James – Part 8

By Thunder

NOTE: Apologies for the delay in relaying this part of the story. I made a significant mistake with one of our investments, so my Husband Owner Alan took away my humanity at home for three weeks — which meant I was not able to do anything with my hands, such as type this update.

When Sir Michael was finished with my hair he took the entire $80 and sent me on my way back out to the car to meet Cody where he was waiting. Over the 10 days I had lost a bit of weight and new muscles in my arms and legs from crawling were beginning to show, so that, combined with my new military haircut, got me feeling like I had just won the whole dog show.

It was now around 3:00, and Cody told me that we were making a stop at Todd’s precinct and that he would be taking me for the rest of the day. I so wanted to ask 200 questions but was enjoying not being gagged so I decided to just go with the plans. We soon pulled up at the precinct, and Todd, in his tight glorious uniform, was waiting in the parking lot and quickly ushered me from Cody’s car to his Jeep.

When we were inside the Jeep he said, “Today is your first day of the dual life, and Alan and I agree on the fact that when you are fully clothed and not collared you are James, my friend’s husband with whom I have a dominant friendship. I want you to know how proud of you I have been over the last 10 days, but know that the next few are going to also be unusual in your mind as things settle, but they will settle. Know that.”

He continued, “And I need to tell you that I also had no idea that Cody was your partner William’s son and, if I had, I never would have un-hooded you, but I am shocked at how nice it turned out so you will be spending a lot more time with Cody soon. I have met William at Master Carlton’s kennels before and always thought he was so supportive of his son and was impressed that he has helped make the decision that Cody is going to leave Master Carlton at the end of the month and become my property, where we are going to work to transform him into a prize winning show dog, something we could have done to you if your Master had decided this 20 years ago. But, today, today is your first time integrating, and I expect that it will be harder than you think.”

As he finished that, the Jeep turned into the Westin hotel and Todd drove up, gave the valet his key and we walked straight in through the lobby to the elevator bank. In the elevator, he said, “Remember, rule one, when you are with your Master or your trainer alone, you immediately strip, kneel and wait on your collar. This will be the rule unless you are told otherwise.” The elevators rose up to the Club Floor, and apparently I looked confused but Todd said that today was the day I was going to begin transitioning back to work and that he had a few more surprises for me as well.

Why we were at a hotel still confused me a bit, but he said it was the cleanest place to begin the dual life I would be living. So, when the door opened, Todd immediately looked at me and I had begun stripping already. The room we had was more like a suite, as there was a small entry area that you could not see the rest of the room from, so Todd told me to stay and to remember my training. He told me not to leave the small hallway by the door until he said, so, like a good James, I stripped and waited patiently on all fours. Todd came around and attached my collar, unplugged me and then re-plugged me with a dog tail plug, my TAIL I should say, and then he reached in his bag and retrieved a tennis ball and told me to fetch.

He bounced it within that small space a few times and I would go crazy trying to catch it until he threw it into the main room and told me to wait before FINALLY telling me to fetch. With all my might I rounded that corner and, as I did, I had a dead stop and wanted to piss the floor, because on the bed sat Alan, the love of my life, my husband, and now my Master, as he was the one who planned all of this out for me without me knowing. This was this first time he had seen me as a dog, and I was just overcome with a weird feeling of embarrassment, shame, happiness, love, horniness and about 172 other emotions I could not name.

Alan stood up, smiling from ear to ear, and said, “Hello husband, I see you have now learned your proper place in our new form of marriage. I am proud of you, dog, and can’t wait to spend more with you in your new form.”

Todd had stepped away to take a shower, so since it was just us he then told me that he would be spending the night with me. He said tonight was to be about adjustments and that tomorrow morning I had a choice: That I could either go home with him as his dog and sometimes slave, or have my things packed and move to the guest house, a new threat that really stung me.

Todd was out of the shower and walking around the room naked when Alan pulled out my computer and said, “You need to start progressing back, and you likely have 5,000 emails to look at, so while we get ready to go to dinner, you are going to start working in your new form, a form you will always use when working from home.”

So, with that, he reached into the closet and brought out a small table that was maybe 18 inches off the ground and said, “This is the dog’s desk, and when you are a dog, which you will almost always be at home, this is how you will work, from your place on the floor.”

