Extreme bondage video

Extreme bondage video: NoEscapeSlave in a full-body cast

NoEscapeSlave is casted in a full body fiberglass shell that holds him in one position until they decide to cut him out. They cut holes in the fiberglass to allow his friend DocRough to access his nipples and cock.


You can check out the full video on SeriousMaleBondage.com, which covers the entire casting process from beginning to end.

This is intense stuff!

Title of this update: NoEscapeSlave Fiberglass Casting

5 thoughts on “Extreme bondage video: NoEscapeSlave in a full-body cast”

  1. Metal, you did not mention the bubbler in your write up. I find the hot but mysterious. I am not sure I understand how they work and how they are used – I think there are a variety of ways.

    1. When I was hooked up to that bubbler, I would have to bring the air into my lungs through the water, requiring my lungs to work a little harder. There wasn’t any mixing of water with the air.

      1. Thanks. Isn’t the amount of effort dependent on the amount of liquid? You say there is no mixing, so the air does not pass through the liquid?

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