Hallowe’en by lthr_jock

By lthr_jock

“Shane, seriously, why are we doing this?”

The 6-foot-tall blond looked at his shorter friend. “I don’t even want to go to the damn party.”

Pete put his hand on his friend’s shoulder. “Like I said, Mary will be there and this is your final chance.” The two stood beside each other looked like an advert for clean living. Both were well built and healthy, both with unruly blond hair. Shane and Pete had been friends since they started school. Now, at the age of 20, they were back in town on a visit. Both had gone off to the same university and were taking a short break to visit their families. Their quiet visit had been interrupted when Shane spotted an old flame and spent the evening moping about her. Pete had come up with the idea of them attending the local Hallowe’en Party in the hope that it would cheer Shane up.

“Yeah, yeah, but she isn’t going to go for me with me wearing some damn costume.”

“But you have to be in costume to get in. Seriously, Shane, she’ll appreciate you’ve gone to some effort.”

Shane sighed and pushed open the door to the Costume Shop. The shop hadn’t been there when they were at school and the pair had spotted it by accident as they were wandering around looking for inspiration.

They entered the cool, dark interior. Looking around, there were more empty mannequins than clothed ones and there was very little choice left. Shane turned on his friend. “Come on, there’s only the crap ones left. Let’s go.” Pete patiently turned his friend around and pushed him inside. “I’m sure they’ll have something suitable left.”

As the two went inside, the door softly closed behind them and with a muffled click the lock engaged. They started to explore. Pete sighed as he looked at the largely empty shelves and admitted to himself that Shane was probably right. Leaving this chore to so late on Hallowe’en meant that the shop had been largely stripped of the good costumes. He stepped past a costume of a pirate – clearly from when Pirates of the Caribbean had been in vogue – and started to look through a clothes rail of random costumes. Several looked threadbare and ragged. He sighed again. If he didn’t find something soon, Shane would probably explode and they would have to leave.

Shane was having a similar lack of success. He grumpily looked through several costumes, until something caught his eye. He chuckled and grabbed the costume off the rail and headed over to show Pete.

“Hey! Pete. I got just the right thing for you here.” Pete turned around to see Shane holding up a furry dog suit, with floppy ears and a grinning mouth. “You always liked Scooby Doo, didn’t you?” Shane laughed at his own joke. Pete grimaced – but at least Shane was starting to enjoy himself. He turned back to the racks as Shane held up the collar. “Or maybe you should just wear this – that’d cause a stir.” Shane bellowed with laughter and turned back to stop in surprise as he found a man stood just behind him. The man was as tall as Shane with a dark complexion. His head as shaved bald and he was wearing a suit of a material that almost shined. “I see you have made your choice, Sir. Please go into a cublicle and try it on.”

“Oh, no, this isn’t for me, it’s just a joke.” The man raised an eyebrow. “A joke? Some would see it as such, others would appreciate the loyalty of a good dog.” As he spoke he gently pushed Shane towards a cubicle and pushed him inside. Shane stood there, not wanting to be rude. He fumed quietly as he stared at the mirror. He lifted up the costume, wondering why the hell he hadn’t just walked out. As he looked at it, the eyes grabbed his attention and he found himself slowly sinking deeper into them. After a few seconds, he hung the suit up and slowly started to remove his clothing.

Outside, the assistant walked over to Pete. “And now, something suitable for you Sir?” Pete was grinning at the thought of Shane in the dog suit. “Oh, I might just wait to see what Scooby looks like.”

“Nonsense, Sir. There is a suitable costume for everyone, you just need to know where to look.” He leaned past Pete and pulled out a police uniform, with a pair of fake plastic handcuffs hanging from the duty belt. “For instance, how suitable would this be for someone studying law?” Pete nodded. “I guess so.” He allowed the assistant to steer him towards a cubicle. As he stepped inside, he turned. “Wait. How did you know—?” His voice trailed off. He could have sworn the man was right behind him, but he was nowhere to be seen. Pete shrugged, closed the curtain and started to strip down to his underwear.

