Enjoying the Flight – Part 2

By Cutieboy90

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Cutieboy90Ding! “The Captain has turned off the fasten seatbelt sign. Please feel free to move about the cabin.”

All around I could hear the clicking sound of the other passengers releasing their seatbelts and some reaching up to collect items from the overhead bins or simply stretching.

“Heheh…” Scott chuckled darkly as he patted my thigh. “Not that you need to stretch after only 15 minutes, but you won’t get to. No chance, no choice.”

My poor dick only throbbed harder, tightly confined in my jockstrap and tight jeans as Scott’s deep whispers flowed into my brain, his words as smooth and sinful as melted dark chocolate.

He was right, of course. I had no freedom, strapped and muzzled as I was. I looked down at the straps the Air Marshall had restrained me with. Thick, wide, lightly padded nylon webbing circled my torso pinning my arms around me like a straightjacket. Another strap ran down the front to connect the body straps to the ankle straps, which kept my legs bent and in a seated position even if there hadn’t been a seat.

Scott had made sure to make all the straps as snug and secure as possible, and I could hardly move. Clearly this restraint system was a product for the need to provide maximum security, humanely, in a simple, lightweight and affordable package. Not that Scott needed simple or light. I could see his muscles every time he flexed or moved in certain ways. His biceps were bigger than my head!

A teasing smile played on his face. “Awww it’s ok baby. You can enjoy it. I like that you like this, and this bad boy doesn’t get much use really…” Scott ran his hand over the sleek nylon strap over my chest. “You’re cute this way, all blushing and helpless, hard in those tight-ass jeans, and sweet boots.”

God that voice, those words!

“Mmmmmmmfff…!” I was so hard it hurt. My brow was sweating from all the lustful heat between us.

Scott reached up and twisted the air nozzle on over my seat. Damn, his arms! I stole a glance down to his lap.. If his biceps were like watermelons, the outline of his bulge in his slacks was like a fucking butternut squash. I felt myself swooning. His hand returned to its previous possessive place on my thigh.

“Hold on, baby,” Scott soothed. “We’ve got a long flight, don’t you go popping too early now.” He winked. I nodded with a muffled whimper of affirmation, and did my best to try to cool down.

I watched Scott observe the activities of the other passengers. Unable to do anything else, I tried to imagine what he was thinking, or looking for. If there was a sort of mental checklist he went through to assess what was going on. Toward the front of the plane, the flight attendants were making their way back with the drink cart. I sat back in my seat and watched as time itself seemed to slow to a standstill.

“Imma get you some water and how about a ginger ale?” Scott asked as the cart was finally about five rows up. “You’ve been good and compliant so far.” He smiled. Well what I wanted was to swap spit with him, but a refreshment wouldn’t be too bad. I nodded. “Cool, I’ll take the muzzle off. But I still expect you to be quiet. No talking yet, understood?” I nodded again. “Good boy.” His voice had that luxurious purr to it again.

He started to unbuckle the muzzle from my head.

Ding! Ding! “Well folks, it looks like we’re in for some turbulence. Please return to your seats and fasten your seatbelts.”

“Mmmm?” Scott re-buckled the muzzle straps, maybe one notch tighter than before.

“That’s too bad, boy. Guess those drinks and snacks will have to wait a while…” We watched as the cart was wheeled back to its stowage space and secured. Just in time as the plane lurched to the side.

“Woah!” Scott fastened his own seatbelt. “This’ll be a ride.” Turning to me, he made a point of tightening my already-tight seatbelt too. “It’s ok, baby. I’ll make sure you’re safe and secure…” He went ahead and pulled some of the restraints tighter as well.

“Mmmmff…!” I protested. Things were already tight! “Hmmmf!!”

“Shush,” Scott whispered gently in my ear. “Remember you’re in MY charge. I can tighten your straps all I want, and what can you do about it but huff and sulk?” A few firm strokes of my rapidly-returning boner refocused my attention. I quieted down. “Good boy,” Scott purred. “Cowboys like you are easy to tame, just treat them like the livestock they rope and wrassle, and they’re good to go. Or in your case, stay.”

