Gear 365 Revisited

By Rubrpig

Adam stretched and yawned as he woke up. He sat up in bed and looked around feeling something was missing and he knew what it was. His Daddy was away visiting his elderly parents at their retirement home in Texas so was gone for a few days more. Even though they had been together for nearly 2 years and had recently married to confirm their commitment to each other, Daddy Mike’s parents were still not the most supportive of parents so when a visit was necessary, his Daddy would go alone to prevent the stress of a visit to Adam.

It was the weekend so not much was planned except for a hockey game that night. Adam was a goalie on a local team and he enjoyed the physical challenge of the game and of course the heavy goalie gear. His team mates knew and like his Daddy and so he was always included in the post game activities along with the wives and girlfriends of his team mates. He got out of bed and wandered into the kitchen to make coffee and figure out something for breakfast. He scratched his stomach and brushed his hand over the heavy steel cararra chastity which he had been locked into nearly 2 years ago. The belt was now just part of his body and he had even gotten over the concern of his teammates seeing the belt locked on him. It was now just accepted and Adam was now relaxed and happy with all aspects of his life now.

Adam logged into his laptop while eating breakfast and a news item on a bondage site that he checked out caught his attention. Someone was making and selling replicas of the infamous metal bondage chair from the Academy. This chair featured prominently in his fantasies when he discovered leather and bondage. By the time he was able to afford a visit to the academy, it had closed and the equipment sold off to various buyers. However, he had kept digital images on his computers ever since and the chair still featured in his fantasies. Even though he was no longer able to jack off he still could dream.

He read the article and thought about it and decided he would get the chair as a birthday present for his Daddy. He had been wondering what to get for a birthday present for Daddy Mike. He contacted the seller and came to terms for the purchase and shipping. The heavy steel chair would be shipped and delivered in time for his Daddy’s birthday.

After Daddy Mike got home from his visit to his parents, he was in a mood and the 2 men spent several days in the basement dungeon making up for lost play time. The sessions left both men exhausted and Adam bruised, welted and happy. Adam was relaxing when his Daddy walked up with the heavy straitjacket and the heavy sensory deprivation hood which indicated that it was time for the chastity belt to be removed so Adam could be cleaned up and shaved. Since he was first locked into the belt it had been part of the cleaning regime so that Adam was restrained and kept from seeing his cock and balls. He gave up the right to see or touch his cock when he agreed to wear the belt to prove himself.

The heavy leather straitjacket was pulled on over his arms and body and strapped and padlocked tight so it was tough to breathe. The heavy hood pulled on and laced and zipped closed and the locking straps tightened around his head. He was helped to lay down on his back and he felt Daddy Mike press down on the belt so he could unlock the belt and begin to remove the belt. Soon he felt the belt was removed and the tube slipped off his cock. He felt his Daddy’s gloved hands handling his cock as his Daddy always wore rubber gloves while doing this. He felt that any skin contact with his boys cock had to be avoided. Daddy Mike inspected his boys shrivelled and wrinkled cock and smiled as he made sure there were no sores forming. He washed the cock and balls then proceeded to shave the short growth of pubic hair and though about having the boy undergo electrolysis to remove the hair permanently but decided against it. The itching it caused his boy when it grew back in was worth it as frustrated his boy and gave him some amusement for a few days. After everything was washed and dried, the belt was reassembled and put back on and locked. He looked at Adam laying there wrapped in heavy leather from the waist up and realized that he was dreaming as he was twitching. Adam usually felt so secure in this gear while he was being cleaned that he used the time to relax and sleep. Mike took this as a sign of Adam’s total trust in him.

A few days later, Daddy Mike and Adam were relaxing watching a porn and one of the actors was encased in a full leather bondage suit including hood, mitts and booties. He was laced into the suit which was skin tight and his top had multiple padlocks locked on so his arms and legs were secured so he could only wiggle on the floor like a worm. Both men were heavily aroused and Adam was wincing from the pain from his cock as it tried to get hard in the steel tube of the belt.

Both men looked at each other and smiled. Daddy Mike looked at Adam and said, about time we get a new piece of gear so tomorrow, we go to the leather store. Adam smiled and gave his Daddy a hug. A new piece of bondage gear was always a good thing and this full suit was something which would give them both a lot of pleasure.

The next day which was Saturday, the 2 men headed to the leather store and spent a pleasurable several hours getting Adam measured for the bondage suit. George, the owner of the shop, had made several of the suits so he had the pattern. After picking out the leather for the suit, they looked through the shop and both men found new leathers which they tried on and decided on. Daddy Mike looked intense in a dark grey and black leather motorcycle police uniform. The black ass patch on the breeches really helped to show off the hard ass all his hard work as a construction site foreman gave him. Adam picked up several new long sleeved uniform shirts which he could wear at work. Both men wore leather and gear daily so they would get full use of the leathers. Even at Adam’s office, his co workers and employer were used to seeing Adam in leather .

