Gay Pride 2014

Here are some shots from earlier today of the Gay Pride Parade in New York City. The leather contingent looked great this year!

01_MetalbondNYC_GayPride2014_leather 02_MetalbondNYC_GayPride2014_titleholders 03_MetalbondNYC_GayPride2014_Orange 04_MetalbondNYC_GayPride2014_EagleNYC 05_MetalbondNYC_GayPride2014_LeatherJock

For me, watching the guy from the Eagle NYC in the leather jock and kneepads, who was being a total pig, crawling around on all fours in front of an NYPD officer, was the highlight of the day for me. Also Superman doing pushups.

06_MetalbondNYC_GayPride2014_pushups_01 07_MetalbondNYC_GayPride2014_pushups_02 08_MetalbondNYC_GayPride2014_pushups_03




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