My balls felt ready to burst. No thanks to the firm grip and occasional heavy slaps they received from the Air Marshal every time the plane jolted and bounced. It’s like a buckin bronco, I seethed through my teeth. I hated this part of air travel, it always made me want to be on the ground. The plane fell, then rose again, then shuddered like when you stub your toe. Strapped as tightly as I was, I mused that I was more a part of the plane than anything else.

“Mmmmhmph…” I whimpered in my throat. Scott’s arm wrapped heavily around my shoulders.

“S’all right, baby,” he whispered. I peeked through my eyelashes to see him push the armrest up from between us, and his hand crept up my thigh to settle on my crotch. “You in good hands.” He smiled warmly. “You don’t like flying in turbulence, do you?”

I shook my head with a meek whimper.

“I figured…” Scott pulled me closer. At least, as much closer as all the tight straps and seatbelt would allow. It wasn’t much, but I was able to lean against him if I strained enough. I gave his shoulder a nuzzle.

“Heh.” Scott winked as he began to alternate squeezing my shoulder, and squeezing my trapped throbbing cock. Everytime the place lurched, he’d give me a squeeze. Gradually I stopped closing my eyes, instead looking at him. His eyes twinkled like black onyx pearls beneath his thick, luscious eyebrows. A dusting of stubble coated his jawline, leading my eyes down his enormous neck, and back up to the broad knowing smirk curled on his full lips. Damn, was there anything about this man that wasn’t thicc?

Despite my nerves, I somehow managed to doze off. Or maybe Scott had hypnotized me with some special Air Marshal trick. Who knew?

Scott stroked my head. “Feeling better?”

I blinked my eyes back into focus. The turbulence had stopped, and the plane was once again soaring the friendly skies smoothly. I nodded, and tried to articulate some sort of thanks through my muzzle. My whole body ached, my shoulders and legs were especially stiff from the restraints. Speaking of stiff though, my dick was giving me all sorts of pain now. It was as if it hadn’t been soft for hours.

“Mmmmmmm…” I moaned in frustration as I felt it throb against the tight confines of my jock and jeans. I was sure there would be a zipper-shaped bruise imprinted on the underside of my cock for the rest of the week. I looked pleadingly over at Scott.

Our eyes locked, and Scott slowly raised an eyebrow.

“So… Tell me, cowboy,” he said slowly, his voice deep and low. “You wanna be part of the mile-high club? I could… Initiate you if you don’t mind a quick one.”

My eyes flew open.

“MMMMMMMM!!” My dick felt like it would burst out of its own skin. Fuck yeah I would join that club with Scott!

Scott smiled. “Alright baby, we’ll get you taken care of. It’ll be a-”

Ding! “Ladies and gentlemen, we’ll be landing shortly. Please return your seatbacks and tray tables to their upright and locked position.”

“Hmmmffph?” Landing!? What happened to the five hour flight? And what about-?

“Sorry baby,” Scott explained. “It was a rough flight the whole way, and the winds pushed us ahead of schedule too…”

I deflated.

“I know, I’m disappointed too. Tell you what though, next time we fly I’ll get you in the mile-high club. How would you like that?”

“Mmmm!” I nodded eagerly. My aching cock was ready to burst at the idea. Even if it was ‘next time.’

Scott laughed. “Yeah, you love that. I know. Now tell me, you got anyone meeting you at the airport?”

I shook my head no. Scott smirked.

“Good. Because I want to hold onto you for a while.” He winked. “You game?”

My dick nodded.

“Good boy.”

The plane landed and taxiid to the gate.

“Sir?” The flight attendant looked to Scott. Scott shook his head.

“Naw, thank you. It’s alright, we’ll get off last.”

The flight attendant nodded, and made the final announcement.

Scott unbuckled my seatbelt and we sat quietly as the other passengers disembarked. When the plane was empty, Scott leaned down and unstrapped my legs, knees, and ankles.

“Come on,” he helped me to my feet, and maneuvered me into the aisle. He put our carry-on bags over one shoulder, and guided me to the door with the other.

“Hmmff??” Was Scott going to lead me through the crowded airport with my arms and torso strapped up, and muzzled like some perp? What about the obscene bulge in my pants? Wouldn’t he get in trouble? Would I die from embarrassment?

“Hush!” Scott barked at me firmly. “I put that on tight for a reason. Now come along.”