The days passed and several days before Daddy Mike’s birthday, Adam got a call from the transport company to arrange delivery of the bondage chair. It was shipped disassembled and packed in several crates. Adam arranged for the delivery to be done the next day as he was working from home. The next day Daddy Mike left for work leaving Adam dressed in fully langlitz gear and wescos. It was hard for him for walk out of the house leaving his boy dressed like that. The shaved head and heavy dark bearded face and the muscled toned body in the heavy leathers always aroused him. He had to drag his concentration back so he could drive and focus at work for the day.

Several hours after Daddy Mike left for work, the doorbell rang and Adam stood up from his desk and walked to the front door. His heavy boots thudding on the floor tiles, and he got to the door and opened it. Standing there in full black leather uniform, he made a startling appearance to the 2 men standing there. He signed for the delivery and paid them to deliver the crates to the basement of the house. The crates were set down outside of the play room door which had been closed so he did not have to answer questions about the equipment in the room. Adam stripped off his leather uniform shirt and Sam Browne and set them aside. Taking a cordless drill he began to open the crates and unpack the pieces of the massive chair. Finding the assembly instructions, he began to work on putting the chair together. The chair was designed to be put together with nuts and bolts so it assembled quickly and after 5 hours, the chair was sitting complete in the dungeon and he shoved and pulled the heavy chair into a spot alongside the wall where it fit and would not interfere with the middle of the room where the suspension sessions usually occurred during their play.

He put his leathers back on and headed back upstairs and started to organize things for dinner as Daddy Mike would be home in a while. Just as he heard his Daddy’s truck pull into the garage, the phone rang and the call display showed that the leather store was calling. He picked up the phone and was talking to George about the leather bondage suit when Daddy Mike walked in covered in dirt and dust from the construction site he was currently working on. Adam smiled and waved and then hung up, he ran over and quickly knelt before his Daddy and began to lick and clean his Daddy’s work boots which was the daily ritual for the two men.

After Adam finished and sat back on his boot heels, he looked up at his Daddy and smiled. He told him that the Leather shop just called and that the bondage suit was ready and they could pick it up anytime. Daddy Mike nodded and told Adam that they would go pick up the suit the next day after work. He told Adam to meet him at the store and they would get the suit and make sure it fitted properly. It would make for a great time for playing the following day on his birthday as he could wrap up his boy as a birthday present and lock him away. Adam smiled and nodded in agreement. Daddy Mike told Adam to finish making dinner while he cleaned up. He headed for the bedroom and stripped off his heavy steel toed boots, his insulated Carhartt overalls as it was a cold blustery day at the site. He had a shower and was standing there towelling off when Adam walked in to tell him that dinner was ready. He smiled at the site of his heavily muscled Daddy, the ink on his arms and back set off his body. The ink which was almost identical to the ink Adam wore.

The tattoo sleeves and full back pieces had been applied after their first year together when they made the commitment to each other after Adam succeeded in wearing the chastity belt for a year to prove himself. After the year was over, Adam agreed to the belt being permanent as his commitment to his Daddy. The belt and the discipline which came with it had helped forge their relationship and his advancement at his job.

The next day after they had finished work, they met up at the leather shop. Adam was dressed in a soft leather suit with a white shirt and tie and Daddy Mike was in his usual heavy work gear. They walked into the store and was warmly greeted by the owner. Telling Adam to strip, he went to the back of the store and brought out the heavy bondage suit. Adam had stripped off his suit and was standing in the middle of the store waiting. The steel belt shone in the light of the store. The pants of the suit were handed to Adam, who worked the lacing loose so he pull the heavy leather on. He tugged and pulled the leather pants on and when he managed to get them on, he stood with his arms crossed while the owner and his Daddy worked on the lacing on the suit snugging the leather tight. Once they had laced the pants up he was handed the booties for the suit.

He sat down stiffly and pulled on the booties and laced them to the legs of the suit after zipping them up so they fit tight on his feet. He stood up and George the owner had unlaced the jacket of the suit and was holding it so Adam could work his arms into the sleeves. The jacket slid on and George and Daddy Mike proceeded to lace the jacket tight on his body and then the bottom of the jacket was laced to the top of the pants and pulled tight joining the 2 pieces. The heavy straps sewn in a grid pattern held the D-rings which were the attachment points for the suit. the multiple D-rings allowed for multiple positions and locks. George picked up the heavy fist mitts and worked the right one on Adam and laced it to the suit, then he put on the left mitt. The hood of the suit was handed to Daddy Mike who opened the hood and worked it over Adams shaved head and over his bearded face. The hood was laced up tight and then Daddy Mike laced it to the neck of the suit so the suit was complete. The hood had a snap on leather plug gag and blindfold but they were not put on. Adam stood still while the suit was installed on him and only when it was complete did he move as he asked permission to look in the mirror. He stiffly walked over to the mirror and looked and saw a black leather object standing there encased in heavy leather, straps and shining D-rings.

He was stunned at the image he presented and turned to face his Daddy. Daddy Mike smiled and told George that the suit was fucking perfect and fit perfectly. He walked over to the counter and the bill for the suit was paid and Daddy Mike asked George if he could pack up the clothing that Adam had worn. George smiled and folded up the soft leather suit, shirt, tie and his boots and packed them in bags and handed them to Adam.

