Riley is stretched taut on the rack

At Dream Boy Bondage, Riley moans in agony, stretched taut on the rack, completely naked and vulnerable, cum drying on his abs from being jerked off, when Jared re-enters the torture chamber.

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“Please, just let me go,” Riley says. “You look great stretched out like that,” Jared replies, caressing his captive’s quivering body, then turning the crank on the rack several more turns, taking Riley’s agony to the next level. “Agggggg,” the prisoner screams; the pain is unbelievable. Jared just walks away, snickering, letting his captive moan. He returns an hour later and unchains Riley’s legs, raising them up high and spreading them wide, stretching his captive’s ass. You guessed it: Riley is brutally fucked with a huge, tapered dildo.

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Here’s a video preview:


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