I was shocked, impressed, but also taken a bit aback by how much planning and thought that Alan had put into this and started questioning a bit the “why” behind it. However, no sooner did I get the laptop fired up and logged in to the internet, I realized that Alan was also naked and walked right over to Todd and kissed him in a way I don’t think he has kissed me in years.

Without saying anything else to me, they went into the bedroom, shut the door and didn’t come out for over an hour while I pretended to sort 4,000 emails. When they came out, Alan, who was now in jeans and a T-shirt, sat in the chair, asked me to crawl over and put my head in his lap, and he proceeded to tell me that he and Todd are best friends and as Todd was training him to be more dominant, they realized that they could have amazing sex, especially because he realized that he needed a real dick since mine will now forever be in a cage.

He told me that I was still and would always be his number one priority, but that my having sex with him will now take second stage to him and Todd. He said they would both use me often and that I needed to get used to the fact I was a cuckdog now, too.

I thought I should be unhappy about this is or feel cheated, but at the end of the conversation my dick was about to explode from its cage and I could not have been happier. Alan threw me some clothes and told me to dress and that he and I would be going to dinner and that Todd was leaving so we would have our first whole night as husband and pet.

Dinner was downstairs at the restaurant, and he and I connected immediately about all things life such as scandals with our friends, the car’s trip to the dealership for an oil change, and the even more riveting discussion about what mail had arrived. As our food was about to come, Alan looked at me and said pretty bluntly, “So how do you like being a dog? But, wait, before you answer, you need to know that nothing you say is going to change the fact that you are now the beta in our relationship and aside from telling me you’d rather be a full slave, you will always be locked, plugged, collared and treated as you need to be treated as I know, I can feel, that deep in your soul, you need to belong to me despite your title at work and how important you think you are to so many people. So, I will ask again, how do you like being a dog?”

And, just like most times in my life when something like this was asked, the waiter showed up with our food and I wanted to squirm out of my chair just waiting for him to leave so I could give my answer to my now husband owner. When he was gone, I told Alan that I simply didn’t know completely. I said that I enjoyed many, many aspects of it and I have felt more relaxed than I ever had at times knowing I had zero decisions to make, but that deep down there was something in me that still felt a bit embarrassed by this new rank of less than human, especially around him, which is odd since he paid to have me transformed, but I also suspect that that part will go away in time.

I then asked him what he would have said had I said that I hated it or was resentful about it and he point blank told me that “we’d have to discuss new living arrangements because there was no other option” and, when he said that, I thought the tube was going to explode off my body because I realized my path to happiness was that I was being transformed whether I liked it or not, and THAT power I was giving Alan was now fueling me. Alan smiled a huge smile and said that tomorrow, when we arrive home, he has made some changes to some basic areas of the house which will facilitate my twice a day transformation from dog to human and vice versa.

As we wrapped up, he also said that he needed to remind me that I am not all dog and that, because of his desires, there are things that will be considered more slave like built into our relationship such as specific assignments, punishments when I misbehave, and weekly maintenance spankings just to always remind me that I was not in charge any more.

With that, my head was spinning but I heard him order dessert to be delivered to the room, and we left and went to the room where my new instinct kicked in and I stripped and sat on my knees, and Alan, my new owner, reached into a drawer and pulled out a beautiful leather and steel collar he had made for me which included an embedded lock which he clicked tight with great force. Just as he finished the waiter arrived with two pieces of cake, as I felt bold standing on fours right behind the suite door almost wanting him to look.

Alan smiled and said “Dog James, we have a long road ahead of us, and I look forward to holding your leash all the way down it,” as he proceeded to get a plate and fork for his cake slice while placing mine directly on a napkin on the floor, as it now should be.

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Metal would like to thank Thunder for this story!

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10 thoughts on “James – Part 8”

  1. This story is so hot and I dream of being owned as a pet one day! I was so sad that there were no updates for weeks but I am glad you keep writing. I am only 20 but would love to have a handsome master own me and control my home life.
    Please keep writing!

  2. Great story detailing how many of us feel either as a pup/slave needing control or the Owner needing to control.
    Look forward to further to further developments.

  3. Metal, I wish you would tweet this out to the whole internet to help people understand that pup play does NOT just mean thinks with hoods and clip on tails, I was a dog like in the story for YEARS and this is one of the most informative stories ever and one that, trust me, mimics life,

  4. These stories have made me so horny and have gotten into my head. I wish I was afforded this opportunity. Would love the gift of personally chatting with either Thunder or Alan.

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