James – Part 9

By Thunder

Dear Metal:

While I know this does not chronologically fall within the story of my training I have been describing the last few months when time and my Master allows (sorry about the delay on part 9), He asked me to send you a special real time update as he thought you might be interested in our New Year’s weekend. For the readers, I need to remind them that what I am describing, now, is almost nine and a half years after the transition and the training that I was receiving at that time. Now, at 52, I am semi-retired thanks to a tremendous opportunity to sell off part of the firm my colleague William and I built a few years ago and that has left me the opportunity to spend more time at home focusing on Alan, my Husband Master who has kept me in a hybrid role of husband, dog, slave, and gimp throughout the last ten years as we have evolved our lives, friendships, and our contracts with each other.

Now that all of that is out of the way, we are wrapping up our New Year’s parties after having hosted two the past two nights. I thought you might be interested in hearing about them as they could not have been more different.

On Monday, New Year’s Eve night, we played host to Alan’s work party, hosting the 100 or so employees, friends, and their partners from his company to our home outside of Atlanta and then, New Year’s Day, we hosted all of our friends who are “in the know”. When we entertain, Alan is fastidious that everything be as close to perfect in our home as possible so, he had arranged for my schedule to have me home all week so I could focus on the lists of things that he wanted done prior to the parties. He completely controls my calendar at work and home (my assistant is the slave of a Master we know), so none of this was shocking and each day, when he left for work, he allowed me on two legs so I could work all day on the lists he gave me.

As you know from my training, Alan is very skilled at making sure I know my place and, even after all of this time, he continues to remind me every day that while I am very loved, valued, and appreciated, I am still less than he and others in our circle because I voluntarily gave him all of my humanity when he sent me to his friend Todd’s for training. Sir Todd is still an integral part of our lives and I see him quite often as when he is working, he often will drop his dog Cody, my business partner’s son, off in the mornings to spend the day either with me in I am home or without me in our kennel, which includes indoor and outdoor space so we can be who we were meant to be.

That said, and in a change from the previous training stories and/or a spoiler alert, about six years ago Cody relapsed into some of the drugs that he had done in college so Sir Todd, his father, and Alan, with some input from me, decided that he needed no further outside stimuli and that the only way to keep him alive was to take away any unsupervised adult human time he had, so a decision was made that he was going to stay a dog for most of the rest of his life and would no longer be a half time dog/half time human that he had been since he helped train me. There is an entirely different story here for one day and though I made that sound like some underground porn clip, he has a good life now and is safe, He talks, he works around the house when needed and such, but unlike me, he doesn’t go back and forth between vanilla and kink and, we are all happy to say he’s been sober since that very day.

Anyway, about New Year’s Eve. I know most of his employees and they know me as “the business guy married to their boss.” I am only close with a few of them, so I wasn’t really looking forward to this party though I knew better than to express that to Alan. Monday morning came and he went to work and left me with a categorized, alphabetized, and timed list of things that needed to be done including an hour and a half at the gym. I got busy immediately and, in my natural state of doing anything extra to please my Master, I was ahead of my suggested times, stayed longer at the gym, and when he returned home, he was very happy which made my tail wag.

Being who he is, he handled all the food setup and, while he did that, I hung from my usual spot in the kitchen waiting and watching. It was about an hour until the first guest, so he left me in the kitchen while he went and got ready. He emerged in his vanilla best and as he released me, he told me that he had laid out my outfit for the evening. When I got upstairs, I was a bit shocked to see the only things laid out for me was a padded collar, my locking ankle and wrist cuffs, locking gag, and my tail. Internal me was terrified, even after all these years, but I knew better than to question him, so I geared up and waited on further instructions. Alan called from downstairs and said to meet him in the mudroom and I, of course did and was shocked to see one of my cages in the closet beside the washer and dryer.

Alan told me that he knew I wasn’t looking forward to tonight, so he would remedy that by removing me from the party as he had already told most guests I was out of town. So, my job was to stay in the cage and be quiet as he did not care if I was exposed at this point. He told me the drinks were being served right outside the door and that he wasn’t locking the door, so be ready and, above all, be quiet. With that he inserted the gag and clicked the padlock shut, backed me into the cage, and clicked another padlock. I was expecting darkness, but he left the light on a I assumed he wanted to worry me a bit.

