Green Bay Part 2 – The Biggest Step

By ty dehner

Master J answered my ad with an e-mail response that piqued my interest. i returned the e-mail and we started a dialog on line. It was the end of June. We began meeting online through AOL at the same time and exchanging instant messages time and time again. We learned more about each of us and what we were looking for. Master J had purchased a slave but found that they were not compatible. But he had learned about what his desires were. After time we started to talk on the phone.

A voice can give you a stronger feeling for a man, because you can feel his tones. i was feeling something that was good about Master J. He started to push for me to visit. But i was in school and was unable to afford the plane ticket some 2000 miles from home. Then he offered to fly me to visit, we would explore and see who we were. After discussion with my best friend, i decided that i could not pass this opportunity, for i would spend my life wondering what could’ve been.

The days before the trip were i was in turmoil. Was i making the biggest mistake of my life or stepping toward something i have dreamed of for so long? i was going to get on a plane and travel from the West Coast to the Midwest to meet a man i had only talked on the phone and via the internet. Was i about to become another one of the internet horror stories. Or was i going to meet a man that could show me my wildest dreams, make them reality, find a partner and live happily ever after. No matter what i was to find, i was prepared to go.

As my buddy dropped me off at the airport that night, i asked, “Am i biggest idiot in the world or what?” He replied, “Yes, but go have fun.”

It was a red eye flight. i tried sleeping though the night, but my thought keep wondering what was going to happen. We had discussed my desires and his. i was wearing the tight Wranglers, boots, shirt and jock as he had ordered. i hope that all the toys he bragged about were truly in his possession.

As the plane touched down, i was in a city i had never been to. i hoped he was at the gate, which he was. We walked to the van, small talk between us on the way. When we settled in the van and he drove out of the parking lot, he asked if i was still wanting to follow through. i told him i was.

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We stopped for breakfast at a small place near his home. As we talked i realized that this was a normal looking middle-aged guy that was exploring his fantasies as much as I was. He was handsome and had a soft yet safe demeanor to him. He produced a leather strap cock and ball device and ordered me to the bathroom to place it on. In the stall i struggle with trying to piss and putting it on. i was getting nervous but still was willing to proceed. i came out feeling the bulge in my tight denim. He then produced a contract for me to sign. i reviewed it. i questioned a few items but then ended up signing it. i was committed at that point.   We ate breakfast and then headed toward his home.

We entered his kitchen through the back door. i dropped my bag in place and was ordered to strip on the spot. Becoming naked, He instructed me to put on leather cuffs on my wrists and ankles. They were locked on. He, then, tightly laced a leather hood on my head, it felt great and my cock was growing. i was blindfolded and my hands secured behind my back. He left me standing alone for a brief moment then started to lead me out of the kitchen.

The next stop was someplace else in the house. He stopped me, and lifted the blindfold. There before me was a cabinet of toys — more toys than i had ever seen in one man’s place! He showed some to me, asked which ones i was interested in and those that scared me. He blindfolded me again and led me out of the room to someplace else. i was ordered to kneel, and he then reviewed the questionnaire that i had completed before the visit. He was harsh and sharp in his questioning. Some answers were not yes or no, but i had no other way to respond, so i was committing to things i was unsure of. The interrogation went on for a long time. i was beginning to question what i had gotten myself into. My car was not in the driveway, i could not say that things were over and just leave. i was here and i was afraid i had made a big mistake.

After a while, he told me that he was going to have total control over me, including my pissing and shitting. This totally scared me. i am pee shy, having trouble peeing in public places. And here Master J was telling me that he was going to hold my dick as i peed. i knew that i would not pee for hours or days in this circumstance. i was now more scared than before.

He secured my ankles with a heavy bar and left me on my knees for a very long time. He continued to question me. i was blindfolded and not knowing where he was. i was sweating like a pig. He started to explore his captive’s body. He played heavily with my tits, squeezing, pulling. i could feel my dick in the cock strap, but it was not as hard as before. But it would get hard at times, then other times not.

My knees were getting very sore. i had never been kneeling this long before. i must have been in this position for hours. He then pushed me over and onto my back. my hands still behind me, my ankles still restrained. He again played with the tits that were now His, my crotch that was His, i was totally his. i was not gagged and i did not utter the word to stop. We had a safe word, but i did not use it. i was going to see this through, even though i knew i would never return to see this wicked man.

He ended his toying with me and went to work on his computer. i laid there unknowing, wondering what is coming next. My urine building in me, i knew that eventually he would order me to pee and i knew i couldn’t. He was building complete control over me, i had dreamed of this, but this is not what my dream was.

He came to me and raised the heavy iron bar that held my ankles and started to slam a but plug in me. It was too big, i screamed as it stretched me. He pulled out and let me rest a moment and tried again. He swore that i was going to take this at some time during my stay. i begged that i was sorry that it was too big. He didn’t care. i told him i was worried about peeing on command. He stated that if i didn’t piss when he wanted me to, he would install this plug in my ass on the spot and not remove it no matter how painful! He returned to his computer. i now knew i had made a grave error in coming to this place. i was not this type of slave. But i also found myself feeling bad that i could not please this Master, a man i had just met. i was feeling inferior, i was letting him down. And such letting myself down. i never had felt this.

