lap. I heard sloppy kissing from behind me as the two of them embraced; not able to turn around or join in as my head remained pinned to the arm of the chair.

“I think you make Shaggy here nervous.” Alex said, breaking away from this kiss. “He’s been shaking since he heard you whipping him.” This made Drake laugh and coo at me, stroking my jean-leg with a hand.

“Aww silly pup. Bitch loves this abuse. It’s why it’s our Bitch.” His hand found my arse, and gave a little pat. “Pups are higher up than objects like him. I wouldn’t do that to you… not without permission” and they both gave a chuckle. I started flinching as he patted me on the butt. I don’t know why; he wasn’t patting me hard but I kept expecting him to start spanking me…. He laughed when he saw.

“He’s flinching,” he said to Alex. “I know what’ll calm you down…” and Drake got back up and left for a moment. I squirmed a little un-easy in my position.

“Shhh,” Alex soothed. “I have a good idea of what he’s thinking.”

I heard Drake re-entered the room, announced by his heavy foot-steps. “Do you object?” he asked Alex. “Nagh, I’ve been dying to get it on him.” A blindfold went over the pup hood blocking out my sight before I had a chance to see what he’d shown Alex.

In an Instant, the two started handling me like a doll, pulling me off the sofa and holding my arms out in front of me. It took probably a few seconds for me to realise what they had in mind after that. The leather was up to my shoulders before it clicked that they were putting me in the strait-jacket; the very same one that had been on the other guy. The inside was still pretty hot, no doubt warmed up by Bitch and his sweat. I still had my ‘paws’ on so my hands were another layer deep as they were pushed into the end of the sleeves.

With two of them, It was buckled up pretty quickly; All I could do was enjoy the sensation as it grew tighter and tighter. Up went the zip to the back of my neck, Alex slipping the collar of the jacket under the collar I was already wearing. Then with one rough push, I was on my belly and my arms brought around, fed through one strap across my chest and another at my side.

It apparently was not tight enough however, at least not for their liking. One by one, they un-did each buckle; cinching it tighter by another notch and buckling it again. I had no idea who but one of their knees was pressed up against my back crushing me into the carpet. I’d forgotten about the crotch straps, them too being looped around under me and pulled tight over my jeans making the fabric press into my chastity hidden away… Right then, all I could think was how restrictive and tight the whole thing was… I still had my legs free, and even if I couldn’t see and my arms were taken, I didn’t feel completely helpless… and yet, for all the heat and sweat I was working up inside it… it was pretty comfy. I’d have thought strait-jackets would be punishing: restrictive, harsh… This was nothing like I imagined and I found myself humping against the floor as if I could pry my cock free from its cage.

Both hands left me, giving me time to wiggle and test out the strength of the jacket, not to mention figure out how to move. Rolling over was easy but sitting up was the real challenge; it was more like a work-out, rolling back and forth till I settled forward. I was enjoying this way too much and I made sure both of them knew that too by murring and barking around my gag.

“Seems like he likes it,” Drake said.

“Yeah, I do too.” Alex replied.

I felt a boot against my chest and my arms, rubbing whatever they’d been in against the leather. I pushed back into it, just for fun. And then I was picked up into the air and down again against someone’s chest… Drake’s chest. Still blinded so I couldn’t be sure, but he felt larger and less cushiony as Alex felt. His voice in my ear confirmed that.

“There puppy, feel better?” I whimpered a little in reply, feeling his hand rub its way across my shoulders and down my arms through the thick leather. I think I had stopped shaking at least. His hand kept travelling down, across my belly… down to my crotch feeling the hard metal bump that was my cock. I heard a chuckle. “Aww, has the mean Master locked the stray dogs cock away?” I whimpered again nodding. I heard a chuckle. I knew the longer he kept his hand there…. Too late. I felt the cage strain in his hand and whimpered meekly. I could hear a louder chuckle, his belly growl behind me.

