Full Time Work During Covid-19

By Harry Hess

I had read that good paying jobs were hard to find in certain areas of the country, but around where I lived there was lots of industrial, boating industry, and assembly factory work all rewinding their engines for ever greater numbers of workers in the factories.  Some were even waiving the G.E.D or high school diploma requirement.  While they all paid well, the only problem with most was the human-closeness of the workspace made it frighteningly easy to catch the Pandemic Covid-19.  As I read the local want ads one stood out.

Local workers needed for work on Anti-Covid-19 Protective work gear. Several levels of protection gear available and several pay levels offered. The MOST protective gear will require the most rigorous testing AND we will pay more for these harder jobs.

I decided to apply for the “high” protection suit, as the pay was really good and it seemed to be a safest bet in these troubled times.  The line was quite long when I got in the parking lot, and I almost decided to drive on to a different company.  I, however, had nothing better to do than waste a day standing in a growing employment line.  The line seemed to move in a start and stop fashion which I later learned was because they were showing each group the suits they were working on and answering questions.

The first stop was the rapid Covid-19 tests to be sure we were all free of the virus. I was then sent inside to the personnel office for all the paperwork necessities. The showed us the various suits in testing in a large lecture hall where they had the prototypes and explained the purpose of each grade of suit. I noticed immediately that the more protective the suit, the better the wage.  We were told the more protective suites would have longer shifts, but you could only get these jobs after a test period in the less.  The wages increased rapidly as the suit’s protectability rating increased.  I was more than happy to work longer shifts to get better pay in a more protective suit.

When I finally reached the sign-up desk, they took my information, ask what type of suit I wanted to work on and directed me to the appropriate Covid-19 testing desk.  They now ask me if I was still interested and for which type suit, and I was sent inside to the personnel office.  They hired me on full time as a permanent employee and I gave them my car keys so they could move my truck to the employee lot.  This was unusual for “new” job employment as most new employers put you with a temp payroll service for the first 90-days.

“Although your job history indicates you can handle long work shifts, the first several shifts will be an unusually long, Okay?” They asked. I answered “yes” and I was led down the hall to the locker room.  “You put your street gear here until you need it again.” I was ordered.

This was my first hint of something strange going on.  I stripped nude and walked into the room marked ‘Prep’.  I soon learned this was short for the preparation work I would have to do before I started a shift.  Other guys were lined up inside nude and looking embarrassed.

“Here, we will suit you up each time you test one of the suits and get your body ready for the strain the shift will have on you.  You won’t like it the first few times but, we find most stop complaining after the first four sessions,” he said while he carefully weighed me on a scale and noted the exact weight, including the ounces.

“You will need to take an enema before the first shift, but this is a once-on-the-job thing.  You will not need to do it before each shift.  You will find a new sterile filled bag in this bathroom; you should lay down on the medical bench and take it all the enema water then start the timer.  The bell will tell us both that you are ready to empty and take the next step.  There is a private toilet to use in the enema room.  Do remember to take it all as failure to do this will mean you have to try again.  Most find having to do it again is twice as painful.”

When I got inside one of the five ‘prep’ enema room, I realized they had a brand-new gallon enema bag filled completely full of some type of soapy water.  I could smell the soap as soon as I opened the door to the enema room.  I inserted the double balloon enema nozzle in my ass and inflated it so I could hold the pressure till the bag was empty.  It was going to be a tough ‘go’ and I knew it was a test of my will to do the job right.  The room smelled like it had been freshly sanitized, yet I could smell the pain of many enemas’ past.

The firm seemed to know just how high to place the enema bag so that gravity filled my ass at a rate that took all my human effort to sustain.  I knew they knew if I took too long that I had done a ‘stop and start’ fill enema.  I wanted them to think I could handle all they were giving me, so I let the bag empty at its normal painful high rate of flow until I was completely and tightly full.

It seemed like the timer was set for more than an hour, but I really didn’t know if it was ‘true time’ or some sort of pain imagined time with my abdomen completely distended with the bloat of the enema.  I had left my watch in the locker with the rest of my clothes so time dragged on endlessly.

