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The Party – Part 01

By findingmyself1986

You agreed to this last month, and once you locked the chastity belt on there was no turning back. Of course you could just decide not to show up for the party, but why do that? First off that would mean no main attraction, and second you will likely never see the keys to that belt again.

While most guests will be getting ready after work, your part preparation starts Wednesday night after your last solid meal. You decide to make it a light one as you know what lays ahead. Thursday morning finds you preparing jello and broth for your liquid diet and drinking the colon prep you snuck from the hospital. The cramps are hell but necessary for tomorrow morning.

Friday morning finds your nerves at their peak as you power on. Hopefully by Monday morning your dick will be free of its steel prison. You make the drive to the party location and upon arrival, strip and strap yourself standing spread eagle, blindfolded, outside in the fenced backyard as you wait for the doms to arrive. Your only hope is that UPS or Fedex does not show up with a package to leave out back.

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Rubbered Prisoner and the Controlling Master – Part 02

By Rubbered Prisoner

The Control Adventure Number 2

This is the special adventure that MetalbondNYC readers get to control with their equipment and instructions a month of the Rubbered Prisoner’s life. Any reader who wants can participate without cost, service fee or payment to the Keeper who has the Rubbered Prisoner under Control. Your chosen equipment is locked on for a month and the Rubbered Prisoner follows your harsh instruction for 30 days. See the end of the story for details.

The Rubbered Prisoner had finally gotten to take off the thick tight rubber suit that had been locked on him for the last month. He had finished his night sleeping in the tight hog tie that had as was the custom all month. It had seemed that each night the pull of the binding has been just a bit tighter, and he never got used to it. Much of this master’s plan for him this month seemed to get increasingly worse as the days slowly passed.

His keeper had admitted that it might feel a bit tighter each evening, but he knew because his monthly master’s instructions had always been precise. Maybe the hog tie only used a half an inch less rope each day to pull his body into the contorted position, but each fraction of an inch had made so much of a difference. He was hog tied into a contortion that was fifteen inches more cramped than that at the beginning of the month.

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Full Time Work During Covid-19

By Harry Hess

I had read that good paying jobs were hard to find in certain areas of the country, but around where I lived there was lots of industrial, boating industry, and assembly factory work all rewinding their engines for ever greater numbers of workers in the factories.  Some were even waiving the G.E.D or high school diploma requirement.  While they all paid well, the only problem with most was the human-closeness of the workspace made it frighteningly easy to catch the Pandemic Covid-19.  As I read the local want ads one stood out.

Local workers needed for work on Anti-Covid-19 Protective work gear. Several levels of protection gear available and several pay levels offered. The MOST protective gear will require the most rigorous testing AND we will pay more for these harder jobs.

I decided to apply for the “high” protection suit, as the pay was really good and it seemed to be a safest bet in these troubled times.  The line was quite long when I got in the parking lot, and I almost decided to drive on to a different company.  I, however, had nothing better to do than waste a day standing in a growing employment line.  The line seemed to move in a start and stop fashion which I later learned was because they were showing each group the suits they were working on and answering questions.

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