Enjoying the Flight – Part 1

By Cutieboy90

Cutieboy90 hinged handcuffs“Enjoy your flight!”

Right, because there’s much to enjoy about being stuffed like a sardine in a flying aluminum can for five hours… I take my bags and ticket toward the security line. The one enjoyable thing about the airport at 4am, is how fast the lines go. If there’s a line at all.

“Place any electronics larger than a cell phone in the bins… Shoes off. Coats off. Empty your pockets.”

“Nice boots!” The TSA officer whistled as I placed my black cowboy boots on the belt. “They even look new!”

“Thank you,” I replied as nicely as I could at the 4am hour. “They were a real find.”

“Beautiful!” He took a closer look at the white designs etched over the shiny black leather of my boots. He finally shook his head. “I can’t wear boots anymore, as they hurt my feet. But nothing compares to ‘em!”

“For sure,” I nodded. The TSA guy was cute. Beefy build, big arms, and clearly liked boots. If there was no line, I’d have taken more time getting my stuff into the bins. Oh well…

My flight doesn’t board for another half-hour. That’s ok though. Time enough for some breakfast and boredom. With a croissant in my hand, I headed for my gate. My boner awkwardly shifting with every step. Thanks to that cute TSA guy, I could add blueballs to the list of things to enjoy on this flight. I sighed as I sat down, slouching slightly in my chair.

“Your boots do like nice,” a voice said behind me. I turned around to see an exceptionally handsome man in an average-looking suit. “I was in the next line over,” he explained.

“Oh yes, right,” I said. I was already horny, and this man wasn’t helping at all. With his piercing eyes, chiseled features, scruffy chin. A quick look down, I could see he was wearing sheer silk socks. Damn!

“I know it’s difficult to flirt with security these days, especially at the airport…” He took a sip of his coffee, with a knowing glint in his eyes.

I blushed hard. “Uhh yeah, I… I guess it is.”

“Don’t worry about it, I was only making sure! I’m Scott.”

“Aaron. So I’m guessing you like boots too?”

“I do!” Scott walked around to sit next to me. “I like boots for sure. I also like the guys bold enough to wear them to the airport. Especially guys who also wear tight jeans with them.”

“Yeah?” My mouth suddenly felt dry, but it wasn’t from the slightly-stale croissant I’d finished.

“Yeah,” Scott said with a purr. Deep, smooth, and masculine like a diesel engine. “Yours are so tight I can even tell you’re wearing a jockstrap underneath. And I like that very VERY much.”

Scott’s suit wasn’t tailored close enough for me to see his excitement clearly at first, but I could see something big and hard taking up a good amount of slack in the fabric of his slacks. I felt very awake now, despite the early hour.

“Do you?” I asked, with a growing sultriness. “I also happen to like being fawned over by a hot mochaccino in a suit…”

Scott’s eyes lit up. “Cute…” He purred, eyeing me not unlike how a hungry tiger looks at his next meal. “Very cute…” I could now clearly see his arousal. Scott was packing!

“Now then,” Scott grinned. “Tell me more about those sweet boots of yours, cowboy. Did you-”

“Boarding group one!” Damn.

“Perhaps I can save you a seat?” I offered. “S-so we can continue our… Conversation? Please?”

Scott smiled. “Sure, but I have some conditions. I’m traveling for work, so I’ll need to be able to concentrate. Get a seat at the very back of the plane, ok?”

I nodded quickly and stepped into the boarding line. I could feel his gaze on my back the whole time.

As requested, I made my way to the very back of the cabin and got the seat by the window. Interesting choice, but made sense. I wondered, with the privacy afforded if Scott had more in mind than just conversation. I adjusted myself, my mind running wild with what could happen on this five hour flight.

Scott boarded with the second boarding group. Made his way to the back, and took the seat next to me.

“Thanks for saving my seat!” He winked. “Makes it easier to focus from back here.”

