Earn It Pup – Chapter 3

By Pup Shaggy

I was kneeling staring at the toilet… debating… thinking… gulping down my feelings… I was alone, so why was I freaking out?! This was my idea! I was kneeling there, staring at the bowl like a mirror… the nose of the hood probably about a hairs distance from the water… I was telling myself to do it… it was just water… Why was it such a big deal?…. Because I was making it a big deal…

We’d woken up together, Alex giving both Luke – or ‘Bitch’ – and me a strong hug as we both licked his body clean. We started fighting each other when it came to his pits; who’d be the one to get to taste his sweat and his flavour? Alex decided for us though as he pushed me down to his feet to lick those instead… which I was happy to do. I wanted to rub my hand against his furry chest and maybe give him a little massage or a scratch… to thank him for everything… not that I knew how to give a massage… but I’d slept with my ‘paws’ on and was still trapped within those bags of leather and rubber. I whimpered when I looked up and saw them kissing each other, drooling as they’re tongues played with each other and happy grunts escaped their mouths. I felt left out, but I got a foot in my face to silence me.

After that, Luke and Alex both took a shower while I waited on the floor of the bathroom, chewing on one of the many dog toys Alex kept. You’d think I’d get bored but Alex was smart and actually lubbed the toy up with bubble-gum flavoured lube, making it even more fun to chew and lick and play with; not to mention try and keep the damn thing still enough to play with. Needless to say I entertained myself.

Breakfast was afterwards; I ate cereal from my dog bowl on the floor, Luke ate what I can only describe as pure gooey mush that was pressed into the floor by Alex’s boots as he himself had a fry-up on the counter. I couldn’t help but come over when I finished mine to join in licking the boots clean, and thankfully I was allowed to assist Luke. Quickly finding out that the ‘mush’ didn’t taste of anything and was extremely bland… it couldn’t have been appetising for Luke but he’d licked up every last blob from the floor without complaint.

I was thrown in the garden for a bit to piss and was let back in moments later to a fully uniformed Alex standing in the door way, the chain leash in one hand and the pup hood in the other. I barked when I saw him, making my way inside and pushing my face into the hood when he buckled it on. It was only when it was on that I realised it had –yet again – a different nose/muzzle attachment. There was no cock gag in this one, but still had a tab that supressed my tongue down keeping me from talking. This one was stylised in that there was an actual dog mouth: two separate bits of neoprene with the jaw flopped open and a red fake tongue dangling out.

I saw myself and barked happily, realising I could now bark a lot louder than before and the fake tongue jumped about full of life when I moved.

“Hush Shaggy or I’ll get your other muzzle,” Alex scolded me as he padlocked it on just like my mitts. I didn’t mind, I was just happy I wasn’t being sent home this time.

Then with my lead on, I was lead into the living-room back to Luke… who’d been locked back into his skin-tight black rubber cat-suit. His head was still exposed, but his hands and feet were both hidden under a layer of black. But he was grinning at me as I crawled in and instantly got a bit nervous with what the two had planned for me.

Then Luke showed me the tail plug and harness he was hiding behind his back. I should have been afraid but I couldn’t help but bark happily and yank Alex forward with the leash.

It was only when the lube was slid onto my rear and I felt the silicon bulb of the plug that I realised how excited I was for this… how eager… I was already pressing myself back onto it. I looked back at Alex, wondering what he was thinking… ‘Eager’ doesn’t quite describe how ready I was to have something in my rear.

“Get the bathroom ready, we’ll give him a groom later. For now, just relax Pup.” I wasn’t given much choice as he started pushing the bulb in. He was gentle and slow, knowing that he’d have to stretch me slowly before the bulb will go in or I’d be in pain all day. I had plugs at but they were still only training ones and none were anywhere as big as this. I had worn a tail plug once before on another meet but I can’t really remember how big it was.

It took a good 30 minutes to push it in and finally when it was nestled in my arse: I’d felt so exhausted that we hadn’t done anything else and I felt pretty bad about it. I wasn’t going to let that happen again. No matter how big it was. So I did my best, focusing on my breathing and trying to relax my sphincter as he slowly stretched and exercised the muscle of my hole. Arching my back as I’d seen online, remembering that familiar feeling and the pressure behind me. Luke was also there helping me along, holding my head between his hands giving me a scratch and encouraging me on.

I probably should have realised that the plug wasn’t small when it was waggled in my face. Alex had commanded me a few times to sleep with the biggest of my plugs in my butt and had done without question, but again it paled in comparison to this. It was fun feeling it in my gut, especially in the past when I’d been locked in chastity and I’d felt my arse clench around it every time I tried to get hard. But this was different entirely, and so much more exciting. Bigger, but I knew it was a tail… and I was a pup… And I wanted to have a tail.

It took a while, and several more loads of lube, but eventually, my arse opened up for it. “Get ready for it boy,” Alex had said pushing in the last of the orb into my butt. I remembered something else I’d read somewhere that you should do whilst being fucked; so I laid my head down on the carpet as well as my chest arching my back further and thrusting my arse up into the air. Alex chuckled as did Luke, both of them rubbing my back to reward me. Guess it was the right move. I held my breath as I felt it enter me; my arse growling at the invading object but in it came and I murred happily as it settled, feeling the base of the plug around my hole keeping the tail upright… and then there was the weight of the tail itself, feeling the plug tug and pull as it wagged and waved as I shivered.

“Good boy, there’s a good dog.” Alex cooed scratching and patting my butt and I grunted my reply. “Now to make sure it stays in…” and out came the butt-plug harness. Alex pulled me back up rubbing me down and then with the two of them worked it on and around me, feeding my – still unlocked – cock into the attached cock-ring in the front. The belt around my waist fit snuggly and of course, Alex padlocked it on so neither of us could pry the tail back out… Well more Luke than me, my hands were useless.

With one last tug, the belt keeping my tail in was pulled taut and it dove that one last inch inside me. I jumped a little, turning round to see the grin on Alex as he attached the last padlock to the belt and gave us both a serious look.

“Now boys, No funny business. Bitch, I want you upstairs and your chastity cage locked on now. Shaggy, Sit!” In an instant Luke was already running upstairs to where I assumed his cage was and I turned to Alex who was staring at me expectantly. I wasn’t sure how to sit, not with the tail behind me and nor did I want to break it… but going by the look on his face Alex wasn’t in the mood for patience. So I compromised and laid down on the floor on my belly. He grinned a little, lowering his head closer to me, his lime green eyes piercing into me like a dagger.