Daddy Mike smiled and told Adam that he was staying in the suit and he was going to drive home wearing it. Adam nodded and was stunned but knew once Daddy Mike decided something there was no changing his mind. He nodded and watched as Daddy Mike pulled the key fob for his Audi SUV out of the bag and clipped it to the collar D-ring on his suit. The two men turned and walked out of the store, Adam following his Daddy.   They reached their vehicles and Adam opened the back of the SUV and put the bags in and closed the hatch. He walked over to the driver’s door and managed to open the door with his mitted hands. He got in and got the shoulder belt on and latched and closed the door. He pressed the starter button and began the drive home fully encased in black leather closely followed by his Daddy in his truck.

Once they had arrived home, Adam struggled to get out of the sub and Daddy Mike had to reach in and unlock the seat belt. They walked into the house and Daddy Mike smiled. Adam nodded and told Daddy Mike that he had a surprise for him for his birthday. Daddy Mike smiled and asked what it was. Adam asked Daddy Mike to follow him and the men walked downstairs to the dungeon and went into the room. Daddy Mike saw the massive white steel bondage chair sitting against the wall, the heavy restraining bars and pads ready for use. Daddy Mike walked over to the chair and looked at it closely and turned and smiled at his boy. Walking back over to Adam he wrapped his leather encased boy in a hug and kissed him hard.

So boy, time to break in this chair I think. Adam watched as his Daddy stripped off his jacket and shirt and turned to Adam and told him to get into the chair. The restraining bars and clamps had been left open so Adam walked over and sat down in the steel chair. Daddy Mike picked up the wide padded waist clamp and slid the bars into their sockets and then picked up the heavy spinners and spun them onto the bolts and soon had the clamp tight against Adams gut. He then fastened the wide heavy nylon straps over Adam’s thighs and pulled them tight so the ratchet clamp held them tight. He knelt and swung the right calf clamp closed and dogged the spinner tight so Adam’s calf was locked down tight. The left clamp was swung closed and dogged down tight. Then he closed the clamps over Adam’s feet and dogged the padded clamps tight.

He stood up and then fastened the bicep straps and snugged them tight. He then took Adams right hand and placed it on the bottom pad of the hand clamp and then closed the clamp and dogged it down tight so his mitted hand was clamped tightly into a flat position and then did the left hand. The final pieces were then assembled and mounted in their sockets on the back of the chair. The head clamp was fitted and the padded forehead piece mounted and the clamps were then tighten locking his head into place so he could not move a single muscle as the heavy chair, its pads/clamps and straps had him fully trapped. Daddy Mike stood back and looked at his boy held tightly in the heavy chair encased in black leather.

He smiled and found the padded blindfold and snapped it onto the hood then forced the padded leather gag into Adam’s mouth and snapped it to the hood.   Adam sealed away and locked into the heavy chair moaned into the gag as he was aroused and the pain from his cock focused his mind on the pain but it soon passed as he realized that he was now locked into the heavy chair of his fantasies and encased in a full bondage suit as well. Daddy Mike leaned close to Adam and told him to enjoy it as he was going to spend the night in the chair as a present. Adam groaned and could not even nod due to the heavy steel clamps which locked his head into place.

Daddy Mike turned and left the room turning off the lights leaving his boy locked and clamped into the heaviest bondage he had been put into since they had been together. The massive chair and the leather bondage suit were intense but he knew Adam would last the night as the equipment were part of his fantasy life but now were part of his reality.

Daddy Mike went upstairs, showered and found something to eat. He went down with a bottle of protein shake and removed the padded gag and put a straw into it and allowed Adam to suck down the contents of the bottle and then put the gag back in. He asked Adam if he was ok and did he need a break and Adam tried to shake his head and did manage to indicate that he was doing ok. Daddy Mike walked out turning the lights off and went to bed. Adam sat in the chair locked tight and enjoyed the sensations of his heavily clamped body was giving him. He slowly fell asleep and the two men slept through the night.

In the morning, Daddy Mike woke up and got out of bed and walked down to the dungeon, his cock swinging as he walked into the dungeon and turned on the lights. He walked over to the figure clamped into the chair and touched the leather covered face and startled him awake. He asked Adam if he was ok and did he want out. Adam tried to nod and hoped he got the message through to his Sir. Daddy Mike smiled and began the process of unlocking his boy from the massive chair. It took about 15 minutes to remove all the heavy clamps and straps from his boy and help him to stand. He then unsnapped the blindfold and removed the gag.

Adam croaked his thanks and asked if he could get out of the suit as he needed to use the toilet. Daddy Mike laughed and after a while had the suit unlaced and worked off his boy’s body and pointed to the toilet and Adam ran over and sat down and sighed. After a few minutes, he stood up and ran over and grabbed his Daddy and gave him a hug and thanked him for the incredible bondage session. Both men headed upstairs to relax and spend the day together.

Metal would like to thank Rubrpig for updating this story with this sequel!

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  1. This slave has always loved this story. It’s so great that “we” get an insight into their daily life Sir.

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