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Male BDSM: Lance Hart endures The Wall, The Chair and The Water Chamber

Lance Hart gets bondage-tortured at 30 Minutes Of Torment:


The Wall: Lance Hart is chained to the wall as Van puts on his gloves, punching Lance’s chest while covering his mouth when he screams. Van gets the bound stud’s cock hard before giving him the flogger. The Chair: Lance is bound with weights on his balls as Van drips hot wax all over his chest. Lance screams from the burning wax hitting his skin while more weights are added to his stretched nuts. The Water Chamber: His hands bound above his head, Lance stands in the water chamber as he’s caned from front to back. Suspended off the ground, Lance endures blasts of water spraying him in the face before Van brings him back down and challenges him to blow his load.

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Thrashed on a spanking bench

At Brutal Tops, these handsome young Masters return to cause more damage to this feeble sub. They find him strapped to a bench and proceed to gob in his mouth, abuse him, spank him with a cane and piss in his mouth. The worm has to swallow down the stinky urine before sucking clean his Masters’ dicks. Finally, Master Aaron pours red-hot candle wax over the thrashed arse cheeks of the defeated runt!

gay male bondage

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male bondage and humiliation

Tied up, flogged and tortured with hot wax

MetalbondNYC gay bondage stories

In this gay bondage scene at Str8Hell, Alan Carly is shackled to the St Andrews cross as Ondra Radni whips and slaps his body. With a gag in place Alan can’t complain too much, he just has to take it. Ondra attaches some clamps to Alan’s nipples and continues to whip him and then places some clothes pins on his ears too. Next Ondra takes a candle and pours melted wax over Alan’s body. He pulls the cock out of the jockstrap and waxes that as well. That wax is all over Alan’s sexy body and Ondra then attaches clothes pins to his prisoner’s cock and balls. With Alan moaning all the while he is turned around and his ass gets the whip too, and all over his back.

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Video: Bondage and hot wax torture

Young slave Wyatt moans half in pain, half in ecstasy as his master, Jared, sucks his cock while he remains bent and bound on the dungeon floor. Jared stops sucking for a moment to add more hot wax, then – smack! – the whip comes crashing down on Wyatt’s supine body, sending wax flying, before Jared returns to sucking.


Wyatt is nearly delirious as the pain and pleasure continue – more hot wax, more whipping, more cock-sucking, more stroking. “Oh, yeah! Ah, fuck!” Wyatt moans, when he’s not screaming in agony. Jared is such a cruel master. As soon as he whips Wyatt’s stomach clean of wax, he adds a fresh splash – hotter than ever. Jared finally jerks off his slave, after promising to free him if he cums one last time. Wyatt doesn’t disappoint, exploding cum all over his torso and Jared’s hands. But he is not, of course, going anywhere.

Dream Boy Bondage

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Title of this shoot: Wyatt – Playtime – Part 8

Jared at Dream Boy Bondage

Caged sex slave endures a beating, hot wax and hard stockade fuck

Christian Wilde torments Tyler Sweet with whips, wax and cock

gay bondage

Caged and suspended in the air, Tyler Sweet waits in the dungeon as Christian Wilde approaches. Christian tears away the captive’s clothes and examines his hole. Satisfied, Christian lowers the stud to make him suck cock. Christian releases Tyler from his cage to get full use of the man’s mouth. Bent over Christian’s knee, Tyler has his ass spanked till it’s nice and red, getting his cock rock hard the more Christian’s hand comes smacking down.

gay bondage 32261_6 32261_8 32261_12 32261_13

Suspended once more, Tyler has his hard cock edged before tasting Christian’s flogger all over his chest. Locked in the stock bed, Tyler endures hot wax poured all over his body while having Christian tease his cock. Christian is so horny he throws the prisoner’s legs up in the air and fucks him while milking a load out of his cock.

gay bondage

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Hot wax torture

At Dream Boy Bondage, supreme sadist Jared continues to burn Doug


Supreme sadist Jared continues to burn Doug, lobbing streams of searing hot wax on his torso and legs, then his cock and balls. Doug buckles and screams as his skin burns, every muscle in his young body flexing, his back arching, his cock flopping around. The wax hardens on his skin, clinging to every little hair. Jared decides the best way to remove the wax is with the flogger. He beats Doug mercilessly, then flips him over onto his stomach. “We’re not done yet,” Jared announces. You guessed it: The whole process is repeated on Doug’s beautiful back and ass.

Dream_Boy_Bondage_doug_03 Dream_Boy_Bondage_doug_04 Dream_Boy_Bondage_doug_06

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