“Right, for your work.” I felt myself deflate a little. “So uh, does that mean we can’t have some fun?”

“You’re cute alright.” Scott was purring again. “I do need to work, but I think I have an idea that can make this better for us both. You game?”

“Yes, sure! Whatever you want!”

Scott’s eyes gleamed. “Did you just call me ‘Sir?’”

I hadn’t, but suddenly feeling submissive I decided to go with it.

“Yes Sir.” I said. “Whatever you want!”

“Good boy,” Scott whispered. He pulled out his briefcase from under the seat, and got out some mess of nylon straps. I immediately recognized them as restraints.

“You see, Aaron, brash young men like yourself need to learn patience, to be still…” He fastened the padded cuffs around my ankles and wrists. It was a transport restraint of some sort. It kept my arms around me like a straitjacket, with straps connecting down to my ankles. Scott tightened this strap so I couldn’t stand up if I wanted to.

“Contained, and most importantly…” Scott fastened the seat belt over my lap, making it tight as well. “Safe.”

I tested the strap system. I could barely move. My arms were trapped against my body, and my ankles were drawn up and back under me. My dick was also trapped, straining much harder than me for release. This transport set was some serious gear. Which meant Scott must be some sort of police or law enforcement officer. It suddenly dawned on me that he was an Air Marshal! My cock throbbed even harder.

Scott must have seen my realization. He put his arm around me, pulling us close.

“Listen,” he said seriously just under a whisper. “I think you have an idea of my job, so you understand the requirement for discretion as well. We can still enjoy ourselves, but I need you to stay quiet and still. Not that you won’t like it…” Scott patted my hard-on.

“And of course, the gear guarantees your compliance too.”

“I understand, Sir.” I said. Without really thinking, I added with a tease: “But just to be sure, do you really have any way to guarantee that I’ll stay quiet?”

Scott smiled, and pulled out a padded leather muzzle. “You bet I do, baby.”

He fastened the muzzle over my mouth, tightly buckling the nylon straps around my head. The padding was thick. I couldn’t make a sound.

“Good boy,” Scott purred, resting his hand on my thigh. “You’re going to be very good, perfectly behaved, completely quiet, and unbelievably horny.”

I nodded, and watched Scott observe the other passengers as they boarded and took their seats. I wondered if there were any other Air Marshals on this flight, and I played a game with myself if I could figure them out. Looking for average-clothed individuals, with minimal carry-on luggage. They wouldn’t be obvious, of course, and I doubted very much I’d be able to guess. I just needed a distraction from my aching manhood.

“Flight attendants, please prepare cabin for departure.”

Scott gave my upper thigh a squeeze. “Alright, it begins. You still feeling ok?”

I nodded, moaning quietly through the muzzle.

“Good boy,” Scott stroked my throbbing bulge. I panted hard, I was so close to creaming myself!

Scott just chuckled and patted my nuts. “Gotta keep you awake somehow… If you’re really good, I’ll let you have a break. Get you some pretzels, maybe a drink.” His purr returned as he licked his teeth. “And when we land, perhaps if you’ve been very good, I’ll take you home with me, and train you to be my deputy. How would you like that?”

A spurt of pre soaked through the front of my jeans. “Mmmm hmmm!!!” I nodded as best I could with the restrictive gear on.

“Perfect.” Scott planted a kiss on my ear. I smiled under the muzzle, and settled in for a very enjoyable flight.

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11 thoughts on “Enjoying the Flight – Part 1”

  1. Sounds like you must have enjoyed the flight. I’m hoping it was a true story, since I know you were moving.

  2. Great start and can’t wait for what happens next. I wore boots on a recent trip and the TSA agent commented on them. Made me feel bad ass. Wish it would have lead to something like this lol.

  3. Howdy,

    Your pictures are so great Thank you, so much for sharing. As for the story, that was a great story. Maybe you can get a set of those straps and gag, to see you a picture in them. Thank you, for sharing.

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