“Down.” He commanded forcefully. I lowered the rest of my head to floor and lay there sprawled out, looking up at him with big puppy eyes. He chuckled placing a hand firmly on my forehead.

“There’s my good dog. Now I’m leaving your cock unlocked, Bitch can let you cum as many times as he likes; of course you won’t be cumming by yourself with your paws on. And I’ve trained Bitch well, I’m not sure he’ll want to let you cum.” And he gave me a wicked smile. I whimpered feebly under his hand and he just laughed at my attempts.

“When I come back later, we’ll be locking your cock back up. And it’ll remain that way. For all of your holiday. And afterwards as-well. Understand me pup? All of it.” I felt myself moaning, shuffling under him but he kept me still. “Good, you do understand. So I’d enjoy the next 6 hours of freedom Shaggy, because after that your cock is mine.”

With that, Alex stood up, fetched his motorbike jacket and left me lying there on the floor reeling from what he’d said. The rest of the holiday? That was like two months!? The only reason I managed two weeks was because I had university and work all going on. Now I had neither to distract me. Two months?! I just lay there running it through in my head when I heard a slap from the front door. I lifted my head up seeing the back of Luke in the doorway and Alex in front of him leaving. The slap I assumed was Luke’s goodbye present. Even from way back here, I admired the highlights on the back of Luke’s rubber cat-suit. I couldn’t see any creases; any imperfections. I could also see the base of a plug at his rear again although I had no clue if it was the same one as yesterday or a new one. I was reminded of the one in my rear.

Left alone, Luke turned to me with a massive happy grin on his face and open arms. “Puppy!” He laughed as he ran over to me, collapsing on top of me in a pile running his fingers through my hair and the straps keeping the hood on my head. I managed to chuckle a little, feeling the smooth warm material encasing his fingers slide across my skin. I imagined how amazing it must feel to be trapped in it… wrapped in it entirely… and not just the way he was now but over his head as well… I remember how the strait-jacket had felt and how tight it was but this would have been entirely different. I realise now why everyone described it as wearing ‘a second skin.’

“We’re going to have fun Pup!” and he rolled a bright red ball in front of me. “And if you’re good I’ll see about letting you release some of that pup seed before your lock-up.” I yapped eagerly under him, I wanted nothing else. And so for the next half an hour or so, he threw and rolled the red ball across the living room floor and I scampered after it bringing it back to him. I realised that with the design of the muzzle and the flexible neoprene, if I pushed the hood’s nose on it I could actually ram the ball into the mouth and bring it back to him that way. It was more entertaining than you’d think it would be. I barked happily jumping about, trying to be a good boy and earn my reward and he’d tease me with it doing the whole ‘pretend throw’ thing and I’d join in, playfully jumping around ‘losing sight of it’. I think the both of us had a lot of fun, more than we should have done. He ruffled my head whenever I brought it back, giving me a grin. A couple of times it rolled beneath something and it was difficult for me to reach. I had to whimper and bark and paw at whatever it had rolled under to get his attention and he’d laugh, calling me a ‘silly pup’ as he pried it free and rolled it somewhere else for me to chase after.

But eventually he had to pry himself away and start his ‘chores’. He left me alone to entertain myself while he jittered about cleaning up dishes first in the kitchen and then making the bed upstairs, and after that I had no clue where he went. At first I played with the ball but quickly got bored and went to my basket. But there weren’t any toys inside it, they were all upstairs. I wish Luke had at least turned the Television on. There was no chance I could turn it on alone in my current state. Even if I knew where the remote was.

So I went to the kitchen instead trying to find company. I felt weird being left without supervision… and lonely too. Luke was not in here though; but he had been here which was evident by the fact everything was spotless. I looked around at the small room, spotting my bowls by the back door. But as I got to them, I realised my predicament. The hood was too big for me to get my mouth to the water. I could get the hood in sure, but the bowl was only an inch deep. I sat there watching it, watching the drips fall of my nose into the clear water. I could find Luke I suppose, see if he could help me… but the hood was locked on, so it’s not like he could take it off anyway. Still, maybe a straw? So I set off to find him quickly covering the downstairs.

There was one door that was locked shut with a bolt and I had the feeling that this was the way downstairs into whatever ‘play-space’ Alex was hiding from me. The same space that Drake wanted to be there when I saw it, but the lock alone impeded my access.

So I turned and – still on all fours – made my way upstairs. I figured it would be good to get some practise in, going up and down this flight of stairs when I wasn’t on a leash… or had an eager set of feet to follow. I reached the landing but still couldn’t hear anything. I supposed I could get a toy from the cage under the bed, something else to play with while I waited for Luke to re-appear. Something else to pass the time… maybe I could get a dildo to suck on, or find that squeaky bone!

But then I spotted the bathroom door open and a thought came to mind. I don’t know why it popped in my head. I crawled my way in, checking to see the room was empty before I was about to do this. I then went to the toilet and knelt in front of it, my face peering down to the water in the bowl. It was clear, clean and empty.

‘It was just water,’ I told myself. Just like drinking water from my bowl. I inched forward slowly, hearing the water echo around the toilet as my nose made contact. ‘Just water,’ ‘just water’.

Inch by inch I lowered my head and finally I felt it against my lips. The lip of the toilet pressed up against my collar and my neck making it difficult to swallow. But I was thirsty, and I was a dog… and this was my bowl.

I opened my lips and took my first gulp… reeling backwards. That was not just water! I coughed a little, spitting it back out and knelt there for a bit. I was confused. It looked just like water, it wasn’t yellow or tinted or dirty… there wasn’t a smell… I couldn’t understand it. But now I really was thirsty. I closed my eyes and went back for another gulp. It didn’t taste any better, it was just less of a surprise. Something was up with it. Whatever it was, it was diluted to hell…. But I was thirsty… And I was a dog.

So I started gulping it down, not that it got any easier. I must have been on my twelfth gulp when I heard one of the floor boards creak and I froze where I was. I lifted my head out of the toilet – the ‘water dripping from my nose – to the doorway to see Luke standing there silently, a grin on his face… and his phone directed at me. He chuckled loudly, as I stared, shock in my eyes.