Shane meanwhile was stood completely naked, staring at the mirror. He shook his head, trying to clear it, wondering why he was going on with it. He decided that as he had gone this far, he might as well try the costume on. He was a rugby player and well muscled, so the chances were it wouldn’t fit anyway. He picked up the main body of the costume and shook it out. As he did so, he realised that the furry cartoon suit he had picked up had changed into a form-fitting, one-piece rubber suit. As he shook it, he saw a light puff of talc come out from inside it and he inhaled deeply the sweet lemony smell. As soon as the smell entered his system, he knew he had to see what it felt like to wear the suit. He started to pull it on, the talced interior helping it slide over his muscled legs. As he pulled it on, he loved the way it shined and he was soon waist deep in it, and pushing his cock and balls through a reinforced hold in the front of the suit. As he pulled it up, it stretched to cover his muscles. He struggled a little with the arms, but soon he was pulling the zip up his front to the high collar of the suit and his torso was coated in tight black rubber, alleviated only by a yellow paw print on his left pectoral. He ran his hands over his pecs and stomach, enjoying the way the black rubber accentuated his muscle. In fact, they looked bigger as though he had just completed a good gym session. He reached down to stroke his cock and realised he couldn’t go out with his cock hanging out like that. He went back to the costume to see what they had to cover his crotch.

Pete meanwhile stripped down and then grabbed the blue police shirt. He was worried that it wouldn’t fit him. As a dedicated gym addict, he was used to clothes not fitting on his broad shoulders. To his surprise, the shirt seemed big enough and he pulled it on. As he did he realised that it felt heavier and he realised it was made of a thin blue leather. He pulled it on fully, the short arms gripping tight around his bulky biceps. He grinned and flexed, enjoying the way his muscled made the leather creak. He posed a couple of times in front of the mirror. Somehow, the shirt made him look more muscular, the open front revealing a powerful, heavy chest that was decorated with a scattering of dark hair. His arms seemed to have the same scattering of hairs as well and Pete enjoyed the way it looked. Pete did up the front, using the press studs to fix the shirt in place and then he snugged a leather tie around his throat. Pete reached down to where his cock was swelling with excitement and he picked up the uniform trousers. As he did, a jockstrap fell out of them. Without thinking, he pulled off his own briefs and pulled on the jockstrap. The jock was made of thin black leather and snugged around his crotch and butt. Pete looked down, enjoying the bulge his cock made and the way his hairy forest of pubic hair was visible around the jock. It occurred to him briefly that he didn’t used to be that hairy down there, but the thought soon left his mind.

Back in his cubicle Shane looked at the cock and ball sheath in his hand and started to pull it on. As he did so, his cock hardened, which ironically made the process easier. Soon his cock and balls were covered in gleaming black rubber and stood out like a flagpole in front of him. He was still worried about wearing this in public and then he realised that there was a fitted sheath on the front of the suit, running up his stomach. It took a bit of work, but he slipped his rubbered cock into the sheath. His cock was now held against his stomach with only his balls visible. He chuckled as he realised how much like a dog that made him look. Next he grabbed the hood. Like the suit, this had changed from a furry, cartoony hood to a thick rubber one, with a moulded muzzle and pointed ears that stood up from the suit. Shane struggled into the hood, his hair pressed tight against his head and the rubber pressing against his face. As he pulled it on fully, his lips slid into recesses that allowed him to manipulate the muzzle. His eyes peered out of the small eyeholes, his vision dominated by the rubber muzzle. Pulling the zip closed secured the tight rubber hood around his head. Looking into the mirror, he was now completely unrecognisable.

Pete pulled on the leather uniform trousers. Black leather with a white stripe down the outside, the leather caressed his muscles as he pulled it on. As he buttoned up the fly, he had to adjust his leather-covered crotch, which was swelling at the feel of the leather. He snugged tight the textured leather belt and looked into the mirror. His legs seemed longer and more powerful. As he ran his hands down over his thighs, he noticed that his forearms were ridged with muscle and coated with black hair that even ran down to the backs of his hands. He grabbed long white socks and unrolled them over his feet and calves and then pulled on high leather boots. The thick, heavy leather boots felt solid around his calves and he tightened the straps at the top holding them in place. He then rolled the top of the socks over the top of the boots, forming a white band against the black leather. Pete admired the way his muscled body looked in the mirror. He reached up to run his hands through his hair. Hair which was now cropped short across his head, its blond colour peppered with grey. He took a step forward and ran a hand across his grizzled chin, which was showing the stubble of a few days, making his jaw look more pronounced. As he looked, the cubicle seemed to darken slightly. As it did his hair darkened, the blond turning to grey and the hairs on his arms more pronounced.