“Poor puppy. But it’s good for you.” His hand cupped under my chin pulling my head back into his chest, the ears of the hood must have been digging into him. “And I think you know that pup.” His fingers scratched at the weeks’ worth of stubble on my jawline. “Don’t worry, we’ve got two tasty bones for you here to enjoy instead.” My heart skipped a beat. Really!? Would I finally get to taste Alex’s cock?! If that meant sucking off Drake too I’d take it! But of course, Alex was there to step in before I started yapping like a chihuahua.

“He hasn’t earned mine yet. He’s getting there though. Feel free to give him yours though.” I heard Drake laughing.

“Why do I feel like you just called your cock better than mine?”

“Because I did…. And it is.” I heard the both of them laughing, and punching each other… and then another whisper in my ear.

“You’re not going to disappoint me then are you puppy?” I shook my head as fast as I could.

“I bet puppy is dying for a treat eh?” It wasn’t Alex’s… but then I thought about it and did it really matter? I didn’t even know long it had been since I sucked someone off? Who cared who it was! I was blindfolded, I was horny, my cock was locked up and I had to earn its freedom…. Who cares whose cock it was that I’d suck on!

I nodded.

“Yeah? Puppy want to chew on a bone?” I whimpered loudly, squirming in the jacket.

“Tell me how much you want it dog.” I gave the loudest whimper I could and struggled, trying to tug my arms free or at least move them away from my chest, but with everything so tight and with so many buckles, there was no point to it besides to entertain whoever watched.

Thankfully though, I didn’t want to get out, I just wanted to beg, and beg I did.

“Good dog.” Next thing I know I was passed to Alex who happily held me while I heard a zip… then my head was pulled down and the nose of the hood was pushed up against something.

“Smell it dog,” I was ordered. At first I couldn’t smelly anything, but not wanting to be told off, I inhaled and took deep breaths, hoping that’d satisfy Drake, but the more breath I took in, the more I began to smell it: thick, deep, strong…. It’s what I imaged sandal-wood to smell like…. Like a fine varnished kind of smell… or perhaps it was just my imagination taking over. I started whimpering again, louder trying to nuzzle my way in deeper.

I could feel Alex at my other end, his hands stroking my back and my butt. He pulled my legs apart so I was spread open, and got the feeling that if I didn’t have trousers on… his fingers would be in me… still for now, they seemed happy stroking and gently patting my backside.

Back at the other end Drake was ready for more. It took mere moments and a little fumbling and the muzzle of my hood was pulled free. Once again, I felt the long dog cock that penetrated my mouth slide out, covered in drool. Still I was blinded inside the hood, and had no clue what I was looking at… how big it was… how thick…. How hot…. I had no idea what I was about to suck… and how far down my throat it was about to be pushed.

For all the yelling and screaming I heard earlier, Drake seemed to follow his promise of being ‘gentle’ with me, gently pushing me forward and down to what I assumed was his cock. I sort of fell through the air because I’d been wearing the hood for so long. It was like when you picture a phantom step when you climb a staircase; only rather than falling through the phantom step, I fell through the phantom muzzle of my hood.

It hit me first: the smell… and it was a lot stronger this time. Not muffled by a leather hood, I was getting the full blast of horny Drake’s musk as my nose was buried in his balls, feeling a hard thick piece of cock up against my face.

I tentatively gave my first lick and was surprised by the taste. It wasn’t strong, but faintly I could taste strawberries, and that made me murr a little. “Taste that pup? That’s the lube I used when I ploughed Rubber-Bitches arse. Now you get to taste it as well as taste Bitch’s arse as it goes down your throat.” I was a little taken back by the comment… I’d never sucked someone off soon after they’d just fucked someone before… but with everything going on, the straight-jacket, the massage my rear end was getting, the straining throbbing, almost pained feeling in my cock… I didn’t care… I needed this cock. I was a dog, and this was my bone.

I stopped being tentative with my licks, trying to judge how big it was… how thick… but apparently I’m really bad at judging something by taste alone. I must have been too absorbed to really care. SO by the time I finally got to the tip, feeling the un-cut smooth bulb on the top and tasting the man’s pre… I couldn’t care less how big it was.