“Aww don’t stop puppy, it was just getting good.” He came in, still holding the phone in my direction as he knelt down beside me the camera focused in my face, no doubt picking up the shock in my eyes. He laughed again at me. “Shaggy’s been caught red-handed!” I still didn’t say anything or make a sound. Embarrassed wasn’t quite the right word, It was more than that. I knelt there staring at the camera like I’d just been caught committing a crime. It wasn’t bad enough that I’d somehow convinced myself to drink from the toilet in the first place, but I’d actually been caught doing it and now there was evidence.

“Did pup like his drink?” I looked at Luke who was staring at me with the biggest grin I’d seen. I whimpered a little in reply, hoping that my answer wouldn’t suggest ‘yes’ or ‘no’.

“Tastes a bit funny doesn’t it? That’s what Bitch mush does, makes your piss really watered down.” I stared at him in shock… and for good reason: I’d just been told I drank someone’s piss. Diluted piss yes but still piss. I shook my head dis-believingly at him, it had to be joke or some head-fuck, but the grin he gave me didn’t make the pit in my stomach feel any less heavy. “That’s right pup. You just drank Bitches piss!” and he flipped the camera around on himself.

“And I think he liked it, what do you think?” and he came round next to me, throwing an arm over my back holding me firm stopping me from scampering away from the camera…

“Don’t worry pup, I won’t tell Master Alex.” And he shut the phone off and released me. Instantly I jumped out the room and tumbled down the stairs running to my basket. I should have gone to the cage under Alex’s bed, but that wasn’t far enough from the toilet. I should have known the distance wouldn’t make a difference. I could still feel the water sloshing about inside me and now that I knew what it was… it only made my whimper. I shouldn’t have drank so much.

I heard the toilet flush upstairs, and then slow steady steps coming down the stairs. I had to run somewhere, hide somewhere, but there was nowhere I could go and nothing I could do with my hands padded and locked away. I couldn’t even pull a blanket over myself…

Resigning myself, I slowly turned around with my head lowered looking glum back to the doorway again and Luke was already there smiling happily. He chuckled as he came over to me and scratched my head. “Don’t worry pup, you all do it.” That didn’t help my feelings, I still felt humiliated… but I had just drunk out of a toilet so that was… pretty much the right reaction. “Chase did it his first night too.” I looked at him curiously.

“Chase, you know his last pup.” Ah, so that who his last pup was… not that a name helped me much… This ‘Chase’ could have been anyone. Just like my name was ‘Shaggy’, it could be anyone. Hell it could be my best friend for all I knew. But I still had the feeling it hadn’t ended well between them. Drake and Alex had mentioned him vaguely yesterday. It wasn’t my business though. I didn’t need to know so I hadn’t asked.

“Don’t worry about it pup, you’re a lot better than he ever was. Master took him down the basement every day to beat him and left him there for hours. The two never played like you do. He just un-tied and kicked him out as he was. Kid still didn’t get it though. He wasn’t pup-material and I think Master Alex just got fed up of him. So did I. still hurt him like hell though to….” And he stopped talking. I was staring at him with a ‘you shouldn’t be telling me this’ look and he was staring right back at me. Sure it was nice being complimented and knowing that I was an improvement over the last owner of this collar… But there were things I didn’t need to know.

“Don’t tell Master I said that.” And he got back up and left me where I was again, leaving me with my thoughts. And then I started thinking again and I lost track of time. Dangerous thing to do; think.

I kept hearing about this play-space beneath us… remembering the yells of Luke when he was ‘playing’ with Drake… and then hearing about this ‘Chase’ and his constant visits to the basement… Sure I was getting excited and wanted to see the space and have fun seeing whatever was contained within, but there was more to it… I started thinking about our dynamic; Alex and me. I was his pup, he was my owner… my owner…. Only he wasn’t… Not yet… I hadn’t touched his cock, I hadn’t sniffed his cock and I promised myself last night that I would. But I didn’t just want his cock. I started to realise I wanted him. I couldn’t even list all the things that attracted me to him. He was beyond attractive, he was strong, he was a nice guy, caring yet controlling, firm and challenging, he was a cop… he was a cop! Come on how many of those were there wandering around?

He had friends who were all fun to be around, and I had a feeling he had more kinky friends he played with… and who knows what was lying just below me. I wanted Alex. I wanted Master Alex.

I wanted to be his pup… And serve him… and be his. Whatever that meant. If that meant enduring a slight whipping, grinning and bearing a rough spanking… being tied up and left for hours… alright that last one sounded fun, but still. I wanted to be there for him, and I know he probably had Luke to play with in that regard… But… I truly, wanted to be his.

I wanted to be his property.


* * *


“I’m home boys!” Alex called as he entered through the front door, I heard his boots thump against the floor as he stepped in. I leapt off the sofa to run and greet him, coming out into the hallway to find Luke already there on his knees; his hands on the back of his head and lowered to the floor. I wondered where he’d gotten off to while I’d waited… and thought.

I turned to Alex who smiled and greeted us, striding over to me and ruffling my hair completely ignoring Luke.

“You been good pup?” I barked at him, happy to see him again after 8 long hours. By now I’d gotten used to my tail and had practised wagging. I was all too happy to show my progress as well, wagging my butt showing off what I’d learnt; feeling the bulb in me twist and pull at my hole as I waggled. He seemed impressed as he laughed and gave me a good scratch. And then his attention turned to the other.

“You been good Bitch?”

“Yes Master Alex.”

“Get your chores all done?”

“Yes Master Alex.”

“Good,” and in one large stride he stepped over Luke in his kneeling position. I turned, ready to follow but Luke didn’t move. He hadn’t so much as looked up off the floor. I wasn’t sure what to do, stay with Luke or follow Alex into the kitchen. I went to Luke and booped him with my nose, but he didn’t react. I looked up for Alex but he was out of view.

“Shaggy!” He called from the kitchen, so I left Luke and slowly made my way to the kitchen, watching Alex take off his jacket and stretch himself. His uniform once again reminding me everything I loved about him.

“Like what you see pup?” I barked at him and ran over to him eagerly, pawing at his leg and nuzzling his boots. I wanted to lick them again, burying my nose deep in all that sweat and musk they stored… saved just for me. He came down patting my head.

“Remember what I told you this morning?” I assumed he meant about my cock lock-up. I nodded slowly. “Did pup get to cum again while I was at work?” I hadn’t. Luke had been too busy completing his chores, no matter how many times I brought him a ball or a toy bone. So I shook me head and he cracked a smile.

“Good,” was the response I got. I whinged a little, but I knew as well as he did that I was only going to cum from now on when he let me… Regardless of whether he locked my cock up or not.