Finally, the timer sounded, and I set about the task of removing the Bardex and emptying my distended belly.  The cramps started hard and continued for what must have been more than an hour.  Each time I thought I was ready to exit the enema chamber, another small torrent of water demanded to be release from my ass.

I began to realize that the formula of the enema fluid was designed to totally clean me out as I suffered severe cramps at first to rid my body of all heavy solids I had inside, then caustic feeling liquids that flooded my asshole with a ton of small hard solid pieces that hit my inner flesh scraped and bruised by the formulated mixture to dissolve solids they were forcing me to flush out.  I understood why they had promised that this was a onetime enema.

“Okay, you ready to let us start building a custom fit suit for you to test.  In this next room we have a computerized measuring device that will get you into a near perfect fit standard suit that we can then customize on your body.

I was led to the lighted ‘measure’ wall where a series of light beams crossed and re-crossed my body with beams of high intensity light.  The light seemed to almost burn my skin as I could feel the beams pass back and forth.  It took only five minutes or so before they pronounced the job finished.  I noticed that all my hair had been somehow shaved off painlessly.  The employment application had indicated that the Covid-19 protective gear under development here required each tester be shaved hairless and said this would be done on the initial day of work.

A technician soon brought in a carefully folded suit from a storage locker and led me to a dressing room.  It was a semi-transparent shade of skin color which fit quite tightly but gave me the complete modesty my nude state did not allow.  My now closely shaved head was also seamlessly covered in an attached mask.

When I stepped out of the dressing room, I motioned toward the zipper that went down the back of the suit.

“Yes, we know the suit requires some additions and assistance from us” the said as if I had asked them a question.  With that they started completing the suit’s final requirements.  They zipped the back closure and the suit clung to my body like a tight set of diving gear.  I could feel the tightness of the suit and it seemed to be slowly tightened further as my body temperature rose in the thick rubber suit.

“There are several connections we need to make to provide you food and other body services you’ll need as you test the suit.”  First, they inserted tubes through the two holes at the nose, and the skillfully maneuvered them from my nose and down into my lungs.  I could feel the sensitizing addition of a richer than normal mix of oxygen.

“Next,” they said, “Gag your throat”, as they added a feeding tube down my throat into my stomach.  It was truly uncomfortable, and I did gag as it passed my Adam’s Apple.  They acted like I would easily get use to it.  Rather than get used to it, it seemed to grow fatter in my throat.  It was good that the breathing tubes were in my nose as the feeding tube would not allow any breathing from this orifice.

“We will give you a starter meal to get your system used to the diet you will be on,” and I suddenly realized they were filling my stomach until it was quite full.  There was really no sense of taste “good or bad” but I did notice my body start to react to the meal.  Suddenly, my dick was getting hard.  It was harder than I ever remembered it feeling, and I imagined it was growing ever so slowly.  It seemed longer, thicker, and of a much harder feel.

They seemed to be waiting for me to do something, like “shoot my wad”, but although I wanted to do so, I tried to hold back my ever-growing lust.  They now approached and started inserting a pee tube.  They inserted it into my bladder then inflated a balloon on the end.  The pulled the tube back until they totally controlled my bladder.  I would only pee on their approval.

The final device they inserted into me was a Bardex in my ass.  I would have enemas from now on totally at their will and control.  And apparently their will was that I start immediately with the largest enema I had ever taken.  It was amazing.

I had never taken such a large enema so fast and I felt easily twice as full as I had been during my initial clean-out enema.  If they wanted me to suffer, they were doing all the right things.  I was full of liquid food, fill of piss and now they gave me the largest enema I knew I had ever taken.  Although I was really suffering it all seemed worth it because I was in hard-on heaven.  My dick could not shoot but it was hard and full like I was fucking a bucking bull.

“You are now ready for the really for the main work you will have testing the suits.  You will be put in isolation with the suit on and live under our controlled conditions, and we will observe how the suit performs.  They put me in a 2” by 2” room that was about ten feet tall and I stood testing the suit. The first four hours were so boring I almost fell asleep.  When they emptied my ass and started another enema, my lust started to build.  My dick wanted to shoot, but the catheter in my dick stopped all such activity.

