Green Bay Part 1 – Introduction

By ty dehner

What is a life without fantasies? i do believe that in time many a person can have his fantasies come true, if one truly believes. When those fantasies involve gay sex, bondage, leather and many other “kinky” thoughts, it can be difficult to find the right person to share those dreams with. And it is even harder to find an outlet to share those dreams, in order to find the right guy. But once one comes to terms that these desires are a good thing and should be explored, then finding the source becomes easier.

Since i was a kid, i have dreamed of leather and bondage. i have longed to be submissive to a dominating person.   It wasn’t until i was in my late twenties that i started to realize that in the fantasies it was always a man controlling me. And by 30 i was coming to terms that i was gay. When i was 32 i discovered that i was not alone in my dreams of leather bondage and other thoughts. As i discovered reading material that focused on these ideas, it let my mind wander to areas i never thought of, and i was excited by it all.

This time also found me exploring computers and, soon after. the internet. And as i developed in my thoughts and dreams, i discovered men online that had the same interest. i became a kid in a candy store and began to really explore bondage in real terms. i felt the tightness of the rope, the security of a gag, and the unknown of being blindfolded. Add to that the touch, sound and caring of another man in control of me, i was hooked. i had discovered who i was and wanted to explore further.

Time marched on, and i took to placing an ad on America Online looking to explore the fantasy i have had for a long time, to become a slave. i have dreamed of being in total control by another man, oh sure, i would still work outside the home, but he would control what i wore, what i did when i was in his presence and many other aspects of my life.

The ad i placed, i felt at the time, expressed my true feelings:


This boy has done his exploring and now knows that he is ready to step into a more committed Master/slave relationship. This would not begin as a full time role, since we both need time to develop who we are and what we want in each other. This boy seeks to serve a Man that is creative, caring, yet knows what he wants and is willing to do what it takes to get it.

You are looking for a boy to serve you several times a week, perhaps more than 24 hours on the weekend. You want a boy that is creative, has a brain for good conversation (when boy isn’t gagged and tied down). Your boy will be employed.

This boy has many skills, so it is possible for him to find a job and work from home. If this is the case, then he will be waiting for you when you return home. And imagine the possibilities for leaving him secured to get his work done during the day.

With your boy you will explore many areas, including leather, rubber, uniforms and many, many, many others. Your boy will be yours to train in many areas, including weights and working out to mold him into the body that you dream of. The body you will enjoy having as yours.

As time goes on, your boy will have to commit to a full time relationship if both grow in the same direction.

If you are a dominant man that has the time to devote to the development of such a boy, then it is your turn to make the move. No matter where you reside, please respond. We can start a dialog online, then this boy will follow your lead.

Please be serious in your response. This is for real and not a fantasy trip. Only those with profiles will be answered.

Thank you Sir for reviewing this.


i started to get responses right away. Most were looking for a slave to beat the shit out every day, and many didn’t really read the ad. They didn’t understand what i was looking for and could not relate. But one was special. Master J was from the Midwest, he read the ad and understood what i wanted. This is the story of our first meeting. This is an important step in my life, cause in the course of three months i learned more about myself and fantasies then most men learn in a life time. i am learning what slave am i…


To be continued …


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One thought on “Green Bay Part 1 – Introduction”

  1. Great start! Looking forward to reading more about how the relationship with Master J developed. Every M/s partnership is unique, and yet they all seem to have many common elements that it’s important for us to share as an antidote to the flood of unrealistic porn that comes our way.

    ty dehner writes hot porn, but he also knows — and tells! — the truth about M/s as an actual way of life. Thanks, ty, for keeping it real!

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