“Bitch!” He called back into the hallway and Luke entered silently, standing in the doorway with his arms behind his back. I got the feeling that this was how Alex wanted Luke when he came home and had been trained that way… Maybe one day I’d be trained to do similar things when Alex came home from work… or when he woke up for that matter.

“Take Shaggy upstairs to the bathroom, we’re giving him a good bath.” I looked up at Alex who smiled down at me. I smiled back up at him. I started backing up, getting ready to playfully run away but Luke was already upon me sensing my impending charge, clipping the lead onto my collar and it was too late. I’d have to remember that for next time; Luke was fast and no dummy. He started pulling me away and I whimpered as I got tugged away from Alex as he laughed, giving me a playful wave as he returned to his drink. As soon as we were in the hallway though I stopped struggling and went with Luke silently, making my way upstairs with ease – thanks to all my practising – entering the bathroom giving the toilet a cold stare. Luke pattered the side of my face, scratching my jawline. I looked up at him; he was beaming down at me and gave me a wink. I snapped my head back down.

Getting washed was certainly a new experience for me. For starters, my mitts were still on as was my collar but neither of them seemed to care as the shower was turned on and warm water started hitting my back. I wagged as they soaped up my body, their hands running along my skin. Alex was still in his uniform the entire while, Luke in his. It made telling whose hands were whose easy; one being rough with warm skin and the other cool and smooth latex. Who knows what it was like to wash someone with latex covered hands. I didn’t fight or argue, not that it would have done me any good; letting them rub me down and soap me up, feeling my arse relax when the harness was taken off me.

And then out came the razors and I started getting my entire body shaved. With both of them working on me, it was done pretty quickly. I sat up in a begging pose first; the cold sharp instruments sweeping across my chest cutting away the fibres and then being blasted by another jolt of the shower… and then my arms were up in the air while Alex swept away my arm pit hair. I had never been completely shaved before, but knew it’d probably happen sooner or later with my kink interests. As long as I kept my long hair than I was happy with letting them cut it all off. Although it seemed a little weird for them to be doing it and not me. I mean, wouldn’t it have shown my dedication and devotion to my owner; to Alex if I turned up already shaved?

When my chest and neck was all done; it came to my rear. He was as slow and gentle as he was putting my tail in than he was taking it out. Holding onto the base of it, he lightly pulled and tugged letting me help push it out until there was a ‘pop’ and I breathed. They wasted no time, stretching my cheeks apart plunging in the thin disposable razor in and around my hole working as fast as he could. When he was happy the tail went back in; no need for lube or to be gentle the second time… He knew I could take it. There was mere seconds when I was tail-less.

Probably about 30 minutes in all and I was clean shaven everywhere except my eyebrows and my hair. They’d even taken the stubble off my jaw, Luke working deftly and quickly while Alex held my dog hood, staring at me holding it in plain view as if I’d forget what I am. He locked it right back on afterwards, making sure my hair was shampooed nicely beforehand and even I noticed the fact they were using actual dog shampoo on my head. It made me laugh. Then, all it took was a quick rub down with the towel. Again I felt a bit weird… them doing all this for me. Well, I guess it wasn’t for me but still. I felt like I was wasting their time by turning up like this; but then I had to remind myself this wasn’t a planned visit, and both of them did seem happy to do it. And I was a dog.

I shook myself about a bit playfully, knowing not to get either of them wet or I’d be punished for it. I saw myself in a mirror, admiring how my body shimmered in the light… How it felt… I could remember how Luke’s body looked, even with the red welts across his back; the remains of his meeting with Drake. His body was smooth too. perhaps that’s what it was for? To help me into a rubber cat-suit like Luke. I couldn’t even imagine what that would feel like! Across my body, my entire body…

And then I remembered what I wanted to ask, what to say. I thought as I got towelled down, looking up at Alex who was working away giving me a happy look. Now was the time. I was ready.

I pawed at his leg, whimpering a little.

“What’s up pup?” he asked me. I turned and started backing up to the bathroom door. I paused in the threshold of the door looking back at him with a ‘follow me’ look. He got the message as he fetched my chain lead. Luke was putting the towels away on the radiator working away with a happy smile.

“What is it pup? Want to show me something?” I ‘arfed’ a little at him, and as soon as my leash was on, I took us both downstairs – being sure to look back at him with a big proud grin with how I handled the stairs. He patted me on the head and laughed.

“You just wanted to show me that?” I shook my head and went to the door. The door. The one that lead downstairs. The one that meant you was going to be… I was going to be… hell, what did I know what was going to happen to me down there!?

I sat in front of it looking up at Alex, who just looked at me back. I poked the door with my nose… and he sighed. He came down to his knees and patted my head.

“I know you want to go down there pup, your excited to see the other toys I have. But downstairs isn’t for fun pup-times. It’s for serious I’m-going-to-whip-you-play-times.”


“No, I meant deadly serious play-time pup.”

“Woof woof!” I got up on all fours and stared at him. That’s what I wanted. I knew I wanted to at least try some more serious bondage and BDSM; even just to realise that it wasn’t for me. But I was a pup, and let’s face it, a pup’s only instinct is to have fun… and I just had to go downstairs. I rested my head on him giving him big puppy eyes and wagging my tail.

He sighed again giving me a scratch.

“Alright, alright,” he started laughing. “I admit, I want to play with you down there too… And I want to learn more about my cute pup and what he can take… But you realise that down there is a very different environment than up here pup. I have extremely high expectations of all the boys who enter it. No matter what they are.”

“Arf Arf!!” I didn’t care, I expected that. After all in my mind, it was a dungeon, and what dungeon-master wouldn’t have strict expectations of those ‘unfortunate’ enough to enter it.

“I have rules Shaggy. Strict rules.” What are we talking here? On all fours? Yes sir, no sir? Eyes on the floor? No begging/pleading? Piece of cake. All that I could handle. Little did I know what I was in for.

“But not today though. I promised Drake he’d be here when you see it.” And he scratched my head lovingly. I was fine with that, as long as I knew it was happening. With that settled Alex took me into the living-room where Luke joined us. We watched eagerly as he took off his boots; Luke holding me back with my leash stopping me from jumping forward and start licking them before he himself had a chance to. Of course the dog-hood was on me so I couldn’t have licked them even if I weren’t being held back but that didn’t stop hungry, horny, puppy-headed me from trying. But I didn’t get to lick his boots this time; no this was Luke’s turn. Instead, Alex pulled off his sock, took my chin in his hand and stuffed the sweat soaked sock into the ‘mouth’ of the hood. It hit me like someone had just sprayed something in my face, only there was no spray and it didn’t leave my nose after a second. Every breath I took I was blasted with what was probably 8 plus hours of on duty-police sweat. I shook my head and pawed at my nose but with my mitts on there was nothing for me to use to pry the sock back out. I whimpered and shook my head, as he grabbed me again and stuffed the other sock in.