The enema seemed to continue to slowly fill me for what seemed like an hour, then there was a pause period where I held the enema wanting all the time to shoot my cum.  I would guess this hold period was a little more than four hours.  Then it seemed that I was breathing something that put my whole life on hold.

When I was again conscious, I no longer felt the enema or build up of cum in my system.  I assumed I had been drained of the enema and I no longer needed to pee.  My dick was still abnormally hard, so I assumed I had not gotten to cum.  I did not really know if they were able to control my dicks sex functions or just my mental urges to whack off.

I thought about it for a while and decided if they were really were watching me, I did not really care if they saw me wank off.  I really needed to shoot a load, so I turned 90 degrees from the position I was in and gently started to stroke my dick.  I slowly I got hornier but I did not move any closer any level of sexual excitement that would allow my dick to relieve itself.

I felt another enema start, and the flow really seemed to increase to a torrential flow.  I was soon fuller than I had ever been, and I seemed to be ready to reach a climax.  I so wanted to shoot, then suddenly I began to smell the scent of the gas they had been using to put me to sleep.

“Hay wake up.  Your shift is over, and we need to get you out of the testing equipment,” the supervisor said without mentioning the fact that I had been wanking off on the job.

They removed my life support equipment and finally I was able to get out of the suit.  I went to the locker room, took a shower, and dressed.  My dick stayed hard, but I went nonchalantly to the truck.  Although I was tempted to wank in the parking lot, I drove on home and went inside.

As soon as I got home, I headed to the bedroom to fuck off in my bed.  I put a condom on my dick to keep the sheets clean and I started to hump as hard as I could.   I was really horny and I worked hard to shoot as fast as I could.  I wanted to get to sleep.  Nothing I tried seemed to work so I decided to try what had made me so horny at work.  I got out the enema bag, filled it and sealed my ass with a Bardex.

I started the enema and immediately got back to trying to masturbate.  The enema seemed to bring me closer to the edge, but finally I reached another plateau and I could not shoot.  I checked the enema bag and realized I had taken the full gallon.  There was no more water.  I had to refill the bag so I could get off and get some sleep.

I filled the bag and started to again work off my need for sex.  I worked hard and kept watching the bag as it slowly emptied into me.  I knew that somehow this had to work yet I soon slipped off to sleep.  When the morning alarm went off for another day of work, I lay in the bed with a hard dick and an ass full of two gallons of enema water.

As I sat on the toilet trying to release my huge enema, I realized the condom was still devoid of any cum.  All that work and I still had an ever-growing hard-on.  I had to hurry to get ready for work and I started releasing the enema, I realized there was not enough time to completely empty out.  I would have to start the shift with something like a gallon of water still inside me.

As I entered the work shift room to be dressed in my Covid-19 protection suit. The supervisor seemed to stare at my body and went to a supply closet to get a couple of rubber items I did not recognize.  They dressed me in my usual test suit, but my enema gut and hard-on were very noticeable.

“Your body has changed so we will have to make some adjustments to what you wear,” the supervisor said.  After I was zipped in and my hoses had been added, they started adding the extra equipment.  Around my mid-section they added a corset that they lace me tight to the point that my body measurements were the same as before I had taken on the added girth of the gallon plus enema.

My dick was likewise girded with a rubber and lacings device that my dick returned to its pre-erectile size.  To me it still felt hard, but it was back to its original size.  The new garment made me want to ejaculate even more, but I certainly could not masturbate Infront of the dressing assistance staff.

“We call this a dick corset and some special meds in your food.  It is made of a strong latex material and we fit it on so your dick has the same length and girth as when the computer light beams originally measured you.  That will keep the testing going for the same suit configuration.

“The video review staff has noted that you tried to masturbate on your previous testing session so we must add another few garments to prevent your masturbating while testing the suit again.”

With that they added a thick rubber posture collar that was attached to a pair of rubber arm binders.  The binders were designed to go down the center of my back.  My arms were put inside, and it was laced tight until my arms were almost pulled out of my shoulder sockets.  I would not be able to get my hands to my throbbing dick.