I opened my mouth and took it in, rubbing the smooth head against my tongue as it went deeper and deeper. He was enjoying this as much as I was, hearing a menacing growl over me and feeling his hand on the back of my head clench. It got to where the cock-gag had been in my mouth and I slowed… I was a hairs breadth distance from where I knew I’d start to gag… But I wanted more. I started thrusting my head up and down, slurping and grunting as I sucked the rod like it was a Calippo. Up, down, up, Down… on and on…. Picking up the pace as I got better and better. He was there to help me, matching my movements with a slight thrust of his pelvis helping me take even more of it.

Finally I started feeling his pubes against my face and I knew, I knew there had to be only a few more centimetres left of it… maybe an inch. I could do this. I could.

But Drake took over, planting both hands on my head holding me firm and started fucking my mouth. While one hand held a chunk of my hair, the other held the hood – or what remained of it – keeping me from reeling backwards or pulling away… but I didn’t want to. Even when I started to gag. It was the speed of it; that was all. I started coughing and spluttering trying to hold it back and swallow it back down, gasping for air each time I could catch a chance.

“Keep your fucking teeth open,” he said through gritted teeth, and I did my best to obey. Meanwhile Alex was obviously enjoying the party too because I could hear him breathing heavily behind me…

Then it happened so fast that I could have blinked and missed it. Drakes grunting crescendoed and with both hands rammed his metal bone in my maw to the back of my throat and even I could feel the cum spew out of him like a jet wash. It smacked against the back of my throat only making me gag even more as he held me firm.

My arms were useless, and my legs crumpled beneath me as I collapsed. I don’t think I even needed to swallow. It was all going into me. I knew that much… So in me it went. I couldn’t count on how many times he shot; I lost track of how many seconds he held me there or my throat contracted. I couldn’t do anything but be where he wanted me and that was with my mouth – like a condom – sucking up every last drop of his seed. I knew I was close to blacking out because the air rushed into me so fast it was like waking up. I coughed and wheezed, drool and throat juice spilling from my mouth while I figured out what had happened.

I groaned, perhaps a mix of happiness and exhaustion as he held my head up. Seconds felt like hours.

“Damn Alex…” Drake wheezed himself. “…This one sure can suck cock.” I heard Alex laugh.

“Good to know. I’ll keep that in mind when it’s my turn.”

“Take your turn now man, don’t wait.” I felt the hand on the back of my head leave, but I didn’t move, still recuperating. I should have jumped at the thought of sucking Alex off, but the sandal-wood musk of Drake was still in my head and his seed in my gut and all I could think was the word ‘breathe’.

“I’ll get him to work for it just a bit more.”

Finally when I’d caught my breath, I leant back forward – on my own- finding his cock and started licking it clean; my own drool and throat slime had coated it. Again Drake laughed through satisfied grunts.

“You sure this pup is a stray? He seems too well trained.” I got a slap on my arse from Alex.

“The pups too skittish to be owned.”

“Keep him,” Drake moaning a little as I licked him clean. I didn’t care that I hadn’t cum… at least not at that second, I just knew that I was being commented on… and that if I did give good head, then well… that was good right?

“Listen, about what I said earlier…” Drake turned to Alex, while buckling the muzzle half of the hood back on me and the cock back in my drooling slime covered maw. “… About not wanting to look after this guy for you, forget it. You ever need anyone to pup-sit for you, I’m your man!” Alex laughed loudly.

“Sure thing. Want to gimmie a hand giving the pup a reward before you go?” I was still reeling from the cumshot that I didn’t put up a fight when Alex flipped me over onto my back.

Still leaning across their laps but now my belly and my crotch were theirs to play with. My mind seemed to snap back to reality when I felt the button of my jeans pop open and the zipper pull down. I pulled my head up, not that I would have been able to see anything – only for a hand to pull me back down again.

“That’s right pup, you did a good job and good pups get rewards.” I heard a jangle of keys and my heart skipped a beat. I couldn’t help but whimper as a firm thick hand dove into my boxers, pulling out my balls, the cage and my cock with it. The touch alone was enough to make me squirm in anticipation.