He held me looking in my eyes as I whimpered and winced at the overpowering smell and yes, I was loving it. And for all my whimpering and my panting and my heavy breathing: Alex knew that too. Luke was already at work filling in for me licking his boots, although they weren’t dirty or muddy in the slightest as they’d been for me. Dusty sure, but not dirty.

I was pre-occupied anyway trying to shake the socks out of my maw. I jumped about pawing at my nose as if I could shake them loose but they were too far in, lodged between the two halves of the hood that made the convincing mouth. By the time Alex was happy with Luke’s work, my smooth hairless body was gleaming with sweat and I was lying on my side barely an inch from where Alex sat. I lay there panting as Alex gave Luke a deep loving kiss as a thank you. I whimpered as I watched them, missing the passion of a deep kiss. But they just continued as I lay there ignoring me.

I got up and pushed my head between the two of them, trying to get their attention. It didn’t work as Alex just pushed me away not even looking down. So I sat there patiently, eyeing them both wantonly. When they finally finished, Alex turned to me and sighed.

“My pup here wants me to take him down to the dungeon and play. Do you have something to do with that bitch?” Alex turned to Luke who stared back.

“Maybe he just wants to have more fun Sir.” He replied.

“Fun? You call what happens down there fun? I’m obviously not being rough enough with you am I?” He grabbed the back of Luke’s head and pulled him down so his face was in his crotch.

“Rough enough with both of you now though eh?” and he turned down on me. I lowered my head submissively but didn’t break eye-contact. I wanted to know what he was thinking. I wouldn’t be left waiting for long.

“I seem to recall that someone still needs to be locked up.” I whimpered loudly; I’d been hoping that they’d take it easy on me and actually let me cum before that happened… But I guess I’d get what I asked for. Alex gave me a grin as well… a dangerous grin.

“Bitch go get me the sleep-sack.” I think I felt my heart jump in my chest.

“Which one Sir?” he replied diligently. Which one!?!

“Well pup here wants to get serious, let’s show him just what he wants. Bring me my favourite.”


* * *


It must have been, maybe 30 minutes later? I had no clue. Time was flying by as they laid me down and buckled me in. Luke had brought down this massive bag of thick cow-hide, pitch black leather like it was a potato sack and it certainly looked as heavy as one. There were so many buckles I couldn’t keep track of them all. Alex had held me still in his arms while Luke was getting it, whispering in my ear that I had absolutely no idea what I was in for. He was right, I really didn’t, and that drove me wild.

The coffee table was pushed out the way and the sack was spread out on the floor like a rug. There was no cool neoprene inside, no rubber; just thick serious and almost scary looking leather. I’d tentatively crawled over to it and got a closer look when Alex let me, I didn’t even realise I was wagging my tail when Alex was over me whispering: are you ready? Oh god yes I was.

My tail was the first to be removed and I felt a twinge in me as I felt the bulb leave. Alex made sure to show me it with a grin. If I wasn’t about to be locked in a sleep sack for the first time ever, I would of howled and whimpered. But I was grinning from ear to ear under the hood and didn’t care.

Down I lay, slipping my feet into the end, feeling the rough cold and un-yielding fabric right up my back and around my feet. I called my breathing down as the zip slowly was brought up, feeling the sack enclose around me. I was thinking they were going to take off my mitts – but no – they went into the attached sleeves as they were and I had a flashback to the straight-jacket yesterday with Drake. Only this fabric was heavier, much heavier than that and it was thick. I could already feel the sweat in my armpits when the zip hit my collar. The collar of the sack went over my dog collar – and with no need to take it off – was buckled over it. I could feel my dog tag against my neck as the new collar tightened over my own. I played with the arms a little, feeling just how heavy it was, and all too quickly, they were wrenched across my chest, fed through loops in the belts of the sack and buckled behind me in a straight-jacket position… only tighter than last time. I pulled to see if they’d given me any slack, only for them to yank the sleeve back even further and I couldn’t pull it back.

Then they started tying a length of rope up through the sleep-sack over the zipper. They’d get ever so far and then buckle the belt they’d just past, pulling it as tight as they could. And just to make sure it was tight enough, they’d pull at the rope making sure there was literally not an inch of give for me. At first I didn’t notice, but by the time they were at my waist, I realised just how tight this thing was going to be. Something inside me told me that if I struggled as they were tying me up, it’d probably help loosen the whole thing. It didn’t; I tried rolling and pulling my arms but the more I struggled, the more they pulled and tugged and cinched the belts and rope tighter and by the time they was tying a knot in the rope, my entire body was aching with my feeble escape attempts. My arms – especially my shoulders – burned with how I’d pulled and they’d gotten nowhere in response. My cock growled and shivered to what it knew was about to happen.

Alex looked down at me when they sat back and looked at their work. I panted lying there, feeling pretty good. Beyond horny. But I was ready and I wanted to serve. I didn’t want this to end. I didn’t want to say no.

Off came the hood to reveal my massive grin. “You enjoying yourself Shaggy?” Alex laughed. I nodded and barked at him, wagging my butt as best I could. He ruffled my hair and laughed. “Well that’s good news.” He came down and started kissing me and I swear time froze. His lips met mine and I melted. I think it was more likely that I was just feeling my own sweat gather around me. His tongue filled my mouth as he took control, biting my lip and placing one hand over my eyes pushing my head firmly against the floor. I had to gasp for breath when he left me lying there, trying to lift my head back up for more. He took that opportunity to remove his hand from my eyes and over my mouth silencing a whimper.

By then Luke had started feeling my body through the sack; massaging my arms as best he could through the thick leather and had stopped over the rock hard bulge that was my cock. He laughed, getting Alex’s attention.

“He’s rock hard Sir.”

“Good. So Shaggy, you remember what I told you? That your bone is going to be locked up for the rest of the holiday?” I nodded. That wasn’t something I could forget.

“Well I’ve got a game I’m going to play with you. Bitch, go get me the Red Box.” That must have meant something to Luke because he stared at Alex little taken aback… and even I could see the flicker of horror on his face. That last time I saw that look was when Drake was with us.