“Put him in his viewing cell and start his first daily feeding.”

I was locked in the viewing cell and the feeding started down my throat tube.  I was getting so horny I thought I would spontaneously ejaculate but I didn’t then I remembered the ‘special meds” they were adding to my food’.  They were giving me something that made me unable to ejaculate.  I had all the need, but I would never get to jack-off by massage or spontaneously.

I was given six feeding and enema cycles this shift and I always seemed to be holding the enema I had given myself to help jack off the night before.  This meant the day was a bad one and I continued to pay for my need for sex.

“You are about released for the day, and the attendants will arrive as normal and take you to the disrobing room. The extra equipment you have been wearing today with that equipment you agreed to in your employment application.”

I remembered there was a lot of fine print I skipped over when I signed the application, he thought.  Every employer has those, and you have to sign it, or you don’t get the job.  He wondered what the new requirement would be this time.

They lead me to the disrobing area and took me out of the Covid-19 Protection Suit.  Before they released my arms from the arm binders, they put a special steel ball shaped device over my now semi-erect dick and balls.  As they closed it, it really compacted my packet preventing my playing with my cock and balls at all till I returned to work.  So, chastity was what I had agreed to in the application’s fine print.

As I drove out of the employee parking lot, I decided I could not stand the four days off I had coming with my dick in chastity.  There was an adult toy shop in the county just to the west, and they had adult stores that were open if you wore masks and ‘social distanced’.  I would go there and see if they could get the heavy chastity ball off.

I was a good customer and they would help if they could.  They had the latest Covid-19 Requirements posted and I added a mask and went inside.  I was the only customer except the owner that I knew.  He checked the chastity unit I was wearing, and he said, “I bet you are working at that Covid-19 Suit plant in the industrial park.  I have seen a lot of these baby’s and its custom and made from hardened carbon steel.  I can show you what all the others have bought to solve their dilemma.”

“The last five who have come in with your problem have bought this as their solution,” he said pointing of a “programmable fucking-machine” that he had of some sort of special priced offer.  I really didn’t like the idea much, but it was a good price and worth a try.  He made another sale and I took it home.  Where I emptied the enema I still had inside and prepared for a new adventure.

The device was quite complicated as it was designed for the user to be locked in the device until a special little sensor indicated that you had shot your load.  I selected the ‘medium’ dildo which was really bigger than anything I had ever taken, then I set the timer for at 45 minutes, the shortest allowable time.  I had to slip the lubricated dildo deep in my ass, and hand cuffed myself to the machine so I could not get the dildo out of my ass until either the time was up or I shot my load.  The machine knew when I was helplessly locked in and it started slowly fucking my ass.

At first the fucking really felt good, but soon I realized that that dildo size and that time setting were not going to do it.  Although I was getting ever closer to shooting the unit’s time shut down and released me before I ever got to shoot my load.  Since there was also other speed setting and larger dildoes I knew I had a lot of settings I could try.

To make a long story short it took the biggest dick in my ass running ever faster fuck cycles for two hours to finally take me over the edge and relieve my horniness.  I ejaculated almost a quart of thick cum and my dick returned to near its previous normal size.  I had reread my copy of the employment application and it said when my dick returned to its normal size I would no longer have to wear the punishment device.

When I returned to work, they unlocked my dick and checked to be sure it had returned to normal.  “Looks okay, but I heard some of the employees had to revenge their ass hole to cum and clear their dicks’ semi-permanent erection.”

They inserted a lighted tool in my asshole and slowly drew it open.  “Looks like you worked it pretty hard and if you had worked it a little harder your enemas might leak even with the regular sized Bardex we use.  Remember this for next time as you may regret it if you don’t.”

I was suited up in my Covid-19 protection gear and soon my first feeding and enema started simultaneously.  As my gut started to fill up I felt like the enema was a little to much for my stomach.  Soon my inspection cell door was opened and they added the corset I had had to wear the previous day because my gut was not offering so little resistance to the enema I had taken the equivalent of 3 regular enemas.  The corset made my exterior body size ‘normal’ again, but I could still feel the pressure of a triple enema in my gut.