I don’t think I was in there four minutes before the doorbell rang and it was just hour after hour of noise, of ladies talking, men boasting, and, oddly, people talking about Alan, their boss, right outside my cage door. I was worried I’d sneeze, cough, or just randomly bark but, I survived the evening. This cage is small and by the time Alan removed me, I was stiff as my dick would be if it wasn’t caged as well. I tried very hard to breathe and relax and just as I started to relax someone grabbed the handle of the door and tried to pull. To my surprise it would not let them, so I wondered if Alan had added a lock that I didn’t know about, but I was safe, but far from relaxed. All through this I started wondering what I had to lose if someone saw me and the answer was nothing. I became my husband’s pet years ago and this is just my job.

It seemed like hours and suddenly I heard someone say. “I’ll get your coat” right as the door whished open and a tall man walked in and looked down. I about cried happy tears when I realized it was William who looked at me, winked, and mouthed “see you tomorrow.”

Soon, all was quiet and Alan came in and let me out, told me I was able to walk on twos and sent me to do my nightly duties before cleaning up in the morning. He told me how proud of me he was, like almost every night, but said he wanted to sleep really well so I was going to sleep in my cage in the closet. He said he was not locking it as I was supposed to begin cleaning and preparing for New Year’s Day.

New Year’s Day:

I was up at 7 and, being allowed full human time, I was quicker than expected and had the house back to semi normal by the time Alan woke up. Todd was working the day and would miss the party, so he dropped Cody off about 10am with strict orders that he was to be caged until Todd was back later after his shift. Cody seemed sad to miss the party, but my Husband Master must have felt sorry for him as he was sent to the bigger cage in the downstairs closet and my job was to lock him in.

As I was doing so, Alan came in and said the house was good, but he had two goals for the party. One, I was going to show off a red ass so that all of our friends would know that I was starting off the new year fully disciplined and two, that I was going to enjoy the party with his seed up my ass. So, as Cody looked on from inside the cage, I was locked on to the top of the cage bent so that my feet were on the ground and my collar locked to the top, effectively bending me in a way that exposed my ass.

Once done, Alan said, “see you in a bit” and I heard the shower running. Soon after, a naked Husband was standing behind me with a paddle saying that even he thought 2,019 strokes were too many, so today I was going to get twenty mild hits followed my 19 heavy hits and FUCK it hurt so much. I could barely breathe when he finally stopped, gently rubbed my red ass and yanked my plug out in one movement before IMMEDIATELY replacing it with his magnificent girthy cock.

For 17 minutes he fucked me like the animal I am while Cody just blissfully stared up at me through the bars. When he came, it felt like a torrent deep inside of me and, before I could really even breathe, he inserted a new plug, a giant plug that had a nice silicone tail attached to it that made my whole body sway as it moved. He then unhooked me, put my cuffs, muzzle and paws on and said “Now it’s time to get ready for the party. See ya, Cody. Be good.”

We both went upstairs to finish getting ready and Alan put on a great new pair of jeans, a sweater that complimented his salt and pepper hair, and a pair of running shoes to keep it casual. As I stared, he said, “We will get you ready in a second, hang on” and then he got the electric razor, touched up a few stray hairs, wiped any excess lube from my tail, polished my chastity cage and then, as a final touch, added a bow tie to my collar. And, with that, he said I was good to go but reminded me that our friend rules applied and that, unless he were to muzzle or gag me. I was free to speak as a human and interact as one too. Since this, at first, would be a mixed sex party, he didn’t expect any of our guests to pull out their penises, but, if they did, I was expected to service them properly. All I said was “yes Sir, your pet understands” and we went downstairs.

Before he mitted me he allowed me on twos to help with the setup and I was able to get the wine out, the snacks out here and there and then be ready to go. Alan then locked my mitts on to my hands and told me to be a good boy. The doorbell rang and I took my spot beside Alan helping greet the guests. Now, as I have said, these people, including my business partner, had seen me in my dog role many times, so nobody was shocked. I would have never thought this possible, but I was at ease as our guests mingled throughout the house as I went about at knee level making small talk.