Shane was amazed at the way he looked. His muscles looked bigger than they ever had in the gym and he marvelled that this gear could make him look so good. Fascinated by his reflection, he ran his hands over his body, enjoying the feel through the rubber. His cock rose further, but the sheath attached to his stomach kept it in place. He groaned out loud and then caught himself, hoping that Pete hadn’t heard. He looked around for the next part of the costume and picked it up. In his hand was a rubber tail that was about a foot in length. It had nothing on it to attach around his waist, though it had a bulbous end to it. Shane realised that the end had to go inside his arse. He reached around and realised there was another reinforced hole over his arse. This was too much. He put the tail down, then looked at himself again. Was it possible his muscles were even bigger? He felt the churn of arousal and picked up the tail. Moving it around behind himself, he tried to push it in, but couldn’t seem to get it inside. He looked around and found a bottle of lube. He lubed up the plug and then used his fingers to push some inside his arse. He then tried again, but just couldn’t seem to get the right leverage. He got down on his hands and knees and then twisted around to push the tail inside him. That seemed easier and with a moment of discomfort he felt it slide past his ring and in place. He looked into the mirror and could now see himself with the thick tail wagging behind him. He experimentally moved it by wagging his arse and as he did the tail lashed to and fro. As it moved, he felt the bulb press against his prostate and he shuddered in pleasure.

Pete realised there was another strap attached to his belt. He pulled it up over his shoulder, under his epaulette and secured it in place, forming a Sam Browne belt. He then picked up a heavy leather jacket and pulled it on, enjoying the weight of the jacket as he pulled it on and snugged it around his waist. The jacket had lacing down the sides and he tightened them, loving the way it showed off his barrel torso yet still showed his trim waist. Pete grabbed his uniform cap and pulled it on, the leather hat now hiding his trim cropped hair. He raised reflective sunglasses to his face and as he did, his blue eyes changed to brown before being hidden. Pete picked up the heavy-duty belt and clipped it around his waist. It was weighed down with cuffs, shackles and a thick rubber collar. He slipped on leather gloves and as he looked in the mirror one final item caught his attention. He bent, his leathers creaking and picked up the police shield. He secured it on the chest of his jacket and Officer Behr strode out of the cubicle.

Shane looked up as the curtain was pulled back, and someone walked into the cubicle. It looked like Pete, but somehow taller, more muscled and older. Before he could say anything, the man pulled a thick rubber collar from his duty belt and wrapped it around Shane’s throat. As he locked it in place, Shane felt the tight thick rubber press against his neck. He could feel a tingling in his voicebox and tried to yell, but all that came out was “WOOF.” The man laughed and ruffled Shane’s head with his gloved hands. He sat down and picked some items up from the floor. “Show me your paws, boy.” Shane obediently held out his hands and the man pushed thick rubber mitts on them and locked them in place. As the last vestige of humanity left, Scooby wagged his tail and barked with excitement.

Officer Behr clipped a leash to Scooby’s collar and they headed out into the shop. As they passed the assistant he grinned and waved them on. Returning to his computer he looked at the email he had received that morning “Please can you help me? My ex-boyfriend Shane and his best friend Pete are back in town. I know Shane will want to get back together but I don’t want to be another trophy on his wall. I wish they would both just go away.” The assistant smiled. Pete and Shane had indeed “gone away” just not in the way she had intended. He settled back in his chair, only to be interrupted by the chime of another email. He read it with a slowly increasing grin and muttered to himself, “So many wishes, so many desires to be twisted.” He started to compose a reply. “Dear Mr Trump…”


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4 thoughts on “Hallowe’en by lthr_jock”

  1. what a dream … if dreams could come true … I would love to be a dog for a TRUE MASTER … loved this story and wish it was me ….

  2. great story, I would have like more on the store clerk,I like Lthr_jock’s transformative stuff, and enjoy a good “tail” of a boi finding his way to his submissive dog side . I think some background would just add to the hotness of the story… like how the clerk did it , or more of a ramp up, Scoobie costume, follow by some hypnosis or scapolamine , ramping to a nice rubber dog suit similar with Pete. a simple cloth cop outfit ramping to leather, Beside don’t we rally want Pete to insert the tail? What’s the hurry in their decent into the fantasy…. let us spend some time and enjoy the desent into rubber and leather …
    A continuation to where a muscle bound leather cop and his muscle bound rubber dog . After all they don’t really know what they are doing . the could both end up at the end of a leash … hmm that sounds good.
    either way a quick lthr_jock is better than most stories

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