“Aww, look at puppies balls, all nice and red…They look like I’ve been at them!” Drake chuckled. “And he’s certainly been leaking hasn’t he?” A finger stroking away the dribble of fluid escaping the slid metal cage. I couldn’t stop myself thrusting into the air blindly. I was gone, far too deep down the rabbit hole to turn around now. If they changed their minds and tucked it away again… I didn’t even want to think about it!

They tried to keep me calm by stroking me and rubbing my legs but my cock had completely taken over my mind, all I knew was that after so many weeks, I was finally finally going to be released.

I’m not exaggerating when I tell you I almost made myself pass out. I could only breathe through my nose with the gag in my mouth, and the hood was still there over my head too… I was building this up for myself like nothing else. I doubt even graduation would make me feel like this.

As soon as the lock on the cage was free, and it started to be pulled off, my body locked up and I couldn’t move anymore. I groaned as I felt the metal sliding off my cock, feeling cool air brush against it for the first time in weeks. Maybe I did pass out, I have no clue. All I remember is that as soon as Alex’s leather gloved hand touched me and gave it nearly two pumps, I exploded everywhere. I couldn’t see, so to this day I have no clue how much there was. But it felt like a lot. And I know the two of them were laughing their socks off as well as they cradled me, my limbs twitching and my jacketed torso encased in its leather prison.

I’d never came like that before. Never.

I just lay there, exhausted like I’d ran a mile, burying the hood into Alex as I felt his arms around the back of me. I felt Drake get up, giving my legs one last rub down and my head a ruffle before he left. Their conversation from that point on felt like they were talking on the other side of the room. Words didn’t make sense. I heard the front door close, signalling Drakes departure.

And for the next two hours, I didn’t move. I had to take a nap. I would have fallen asleep whether I wanted to or not. I was just lucky Alex was happy enough to oblige me and let me rest. I knew that a decent amount of time had passed because when I awoke, the room was dark. I wasn’t sure if it was just the blindfold, but Alexs’ face peering back at me with a grin answered that.

“Hey Shaggy you okay?” I nodded.

“Good, come on then, up you get, come on.” He pushed me off, gently sliding me over to my basket lying me down on my belly. My cock was still unlocked, but that was the last thing on my mind. I lay there, feeling myself sink into the cushions. “Close your eyes for a bit pup,” and he switched the lights on. I didn’t move, slowly blinking my eyes till I could see Alex again sitting in front of me on the floor; passing me the tall boots he’d been wearing. The first one he rested next to me; sliding the toes under my neck while the other he slid up the hoods nose so I could smell his feet. Even in the state I was in I could smell the over-powering aroma of sweat.

“Want me to take the jacket off?” I thought about it and struggled against it a bit. It was still tight, and it was hot inside. I could feel the layer of sweat coating my body and my arms. My hands clasped in fists for so long that my palms felt like a puddle. But I was comfy with it on. Comfy and happy. I looked up to him with puppy eyes and shook my head.

“Alright pup. Just be careful, don’t want you getting cramps in there.” He ruffled my head.

“Stay there puppy. I’m going to go rescue your friend from how Drake left him.” I watched his bare feet disappear out of view.

I couldn’t think straight. I was lost somewhere in the maze in my head, lost in ecstasy. I knew full well I could probably cum again if I was played with. But I was satisfied to just lie there as I was, breathing in master’s sweat….

I saw the two of them appear into the hallway….. but they were both walking. Bitch’s restraints were all gone… as was the rubber cat-suit he’d been wearing.

He was older than me, although not by much. He had to be about the same age as Alex – around 28 – despite being taller than him which was saying something. He had a crew cut – much like Drake – only his was shorter.

The pair of them looked at each other, Alex cupping his head between his hands staring at him with a grin.

“Who’s a good bitch?” he asked and the other guy replied.

“I’m your good Bitch sir.” He replied, and two of them kissed deeply. I didn’t move from the basket, too comfy and too happy to. Once again, I found myself in a position where I had free range of the house; the ability to go anywhere and all I wanted to do was to stay put.

“Enjoy yourself Luke?”

