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Hosed down in the slammer

The sadistic guard at Strip Search Hell takes real delight in mocking this defenseless naked prisoner as he’s viciously jet washed. The mean criminal does his best to obediently comply, but his cock, balls and arse are harshly hosed down. He clenches his fists as the onslaught of freezing cold water hits him – this is embarrassment and physical discipline which allows the guard to maintain his absolute authority in a prison filled with rebellious muscular thugs just like this one.

forced nudity in jail cell

VIDEO at Strip Search Hell

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One thought on “Hosed down in the slammer”

  1. I like the concept of a large powerful man being made powerless for a while . I am a BDSM enthusiast, voyeur, wonderer, chronic masturbator. Forced nudity and forced communal nudity are always welcome in my inbox.

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