3 thoughts on “One of my favorite pictures of all time”

  1. Like the redesign, Sir! Thank You, Sir, for doing it.
    Re pic: yes, Sir, can see what it could be Your favorite. There are certain pix which somehow are wildly exciting. Which is strange, because the man here is totally clothed. But the stress position, the total availability to Sir to rip his T off, the total slave vulnerability (i hate that word; kind of pussy). Basically the man is fucked — which will happen an hour after he’s tortured.
    Sir, Thank You, Sir!

  2. Do you remember the original Fetters wording which accompanied this photo, Metal??
    “Collar with Cuffs. Fixed by 12 ” chains to either side of Iron Collar – some movement of hands is possible when locked in front, but when fixed in back – its’s a very different story”

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