Of course, it was usually about their shoes as that was my biggest focus, but I truly found joy in walking around and accepting a chip, a meatball or seven, and even a few shrimp that my benefactor had been so kind as to de-tail for me. I always could find one weaker member of our group, usually my assistant’s Master, who was willing to feed me over and over again as I think his secret plan was to cure me of my abs. As I parked myself next to him, I ate well until Alan realized what I had done and gently put a leash on me and walked me back to the kitchen where he said I needed to do some cleaning. For parties like this, the casual ones, we use nice paper plates and cups and our guests are all used to putting their used ones on a small table in the back which is only a foot or so off the ground. My job was to go, get what I could in my teeth and then take it to the kitchen, dump it, and then headed back for the next one. This is always a tedious task and my Master loves it because he feels he gets to show me off in so many other ways to the more vanilla of our kinky groups.

It was getting dark outside and the party was winding down when Todd finally arrived. He walked in and went downstairs before emerging with Cody in tow who he walked through the few remaining guests and out into the fenced yard where he, I assume, stayed most of the night (there is a heated dog house out there now). I continued saying good byes and cleaning plates when the last guest left. Alan told me how proud of me he was and allowed me upright to finish cleaning, moving furniture back in place. Alan and Todd had disappeared for a bit and I soon received a text on my watch telling me to take my pills, go to the toilet, and meet them on all fours in the Master bedroom (where I slept 95% of the time).

When I got there, I was greeted by a naked Todd who told me that I had been good through the parties and, as a special reward to me, I was going to be allowed to return to my cuck-dog position that night and I was going to be allowed to watch him, the beautiful cop who transformed me, fuck my husband for hours and would then be allowed to sleep with them following their climaxes, something he assured me I would not be feeling for awhile (remember how I get the number of orgasms as the year – 19 for me this year – well they had promised I would likely have one or two days later in the year to knock them all out at once. Fuck).

Todd then tied me in a chair in corner, gagged me with an open gag as I would receive their fluids when allowed, and proceeded to open the closet door where Alan was hanging naked, ready for a suspended fuck. It’s funny, I may actually be a human dog, but having my husband fucked in front of me, a job I have not been able to do for at least 11 years now, is one of the most humiliating things I had experienced yet it is also amazingly hot.

They fucked for hours, in about six positions and each came at least three times as that was my dinner for the evening. When they were done, they decided to go get a snack and untied me so I could change the sheets and clean the room. When Todd came back he was sleepy and reminded me I was going to be allowed to sleep in the bed with them and I was so excited to hear that. That was, at least, until he pulled out the heavy leather sleepsack and fitted blackout hood and told me to get in. He was true to his word, as Sir Todd is, but I was completely immobile and was then placed in the center of the King bed where I was flanked on both sides by these hot men, though I could not see or feel anything aside from pressure and heat, just the way it’s supposed to be.

I was left in bed until 11am the next morning, almost 9 hours in the sack and hood; however, that is not unusual in my weird house these days.

On behalf of my Husband Master, Alan, and myself, have a Happy 2019.

The End

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10 thoughts on “James – Part 9”

  1. Why do these stories not get more attention? Some of the best fiction on here and I have NEVER thought I liked dog training but this shows so much difference between that and puppy training, which is out of hand

  2. I completely agree with Michael. These tails… er, tales… are just phenomenal work, packed with such realistic detail that I feel if I were to visit Alan’s home and meet his canine companion and the couple’s human friends, I would swear we had already met before. Like Michael, I have never been interested in dog / puppy play… until reading these narratives. This series has been enlightening and has opened my eyes to a side of BDSM that I never thought to explore before. Thank you, James!

  3. I agree with the writer above about the details and the ways my eyes have been opened in a world I have been in awhile. I wonder if any readers live like this also, just taking out the dog aspect, as it sounds like an amazing way to train a slave too.

    Metal, will there be more?

  4. I read and reread these stories daily. I guess I am obsessed. I wake up thinking how lucky James is. I never wanted to be like him but would give up everything now to be transformed. Woof.

  5. I read these over and over again. Metal, we need more. This is about a loving transformation which is so much hotter, yet way more rare, than the kidnap, brutal ones we see in a lot of fiction.

  6. What an amazing story and I just started chapter 4.
    You write very well and have a balance of worry for James and knowing he’s happy and loved.

  7. Rereading this story for the HUNDREDTH time, and James’ life still gets me horny and hard, and I feel incredibly lost and lonely personally. Metal, do you know how Sir Alan and james are doing today? It’s been a couple years since we’ve heard from them.

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