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Tortured by a sadistic jock

John is most sadistic. In all the time he’s been tormenting young Jay he’s been threatening to fill his hole with the metal plug and massive dildo, but it was all a ploy. He loves making a guy like Jay scared, and it seems to have done the trick. Still, he’s got more pain for the new captive before he’ll even consider letting him go. The electrodes were bad, but the pain of hot molten wax splashing over his body is worse. It gets even more painful when his balls are being coated and his ass crack is taking dribbles of the scalding thick liquid! It’s a wonder he’s still fighting by the time John is ready to give him a break.

male bondage: Tortured by a sadistic jock


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Scene Title: Jay Ru & John Wolfboy

Description: A New Subject to Educate – Part 3

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Casey More’s bondage birthday

In this vintage bondage porn shoot from Bound Gods, two muscular hunks are in a hard and passionate BDSM session. Click any of the pictures below to go directly to the video:

38491_0 38491_1 38491_2

It’s Casey More’s birthday, and Connor Maguire aims to deliver a hard BDSM session as his gift to the cut stud. Bound to a pillar and blindfolded, Casey gets his cock sucked while Connor crops him relentlessly. Connor then puts Casey’s muscled body to work by making him perform twenty-seven push-ups over candles while using the Cat-of-Nine on his ass. In a full suspension, Casey gets the final gift of Connor’s cock up his ass and his Master’s load on his face.


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A twink captive gets tortured with spanking and hot wax

A twink captive gets tortured with spanking and hot wax

In this update from Bad Boy Bondage, Brice’s hot little ass is red and sore by the time Master Tye gets him roped up on the wall for more spanking and play, and now he has a helpful assistant in Devon, a young man who likes to participate and follow orders. The spanking is painful, but the hot molten wax splashing his naked body is even worse.

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Title of this video: Devon Arrives to Assist Master

See the video at Bad Boy Bondage

Spencer Reed dominates and fucks Tony Hunter in tight bondage

Here’s another vintage bondage porn shoot from the vault of Bound Gods. Clicking on any of the pictures will take you directly to the video:

The Other Brother and His Bad Boy

Spencer Reed dominates and fucks Tony Hunter in tight bondage

In this video, Spencer Reed dominates and fucks Tony Hunter in tight bondage. Tony Hunter has his brother’s apartment for the weekend. He brings leather daddy Spencer Reed home for a hot leather session. Spencer belittles the weak captive in the suit, and that turns both of them on. Tony endures the flogger, hot wax, the cane and a hard bondage fuck. Spencer is in control and dominates Tony completely. He leaves the captive begging for more.

Spencer Reed gay porn


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male bdsm Spencer Reed

Taylor gets boynapped by Xavier

Meanwhile at Boynapped, Taylor has been caught by Xavier, who is going to make the most of the time he has. With the captive roped up and swinging, he sucks the hanging cock beneath and makes full use of the molten wax, slinging it against the prisoner’s naked body, above and below, making Taylor yelp with pain. With the captive’s perfect little arse spanked red and his cock toyed with, Xavier torments the twink in every way he can imagine, even covering his sensitive bare feet with molten wax too! As he’s gradually lowered to the dirty mattress Taylor might think it’s over, but he should know there’s a lot more coming up in part 2.

Taylor gets boynapped by Xavier


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Scene Title: Taylor Mason & Xavier Sibley

Scene Description: Taylor Tormented – Part 1

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Jason gets tied up and whored out at a Halloween party

In this video from the Bound In Public vault, a horny crowd torments a bound muscled stud during a pre-Halloween party

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Jason Miller, bound and blindfolded, is brought center stage. The crowd gathers around, tormenting Jason’s cock and balls with ice cold drinks poured all over his junk. Jason’s chained by the neck in all directions, the crowd cheering him on as he’s flogged front to back. The bound stud has his nipples tormented with the clover clamps before he’s brought to his knees, being dragged around to service the horny crowd. Jason’s tied down to the stage again as Christian rams his giant cock up Jason’s ass for the whole party to see. Jason endures hot wax poured all over his body before he begs for more cock. The guys throw him in the laps of the horny crowd and take turns fucking him before he’s dragged back to the stage to receive everyone’s load all over his face. The festivities aren’t over yet, the guys zap the cum covered slut with the electric zapper, chasing him off to the bathroom for even more torment.

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gay bondage videos


In “Wrapped” at Fisting Inferno, Beau Butler is alone and bound to a medical exam table with plastic wrap, in nothing but a jock. When master Alpha Wolfe walks in, he rummages through a selection of toys and devices before choosing a candle to drip hot wax all over Beau’s body. After Beau is drizzled in wax, Alpha grabs a spiked pinwheel to prick Beau’s physique and deliver further menace. Pushing Beau closer to his limits, Alpha produces an electro-stimulation wand, shocking his tight skin, sending sparks flying into the air. Once Alpha it finished submitting Beau to pain with pleasure, he releases the scruffy stud from the medical table and puts Beau on all fours to work a clear anal trainer into his tight hole. With Beau pre-stretched, Alpha replaces the plug with a surgical glass dildo and drills it deep. After toying around, Alpha is ready to give Beau the real things. He takes his place behind Beau and slides his meaty cock in his sub’s ass. Alpha delivers a vicious doggy-style, bareback pounding until he shoots his load deep in Beau’s ass and watches as Beau pushes it out.

gay porn Beau Butler and Alpha Wolfe

Models in this shoot: Beau Butler, Alpha Wolfe

Categories: Anal, Dildo, Restraints, Submission, Toys

Site: Fisting Inferno

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male bdsm porn Beau Butler and Alpha Wolfe

Folsom Undercover

Click through to watch the trailer for “Folsom Undercover”

Tony Buff, Eduardo, Darius Falke, Dean Flynn, Dirk Jager and Rick van Sant

A private fraternity has businessmen living second lives, relieving their stress through sexual aggression as they indulge their deepest desires. Four scenes bring you more than 2.5 hours of unforgettable action, half of it shot in the beautiful outdoors. It is led by 11 stunning men: including TitanMen exclusives Tony Buff, Eduardo, Darius Falke, Dean Flynn, Dirk Jager and Rick van Sant. Tyler Peter is the lucky pledge at the mercy of three dominant tops: Tony Buff, Dirk Jager and Frank Philipp, who ram their cocks down both of his holes in a memorable gang bang. Also featuring hot candle wax play and stroking muscle stud Titus, who watches from above.

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Tyler Peter is the lucky pledge at the mercy of three dominant tops