IML weekend

I bet there are a lot of bondage guys at IML this weekend!

I sure wish I were in Chicago right now … but I have to miss all the fun because I am in Montreal for work. I’ll miss the vendor mart, the lobby, the parties — and of course the endless stream of hot leather-clad men. Even if I am in the men’s room waiting to take a piss, I always look FIRST at the guy with the gray hanky in his back pocket.


And for me, another thing I always enjoy about IML is the BOOTS. That’s right. I can’t keep my eyes off a hot man in a great pair of boots.

Did I ever mention that I competed in the boot black contest at IML? This was way back in 1998 and 1999. I came in second place both years. When I was polishing a hot guy’s boots one year, I was interviewed by Cole Tucker for a video they were making. I never saw the video, but someone I know saw me in it.

I am also in this book with a picture taken with the other bootblacks from 1998.


Page 171. They spelled my name wrong in the article.

I don’t bootblack in public anymore, but I still have all the gear — the polish, the rags, the brushes, the director’s chair and the stirrups.

If you are at IML this weekend, be sure to get your boots polished, and be sure to give the bootblack a big tip!

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