“Yeah, I did Master.” And finally, I had an actual name to go with a face. I felt so weird knowing him only as ‘Bitch’… ‘Luke’.

“Good, Sorry about Drake, he’s going through some stuff.”

“Its alright, I can relate Master.” The two of them kissed again.

“Your friend over here was worried about you though.” The two of them turned onto me as I looked back up at them from my basket. Luke just laughed as he came over to me, coming down on his knees.

“Aww really?”

“Yeah, he heard you yelling and started shaking like mad. Wanted to go downstairs and make sure you were alright.”

“Aww! Bless you!” and he ruffled my hair playfully. “See? I’m fine pup.” He looked me dead in the eyes with a smile. It was him alright, those brown eyes the same as those that looked up at me from inside the rubber hood. “Don’t worry about me cutie.” And he showed me a bright red rubber ball. “Pup want to play fetch?”

“He needs his dinner, Come over and help. You can play later.” the two of them went to the kitchen. I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to, but pulling myself to my knees, I shuffled after them slowly. I tried to get the boot to stay on the nose, enjoying the smell and the way the toe of the shoe dangled off the end of my vision. The boot was way too big though and by the time I reached the kitchen it slid off hitting the floor with a ‘thunk’.

By then, Alex was scraping something into a bowl and putting it in the microwave and Luke was pouring fresh water from the tap into the other bowl. They both turned to me, but Luke was the one he came to my side, giving me a hug as he slid the boot away taking a good whiff of it himself.

“Is he a good pup Master?” he asked Alex.

“That he is. I’m thinking of keeping him.”

“Can I play with him too Master?”

“When you’ve been good sure,” and Alex gave him a coy smile and a wink.

“Yes!” and he hugged me again, wrapping his arms around me.

“Take the Jacket off him now. I’m sure he’d like to stay in it but I’d rather not get his dinner all over it. He’s a messy eater.”

“Yes Master,” Luke laughed back. He did as he was told and started unbuckling the jacket starting at the crotch. He gave me a wink as he cupped my balls and my cock, toying with it ever so lightly as he worked. But then the moment passed and when my arms were finally free, I came down on all fours, resting on the mitts I was still locked in. I stretched a little as the rest of it was loosened and then slid out from under me.

I gave him a nuzzle to show my appreciation and he gave me a stroke in reply.

“Take that downstairs and put it in its place,” Alex commanded him. The ‘ding’ of the microwave caught my attention and by the time Luke returned I was already burying my head into my dog food bowl of re-heated meatballs and spaghetti Alex told me had been last night’s dinner.

As I ate my dinner, I started thinking about Drake, and this Playroom in the basement… and then rough play. Rougher I mean. Don’t get me wrong, I was a pup first and foremost… But there just something about giving yourself to someone, to an owner entirely and utterly that had me hooked. Alex and Drake was giving me the chance to be a pup, to relax and chill and have fun. Real Proper limitless fun… I wanted to return the favour. I wanted to serve him. I wanted to be useful in every way I could… any way I could.

When I finished eating dinner, I returned in the living room to Luke sitting on the floor eating cold pizza and a glass of what looked like beer while Alex had his legs outstretched over his shoulders. As soon as Luke saw me, he tossed me a silicon toy bone and I couldn’t help but bounce on it and play with it with him.

“Who’s a good puppy?” They both cooed at me, Alex joining in throwing the bone for me and me pushing it back to him slowly across the carpet with my nose. We spent that night together – all three of us –curled up on his bed. Alex’s bed. He and Luke hugged each other and although I was leashed to the other end of the bed, I still murred as their feet rubbed up against my belly and my flaccid cock.

Tomorrow, I was going to do everything I could to show how thankful I was.

Tomorrow, I was going to let him do whatever he wanted to me.

Tomorrow, I was going to earn my bone.

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Metal would like to thank the author, Pup Shaggy, for this story!

tied gagged and dooling


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  1. Can’t wait to find out what happens to the Pup and Bitch next. It would be nice if both bitch and pup got together and also get tied together while being worked over by both Drake and Master

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