Hot wax torture

At Dream Boy Bondage, supreme sadist Jared continues to burn Doug


Supreme sadist Jared continues to burn Doug, lobbing streams of searing hot wax on his torso and legs, then his cock and balls. Doug buckles and screams as his skin burns, every muscle in his young body flexing, his back arching, his cock flopping around. The wax hardens on his skin, clinging to every little hair. Jared decides the best way to remove the wax is with the flogger. He beats Doug mercilessly, then flips him over onto his stomach. “We’re not done yet,” Jared announces. You guessed it: The whole process is repeated on Doug’s beautiful back and ass.

Dream_Boy_Bondage_doug_03 Dream_Boy_Bondage_doug_04 Dream_Boy_Bondage_doug_06

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