“Now.” Alex said firmly, and off he went leaving us alone.

“See, I get the feeling you want to try something a little more, serious. Right?” I nodded again.

“So here’s the game we’re going to play. All you need to do, is choose.” I was getting curious, but something about the look Luke had given un-nerved me.

“From now onwards, your cock is going to be locked up until I let it out – that you know – regardless if you’re good or bad. BUT, for how long? And locked up in what? You remember your last chastity cage?” I nodded again, hearing the quiet muffled sounds of Luke beneath me in the basement…. In the Dungeon.

“You can choose to be locked up in that again, but if you choose that, you’ll remain locked up in for two months. Understand? I won’t even unlock you to edge or torture your eager cock… I doubt I’ll even smack your balls about. It’ll be ignored. Completely.” That…. I couldn’t handle any of that…. I wasn’t sure I could handle two months being locked up let alone that.

“which brings me to option number two…” And Luke returned with a large red felt covered box. There was no markings, no words, just plain fabric. Luke came back to his knees beside me and I could sense the two having a conversation in the looks they gave each other.

“See, I got a chastity cage custom made a while back. I had a fun idea. Thought I’d tell my buddy about it and he built me this. But Bitch here, doesn’t like sounds…”

Sounds… wait… Sounds as in sounds, sounds?

I stared as he pulled it out the box. Just stared. I didn’t know what to think. I just listened… and stared.

“So this is choice number two…” It looked like my last one on the outside; a tube of solid metal, a tight cock ring to keep it on, a hook that went under the balls and split them up… but then turning it around you’d see that wasn’t the case. This was nothing like my last cage. His ‘mate’ and fastened a catheter – an actual catheter of all things – to the hole at the end of the tube that engulfed my cock which meant the tube wouldn’t be coming out or off without the cage coming off too… what hit me first was the size of it: I think it’d be pretty stupid of me if I didn’t whimper at the sight of it. Luke’s hand came to my head and scratched my head to join Alex’s which remained clamped on my mouth. They both gave me reassuring smiles, although Luke’s was a bit more scared than mine.

“I seem to recall you telling me that one of your previous meets had introduced you to sounds and you liked it. So I figured you’d be interested in this.”

Sure I was interested, but this was…. Scary… I think he saw that in my eyes too. “I know pup, which is why I’m giving you the choice. If, If you choose to wear this, we’ll take it slow, and I want you to tell me if it hurts at all and I’ll take it off okay? I haven’t tried this before, no-ones worn this before. Okay?” I looked at him. I was lost for words. “Plus, if you choose this, I promise I’ll take it off and edge and toy and beat your bone; At least once.”

Okay run it through Shaggy: Sure it was big, it was scary big; I’d never been catheterized before and not only that but the actual tube on this cage – the actual container for my cock – was a lot smaller than last time. This would not be easy… But did I want it to be easy? What fun would that be?

Okay so yes; it was big. But I really had loved the feeling of being sounded, feeling something worm its way down my cock slowly and teasingly. It felt like pissing only in reverse; it was weird and it was un-describable and that’s why I loved it. Sure it was dangerous but this is BDSM and most of the things involved in it is dangerous. I trusted Alex. He wasn’t going to hurt me. And then there was the thought of being catheterized, it’d be a new thing for me, a new experience.

And it’s not like I was pissing all over his house anyway; he’d already taken control of when I was allowed to piss by letting me out in the garden. A catheter just cemented his control over me and my bladder… right? I liked the idea of being a guinea pig for his new toy as well…

“So?” He asked me, his hand coming free from my mouth and to my forehead. I grinned. He grinned back. We both knew my answer.

“I’d like to try it Sir.” I whispered, giving him a ‘not so sure’ look… because I wasn’t but I knew he’d take it off me if we had any problems. I wanted to impress him. I wanted to surpass his expectations of me, as I’m sure every pup wants to do for his owner; his handler.

“Good boy,” and he gave me another kiss.

Luke came round and pryed me up from the floor, resting my upper body against his chest so I could observe what was going on. Alex pulled open the double zipper at my crotch, and out sprang my cock in eager anticipation. He gave me a smile and the bastard even teased it before starting work. I whined and whimpered and even thrusted a little but I was just wasting my energy.

On went the base of the cage; the all too familiar feeling of a tight cage around my balls and my cock, feeling my full balls resting in their place against the hook at the bottom. He’d neglected to mention this ring was smaller than the last one, not to mention the small blunt bumps that burrowed into me a little. I surmised it was to help stop the thing from slipping, even if I was sweaty. I whimpered as he pulled it flush against my crotch; Luke quickly coming to the rescue to comfort me and whisper in my ear.

“Shh, good dog,” he’d say, rubbing my arms and my chin as I struggled limply. I looked at Alex who was looking at me expectantly, as if I was about to change my mind. Out came the bottle of lube and then two small syringes. The first he put to my piss-slit and gently squeezed pushing the ice-cold lube into my cock. I couldn’t help but whimper again.

“Silence him Bitch, he’s going to be noisy.” A hand came over my mouth clamping down tightly, but Lukes’ voice still whispered in my ear encouraging me on. “Shhh, its alright… Trust us… Trust Master Alex… He knows what he’s doing… he won’t hurt you… shh, you’re alright…” on and on he went, stroking the bridge of my nose with his thumb and his other hand around my chest. Something about that finger stroking my nose made me relax and stop fidgeting. I don’t know why. It just relaxed me. So I sat there and watched as he oozed out a generous helping of lube onto the catheter and brought the tip of it to my cock; with one last glance at me to make sure I was still okay, he started slithering it in.

Okay, so in retrospect he could have been slower, and he could have stretched me open a bit with a sound before he started. But this was new for him and I wasn’t going to hold that against him. It didn’t hurt, I just wanted him to go slower so I could enjoy the feeling a bit more. Perhaps that was the idea… But he was pushing the tube in further and further and all I could do was close my eyes and embrace the feeling. The lube was cold, Ice cold as I said and I suppose it was having the desired effect on me, making my cock slowly shrivel as it went deeper and deeper.

And yet I didn’t whimper, it was that thumb on my nose stroking me. Slowly; down, then back up and down again… I panted hearing myself murr as Luke held me firm, opening my eyes briefly to see more and more of that bright yellow plastic tube disappear into me… actually into me. Alex seemed to be enjoying himself, because he was grinning but he was also concentrating. I could feel it stretch me open and there was something almost hypnotic watching that thing disappear into me. He kept squirting more lube onto it as he went, trying his best to make sure it didn’t hurt me. And it didn’t.