His voice! So commanding, and strong. Would make my legs weaker if they weren’t still jelly-like from being folded up for the whole flight. He was supporting me mostly as it was…

Scott whisked me right up the jetway into the bustling terminal. People stared at me with a mix of shock and disdain. I felt my face flush such a deep red, I thought the muzzle would burn away from my face. I looked over at Scott. His security badge flashed prominently on his coat. His face was stoic and professional, with only a subtle touch of triumph. To everyone else, he looked like the hero dragging some criminal off to justice and keeping the skies safe to fly.

A short way from the gate, we ducked down a secured hallway to a part of the airport only ever seen by TSA, security, and authorized personnel. Scott entered a code at a pinpad and dragged me into a waiting room of sorts. My heart was still pounding in my throat as he pulled some paperwork out of his case and began filling it out.

“Robinson!” A huge, deep voice boomed from across the room. “What’s all this, now?”

“Tyrone, my man!” Scott turned with a cheeky grin. I followed his gaze up to a man who dwarfed even Scott. Built like a tank and he must have been close to seven feet tall!!

Tyrone had a buzz-cut head, and he strode up with his arms crossed across his huge barrel chest. His uniform looked like it would burst at any second around his arms, chest, and thighs. He looked down at me with a stern gaze. I swallowed a whimper.

“Nothing to report,” Scott said as he signed some of the papers and pushed them onto a clipboard.

“Mmhmm, and who’s this. Your new boyfriend?” Tyrone’s cold steel gaze bore through my body and soul. I gulped.

“Well not exactly, not yet anyway…” Scott said lazily over his shoulder.

Tyrone blinked his stony facade away. “Shit. You for real?” He looked me over curiously,

then gave a hearty laugh, so deep it seemed to shake the very foundations of the building. “Damn, Scott you workin’ at all? Or you just been at the rodeo all week?” Tyrone ran his hands over my shoulders, turning me around a couple times. “Huh,” he mused. “He got you in the full set, don’t he… Nice and tight.” He tried slipping a finger under the chest strap, noting how tight the restraint system fit. “Just perfect for ya.”

My initial nerves had finally cleared, and I felt myself warming up very quickly to Tyrone. So very dominant, and looking sharp in his uniform. Even if it did look a size or two too small for his bulging muscle-bound body. He suddenly grabbed my muzzled chin. “Whatchu lookin’ at, boy!?” He mock-interrogated in a strong voice.

“Take it easy on him, Ty. It was a long flight.”

“Yeah, I bet it was!” Tyrone winked, his face relaxing again into a more casual countenance. His hands stopped at my waist, but his eyes fell a little farther. “Woo, I know it was! With a bulge like that, I’da kept you restrained too…” He chuckled softly to himself, eyes following the waist strap around my jeans. His gaze settled on the unmistakable outline of the jockstrap straps, his smile broadening. “Got a nice ass for a white boy too,” he gave my ass a playful slap. He adjusted himself, and I could see the shape of a behemoth growing between his tree-like thighs.

“He’s mine. So long as you don’t forget it, I don’t mind sharing.” Scott clicked his pen away, and thrust the clipboard of paperwork into Tyrone’s hands. He smiled coyly at me. “Wouldn’t you like that too, my pet?”

“MMmmmMmm!!” I moaned. A spurt of pent-up pre shot through the front of my jeans.

“Good answer,” Scott purred, with visible amusement. He and Tyrone were now both adjusting themselves as their monstrous bulges hardened fully, threatening to tear out the fronts of their slacks.

“Fuck.” Tyrone moaned. “Now I’m gon’ be blue-balled the rest of my shift.”

“Well come on by after then. You got the weekend off too, don’t you? Let’s just have a long weekend at my place!” Scott put his coat around my shoulders, and picked up our cases.

“Yeah, I’ll tell the guys. I know they’ll be eager as I am to meet your cutie.” Tyrone gave my ass another slap as he sauntered back to his office. “Later!”

Scott grabbed my ass, hooking his thumb in the tight back pocket, and began to guide me to the door that said ‘Baggage Claim.’

“You know I’m not letting you go, right? You know you’re mine?” Scott purred silkily in my ear.

I nodded eagerly, with a muffled “Mmmm hmmm!!”


Thank you for flying with us. We hope you enjoyed your flight, and to see you again very very soon.


Metal would like to thank Cutieboy90 for this story!

Alex Mecum

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