I had now started the 36-hour long shifts and my body was feeling the stress of the extra level of suit testing.  Since I was still wearing the arm binder I could not see my dick, and with the neck brace keeping my eyes pointed above my dick, I could not tell if my dick was getting hard, but it felt like I was getting an even bigger erection than they one I had just ended with the fucking machine.

When I was finished with the current shift, I again found myself again locked in a solid steel chastity device, but this time they filled the inside with some sort of thick rubber substance.  It felt like my cock and balls were being crushed to thirty percent of its natural hardened size.  They indicated I should not again try to wack off during my ‘off time’, as I would regret it when I came in for my next shift.

I tried that night to relieve my suffering with the fucking machine, but after almost eight hours in the most punishing mode, I gave up.  I was not going to cum and I kept getting horny in an exponential fashion.  The last several hours before my shift was to again start.  I was suffering the worst need to ejaculate I had ever felt.  I finally left for work, but my sexual fever was almost driving me mad.

When I checked in at the time clock, the computer screen indicated that I was to “check in at Supervisor’s Station for re-assignment”.   Before I went to the locker room, I went to the supervisor’s office.  “Thanks for reading and following clock notice, most just ignore the screen because it often has the same notice day after day.  Today you have been selected to start another testing project.  There is also a raise in it for you but I will let that surprise you when it appears on your check.”

“As you probably know we are developing both short-term daily work version of our Covid-19 Protection Suit and a long-term Full Protection Version.  You have qualified to be the first to test the long-term suit and that will start today.  After you have put your street clothes and valuables in the locker, someone will meet you and take you get measured for the new testing suit.  There will be no more problems with getting hard-on’s in the new suit, so you will be taken out of your steel chastity garment.”

I followed instructions and I was met by a new team leader for the Permanent Covid-19 Protection suit testing project.  He removed my chastity device and took me for the light-beam measuring for the ‘permanent’ suit.  There was something different about this measurement.  There seemed to be two beam moving about two inches apart tracing out the figure of my body.

“For this suit you will always wear these TV goggles.  You can watch your current body status in the suit when your sealed inside.”  When they brought out the suit that was ‘measured to my seemed about three time the amount of rubber material as my previous suit.  They put the goggles on first and I had a plain view of them dressing me.  I looked like every part of my body was three times the size of the previous suit except the outer layer did not look like it fit as well as the other suit I had been paid to test.

As I watched they seamed to permanently seal the back where the old suit had had a rubberized zipper.  This suit looked to be seamless down my back.  The legs and arms were snugly fit with a thick rubber layer.  I had no fingers only a ball with my rubber gloved fingers inside at the end of my arms.  On the ball was a wide pair of straps. The technicians soon blocked my TV screen vision as the inserted my breathing, feeding, enema and catheter tubes.

The twin belts on my ball hands were strapped high and low on my body to make my arms held rigidly in place around my body.  Then they wrapped my legs with another coat of rubber that seemed to melt itself to the rest of my suit.  My legs were no fixed so close to each other that I felt like a statue.  They put me on a sort of rolling lift device and rolled me into another room.  There seemed to be a hundred other suits all packed in the room like cigarettes in a metal case.  They hooked up my hoses and adjusted my TV screen so I could only see myself in the screen.

Suddenly I felt the slight vibration that usually told me I was being feed or something else was being pipped into me.  All of the input hoses were flooding my body with there normal liquids, but something was different my hard dick felt the vibration of a pump filling my bladder.  I had to breath hard and fast and both my ass and stomach were being filled.  As I looked at the video I could now see any change to my body’s outside shape, but I was certainly being inflated so my body hurt from my chest to my ass.

I needed to ejaculate in the worst way but, my dick was so buried in multiple layers of rubber that I could not even make my hard penis twitch for any sort of relief.  Soon a note scrolled a crossed my video goggles, it read “PERMANENT PROTECTIVE SEALENTS ADDED AND THE STATUS IS 120 PERCENT OF CAPACITY.  SUIT IS READY FOR A LIFETIME OF SAFE STORAGE. YOU WILL NEVER GET OUT OF THIS SUIT AND YOU CAN NOT SLEEP.