And then I felt it hit my bladder, there was slight jolt where the catheter plunged in and even I could feel the strange sensation of the door being blasted through. I started thinking about how it must work, the catheter, I mean, how did it stop the piss? And how was it going to release the piss when I was allowed to empty my bladder?

I was too occupied with the odd sensation that I hadn’t notice Alex pick up the second syringe and place it into a second hole in the end of the metal tube that now hid my soft penis. And then suddenly there was pressure in my pelvis as the balloon inflated. It made me jump but I guess I hadn’t much piss in there to begin with – thankfully – because I quickly got used to it. And then the rest seemed normal: lining up the tube with the base and locking it on. It looked like a normal chastity cage… well as normal as one can be. Little would you know that a massive snake was squeezed down my urethra into my bladder and that it controlled when I was allowed to relive myself.

But I liked the feeling, the sensation. I think I liked it because it was odd. I dunno, But Alex was happy with it as he towelled the lube off his hands.

“You okay Shaggy? It feel alright?”

“Mrppph,” I barked through Luke’s hand.

“He kinda needs to talk Bitch,” Alex chuckled.

“I think he likes it, he went all limp when I started stroking his nose like this.” And he restarted brushing up and down with his thumb. Instantly I could feel myself relax again, go limp in his arms. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the feeling; where I was… The situation… everything.

“Huh, nice trick, I’ll have to remember that. You okay though pup? No pinching, no soreness, its comfy?” I nodded and grinned when finally Luke released his hand. “Good. Let’s see how it works out huh? Me controlling your piss.” And he crawled closer to me.

“Speaking of piss, Sir, I have something to show you.” Alex swung his leg over my legs and sat on me, his still uniformed body resting on my locked cock. It didn’t really click what was going on – I was too busy enjoying the moment – until I started hearing slurping and echoing above me. It was coming from a phone above my head and in an instant my attention snapped back and I froze. My head lurched up and Luke’s phone was up and out and even I could see the video playing on it.

“Wait, No!” I burst out, my struggles renewed and all too quickly, Luke’s hand was back as I huffed and struggled and ‘mppphhh’ed into his hand. But I knew it was too late. Luke’s hand grew tighter and pulled my head to my side against his chest and I wheezed, hearing the scene earlier today playing through. That floor board creak, Luke’s laugh as I noticed him.

‘Aww don’t stop puppy, it was just getting good’ I closed my eyes. He’d said he wouldn’t show him! He’d said he’d keep my secret safe! ‘Shaggy’s been caught red-handed!’ All I could do was sit there, Alex on top of me, Luke behind me keeping me still listening… to the video. I then realised that what I had drunk… was probably in my bladder now.

‘That’s right pup. You just drank Bitches piss!’ I opened my eyes to look up at Alex, to see his reaction, to see his face. Maybe show him how embarrassed I was, but he was too busy enjoying the show. All I could see from how I was held my head was Alexs’ chin… and a big, big grin.

‘Don’t worry pup, I won’t tell Master Alex’ and then the video stopped and the phone was put away. The hand released my head and I turned to look at Alex who was grinning down at me.

“So, I’ve got another toilet drinker pup.” His smile was gentle. I knew my face was red, I could feel it. I couldn’t meet his eyes as I lowered my head embarrassed and he laughed at me ruffling my hair. “Aww, it’s alright pup. If I knew you liked piss so much, I would have fed you mine sooner.”

“No, I don’t… I haven’t…” I started, but I couldn’t find my breath.

“So that was your first taste huh?” Both of them seemed to forget the fact the only reason I was drinking from the toilet in the first place was because I couldn’t drink from my bowl… or perhaps they did both know and this was just another game.

“Yes Sir.” I said glumly.

“And how did it taste?” In all honesty I couldn’t really remember by this point. I was too embarrassed and had hoped it’d just be forgotten. I didn’t think I’d have to remember what it tasted like. So I went with a guess.

“Sweet Sir.”

“Sweet huh? Well that’s coz you tasted Bitch’s piss. His gets all watered down by his feed. Open your mouth.” My head turned to him in fear and he was already holding his cock in my direction, stiffening in his hand out of his zipper. Luke’s hand cupped on my chin pulling my head back so I couldn’t turn away. All I could do was stare and look up at Alex with pleading eyes, but I asked for more serious play… and this is what I was getting.

“Either open up and I’ll be nice and slow Pup, or I’ll get a funnel gag and force-feed it to you.” I knew he wasn’t joking. I knew there was no going back now. This was it. I wanted serious.

I opened my mouth obediently and got my first taste… not of piss, but of Master Alex’s cock. He laid the bulbous head on the end of my tongue letting me quiver and shake with anticipation. I wasn’t afraid. Maybe I was, I dunno. But there was something In Alex’s eyes, something that just said “you need this.”

I couldn’t revel in the fact I was actually touching Alex’s cock with my tongue; I didn’t get a chance to enjoy it. As soon as he was ready, his cock bounced, jolted and spluttered out my first gulp of hot steamy piss. Luke’s hand was still under my chin, and I was grateful because I felt like he was just there to help me through this. He knew I would have turned my head away after that, he knew I would have coughed it all back up and spluttered it out but he was there to help me.

Both of them where there with me. The taste was… bad. It wasn’t revolting though. I mean, I’ve tried rotten-egg flavoured jelly beans, now those were revolting. This… this was just… strong… seriously strong and it made me groan as I tried to tolerate it. Perhaps I should have said no but I was just too swept up in the moment to really argue. I gulped it down and instantly, another gulp sprayed into my waiting mouth.

“You’re going to have to be faster than that pup or I’m going to have to get that funnel-gag for you after all.” The fact that he did it in gulps was helping. Sure it tasted bad, and the fact it was warm was even stranger, but because I could quickly swallow before it had a chance to pool in my mouth was beneficial. I can tell why this is such a big thing for many people now. It tastes bad, and it will always taste bad. It isn’t about the taste, this is about pleasing your owner. This is about you, doing something for him, because he wants to.