After time, he removed the spreader bar and had me step into a pair of latex shorts. my cock and balls were snug inside. My hands still behind my back, leather hood still on me, blindfolded. i stood as he worked my dick and balls out of the zipper fly. i had never been in latex before, it felt good. i was hard again. He then added a ball harness and weight to that. It was heavy and i had to accept his new pain. Then the weight started to move, vibrate and make noises. He started to laugh. i was unsure what it was. He stopped it and asked how i felt. it was painful but good at the same time. He started it again. This process continued over time, between him working on his computer. Sometimes he would start this thing attached to my balls and play with my tits. The movement added to the sensation on my balls. i was helpless. my bladder was full, the shorts tight and my cock hard. This was unlike anything i had ever experienced. Was this good or bad? The line was blurring.

The play with my balls continued for a while. Then Master J announced that we were going to get me a smaller butt toy. He removed the blindfold so i could see that a battery powered toy plush monkey was attached to my balls. When its hand was squeezed, it would come to life, jumping around. He removed the monkey and tucked my dick and balls back in the shorts. My hands were released and i was instructed to put on the clothes i had arrived in. i had to ask where they were, since i had no idea of the layout of the house. i had been blindfolded and in bondage for five hours.

After getting dressed in the kitchen and sitting on the floor, i wanted to piss something wicked. But i was very afraid to ask. So we started out and he showed me the sights of his city. This was Green Bay, Wisconsin, home of the Packers. Our first stop was the stadium. He took my picture in front of this shrine to football fans everywhere. Here i was in tight jeans and latex shorts.

We ended the tour at a toy shop, where he selected a smaller butt plug. We continued to roam around the city. Every pothole in the road reminded me of my filled bladder and how i wish i had the freedom to piss. But the thought of him holding my dick, just scared me shitless.

We returned home and he had me strip again. He put on the leather hood again and led me to the living room. Here he brought out a latex sleep sack. With latex shorts still on, i was put into the bag. It was confining, a feeling i had never felt. He rubbed his hands all over my body. He asked if i needed to piss. i told him i did. He said we could get me out and he would hold me and i would be free. i begged of him that i could not. i told him that i was sorry that i was disappointing him. i could not believe that i found myself almost in tears, knowing that i could not follow through on this command he demanded of me. This was something beyond my control and i would not pee with him there. i would follow through on any other demand to make up for this failing of mine, if he could understand. Master J was silent for a while, then i heard the sound of the zipper. He was releasing me. He instructed me to go pee and return quickly.

As i hovered above the toilet, i was relieved in Master J giving me this time. While i had been scared the entire time, he showed that he was caring about me. i had followed through so far on all his orders but pissing. i wanted to give him this control but i knew that it was psychically impossible. It took a while for my filled bladder to empty itself. But with my peeing, came a more relaxed slave.

i returned to the living room, relieved and ready to continue my exploration of being a slave. i was returned to the sleep sack. He removed my hood and put on a new one. This leather hood was lined in rubber and only had one hole for breathing. It was intense, i had to control my breathing. Master J toyed with my rubber-clad body, then it started a feeling i had never expected or felt. My body was vibrating. It was a huge almost sander-like vibrator, and as it worked my body through the rubber it was a feeling unreal! He took it to my dick and balls. While i was not having any actual contact, it was through the rubber, i was more excited and stirred in my crotch than i had ever felt.

Master J had told me in our conversations prior to his visit that he could make me come without anyone touching it. i had wondered about this, since i very seldom can come without me doing it. Well, this vibrator and rubber was creating a sensation that i could not control. i was wanting to cum, but Master J would not let me. i was begging, pleading, please let me cum. i had only been in the sack for twenty minutes. my breathing in this rubber leather hood was extreme. What a feeling of total lack of control, i was his totally! Once he thought i knew that, he let me cum. i exploded into my rubber cocoon with an orgasm i had never felt before. Before the trip, it had been two weeks since i came, as ordered. Master J continued to use the vibrator in the same spot, i was becoming insane with touch in my now sensitive dick. i rolled in the sack, breathing in and out of this bag on my head, he was relentless. As before i knew i was getting hard again and soon begging to cum for a second time. It had only been minutes since the first one, but i was ready again. He refused me permission for the longest time, but after i struggled long enough, he let me free and i exploded again. Never had i done it so soon and so wonderfully.

i was his slave, he could control my orgasm and never touch me. i was captive to him. He played with the vibrator for a few more minutes, then turned it off. He let me rest in my rubber head to toe. i could not believe where i had been, what i had done. i was no longer regretting being here.

Metal would like to thank the author, ty dehner, for this story!

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  1. when reading this story i found part sin which i could see myself, one being the part where the sub was going to have to piss while the Master held his cock,. the sub was scared that he couldn’t piss while someone else was there . I have a similar dread. The other coming by someone else’s hand…I can only do it by myself.
    I was surprised at reading this as i thought i was the only one who felt this way,. refreshing to read this.

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