We all started to fight the bad news and the screen switched to a long shot of our large room full of men fighting against their Permanent Covid-19 Protection Suit.  Although I was strapped into the straight jacket I panicked and tried to free myself.  Just the feeling of the fighting of the others near me against the pressure of my suit added to my panic.

The punishment soon started.  I could feel the rubber against my neck stiffen to form a painfully ridged posture collar.  The rubber around my dick started to thicken making me need an ejaculation all the more.  A few painful ounces were added to my stomach and enema and we all reached a pain crisis together.

The screen began a threatening new screen.  “Any of you who panic and fight your ‘protection’ will be punished.  The punishment will become permanent each time you panic and fight the system.  There is no use in fighting the system as your limits were well tested in the temporary suits, and the computer has absolute knowledge on what it will take to stop each of you from fighting your fate.”

“You should understand that the level of Covid-19 infection outside our sealed buildings has reached the point where most of civilization will die from the disease.  All staff has now been placed in suits and sealed together with you in this storage facility.  You are each on a separate life support that is designed to far exceed the regular life span of normal humans.  You will most likely continue to live if the Covid-19 virus self-destructs or mutates to a safe level within 150% of your normally expected lifespan.

“Release from the suits is automatic when the virus levels are safe for you to continue your normal lifespan.  The government program that has supported this project will continue to pay you at overtime rates so long as you are living in these suits.  The government has also supplied a special bonus which you will get periodically during your wait for the pandemic to end.  It is truly a gift that never stops giving.  Although nothing is perfect in these troubled times, we are sure you will know you are being given a diversion from the horror of your long captivity.

The message was on the screen for what I guess was more than a week before I had a clue for what we were all in store.  I suddenly started to feel the slightest electric current being applied to the wall of my anus near where my prostrate was in one of the few respites from the huge enemas we were forced to take.  It made my dick very hard but I didn’t feel like I was very near a needed ejaculation.

This went of for what must have been weeks but was always ended with a slow training off the voltage, so you screamed into your gagged mouth for more.  Finally everyone went silent indicated we had all given up hope.  Soon the regular feeding and enema cycle restarted.  But it felt like the feeding was ever so slightly smaller and the washout enema was just a little bigger.  We were all being made to reduce our body mass to the leanest possible to remain living.

This is how I finally reasoned that all the promises and warnings of the latest election were false there was no vaccine on the horizon.  The promises of a socialist paradise were also false as this rigorous controlled life   We were going to be the last humans living if and when Covid-19 ended, and if it never ended we would just die a horrible death at a very old age.

Metal would like to thank the author, Harry Hess, for this story(

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2 thoughts on “Full Time Work During Covid-19”

  1. Hello. A quite enjoyable story! I am writing this while enjoying the sensations of nipple clamps and wearing a steel chastity device from Mature Metal. I also enjoy the idea of total enclosure. I can say I have not experienced some of the things in this story (ie. enema) so do not know the sensation, but I do know I enjoy total enclosure and bondage.

    I am thankful, however, that the reality is not as bad as the story. I work in health care, and have to wear the full gown, gloves, mask, and face shield at least a few times every day. I was worried the first few months, because it is a heavier isolation than what we usually do, but now I trust the PPE and can now enjoy the sensations of tight gloves, the slight restrictions of the gown, the tight elastic strap around my head with the face shield, and the breath restriction of the N95 mask. Don’t get me wrong, I am a professional, I’m not getting erotic with patients, but being kinky does allow me to enjoy sensations and make dealing with this pandemic a little easier.

    P.S. Yes, I emphasized the sensations in case there are other kinksters out there who read this and are into medical play. And also, being kinky makes it easier to handle the long swabs they use to test for COVID, it is a funny sensation when the swabs go DEEP into the nostrils.

  2. Great story!

    It’s good to find enemas featuring, as they don’t get much of a run out in most B+D stories. Likewise corsets and arm binders – very good to see them appearing. Although it would have been good to read more about the discomforts and difficulties our hero must have been experiencing from all this kinkery during his prolonged shifts!

    And hats off for using our pandemic times to set up a clever scenario.

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