So I drank it. Gulp by gulp. I could boast and lie and say sure it was easy. Piss easy…. But it wasn’t. Nothing about this was easy: keeping my mouth open, swallowing his actual waste, trying to stop myself from crying or gagging. I looked up at Alex as he stood over me; his cock in my mouth, a massive grin on his face. Bigger than I’d ever seen before, and something in me smiled back. He was proud of me. So I gritted my teeth – figuratively of course – and took it. Took his piss; his waste and swallowed. To finish, he rammed his cock in fully spraying the last few drops straight in my mouth and pulled out before I could close my mouth and suck on it. The taste lingered so much and it all happened so fast that I didn’t even really comprehend what had been in my mouth till it was out. I coughed and splattered, feeling the warmth in my throat and in my stomach… It made me shiver. I wasn’t a hot drink person to begin with, but actually feeling this warmth in me wiggle and wash about was sickening. I grimaced, looking up at Alex who wasn’t impressed. I got a slap across my face for it.

“Thank me pup for drinking my piss!” Luke yanked my head back in position.

“Thank you Master Alex for feeding me.” Even I could hear the struggle in my voice admitting it.

“Hrmm. I guess you need another load. Bitch, up, now!” My head bolted up and I whimpered loudly, but Alex just held my head back as Luke stood up and slowly wandered over me. Slowly he unzipped the cat-suit and I got a close-up view of his chastity cage. It looked almost exactly like mine only the end of tube on his was more open than mine revealing a pinkish-red bulb of flesh trapped within… and it was hard. I looked up at him, tears in my eyes but he smiled down at me… understanding in his eyes.

“Take his cage in your mouth pup, and drink its piss.” I whimpered… But I knew it’d make Alex proud and… deep deep down in me I wanted to do this. So, I suck up my pride, knowing that this is likely going to make me sick, but to hell with it. I planted my lips on the cold smooth metal, slipping my tongue on the end of the tube and waited. The position we were in was weird, me under him, head held back, Luke sort of squatting over me so he could get his cage in my mouth.

All I could see was the seam of his cat-suit as it travelled up between his legs. I didn’t need Alex’s hands to hold me still anymore… which is good because they’d left a while ago. Now there was only Luke’s gaze keeping me still as one of his hands came and scratched the side of my head.

And then I’d felt that he started pissing. He didn’t do it like Alex had, but he was still slow. More like a trickle and I let it slowly dribble down my throat. It pooled and I swallowed, letting it pool again. I think this was somehow worse because it sat in my mouth for a while before I swallowed it. Not that it made the taste any stronger. Luke’s tasted different as well; more salty and watery. I figured that’d be down to the ‘mush’ he gets fed. But it still wasn’t nice.

But there was something about his gaze, how he scratched my head that made it all easier. So I swallowed it down. Without complaint, without whimpering or crying. I just stared at Luke who smiled and grinned as he finished. I thought I’d thank him – I don’t know what for – so I weaved my tongue into the cage as much as I could and lick, as best I could. He patted me on the head and thanked me back, so I pulled back and turned to Alex whose grin made me bark. He was beaming, and I felt myself beaming back.

I blinked because he was hugging me in his arms so tightly I wiggled in the sleep-sack in his arms. It was tight already, his hug only made it tighter but I was NOT going to argue. And then came the kiss, a deep loving kiss and I knew he was proud of me.

“Good pup.” He said with a smile. “Its good that I don’t have to un-tie you later to feed you too. So, I guess you can stay in there, all night. Right?”

I barked back happily, trying to lick his face but he pulled back.

“Oh you’re not licking me with that thing, not now. Luke go get me his hood and err, you can decide which nose.” Luke bounded off happily leaving us both in the living room in a hug. The fact he was sitting on my chest made me feel the warm piss swirl about in me even more, but there was something about that feeling that made me proud. Sure it was disgusting, but that was the point.

I did it.

So back Luke came with my hood, and I was a little dismayed to find he was grinning happily as he carried the gas-mask and a blindfold. Alex just laughed. So I lay there, watching them both exchanged looks as Luke passed him some ear plugs. I wiggled under Alex, a little dismayed. But still smiling, he slipped one of them into my left ear, holding the other inches from my right.

“Your my good pup, arn’t you?”

“Woof!” With that in went the other plug and my world went silent. Well not really, there was an irritating low level of static and I figured it must be the blood in my ears. I saw his lips move but I didn’t hear anything. I barked, but I could barely hear even that.

And so now here I am for the night. Strapped in tight, blindfolded in the gas-mask dog hood, not even able to hear the clicking of the air-valve of the mask, or my heavy breathing. There was no light I could see, everything was pitch black, I had no sound. All I had was what I could feel and for a good long while, I felt them. Sort of. I mean Leather encased my body completely and I could still feel that tube deep in my cock and the balloon in my bladder but I was starting to get used to it and the feeling faded. Sure the smaller cock cage was annoying and I was constantly trying to get hard because of my situation. The warm feeling in my stomach had long left me, but I knew it was there… or maybe it was in my bladder by now. But I could feel them hug me and stroke me through the leather. A hug, a pat, a rub… then I was left alone and then back they came. I lost track of time, it was beyond weird having everything but one sense removed. I could wiggle and struggle and I had been after what I guessed was an hour, just to satisfy myself, but I knew I wasn’t going anywhere. This is what I wanted. This is what I asked for.

I kept thinking about what would happen tomorrow… what I’d have to do… what I’d be introduced to… seeing Drake again as I’d slowly crawl into whatever dungeon his below us…

I started drifting off when I was picked up and carried somewhere. I could feel the stairs as we shuddered upwards and – at a guess – Alex’s shoulder beneath me as I was bent over, and then a soft cushioned landing. I guessed we were in the bedroom. Minutes later, I felt arms hugging me again and a weight on my chest, and there it stayed. It took a while, and even then it was only a guess… but I realised I was being used as a pillow; I was Alex’s pillow. I couldn’t feel Luke but guessed he was probably under the bed. I wiggled again, and got a gentle pat to calm me down.

And that’s how I spent the night, feeling Alex on my chest and my cock straining. How the hell was I going to last two months like this? He’d say he’d take it off if there were problems… but I wasn’t having any pain or itching, and I doubt he’d take it off ‘just because’ any time soon.

Like so many things, I was stuck. Helpless.

I was a stray pup once, but here in this leather sack with a hot guy sleeping on me with his piss inside me. I wasn’t a stray…. I wasn’t lost anymore… I was found… I just hoped it stayed that way.

And maybe, just maybe: what I’d do tomorrow for him would ensure that.

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  1. I really enjoy this story and I’m waiting for the next part, when I saw ‘chapter 3’ I was really excited, thank you for this.

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